The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 10, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1892
Page 3
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i McTtOROLOQICAL Loeal flietewoiogicttl repbrt taken b at dfo$ « -1 1.1 4ufev.J% l«w~ fH»lUtO«**»». «« & — !— I *'" "" J ss.aio , sasso Highest, $8, lowest, 24* r !M fof thte 1 Dr;. finni* Otioroh has returned to thUcftjr. Vi">^ " _-;*, , There will be- a meeting of St. Albans ' forwork The democrats wllfcelebrate the elec- tlon of Cl'eveland 5ii the dear future. ' Wrs. fehas. A> John sou; of Kiles, is tinting her parents. l>r. and M,rs, kin*, fn this'«i|y. \ •' • {" Pentnsul* Lodge I/Q. O/F. will give A concert at the Opera hause Wodneaday' evening, ^"oy: 28. \* Marriage licedse.'* Nov. y\ O. AV. Laniflreattix, of Dowagiac, and Julia E. Mead, of Battle Greek. — Look out for tbe baud wagon' a Jonight. The democratic boys ri<i«^ nt tbe expense of the republicans. *—'Tb.e'ladtea°o;f the PreebyteriiaX^ohurch will have A chicken pie ,aupper at'- tbe 1 church parlofarFriday evening/ ,will bo served from 5:80'o'clock. ,~~^ small boy tvith a tin horn^ia in his (rfpry just at-ipr'esant. ^.'nerelTre some -'•' people ihat cannot Gnd.:5any.nmsic In „ these' ho iaa,~ but that',does not'make any difference with the a. b. Vice ^resident Morton now ha* the langb on the republican inanagers who ' iiicceeded \Q turning- him down* at ' Minneapolis. -The vice president ttiinKs j.. that*'he laugh$J>e?t who laughs last.' Ij Is repofted o^ftUtbOrity said !to be -\ gopd that the. Pet|oit tribune will soon bodiecontfnued. »tfd a morning edition of thp Neirs ijsued. A change of that kind would^o doubt^be very pleasing; Kelsey, 98; Mtfrble,ri05- ClaW; 103: to tho republicans. The return) received at the opera bouse Tuesday night were very •complete and afforded present the name Information on the result a contained in the tirst edition or yesterday's Detroit papers. No actor of the iresuut u«o has brought so much pleasure to thousands f! 9t hearts as Joseph Murphy, and his o nanie is a hpusehoUl.^vprd from one ,ex- treme'of, the cotitHry'.^to ihe other.-. Tuere aretftoso who never aeo the iu- side of » theulep bxcfept on 1 tio ii of Joseph Mu(pfiyVnpp,e«f Ahce delight -they. eiperieui.'t; M iS bitti fot '«; ,-y^att - IJe w}H be at Hou'se, v J3attle Ur«ek, L . 16. ,'"' It will be remi^uibtfqd thi\t ago p. ri: Smith D »«i<l ,A/?% • made,am*g^fement to ttiu effect that if Harrison was elected Mr. H.6lme.i WHS to wheel Mr, Smith frpm the east tnd *" A partfto tno west eadjn a wheel borrow nod in Case Cleveland was elected the conditions w«,re jo be ; reversed. After • the flection Mr. Smith wp given bis ride, aQcoaapanied by (he band ana a pi*oer «ioh of democrats and' caps. The two gentlemen then tie s. j.i agreement on tho nuit." dantial eonlest,' which was decided Tu^sda;. 3,nd nov/ Mr.' Holmes will be given a ndc over-the aatue, roijta. As •300 aa tbe preparation.stonUe i ide are completed due notic* will" be given. One »{d« got a boat as muypu enjoyment oat >t as (he other lour year a ago and it . _ is ejxpeet'Jd that 'all bonds will h:tye a , . big tt uio this year. - • _ ", jSam^ days v SiiM!<j » r young, republican dropped into a millinery store -and re marked that he understood tbe proprietor "wag apxiouw'to J»ej 9 IjiUJe, ujbney. OB i on <^y«l»nd. '4^ , young Lady ^ woo run* the institution said e^tf bad w^d-o » lev wagers of gloves and the like on • the general result and fctw willing to t»ke a little more the same way. 'The republican ofered to go b^r a five/ and he had hardly made the tion her money wa* waiting jo bt» cov- •ared. Of course tbe whole ,tMng, wiu iatejaded tor a bluff, but as tbe lady was 10 FUn; to aooowod»to him and had be poul^ »»t v?ry well g pp, wiicb -be did- 9§p plaoed in the hands of t f«8py§,li*i And then the young man d to woa A chicken pie Supper' will be served tanlght at the, ttnivemtfsi Price IS cent«.' ' J ackijofrpatriou Miss Marie t. ftoof, ftieacnerWtbe uT, -vv?' v, ^ A' * <f - j,. / • spent Wednesday jq, this cftyt Mrs. Frank Utvis tfttnfnud to Marshall Wednesday, I Ms fnipo^iblfe to aet ; complete r,»- the county. , A nut^bV of the towns ha^S not beeriiieardf torn at alh while from other* Only parfia^re- turns' are received, ,\V<$ give the nia as fair , Harrison, ^1; Rich, 31; Hooker, 84; &utrows, 81; Glapp,-2S ; Sibley, 35> Ingersoll, 85; Walkinsbaw, 81; Gregg, 29; K*laoy t 80; 'Marble, 81; Clark, 8l% Wefeks,.8l; lette, 81. , , 81; Merrill, 3l;<?il Atjien* Cletelan-d, 6; Morfe, 5; Newton, 5; Strange, 5} Kane, 41; Auitin, 48; Shoupo, 30; Watson, 2; Withee, 3; UarfieM, ^; Foley, ft, . • •* « lUttle Creek City.' arriaon, Barrows, 480; Clapp, 323j A^tin, S&: 45'2;K.)Js , 489; Walkioshaw T fft; Gr«g«, . Hajri'laoo,' ifi t llioh, I5i Hooker, H; Buirowft>.|5; Ure'yg, U ; / '( i Harrison, UO; Rich, tOD; Hooker, $}', Burrowa r 109: Clapp, 885' Sibiey, 88; In* gefsoll, ;oi; Walk^nshaw, 109; , 104); Mafble, 109; Clnrfc, 100. 17; 17; Rieh, 1 it Sjbley, 17; Ingersoll. 1'i; 78; Gre?«, 17- ' < '>,-.'' . :, ,,,. Kckfor.1. • -;. HurrjsoiuJi05. ftich. 103; Burrows, 105; eiapp, 105:j Stbley, 1*00; Ingersoll. 101; Walkiasbttw; .100; Gregg; * '. .' - '^red«»;t'i(|i.. Clevtiland, 4'3; Morsei 41; Xtiwlou, 9?? i^trange, 47; Fergnaou, 48; Porter',' 8^; ShOupe, 4U; Watson, P CiuriifUJ, 49; Burrovw,..y7; Clapp, #a; v i> ' ' ———— - Hooker, 46; S9;.Jii ^ 7S; Marble, IK); Glark, 70 • ' " . ' - » ' ' !.*>«. ,•''•• .. . 63; Morsn^Ut ; Niivytoii, 75; 03; Kan»\ (J8i, Fb^guson, ««J, 33; Shoup; '«3; ° \VuWi,- ,%; WHhee! 63 !»; , 10; \Viti" 13; Porter. 8a; Shoup, b^ ee, 5 - ''' Walkinshaw, 27; 13; Harrison. 5; Hicii,4j. Hooker, l ,^; Austin, ft; IngorsoU; »; w, IT; Gregg, 11-' Koisey, • ."•; T- r Eich, 87; Hopk^r, H7, Burrows, 87; Slbley, 78; InacrsolV 82; y; 87; i«> the Wh»;re Walkinsbaw, t#; Gregg, 87; M»rJ)'U', 87; Clark, 9:-'.. CORRESPONDENCE. j s ihD uaarsital? cii.if of th<j ti,ro urc the building wooduu built jotUy oa the saiao lo 1 : that Martm W Will the marshal wink a4'it»i'.'%4l chief. e,nsJUitj« bit blind, w,h«n ,it 'it* Wfll tby bwU4i«g i»!ip^ctpr» have bu>me»*j!n thy east e«tl > Why is *^ "8wc* BcinSxo," ' A. cou}j»l"»j of curl^alties are or* cxhibt ' lioo y C(uisiDt of a byy fiic'd "o*)lt itud a six ieggad eow: The Jitter i» full *uid is.fiy.* year^t old. T.4y will iberu for thrue tiny>. -A fee in obargt-'d to sot-, thenu a oa« For l«,»ii back there i* aotbiof e aflft^oel doth with 1 * fata %to aaa Utofl Try it wd you wiUfee «ur- OF MILLINERY GOODS THENEXTSOMlfS. &• * ' r ViU W{ ot-Cost for -Trimmed Hats 7 and Bonnets, • • All Untrimffiei 3-oods, ^ ', ' vFeathers, Eancv Featfs ; •. s Ribbons, Flowers, Laces, , " :in % fact EVERYTHING * F0« f HE NEXT THIRTY iDAYST, MISS'HANNA, is "in Charge of -mfWork Room She is lately from the wholesale house of t'olloek.'.lVtm. M j & iAapuisu 'au»l having had ft large cxperhnee can give you iuti«frtrt|ofi ,'tn i -r v «hort nntipe. ' Novris the time a&d ."'' - , -' „ s C, MOVER'S 2 floors* west of P. O. .; Is the place. TtlE RED FLA > < \ • , * ) j „ J/» • \ -, ; ^ n > * If! 2 Stores 2 Stores. We have the agency for the sale of CLOAKS '•• •• ** • i • . . ,.'''.•"-' maiie.|rom these po^u- lar go04s, aBtd we will sell theKlKat«y,erySlow prices to ^§t • fhem. in- Every garment war*ranted 8. V. R. LEPPER. ^ '/ : "',. V \ ' . 'Jt-!™~-iJ14^u js ^~-'\'''t'.j. •' - '-j "..."...'. ,' 1 ' ." ''V '.'^.'.i"I know that Tarn a 'little far tp the East end b^t as our city i6 ing we must spread .out, we all cannot do busin^sp in the, center, but it yrill $%y yciu if ^ in want of ^ any Hardware to give me a call, :I i- ,™.-.- .,_* i ^ r ^^ *^T i r ~ ^ * • « •* T !i%y§ two carloads of Acorn Goofing & ^Heating Sto ve§ to pick fromF Over One Million of these stoves now In use. Every body is invited to call at my Salesroom and spect my |iew line of goods. JOIN liAIim M Stateito-let

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