The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 3, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1893
Page 3
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"i. „' Visitor! to the world's, fair will find be CHEOKICLB on sale at Geo. F. .War" ren'e flews and cigar stand 4 - in the Michigan building* * &<> Cntt<#ttthLEJuly 4th. , Phrt. Joy has a "new Coventry feng. bicycle. ^ BREVITIES. . Dwight Gorhatn is in the City. is hero front Chici ... to Lansing Myron 'i £0. .-'#$' Miss Jessie porter went today. •. / .,-.';•..?..;,. ,. . ; ".''• Tnoma* feyrc Js^efy sick at h'is hoino . in this city ? ; .. /; . " { •'••• ,. :V; ".; : /•'•..V Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fisher Wont, to Niles today. Mrs. «I.O.«euchio Went to Kalaiaa^ zoo Sunday. . The fouudation for Page Bros', new shop is completed. Verne Gillett, of Detroit, ts visiting friends in this city. • • Miss Mabel Webster has returned from a visit in St. Louis, Mo. . Mr. and Mrs. J. Engieniau have re turned from the world's fair. . '*' Harry Ckthcart, ajpresept located at •Chicago, is visiting in flus city. Amos Wilton is making an addition to his residence on Hanover atreet. Miss Enle Dlshman, of Grand Rapids, is spending the week at C. W. Cafln* bell's,*, y «, -. *•*„ ^•folin 8^ South Worth arrived Saturday from Chicago to spend the Fourth in this city. "The Battle Creek and'Fort Wayne base ball clubs play two games in Battle Creek tomorrow. iMre. L.E.Gallup bus n badly sprained leg, the result of a fall caused by stepping upon a banana peel. It is- reported that the Traveling Men's Association intend to test, the right of a . railroad company to restrict mileage to cai tain trains. Misses Jennie Rue and Mettle Brooks left this morning on the six o'clock ex press for Chicago. Miss Brooks will visit friends iu Indiana before her return. , 1 Mr. and Mrs. Willie* Hillabrant, of Chicago, spent Sunday at Mrs. Hilla brant'd in this city. Today, in company With C. II. Hilitibnml they weal to Gull lake oh a iisbing excursion. Tlw supreme court baa ruled, tlmt any number of bars, can be run under ouo liquor license, provided they are all conducted by one proprietor in it build ing occupied by bib. alone. . A freight car went through an open switch at tfi$> Michigan Central Saturday and wrecked awater hydrant which H struck. Considerable water escaped be tore it was shut off: A new hydrant bad to be.put it. Over a million of the world's faii; sou venir coins are still in tUB ntfut and will -' not be turned over to the Columbian Exposition company. It 13 probable they will be placed on. toe market at • tneir par value-titty cents. The dances at Cold Spring park and thejbuat house tomorrow, July 4tb-, will be conducted the same as have been the boat club dances the past winter. The public is ilivited, Hut at the same time no improjpar characters wUl fee allpwed on the floor at any time .*A~ ' • t- Albion Eec'order: Five tons of dirt taken fronj the &o.ld mine oti the Hus «*., ton farm was ^topped yesterday to the School 4?f Mines at Houghtpa to be es sayed. Dirt recently assayed at Cliiea i f go snowed frpm |13 to f 14 per top. R J. Emery says that none of theV. T taken from bottgoi oi,tb# hole ever . panned put iesa,, Fiy^'doUara to ton mil piy for working! stationery at ( he Jbatfar store- A complete assortment always on hand* • Somettf the Grand Attny boys may /be in The barber shops will be closed- all day July 4th Mr, and Mrs. L. F. Page went to Detroit this afternoon. . Harrison Arms and F. W. Dickey left this aftesnoon for Columbus, Ohio. George Timing is here from Grand Rftpids, He made th&tripoii his Wheel ''HJaWa'tba park" has been BUggeitec as a name for the resprt nowjjnoWn as Cold Spring park. , ' «•••'..-'• Matnage licenses issned July 3d Ijelson Jsj. Williams and Verah A Clapp, boti» of Battle Creek. There never was such a Fourth of July Celebration as will bo held in this city tomorrow, and there never will bo another, so bo sure and take it in. Elsewhere is given an account of the' arrest of Charles Ford at Port Huron, for robbing the mails. This is the .mail route-on which Clarence Way, of this city runs, aud the loss, of mail of all kitidfi has caused him no little trouble. Mr. Way is no doubt relieved to know that the thief is caugiit at last. "" The Michigan Press- Association meets at Detroit Thursday,. After seeing the sights in Dote6U one day the press gang will start on a trip around the lakes, leaving Friday-morning on the new steamer Alpena. Mackinaw will be reached about 4:00 p m. Saturday, Where Sunday will bo spent stopping at the Grand hotel. At 5:00 p. m. Sunday the company will start for Chicago, tak ing passage on.the new steamer Man! tou, arriving at Chicago at 6:QO p. ra. Monday. While in Chicago the head quarters will l<e at Hotel Mecca. Allegan Ga7,ette: Another swindling scheme is being perpetrated on unsus pecting fanners. A Well dressed stranger conies along, who clahus to be deal terested in the following from Alex. B. Pope, A. D. C,, Commander Dept. Tenn, and Ga. He says: "V&havo had an epidemic of whoopinff cough here (Steward, Tenn.,) aftd Chtoberlain's Cough ttemec iy' tirts been the brilyi'inedi'cine that has dan^ any good.,'? There is'tio dftngertf rom •srho-op- ing cough:when." this Bmedy is fj-GeiygiVen. It compietely controls the. disease. 50 cent botikleB for s*ale,al.Gteeufe*s drug street. ' A IfawfeertMn Cttr« We dot intend to endorse ftn/ except articles of .genuine merit.; we therefore, take pleasure in reeotnmendiiig to Buffer era from Piles ip any form, a prompt and permanent cure. The foUowinjstletter^ speak for themselves: . • ' Mrs". Mary. C. Tyler, of Heppncr, Ore.* Write*, One pkg. of Pyramid Pile. Cure entirely cured me of Piles from which I have «*ffierediGr-yearei.and I hape nevqr hr. ". ho slightest return of them since. Mr. ES. 'O'Brien, Rock Bluffs, Neb., says- The pkg. of Pyramid Pile .Cure entirely removed every trace of itching piles. I cannot thank you enough for it, ( The Pyramid Pile Cure is a now, certain, painless cure for erory form of Piles. It is safe, cure and cheap, Any druggist will get itfor you if you ask him, : , undesigned hereby agree to close our barber shops all day July 4th, but will'keep open Monday evening, Jiilj 3d, as late jas there fs any blasiness. V W. W. CLARK, R M4KTIN. B J,. HUTGHWIS DidK CLARK; ..--v '.'''• L. Rmllli, the • lifts' some nifte Fraines for Cabinets and otlibr isizea, just ireceivod, Call and see If you are lingering ironi fevers, lung, Ingrippe, catarrh, con8Un>plion, cough or bronchial troubles, asUiitfa,. herirt nervousness, sieeplessness, dj'spopsia, sick headfl'che. paralysis, erysipelas tfr scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sbarpsteen for hia vegetable cure. Chafes on babies, sore ni'ppl&v and in flammation of. the 'breast instantly, relieved with Lavendar Ointment ' Hon. W. V. Lucas, es^Stato .Auditor of Iowa, says: "I have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my family and have to hesitation in saying it is an excellent remedy. I-believe all that is'claimed for it. Persons afflicted, by a cough or cold will find it a friend." There is nodanger frotn whooping cough.when this remedy is freely given. 25 and 60 cent bottles for sale at Qrecne's drug store. . . ''-' The neW Lavctte safety mailing envelopes, at Smith's studio. For . Sale— Agency News. Good thing Enquire of Detroit livening for right party. F. S. DEI/EL. . If you want a'tfbuse built ir» short 1 or dcr call on Wm. Shipley as he is pro pared to put yo« «PI* house ready for plastering in tei> days time. „ Shop on Eagle htroet over Lynn'sv Residence., 101, Hanover street. • i . ~~~ * : -•• New potatoes at Cunningham's. My dear, remarked a lad> to a friend on the street today, we are going camp ing next Week and would like'to borrow your tent. I am sorry, but wo lent our tent so much last year that it ia all worn out. I understand though that llnlett has just got a lot of new tents on pur ing in^ stock. He presents a politely tarent aml po doubt you q an get worded order to some farmer, which is ^ ^ Qh thank l w ,,, ao ftpd signed by one of his near neighbors. gee him ftt 1} is a request to pay the bearer a small — sum by the way of a loan. When the' fellow has gone With the money the order is discovered to be a forgery. In this way, last Monday, Delano Allen, of Cooper, lost $11. The order bore the forged signature of G L Parker, of that town, and Mr. Allen paid the mon ey without hesitation. The forger in yet at large, The following are the crews for the ladies boat-race at the river July 4th:. /• -'YAWt»E." Nora Friuk, Capt. and stroke. ". Charlotte Phelps, i Anna Denison, 3. Mary SpScer, 4. Harriet Fletcher, 5. " Grace Geer, 6, Mrs. F. B; Snyder, CojsswaJu', '• "PBINCESS." • Bessie Fletcher, Capt. and stroke. Victoria Monk, 3. • Hattie Wood, 3, Mamie Wcod, 4. Gra6e Hamilton^. Kittiu Tremble, 6. Notice Iterative to CoW»T-r- The ordinance relative to .pasturing cows in the street will be strictly en foiCBjl., No^tUejwill bq allowed to be pastured in any street, Whether they are tied or not, and all cattle found at large in the street, whether tied or otherwise, will be taken care of. No ex., ception will be made to this rule for anyone. PETER HOWE, City Marshal. Jersey Suits Cut InTwo We have an immense line of Jersey Suits we will close out immediately. We had the option to buy these at a very low £rice bis return £hem, we could not resist the temptation, so purchased, and now we give our customers the opportunity to do Unwise, We can now for the first ttee sell a neat Jersey §uit. - Minnie Clayborn, 8. Belle Brewer, 9. Alice Weatfdll, 10. , Donna Dickiiy, Ccxswain. r x. •« " Ifee world'*lair *«:*,__ ,„ ,_.._„ round trip; M firB|j3|p limlt'bl these Currant*. NQW is the .time to order your Jfed cur rsrntsf They are largtj! and extra nice- lleave, orders- wi^U I. &. Peters at the store or residence,-or drop a postal in postofliec. Orders \ wi}l receive aileron: "'^ ",, _ Age4tp8at - - * A fine Jersey suit, fancy,trimmed, 4 to 8at '•> \~' • ' •-' ^ An elegant Jersey suit, fancy trim med/4 to 8 at - ' - - A Beauty»Jme fancy trimmed $2:25. 3,00. 3.50 4.OO The finest Jersey suit made, elaborat- ly trimmed, worth $7.00, our price now to close - - *-.•"• -: ' " ; -%f^wfln&Ki]tsuits3 to 5, away (iown. ! We .will SOQD., ejose-them atthis price* as we have other goods we will advertise and close out r%ht off. . T. Shanahan. To tt^emod.ate Sb% .people in the e^df t wW4<fa>e Ires'h bread, cake, J - " ^ < - v v * ^'».V f * - f£_^_jjS* *•*- ~~ • piof and coo%f ey^ry day at'4t ' tbe American laua ^1" persooa Jtff. )ftojpe4 npj^ «« dump • c J£»£r JiflnURn •, .- ' . *wp^rap^.* - • ; - . " * ', ,*v ' -,v, - ^v-' -' ' i ~~- * .-; £ &£* * >-~ ' ~. ' * ~. -r- v T- -' -'il.^^,?'^. -"j^ ' '.\/^ %^^ •/•y^v';,;,^ ->%^. ' ?'"^ : ^'w : ^ilF ; fe-^"'P^PKM ., t &g f "ifef^'A^^J^Hf;^^'',-- 4" ,4zgg£'. ?T^^^^i f f» -5""- i • '>-\ * ''i < 'Vi •**>"%'' t *%g~&: v5r -?;~ "^" '•"• '3r"i-*'' '. yf-*•>%? ••"",•' t^^i ^-2'>ia^k: fiiSi^t.^'^"-v-* : T"H^r';-"-*^^^

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