The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 10, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1892
Page 2
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'- *• 1 * S.' . • Y CHRONICLE, N * . * JO »•*, , '" "if v' f WE HAVE UNTIL OVEMBEE 15 To get the discounts on our Ibig clothing contract arid we are bound to get them. We will sell 'We claim them the be Jtl^lhe 8 marKeTand to advertise them thoroughly we will until NOV. 16 " ' SELL THEM AT 45.CENTS t ' *' * ' ' j ^ * *• k Coats to match at same price. 1 pair to a customer. J* i, \ , .„.,«'. , ^ ' .. •r *? Oar own mnkc; heavily lined,, !MCtxaujtjk,liitliljif,4n $ mttrki't at any price. A^ bar- at a dollar In this nftJo PAIB fO A CUSTOMER. ,. \ ,i* r But Our Great Slaughter will •'••'I .tKMfcL ^v. 1 7*v^ » in V o«n a,. A betterone.wo*tn $1.7^in this gale af$l,u-i, •'•--". - . ' Rfinaeavber we will giVa you a. three fpurths life size (5rayoo Pprtiait Free with every §10.00 purchase, , no draweta match. . eale at'45 cents. Extra heavy grey, »r price il.85,, until Not, 16 a* 75 T TiiK I'AILY lly, ona,irear Uiroiit;>i I». O ..Hi 15 *IIy, dflltvcretl. HI cc'ril* H.I Subscriptions •recetTftil-iii.lhrt o.m«e ELECTION MISC£LLANY. missing the stiUe gotes: Cleveland H3,40CJ, Harrison TO.yg**.'- .Morris, Democrat, for Uarrity Sends Axouuil c<ingnitiiii»Uoi>»- governor, ha* «v''» <3! *' an d >IerwjB ? Kepub-, Some Other StaU*, | ican . ?B,«W. .Morris' majority i» 1,115. " New YORK,> T OV. 10.-Chat,-man Harrity, g»« ^^'^ at) f, ^ ie R^P«. h M«n are .of theDe^nocrstlenationaleommittee, sent • * ",. '-./,;.,.' ' ... 'telegrams of congratuhitipn yesterday aft-1 . Co.n^r«-ssixi6H ii> Alabama. -, traoon to Vice PresltjiettMlect Stevenson, BJB^HGHAM, Nov. }Q,Ti-'Clajrk \n iSdward Murphy, Jr.,xh'ajirmanof fhestat*" district, Qates irf Tbjrd"JRobbin!im Fqurth^ T Cjemopratlc conimittce; Kicharti Croker, Darikheiul i|h Sixib. .Wheeler- in Eighth tdemtenant Governor Sheiahan, ai>d.;pugh yurp^n m ; ,N}i|^ y*^»!it}, iHfth and " '"'' and Thomas W. pearsall, of ' jn^ district^;|1o^'^|l:iii iloubt, Chancea >vor pj .-iHen|Ocrat.s, in• .Bey?nth,:and Jfu- iStS.iji.%jJfQWpj--^ ;V,"' V"' ffti:-?-'-?'!*,*--. '' •',';. Hit u'rij* • pr.jjiijit. RJjiMap.liufetsi-' v." "*: >,. •• •- .truck four men and killed two of them .ufjtantly. The others will die. It is said fiat {he rnen were under the fnfluenc* of iquor. " . A AVonderful Piece bf,Fiumltar«. An jtoventor has contrived a new _conibi' nation to furniture. Wh#n, it stands Upright in tbe drawing room tt looka=llke an easel holding a -portfolio that on* might easily fancy filled w4th'choloe prints. Bat there is a curious uttH knob on tho fcop which, being prened, 'lets down ^the Jtront of the portfolio. ^Enstantly a;.JpjJ^J9^MeiBr som.ewhere to aupport t^ frqiit of tho portfolio, which proves to be the ahelf of frooj heirs -antt ordijr dis qhargtag Wm, K. Aiiums as i , us -lias ify of •* plural . , Estate of Foily K, releavi |8led by Cooes Mutter o i d'ogUpti of Iv.ajj meyer, miniorr 4i>,pHcatipn r ftdopttoa and prUer ftoniirtuiiig i ; ilop lion bj Efjud MinuitJ , M»rr«WM» HU.I «uf»«tlJt»-|h« i,(i*!v>. ii'Uiy.tat^'lc-tialature •wU/K'BosTO^ Nov. lO.^WjJUam E, &fA.l(s w<: 'V.Si|uttte-r-,Uepttljliflana, '4} lui.qc.estiQhablB r^e-aJfijcted governor of jJia^ i'oi- the Fim . , .5(5; B&- jsachusetts, B,epu,b- about ?J,Wto Secptyl i '!'}».(» tiit ,.,,,.,. . . . - .. iuyris f r oik 1 in* latttsr ' ire srijl in- 10.— petitioijf Jtijpd, for. decree legal heirs i .Order for- beanng i>i-c. 0 Estate "pt Henry Andrps; 4tceasi-u Janif.s C. Aodru* appMiati'd ud diiuj?t ru 4i»r. Bond uf f7,000 approved uud kt tern issued. Oir^er for inoariiijj; claim ; before court and appointiug Estate of Endora A. Lapbaut, petition filed for Heenae to bell real I'-i Order for hearing Dec. 1. & day alight '' th.a^ ' - • A*cicut Objects a* Ancient objects of various kinds are U.&I- Ized as amultfts, some chars* being 'iinatf- ined to belong to them. v Thus wie^ttk- cylinders of &toae which the Babylonians of old eznpl<iys<Htor ^seala-- a«r 'of tea ~ fceeo' dangling vjpom watch chains. -Far the purpose 'jewelers' mount in gold or iUrer small fossil trilobites-crustacean^ found in rocks, that were formed perhaps 10,000,000 years ngp, the ancestors of .modern labaters and crabs.— Washington 'Star. Garden U» Paria. The ho*e «sed in sprinkling the S< ljpngth» of iron pipe, ' »Uort %,f . length woui>V i ' tw«- the the fjection by \,000 tjr p)urality. " 'the .titrate has The legislature will he. fority. 1 , A Iifttle .\t}.' Kor. JO.— ^CAUS ii«s fleeted JlPS^.^y H j«ruill pluralitj'. Clark doubled Ins Coilow'mfs since: ilw auti^tate convetf- tion cauvwis. Xugent. PopulLit, for goy- emof^ 1 runs ' beyond expectations,! Looks like he gt£$ 100,000 out. ufa- possible 'totil The Demoeratic candidates ft* all returned, escept tft^t nV)s- aibly Gf^biini, DenJocrat;, may be defeated tne (Jalveston distiict. ' , U'iprd Xov. •,40,^-f A • riot with terribly- fatol cpnyequetieas, attilbutablt .to the in- *olent bearius o^ a party of soldiers, is re- jwrtedfrotu BJesKei-ii'. -A nuniber'bl 1 Sol- liera who^^?.e)itgp^d-;A; ..wini;filjpp became in- v'ply.ed lipt^iiuXrrel w^th'a crosrd of citi. tens- who flrefe iu tho place, and who claimed,to liav^ .been iusulted by the new- eo'mers, ][»%!«! flgbt .which ensued four soldiers vifere mt >r?ally bjijured, and the.iun- keeper, bi»%Me. and son, and a werefcilled. .- .' - H»a |^»*t All YpKK, Nov. JO.— Joseph jj'Manleyy the Maint member of the Republican Na- tlonal committee, was seen at the Fifth AyenHte hotel.. Being Basked to'giye bis views on the result of ithe elfcetion he zeplied: " What Is the use? It is all over. • I convinced Omt we are beateo. ,«o Tuesday night I have no hope in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.** , , FuU Ktturus £>um f>wj Xov. Failure «^t Souttl Ctlte»BO- Nov. lO.^The, Porter Boj^er ring company doing -business in' South Chicago made ii voluntary assignt ment in tke county pourt yesterday 'to Win. Penu Suiicli, as assignee; Assets are placed at |55,000, and the liabilities amount to 195,000. £he f ** is d««J 'to a loss ia - • J{ABTtNBVll.tE ( lad., Nov. 10.— WUJianii - Eussell was arrfiated f or robbery Sunda?. When taken int« cuatady RusseU bad » oiarriage licea- c which authorized his niar- rilgeto Miss Laura Hawkjia, fl the wed- tujg havfagbean toed for Monday. , IML, Nov. 10.— William AUey, a promfaeal; flaloojDJteepeT of Alunj Cave, was shot while standing in the door of his place Monday night over by Al aw* AUev * . At back. of that holesi Doies and all kinds of for holding things, together with Inkstands, pencila, rultrs, calendar and all thi^ other eqnlpments of a reliabie deisfc. In the top of the ea^el f rama also isaoiatInT .eUlSi, Ifte the waMbiea pet in ladles'^bracelets, paly larger. Anofchw 1 easel pi th« same design lets down into * dressing OK b,le, with much pale blue upholstery, and a large beveled mirror and inaay brushjMi boxes aftd all kinds of appliaooes develop. Thwarting » Hoodoo. .' are. aeeretly unhappy if they raeej; a cross #yed man or woman o£ th* „ way to theiheater, and the tinly method of throwing p|C the '£boodoo?> ^ to:cro«i twi two lloreflngew and make the motion o| "spitting" overthem.-Tltiais a very dread- . ful thing to seo accbmpliahed by a fair «out brette, or "ingenue," bat she wijl uaaallr be gailty of pursing up her pretty mouti^ ftndaimul»ting the offensive act in '«•*»•"' the necesaityarifie.—Chicago Poit, , ; ^BaadajL School Teiicher—What _i»-«Ml Bright Bpy^It's wot make* y . w'en you get found out.— Gopd New*. Happy and content is a horoe.with cherter; a Uinp with the liflUof the morning. Many old soldieM who contracted chronic , diawhoja- while in the Berrice, b»T« since been permanently" cured of it by Chamber- lain'e Colic, CholejcaandDi.arrhoea Remedy. For. sale at ^reene'a drug store. . • f »PB W«*-y*rf *tel«P, A So. W 1 Qone coal ttovd* BMnttB otO V jjfct-lTl. Wjjbjfttr'fr^*^ -^v.*. tw8Z*f£ * _„* , *JB| sHETtoW- < *** .. .- ,.__., , -" ""' - vcJ^^^»"4^4-%-C3 •fl.- ->-° ,7^ ,"^Tr5"'Bato'}'&'S3?»3^rfW ; si=^

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