The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 12, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 12, 1897
Page 3
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Lehigh Hard Coal Jackson Hill Soft Coal. \ \ a' Good Hard Coal buy th© Lehigh. It will bear inspection. Some on track now. Come and Si Y ^**T^ * - , . • •• **,•<%••«•%•••* 4%.JNk Successors to W. II. Alexander. it, Price -IPlie J.H. CRUSE ' " . II, Alexander. at Marshall and Hudson. x. _ tEr», J. jWll, <?'f Albion, has been FHUIT9 PU13PH. HOMK Berries ' '- THIS » EBK Wft teach <f/>r h*>r war Watson butfding. • Thf firtt fo3IcaE!5h rftnelred oertrj <Kaorcan4> cots $• ,Jady ttw^lsH of red V MAK$HAW '3t,FA»W« tABVR «t'PPT,t W0V8E F, ,—_ r 1O <d<s, « Cor 25 Cts. JS' pririife fa^prTt/ea, for 0 the ^#0^ wfBftT, toft being in §H most formidable rival,- Tlte Iward of djf ectore of the. DayAdvw$ti6tboHag?~at 6»t,tle Creek, havoacftided to r^iihquisti th«s church and prepamt^ry echtwl IB" eonnection >V»ftli that insrtifta&on, bel(»w the afxth gratlo, v in «>rder too Rcconiaioeiat^ tho rapid.gfowtli of thfe medk'ftt mtejoaaryi college. Thft ne^v laborat^rie-* require- BREVITIES* ' ' Wilt tfen lady who exchanged fe^wool faBdnatoru with Mr«. Harry Hulrtt at M ra. Fjfinks* last eve ninq, kindly' rail fit the etoro or house and rectify -D\vi«ht • Partners rovV . Mrs. J. K today. , v ' Mrs. I. H. Wl»itmi>r»> I«>ftto<l»> for laltc tttmut- went to Gull lake Lincoln" Coletuan. of Wuulfw, Out in town. . Mrt. Wajt«>r PCI rett left, tliH for is Mavrfaareof 3lf^ Amelia Jfrturts Frlnk to most hrillianfc dosaal evwil whi«i1> J*a«f«K-corriki fn MnnsttaW i« fWrrtit yeare evpnhtg aithe rian clmrch,lt betnglfieronTrT Amelia Norris Frittfe*. of ttS|s city, to Mr. BtjrJSehl, Jr? Bf ooftljgi,, Nl «t uiae JirM tfjis Her©! rtafrtet ; °Ocer, Donna also wrote dftinty costtiTnes of, the leaching' of little tshil'dren b^v their parents at home* To d& this it iff proposed to .establish rt of cottflfe PobftoH where small of Hftlo children will for a Bhort t-mie Paeh day tor instruction, Thsoldoi 1 . children will bo provided for in raoro formal whools. Grand Kapide Democrat: 0 There is pi pry indication that the state fair i« to be a success this ' year. Hecrcfar> Fra- liek wroto to superintendent Fifield yes terday, telling him that the •inquiriflfl for premium lists and other , mat tern pertaining to the -fair were more Mr^ And Mr.", ft. F 1 . Dobbins wont to Chicago todaj. Mr.jae.nry bowen, of Winchouter, Ky,, ia at A. AVatBon'e, „ M. H. Friok left 1 for his home in Boston',. I'a.. today. Miss Fanny Kedfteld returned to her home in Alhan) toUaj. , Mrs. F. W. Dirkey and Mrs. C. B. Gorham returned toGuil lake today. G. \V. Tii wing v* in (irand H.i^ida. call- uci theie b> the illnesw of ln« son, (i. H. Thwing. ^ Learn to f»m- for juiir own wardrobe by taking a few U-st>ont) at the Dienn Tail- tionu fora'iiiuvieal, whieh e\e»t cH-curn at her home on TlniMday e\etnim-, jistlftth. The Ladies Aid Soeiet\ of th muD Lutlwirau ihun'h will luue tin i«*f cream *»oci<il on tin <'\\uri h lawn Thurs- invited. Tho'oat crop will «ot be lar^e this- fleason. Thon-'ari' fieldn that will t not be joore-t'hrth halt '\ erop, but furn 5^ looking"w^il and gruwui^ iiiu»ly for the past few weeks, Dr, Graham Will prf at h. at L>on luk» tomorrow »fterno«>n ftsid e\filing arid v j.r'iwide in th» qnaiteri) tunfereneu business meeting after thi^fveutug sertuoji. will" take. ous up fo the present tirnf> than they wore fast year. The Pf-eretur^ gave tlm :i«» conclusri\e evidence tliai the fair IB to be n grout SUCCCBH. Ycsfa<rda> the secretary received a letter ft<mi K. A. Martin, of Newark, Delaware, pupermtend- e&tef Belnim>t farni, asking for ,'KK1 entry b\ank for tb<* Michigan state fair. ^ie will conit} fr/m» the ()&1o state fair, hore. As th(/ special attraction a contract has. been made With tho ownorfe o£ '•Bioj'clo Johnny," a pacing; wonder (,bat without reins or druer, , He haft a 2-12 J j on" a half mile track. will fjivo an p^hibitiun on the track each day of the rled De Sfeauels ^pg«i>t iitif* dF IVH w*&\ JEW the Lfttef* Htjfos in hlnfi fthd bJkw rii«Tiofs, Clue and black "WoiSwfl; Ih the lftfJ«kn0v?<ltfPs;tR brown and ako m p%aia1: line of Trbitspi-i^ga uPpiSfealrf call and exaraifte before yoi glat'e your MUCH ALIVE. The STATE IFAlIfc At precisely nrafl o'clock tho orcjan, a x f forth the beautiful strata of the t<ohe,n- weddihg rrtareh; and the Bridal party tfre churcH. The . precedVd Mre inwd of honor, up tho west aislo;- ! then followed the bride who was siost plf gatitly fjowhed in white / A horao driven bj of Maren^o, ran awaj James ^ood and John Ht p^iseenfjurs the round triji 3<)e. * for . M>c«/n Holies, tb if' afternoon throwing Mw. Uollt's- ftoni the Imgg.V and injuring hor stniir<-lj>. One side -if th«< thill «ot looso from the buc;g> and Htruok tli« horne'n hoels -.frightening -it. He ran east on State stioot and at the corner of Hamilton tipped the patron owrmid threw AJrs. BolleB heavily to the ground.' Slw wan taken to Hjdo'n store and Dr. Gallup Vailed. The horse ran into ariothcr bu^y atid ti(>ped it over then started for Hihdunach's shop. He left the butftfy outside and Bowon says tho animal jumped ojrer hta head befofo he had a chauee t»j get out of hi$ way, a/id alwo knocked over a t-»il C«>Huh and thvatovu, and wa«» «one the worse for his ewapade, Mrs. Uolles was reUiuVed to th®.iioiue of Ueo. . Cole and UJKIU examin4tton • tht? dixitor foan'd no tones • broken* Tliere was a brui'*d on the back of the head and aaothe-r in the utoall of the bal-k, thu lat' satin made on train. A diamond star which held tho bridal veil in plaf-e was her only ornament. They were mot at the altar bj Dr. Oeoree F. Hunting, the groom", Mr. Charles K.Gorhrtm who acted a«! host raan, Mrs. Notrix J. Frjnk^ the "mother of the bride, and Mr. Sclden H. Oorham. IThe bridh and groom .Jknelt during tho rendition of "Perfect Love," A'.hieh was very sweetly sung by Mrs. Duight Smith, of Jackson. In a riu.Ht; solemn and impressive, manner Dr. Hunt ing performed the mreHumy, employing tho Episf-opal marringe service. ' To tho joyful strains of tho Mendelssohn wedding m.ireh tho bridal party and their friends left the^dhurch andpro- ceedwl to Montebelio, the x home of the bride's mother, where a reception tw» held, andKwbere the newly martjed cou[>le received cxwgratulations. The TOOIMB wer« elaborately embellish t-ct with sroilnx, swt«t peas, roses and othrr bloojns. The Patflo Creek Mandolin orchestra which occupied a not)k on the veranda, discoursed sweet imime during the evenim?- Eafttmnn of Jackmm, catered. The doeurations of thodining room wore beautiful. ' Piiik and white tiblxm was suspend <d from the chamUlier to tho four cyrnerw of the 'table. »Stmta\* and sweot were much m evidence, and an ela- ttds, Sepcinbeir ««i to ilooil thisVhtMpt yoffKnuting. IVejaium lists laniled on apptit-Rtibn to U.S. p' VMCKSwfiuul lt»t|»4»ls, M^b. WilJh»mi)»U, Auc. 12,1 FUttNprepaml carry p»i6«encerfK > ach daj of Lyon lake camp ntwotidK elart?h« ftom M. Pi Church at 1 t p. m.ffor.l"" 1 |ier head or 25c trip: ehddren 2t)c round trip. wagon will make trips nil daj Sunjftvy .it 8 a. m., 10 a. m. ?md 1 ,«>« K./&TOHF8. .. t ,i i, i yv -__~, y~ For Satfv/ Preparatory U> ,«oint; west ^ept. 1, 1 wish to mMl all ourlfounehold (jwxls '^ private-faile. Those wiahing to Imv plea«e early as possible before that date. MKS. HA^IVKOUCK, First door west of 1'reebyterian church,. boratoceritre piece composed of fernaand othejrgrennaadortfed the sideboard. Tho bridw'fl loaf was of huge proportions and of appetizing tiavur. The bride ^aa tl») reuipi«nt of ft larg*\ number of olcitnul gifta. Th«y were on view and "called forth vuatiy of admiration, \ „ Among the guests from abroad were Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Hugh Gray, and Mrs, Chajrles Ernest Liir/ee, of Grand Rapids: y Prink. .of Ea»ton, Pa.-, Mr. and Mr». Lixingbton ScnuJ'ler, of OH"- an d Mrs. Luther I'helpa, Toiinty Annual I'imlc. Calhonn Conirty Grange- annual-picnic occuraat Wilf;ud-t?roveon x^uu>»»« • -> ,- - -. ., Aug. ia^nd"«ll'interested in promoting tho attncultuwl inter^Mt." of the eniuit^ fire invited to attend. The farmer* who do stoves and otbei 1 houftfhojd fur Must be sold within five days. MlW. EiOBKKT W\Kt), n»i«n atrfitot. oeme'nt walk? will GEORGE INGERSOLL, ~" ' i GENERAL «, WILLS, Deeds, Mor%ages J and' Other Legal *CareftiJ]y Drawn. Titled to K>»T Kstftl«> llxaininoil. eatsie ites!<itmt«i}. ^Mf^feajJ Crtrper MditAioo aart yrAod ata; Mrtrsliall, > Mangled and Torn invited. h are T^e civil / witl kwper, eatrh internal dm f/orn th.8^ of thfe . districte or on &i»pltwition to th« civil ter beins quite pajnf ui. Thf doctor .cannot tell at present how badly she is hurt but fears -ants mfty f>0 sprjottsly injured New anfl WArtliy of Kansas City: D«righ,t Gorham, of Chicagoi Mr. aud^SIra. Pwight|.|>m5th of ' arl~.«choa} with the a}l tW very e a brunch in ea^>» cyuo- gams? in •*wipl»y n raift on4 rahoing a UH« HtKW It m said that an «$V>»t of OLttiuyged - -| |y in tite- state. Ik^r. F. P.. Hw«lfcM ! hfl stt- htiola lie hare for ttie a Kchool fo| au Mrs, Haiues, 'and J. J. Kalamaaoo, / • Mr. and Mra. Rodfleld floparted *arly morning train for Brooklyn, where they will retfide, Mre, Ecdfltfld who has always. \ivi)& in Marshall uriil to jgreaJtly the 'best wished of « large will has fiujed, ac4 ihe Lima Northerji proi>one» tw buiid'a };nef rput Adriw aastJ' parties wfco «e$t« farm- %wjty to wish, to rid. are -, ,..,._ .j. wnd wak*s 411^' ^irrweKJHbtarany meinlv of the family-, ladi^'i and circle of ff v«ijda aad follow her to her new home. We invite all to call o« son building and' tixanarm Ure^s,-Tailoring, We will {Ccur aoy lady who j^ill call aq4 examine our Our Bekaol will be open to nod Monday, 4>ig> 1* me thod i»dj wb« will pains tojcail and examine our method." arid those d«8ir«ig to best Ia4y of the wives ssve A ,e#tt will of ^ie mewttt f»oj» 810 .Always fresh »»d «»*>, stfic^Jly gradt at k»w6t»t prieee; prompt Give us a call and ~ sU>r*t, Just what yirti ne«l for luncheon • a on Ka\ly Day, at ^ J. CuniiingTian's. ChoU- «rrivius rti«to . Nia)i*iy toiii«<io>ir ! HI Vl\*> H •jiu n<-«R l.rwt Vitality., i. (,( it I'.mrf InliiKf Memory. Wa-stitiK I>i«'St.(- ,ai>U i\l !«'»'( iif M It-atnlso (IT cxrc.^aml iui!m<riUj>n 'tli'i'lt imtiUt tu for«'«'iy |jn~tne*t«>riji4m>sr I'< nntWily omvijtt.v'wtarUnsrfltHtO.twat of «lim-»»«. t»-it i« : aif!i', ; n-«i« l »vc «o»lc anJ l»loml»butl<l»'ir. t>tuig~ \fi-' li.M'k Uii" |»i)ti nUtw lo 1«|U' clipekii t'ul ro il.iU'is th« llr«> of yoiitH. It wanth OH JnHanilv 4tiil.T0!i.<>uni[itl<in, ihfciiit tin bavina.KI'".VIVO,u<i tlitr It %an tm i»rritil in vi'Kt iwk< t By ui»il 1 <*IMQ p«if pacSiit*!, or «ti lor W5.OO. with (»' p«*l ,'lvi< w'ritMin j>u»r«i«tee Ut rtire -of refund th<^ ijiotK-y. Cir< ulsr free. <Adartsmi BQ1AL HEHCISB fill,, 2^1 WfflOfll iV8 M GHICifiO. ai for Bale M M»r»hsll. Mich., .by *. O. HYDE _ woulj} sickerV^ho heart* of <iny e(>hseiontious housekeeper. Fortu- etato of atTairpi is nately sue _ •4ary. We utlihvtake to thoroughly wash ;md iron any iawjqirtaitt, n^natter how deliwi£e, entrusted risour eareand t«^ ro- twrn if as whole nndJUQUnd as ^vhon H^rought to us, Anybody c!w lannde<r\ Hfksk or a habdkerrluef it taresg art to 'do ^ip" a Jare curtain ( in the are dor^fit the St«'aku \ ' Hatch Block. _..^\- , ^ Nazareth Academy. A Boarding School for Yoaoet Ijadies. Terms, SI OO^per Year. For particular apply w\' ( SIHTEitS OF XT'. ,H>SKPH, K.V I.X^I A ZO«\ MIC H, M For bur fall stock, whiehl^ now ar- X *** _ ^ ^. • ^&<4M / ^B ^fc nving, FOR ONE Woeld -yoa teswh jour daughter a tradU? tla»i will jjiut«x-t h*-.t daring hf«? Ofti} at the school loua^d i jj t^t> Wataoti iiuikliug Stale street your owti wo bach ferity in are «o Sulieitor4 will catt fijty. Our ternaH oae may a\<ui theiu* : routhfl\ Ladies\ Misses^ I- S . T P. \ . IV f T ""•wr f«f for any day in tbe week or an> wwk iu tfcw* yew. ^ ' cU»id*ea' to the stfmmejr. Dr. JEM- of Wild Strawberry ss au uu iu ' Mr. Hunt will reuu.SU» \» the city a week *ad would ^ike-^o -meet fckoe* ,_Lu would like to net, «* -tuauager of ootiflty wshoola. ^Rws leboola will t» *»<MU ba«i to10:3Q a. m. SUM! 2 to 1:36 p. IB. begijiabg Tae*lay a. m., Aug. 11. No lady is .*> rich thut should uegk*ct this all ito^xwlaat duty. We will give private leaaoua to tfa» AJS& School Of ShttftbfBd *fl«l Cost, All other Stooe» at ,tiy Eeduced Prices during this Sale. " '

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