Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 30, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
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Tuesday, May 30, 1961
Page 3
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(Texas) NCWS^HtfcALD, Tuesday, May 30, 1961 icna I In Balance As Mustangs Meet La Joya n?:?' .-<*::;;:! i-!',a;n- La Jn.'.t ;r )'->vk. :r-'.\ .'\A \ It's the end of ;!=r San .Felipe ..Mustang i'.i lomorrow aflem<«in. Win or lose the A-:i t'on ends with l\\<- r»< pionship game s.Liiu:^ at 4:30 p.m. ai !(<••; •.-•.. Only Classes AA \ '. advance to sUn-- i •; playoffs in base-bail r^r ;hf ^:nal rr schools it ends ustii :< rvumi;- title. Coach .Leo Gsi:a's La Joya team has a 19-9 record on She season. It was !2-3 in pre- district pNy srvd 5-1 in diitrici play. The oniy L-ss was to Donna 8-0 after La Jcya aiready had Hie Kite einciicd and Gar. la used his reserves. La Joya met Premont in bi-dis- irk-t and won two, straight games 7-", 13-9. Since then the playe'r.s IIHVC boon awaiting the'outcome of liu- San Fclipe-Kenedy playoff. 1.a Joya officials were here for 'he final two games of the play- rif. They v.t-re quite well impressed v.Hii the fine condition of "the piaving field al Roosevelt Park ;,nd with the large crowds which San Felipe drew for the two ;ja!iu's. Both of the factors ap- i'oivruly welshed heavily in get- tin.- tin- siu'fien-death playoff game -i-liodislcd here. This is the first time a San J-Vlipe baseball team has actually played in ,'i regional champion- c itip ^iune. Some years hack they not to the regional on byes, but '.he championship was decided on the flip of a coin. The Mustangs reached the regional playoff this year the hard way. They dropped their first two district ball games and then came on to win the next eight in a row for the 29-AA championship. In hi-dislrict they dropped the f'rst- came of a best two-of-thr:e panics serivs to Kenedy at Ken- I'dy. ' Bui they came back before a lar^e crowd of hometown fans to take the bi-district title 'Sai- i.rdny defeating the Lions 3-2 and S-4. .Mustang Conch Lupe dc- Hoyos is expected to start Al Suto on the mound iomorrow. Ho was the j'.finning 'pitcher, in .both games !;*sainst Kenedy Saturday. He i pitched seven innings in the first :same and three in the second. f The probable .starting lineup iwill include: Soto. pitcher; Hob- ;ert Soto, catcher; Manuel Polan- j co. first base; Roger Blanks,, sec- (iTnd base; Mario Garcia, shortstop; Mario Moreno, third base ; Ramon de Hoyos, ieft field; Emi ;!io Reyes,- cenlei. field; and At ' Rodriguez, right field. Del Rio, Lackland Split Two The Del Rio Hawks split a dou- f if*t A r* i UCLA Cager Im In Point-Shaving Scan LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ron Lawson, UCLA basketball star, bleheader wuh the Lackland AF8 ' ias Quit school 'after 'admittedly vVarhawks Sunday night at Roosevelt. Park. . Tlie Warhawks pounded out ^9 hits, including four home runs, to win. the'first, game-of the t\vi-nign( -ioubleheadur 21-1. They were aided by nine errors by the Hawks, Kel Rio's only run came on a Mome rim by Sidney Blanks. John being approached by : gamblers. The name ID- year-old sophomore's grand "jury last week in connection with its 'investigation into point shaving by; college basket- Why I didn't report it, know." with professional gamblers or failed to report bribery attempts. Wilbur Johns, director of Ath- i Lawson said • he .was not ballplayers. '". '. j to say-what UCLA gai '-Lawson appeared voluntarily," j bribe attempt was aimed Johns said. ''Since his return, he ; much he was offered • io points, lie said he did not any points. . - Thc player said that af! pear ing before the grand . . . . , f, "' a ^ atk ; c , d ,r°" d ? y to tnc ih«s told us he was approached by m & llst of llege basketball f ers a romncl man for the 8ain blers, , _ - ^'u iifiii«*vi. t no ii iuj M iv. f,wn«ui*^*iJ t e 'i hor cooperated ; but u>al ,, e djd not . cvcr shavc ver for Dodgers, fax Has Arrived By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The ion? v:nt is .!V(-r !>.r L«JS Angeles Di'di.'rr-" .vj fa.x has 'arrived v.;!i< ,a bfi ing the Xsiionaf Li-a^-. six victories and soprnr- jors in strikt-oius -•«. h:;e .away the iop.pc-=i :-!;uii'; of the season in cither The young lefi-haru.icr lack of control has ovcrs his firepower in the- n .-::Up with his ?.-.v -cind •:; n three-hitter M«>n;!uv "sri^ K/; =-troak Slug M^^V Hits Homer •'dsK-ling Larry Jackson for a '2-1 vinory over the St. Louis iiinsl>. Thai piisiu-d the second.-place llniict-r^ w itSun I'i samos of fror.t-running San Francisco after Cirsrinnati. knocked off the Giants .T 1 in nn afternoon game. No other game.- were scheduled. ; !n the oi:ly American League , game Boston beat New York 2-1 behind the five-hit pitching of Ike I>e!ock. Kotifax (6-2 i now has won three in n row End fix ofTiis last seven (i'.-i isifjis. lit- walked five ami struck ntu 13 in this one. blankina ih;- Car<;s until the ninth. A lend- off triple by Ken Boyer and a balk gave trie Cards" their run— arc! ended -Sandy's shutout sirins at ~ innings—before Koufax fjinnt'cl Hal Smith, with the tying run on first. The Dodgers also scored on a balk as they put over both runs in the eighth. Jackson Cl-4~i, whose lone victory was a 7-2 decision over the Dadtrers. . had a five-hit shulout for -seven fram-rs. Then a walk and two bunts loaded the bases. Relief ace Lindy Me- Daniet came on and balked, forcing in a run, before siving up a , winning single by Willie Dss-is. ' Tliis was the eighth victory in 12" aatncs for the Dodgers (with all the victories by one run) and kept them a half-same ahead of third place Cincinnati. The Reds wun their fourth in a rou~, and ended the Giants' siring at four, a;- rookie Ken Hur.t (5-2 ) nailed his first complete came in the majors with a seven-hitter. • A three-run homer in the first inning by Frank Robinson, his 12th. beat southpaw Mike McCormick (S-3). T!ic Giants scorer! in ; the fifth on singles by ChuckHilt- er and Ed Bressouci and an infield out. W 2S 2-S 2! 23 21 17 19 17 In 15 L 14 57 17 19 22 IS 22 21 2-1 25 Pet .585 .553 .548 .4SS .472 .463 . .447 .385 .375 GB 3' i- 5 5 7 ; i ^ S "^ 9 H'S 12 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS It isn't often thai n r-ai! iiSayer has a night iike-Ai Xagcl. He pot seven hits in fight vi:< ; es~ r=f bat,scored seven rims, baited in 10, hit five home rim-, {< ihem in one came. Ardmore. the rl'ui v. ; ;h vA.'jorn he piays outfielci. isn't (iojnc KX.< well in the L''r;»«c-,ie race biii il dcftniteiy isn'i ;;;-.• iz'-.'l <>l s.iujt- ' ging Al. Xayel carried Aniir.nrc !<:> a 14-5 victory over Aman!!<» M^ndav night and il was ab«.>ui tnrii.-. The ! Rosebuds had ic-^t *;•?.• first aasne of a dou blc-hco r!.;-i- rn Arujrillo. 32-7. In thr nighJrrip .NVj,t:> _;(>! ' his four homers sriri' tiaii-vrl in nine runs. . ; • Ardmore stayed on -J ; L- Ivotiom by two game? =:nc^ Trt!-i«, !h.e fifth place club, h'.ai '.'. n>\ in v-S in a 10-irinsnc a'f;-:r Amarillo and R-o finr. ley both, moved ujr> ;-n :---2!. "Antonio. Rio Gram:;- Val'ey beat San 4-3 ir 1'i Trsjilri^s anri .it brought % A»i;arsil'i 'v. j'.;-,sn cne game ol the .Mi^tion.s ar-.i trie \ r ai- Icy within l ! -j aarr.c.-. •A Nickett's Worth By NAAMAN (NICK) N1CKEU Vni- San Three Draw .- NEW YOIiK i.A-?': inglon. ScnaltM'- 1 <':r~. for Llicir thr«->--^srji\' ries with Minnas- ;;< ; New .V'irk \»\\'-\*<± na:i as the <<rfy KI-J showing ait'.-nH&jn- o\'er last sfSj.<->n. The new .Sv"'n;i"or-= before Ifil.U': in 17 Uiis year. In *L u: 3950 Iheir lou.i v,;, Yankees ;irc up ':•". Reds 8,CfXi. The Ohirsgo \\'i^:.-largest deficit behind last s<Angeles D*»(H'i aggregate by The Twin-. Washington • lead the. Am- - -in The \i;f' '!"<;••;. r-.r-- l r ii ^n -•!•:;!?• irn i T ;?:.. i: ;fv : r h!i •-;,;f;!'ii fr.-n>! hi;'; ':!«•• \;,n'..-r. C^JI J..- ;i-i,>- \viii; IPS . through She lurnsii!' 1 .-: "5<»r '.'•> '<i'>i'.\<dates. 1*he overall N'ational U.:igi:r- itt- tal is .i.ftGa^r.s— 56 per oruit 'under 3960. The American LeaEM'-'j, fis- yre is V.013.&3? cornparc-d to. 1.92-1,070 in 59GfJ \v|t(.-ri !;u- circuit had eight teams. JAIL THEFT fast was- lalcj/o.r - ^X'vi^n j'riM>ncri of the {'aloosa" Coui.Sy, afii-r • juvenile* hn)k<* in ;j|-rf- slofr four dozen cygs Ujroc : p?>'jrds -jf • fiausagc and four loaves of bread. —along with an'tVcmc mixer, i Whitey ford of the Yankees 1 'started thc 19."] season wiih a.24-f •$,fvCar<Jcr. record over the Wash- 1 jngton Senators. ' A superstitious bowler might have been just a little leary of how things were going to come out- on the basis- of the way the 9th Annual Men's Tournament started Saturday. Cliff Perkins was the first man to roll "a ball for a count. He was a litt-le light on the head pin and what should be left staring him in the eyeball but a nice, bright and shiny 5-7 spilt. That's enough to make a man lose faith in round bowling bails, tut Cliff shook it off! and ; helped his team to a third place standing in the team event. Probably the busiest man at the tournament was : Doc Wibbert. In addition to bowling in a)! the divisions ; he also handled most of the secretarial duties. About all ; you could see of him was a b!ur as he sped from the desk to the office to the bulletin board collecting score, totaling them up and posting them so everyone could read and wail, or cheer. Doc/Garland Hiil and Dick Brown formed the tour- ; uamcnt committee which took care of complaints and problems which arose. Fortunately nothing serious, like • a 42-pound bowling ball or a 320 scratch score, came up. and the few problems the_y had were handled quickly ; ^and. so far as we could tell, satisfactory to all concerned. Couldn't Match It "i The men bowling Saturday^ and' Sunday converted some mighty wide open splits, like the 6-7 and 4-7-10. but none of them came anywheres close to matching the performance of Jeanie Thurmond last Monday night. She hammered down the 4-G-7-10, various!} 7 called the Double Pinochle and the Big Four. For that she will be awarded a patch by the Women's International Bowling Congress, and these kind of patches don't get passed around very freely. We don't know how many other people made the right guess, but Adrian Bludeau told us early last week that Vince James would win the handicap all events. In fact he was so certain of the outcome h» said we couid quote him on it. Unfortunately, he was a iittle wrong about the outcome of the scratch all events. We were wrong, but not quite as much Adrian could never be ; a sports writer because they never p'rcdict the winner I of anything correctly. Which" icminds us io say thai by ; the time you have read this Jack Brabham wiSl have 1 driven his little Cooper Climax to victory_ in the Indian- ' anulis 500, we hope. ; For What It's Worth ; Morris Taylor, James Wat'dle and Phil Foster are get- : ting ready to open their golf driving range just east of ; the Country Club this Saturday .. . We are going out one afternoon to see if it's really as easy to hit a golf bail > as everyone says . . . Let you know how it comes out . . . ; Somehow or another we got the Minor Little League or- ^.anizaUori at Roosevelt Park the other night rather than ; Overstrcet . . . Anyway, another attempt will be made on June 7. to organize the Minor Little League ... The meeting will be held at Overstreet Park at 7 p.m. . . . ' Meanwhile they are still looking for a commissioner and managers for the league . . , It's unfortunate the San; Feiipe-La Joya game must be played in the afternoon | . . . Several of the fans may be working ... However,-; we can understand La Joya's point of view . .... It would i be pretty rough playing under lights when they haven't i played a night game all year. '.''.-: BASEBALL STANDINGS By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE V Detroit 2S ; Cleveland _.__.. 2-S JNew York —__-_ 2! [Baltimore .. I Washington : Kansas City • Minnesota .. [Boston ! Los .\ncck-s i Chicago" .... ! Monday's Results i Boston 2. i\'ew York 1, night iOnly game scheduled ' Today's Games : New York (Terry 2-0) at ; (Conley 2-:>) Los Angeles t'Garver 0.-2) ; '• ington (Donovan 0-5 i ; Minnesota (Kamos 3-4 and F'as- i cual 4-4) at Cleveland-(Grant ; 4-0 and Hawkins -4-2). 2- Kansas City (AYcher. 1-0 and Xti\-- hall-2-1) at-.Detroit Olossi 5-0 ami Foyiack 2-2). 2 Baltimore rB'arber 6-3 and Broun : 4-1) >f ..Chicago (Pierce 1-3 and Shaw 3-3). 2 i NATIONAL LEAGUE ' : - W L Pet GB ; San Francisci, _. 2s M .r,4', — I.os Anaelec ...'. .'i; 18 ,51H i-'-j Cincinnati _____ 23 ifi .590 2 i Pittsburgh 2(i • Ifi .55i> :!'_• •Milwaukee .IS iS -..WO 5-" : ; St. Louis 13 20.. 47-5 6 : j Chicago ....- 12 2G .310 12'. Philadelphia 11 25 .306 12'.Monday's Results Cincinnati 5, San Francisco 5 : I.os Angolas 2. Si. Louis I. nigh', 'Only Barnes scheduled Today's Games Milwaukee (Willey 2-0 and Biml 1-4)' al .PhiladHphia : {Mahaff,y -">-:< and 0-1 i. 2 Chicago (Ellsworlh 1-4 "and F,rev.-- cr 0-2) at Pittsburgh (Mi- zell.4-1 and Friend 5-5i. 2 •St. Louis (Gibson 2-1 at Lo« Angeles' (Williams 3-:(>. ni.aht Cincinnati (Malune.y 1-2 arul <V- Toole 4-4) al S;ir, Fr-:;iK-!^iv (.fone-s 1-3 ami > . Hell <4-:n was thc losing pitcher.'. Ictics at UCLA, said Monday that Del 'Ilio bounced back lo win. Lawson voluntarily quit the cam- the .second game 6-2. Joe Flores j pus for failing to report immedi- •tnd Jim Smith led the attack .with' ately to his coaches that he was •we bits each. . ! approached by a contact man for Saturday at S p.m. the Hawks | the gamblers.' will host a team from Goodfellow Lawson, from Nashville, Tenn., '\ii- Force, Base. appeared before the Xew York Lions Defeat Bats, Creamers Edqe Jets points in a game. . In -.N'ashville. Lawson said' "The only wrong thing i was failing to report the approach. \ nut of school. discussed thc incident with|CCl;A did [officials and then decided Ugdrop '."•• '-w .- np- he Flyers Snap Streak, Lions Remain First The Lions hammered out a 12-0 eight errors to score all 12 «if Tlu-• Laughlin Flyers broke a struck out eight and walk<*ct ono. two-.came losing streak last night Lou Finger had two hits fiir the :i; the Major Little Leasjue as tlusy i winners— a 'single and a double, r.-asetj. past the Rotary Wheelers! Tltc Jets scored twice wi|jj two •V2. hi. the first game of the dou-j away in the first inning aric| then biehea'der the • Lions whipped the; hung on gamely as John Hulchin- iCIks Spikcrs 7-2. . i son pitched fine ball foc ii th(?J|' firsi The Lions still undefeated after ' victory this season.- a - "-- Kelso Favorite n XF:W YORK'i. AIM — The I.o- homi-'i. Stable's Keisn, horse of the year m : 79GP niK-d- the even-money favorite io.. win the SJ 00,000- -iddri; M<nr'..polita'» Handicap today at Aftui'du.ei before a holiday crowd ttiut may reach 70.000. The " Metropolitan, a one-mile fvcm. is Jor.ded with talent, and Kelso is no cinch even with the veteran Eddie Arearo in the sad- tile. To start . uith, Kelso must pai-k 130 pounds '.opv-eisht against nine rivals .iiiar. J. d'Agostino's Tudor \Vay with 126 pounds, the Alamode Farm's .Mail Order. 125. and 'Jrure C"amp!>el!"3 Conestoga, 120, : are next in the weights. All iiave .accounted for major stakes this yi sr. ; O'.r.i-rs entered are thc Kins ik.-im.-h~s Disperse. Ill: Ada L. !!kc'v Talent 'Show. 112; Cain Hs-V Sl.-ihh-'s AH Hands. 117: L. L. Hyg.gin 2nd'.? Careless John. US: : Golden Triangle Stable's Swcnt Wi'iiam. UBS: ar.d Elnu-ndorf Farm's Cranberry-Sauce. H5. victory.- over the Bats and the their runs. They weren't able to three games, got a bit of a scare i Hutchinson gave up only four Creamers edged past the Jets 9-3 »k> anything in "She first inning, in the firs' inning when David hits, but one- of them was a home in Babe: Ruth League play a'- but broke loose for seven runs in. Chalk hammered r. drive over tho run by N'ed Carta with a man on j Roosevelt Park iasi night. | the second on onK- two hits. They left field fence to put the .Elk'. : base which accountedVfor all the In the firsi same'of the even-' acic ? crt their final five in the third out in from 1-0. However, thsy : Rotary's runs. He also^struck out s. the Lions look advantage of -, u;m ' c getting two more hits. - jammed acioss five rims in the 10' batters, ; fi-ftlS Scooter Monz'ingo. ..tartinu h's '-oltom of thc second to get things > Thc Flyers picked up'TtfSe run first game of the season, was th-.; back under conirol. |in the • third and iheirVfinal tally winning pitcher. He tossed a one- r ^ vo more insurance- runs were ; In the sixth. hitter at the Bats. Juan Garcia 'added by the Lions in the bottom; Carla. thc losing pitcher, ga\e singled-with two out in the to;}.,^." 50 filth-inning. The Elks pick-up onl\-. five hits, but the Fly- °f the fourth to break up the no- " c ' up iheir final run in the sixth,: ers managed to bunch them whe-e hitter. Mon^inao struck out jive' 1 - 11 ' 1 were unable to close the ga^jthcy counted the most. Carta "iml walked four. further. - struck out the side three times James Ecl-iy had the only exira , GcrTr Salmon w«s the winning ami collccteii a total of 11 strike- base hit of the game, a triple in 'lie third inning. Laughlin took n 1-0 lend in tho i top of thc first inning of. ilw sc.?; ond game, but it was short lived. The Creamers came back with four runs of their own in the bot- [ for a ave up^ i The Jets tallied two more the third to close the cap. In tho ijjist half of the third the Cream- {ers racked up five runs. That for r.ll intents jnd purposes was the ball game. Laughlin rallied briefly for three runs in the 'fifth, but the Creamers 5:01 t:ie fire out before any further damage could be done. ; David Murray went all the wr.y for ihe Creamers to receive the win He struck out five and walk; ed six. Bill ~Mbrau of Laughlin . and James Dennis'of tiie Creamers each collected two hits during thc game. puch ' r - ers Enjoy Travel t Others' Expense Class!fieri Ads Brinf Results By ED WILKS ! Associated Press Sports Writer J Tiie Detroit Tii-ers. hardly! puffing after a 17-game road trip ! lhr.t"'«Hd notiiinu at all lo dis-' courace their pennant hopes, set- tied down at home with a 3 J -j-aame K'ati as the Amt-rican League race reached the Memorial Day The Timers left homo with a 2 1 .- game.cdsi'. They, padded it lo five midway tbrou^ii the Irip, even after losing three of their last, four sjames on the tour, still arrived home botter off than when they left. In a.M. thev were 10-7 on the TEXAS LEAGUE VV L Pet ,?7! .">."/i GB :'. 2 20 2} San Antonio ._. Amarilio ...... .. Rio Grande ~... Ai.'stin __________ Tulsa .., _______ -. Ardmore- ______ 1. 10 27 Monday's Results Amanllo 12=5. Ardmore 7-14 riio Grande Calley !. San Aninniu 3 ( 10 innings i Tulsa 9. Austin S 1 10 i:;nini!si Today's Games ilio. Grande Vallye at -San Antoni:> , \u>lin at Amarillo Ardmcre at Tulsa i2i ine Drive F Young OEV1L REVIVAL HOBART,-Tasmania .P — T}w Tasmania tit-vil — s prize exiiihii :n the bis.' zoos of tin 1 world — i.-- becoming a v. crry lo som-v farmers in Tasmania. The clt;vil is a small flesh-eat ins, animal peculiar In this isla'.i! i-;at<-' of Au-niaiia. Pearlier this ci-ntury there wen- ft-arv: it would become i:xti:ic:i aijii- it is completely . prolet-tcd.. Mi;t today lhc animal is mcrca.=-. ;na in - nmnburs. :;nd some farmers iifi\e blamod Ta,-inani:-Ti 'Icviis for the kiliin;; of iam'r > £n<i chickens. CiiiCACO i MM — Geory-? Me-' CorrrMrk's enthusiasm for playing basebaii was unbounded. His father said, he loved 'lie ;-':!!5ic- more than anything. So did tin- manager of a park district team, tor boys of i'f to 12 in suburban Park Ridge. Thc 10:yoar-old boy's burnin 1 .; ambition v.-as to become a pitcher or an- infieldcr \villi the Brooks tram of the Park Ridge boys baseball organization. Hat the team's manager, Julian .St:,ciiouski. .'-,. told the slight, tow-headed", lad ^ho wore glasses, with thick lens, he couldn't see well enough to make the leani. "(ic' wasn't -good enough lo play rov!iifarly."_S?3ohowsk5 said, ho "was so eager I made bat bov because I tiidn't have Ihe heart !o =en<l- him away." Il was while serving as bat bo\ during Ihe team's praclic-.', las! Wednesday that George was hit by a line drive while standing near the pitcher's mound. He \*as retrieving balls thrown back from the outfield and handing tlv;m ui Slaehowski. who was pitching. George, tne Iroy with the bad eyes, apparently' did not see Ihe ball bit by Paul . Weege. 12. Ii struck him in ihe righl temple. He didn't fall down or cry. Stachowski look him lo the bench and put some water on his head. He appeared ali risht. the manager said. But he sen! him' home and then called George's father, Donald, a church caretaker and a scoutmaster, and told him what happened. . Georce's father came lo the team's practice Insi Frirlay and ', told Stachowki that George had •• beco;-,!-? i!i at home, ant! the family physician reported he' had a con.u?s:rin. i He was taken to a hospital Sun- ; day ant 5 , underwent surgcr*. .He died Monday of brain hemorrhage. . " .. ' "I don't v.'ant tliis to become a black, mark against Little League baseball." sniii George's fattier. "I think il is a good thing " The McCormicks have an-, other son. Richard. 6. ; The Park Ridge league is not : affiliated with the national Little ; League Caseball. Inc. it is opcr- , ;it-:'<! hy the park district. All. of George's fourth-grade ch«isma'.«-s will, attend funeral ' services U'-.-dnesday for George, a i 2:1 me- boy. who-'loved to play baseball. " • l tour. Detroit now plays -eight at home, goes to Chicago for two and then hustles back to Tiger Stadium for a 12-game stay. Only one game was".'scheduled in the AL Monday, and right- hander Ike D.clock of thc Boston Red Sox pitched a five-hitter that beat N'ew York 2-1 and ended Whitey Ford's winning streak at six. The loss dropped .the. third place Yankees five games behind Detroit going into today's single game at Boston. In thc National League, Cincinnati knocked off first placet. San Francisco VI. and thc second place I.os Angeles Dodgers edged within 1'. games of thcPGlahfs by beating St. Louis 2-1. No other games were scheduled. The rest of the AL's holiday sclu-'d-jle puts Minnesota at' Cleveland "lor a pair with the seep rid plarr Indians while .fourth place Baltimore is at Chicago for two with the White Sox. The Los An- gelr* An_:Hs arc al Washington for n single game. Wn!t IJellnmy, Indiana center, led the Big Ten in basketball rebounds last season, with 247 in 14 games. - WANTED ;; 1000 RADIATORS TO M CIEANED AND REPAIRED DEI RIO RADIATOR SERVICE no W. Ogd.n Dial PR 5-441S DR. ANDRES PORTALES DR. J. H. KEY OPTOMETRI5TS Offit» Hoon—Man. »hr» fK. Contact Un* FHt»<i PR 5-4353 — 108 STEALS POLICE CAR CHATPAXOOGA :;!'. _ Grad;- Smi;h. 19. was si\en II month - ond 29 days in the workhruts'-r t-> i?onilnr whelhcr straling cars pays — especially police cars. Smith pleaded guiiiy lo a charge • ( stealing a patrol car from _n lot U-hind police headquarters. Gene Hunt, Michigan Slate golf- >r from Flint, was the .stale amateur public links champion in " OFFICE SUPPLIES "yp*writer» • Adding Machine* ., SAIES and SERVICE Hallmark Cords • Art Supplioi Dei Rio Typewrifer Co. 612 3. Main Dial PR 5-4B12 BRUCF RADIO & T.V. REPAIR Uconied by F.C.C.; 2-VVoy Radio tor fgiter Service. » Av». i, Day or NiflM. Phon* PR 5-4733 THA YOU The Republican organization in Va! Verde County expresses its sincere gratitude to those who voted for John Tower, our Senator-elect, on M ay 27th. We especially thank you who generj ously donated your time, money, energy and enthusiasm throughout the long campaign. This is the real beginning of a two-party state and the first of many victories to come. The Yal Verde Couny Republicans are a small part of a large and vigorous organization that is determined to give Texans a fair choice of candidates at the polls. Our job is to do our work well here in our own county/and without the tireless help of hundreds of you, this is impossible; Also, we claim proudly our poliHcal kirvihip to those Democrats whose devotion to the principles of sound, conservative government led them to assist us so invaluably in this race. May their r.-jmber increase. -, WILL F. WHITEHEAD ^ , , County Chairman |; -. • • . ' ' *; FRANKIE LEE HARLOW j '' • Vice-Chairman 1 '. :

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