The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 1, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1893
Page 2
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THI DAILY CHRONICLE TERMS QF 3UPBHCMI»TlON. Dally, one year ttironvk P. «,..*4 7ft Daily, Delivered. 1O cent* P«-T Week Sobtorlptfrttic received at the oflke <* pnb a'tUw. 151 State street. J t M. MOSES, i*tiblJsn3r, Cohgrefes Ordered to Meet on August^. THE PBESJDENf. Mr. Cleveland Thinks tbe Financial Sltn- atlon of the Country Requires Iih'xtiotH- ate Attention—It In Likely the Sherman Silver I*w Will Be Repealed. WASmNQTON, July 1.—The president . left here at 4:30 Friday afternoon over (he Pennsylvania -railroad for Buzzard's Bay. He will be absent three or four weeks, bis stay depending upon circumstances. Secretary Lament accompanied the president as far 'as New York. The president's determination to leave the city was only rcachedi!Friday morning and his departure ' so • suddenly . leaves » nnrriber; of important appointments agreed upon unsigned And many Senators and congressmen who have recently arrived in-the lurch. It is understood that the president will transact only the most urgent public business while at Buzzard's Bay; and what official announcements are to be made will be given out at the executive mansion In Washington; At 6 o'clock Friday evening the fol lowing proclamation was issued: EXECUTIVE MANSION, . WASHINGTON, June 30, isos. WHEREAS, The distrust and apprehension concerning tbo< financial situation which pervades all business circles have already caused great loss and damage to our people and threaten to cripple our merchants, stop the wheels of inaiiufjictur- ing, bring distress and privation to our farmers and withhold from our workingmen the wage of labor; and WHEBEAS, . The present perilous condition is largely the result of a financial policy which the executive branch of tho government finds embodied in unwise laws which must be executed Until repealed by congress; Now therefore, I. Grover Cleveland, president of the United Statw, in performance of a constitutional duty, do by this proclamation, do declare that an extraordinary occasion requires the convening of both houses of congress at the Capitol in the city of Washington, on the 7th day of August next, at la o'clock noon, to the end that the people may b« relieved through legislation from" present and impending danger and distress. All those entitled to act as members of 'the Fifty-third congress are required to take notice of this proclamation and a' tend at the time and place above stated.' Given under my hand and the seal of the United States at the city of Washington, on the-30th day of June, in the year of -oui Lord, one thousand, .eight hundred and ninety-three, and of the independence o; the United States, the one hundred anc seventeenth. GIJOVEU CLEVELAND. The president had left -directions for the issuance of the proclamation before his, departure for Gray Gables. Tbe determination to call the extra session the first week in August instead of the first week in September, it is understood, was only definitely arrived- at al the cabinet session, after giving full Weight to the numerous telegrams re% ceived from all .parts of tbe country urging this course. Another consideration' which caused the president to .change his mind was foreshadowed in the remark made by one of bis cabinet officers a few days ago that if the pre%- ident. received reasonable assurance! that there was a likelihood of a promp repeal of the. socalled Sherman'silver purchase law be might be disposed fa „ call congress together earlier than h< had announced. It is. inferred from the fact that the president has dene so that he considers he -has obtained the assurances he desired.-' Most m the cabinet have followed -the" president's example and left the eiiy or are leaving . for brief vacations. Those who •remain say the president's proclamation speaks for itself and decline to di&ms$£he situ •tion further.' , •'" • The plain facts appear to be that the «._*—,_— -.^ -* va i ue g arising from tbe to a panic- in trte'ihoney >rejiafed at any moment to take tlw < sonrse winch - he. v-now adopfpd if it eemed tomim that his so doing would tt any -way tend to allay alarm and re» tore pn"bhc confidence. "When he found telegrams (an his able not only from the eastern and middle stntoa, bnt also frottt the south ind even front some of Jthe Bilvef statfcs. urging that congress be called together itt^the earliest day possible to end the incertajnty, he. determined to delay no onger. ' Bnt even in tftlfrr% this notion. :he president .took '.". steps as fair as he prevent its being known before ;he Stae-lk Exchange closed so as to tvoid any appearance of exercising nn- tne influence on the stock market. 5,000 spring and summer sample? hftVe aVrived. Call an,d select youi eumraer suit or pants. Better choice than piece goods Call, and exam'ne before buying. Quality and price to suit at TED'S, the tailor, Over "Fletcher's store. at sumnlpf wofrd at $1.75 per cord . Grant's. . . ,. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla* 1 r x . • - • . . ' " ", Ilr. llonhett. 'V, -" • •:; " c * •"* • "••' Specialist of Chronic Diseases will bo at the Herndon Saturday, jf|ily 8th. Free consultation in Crerman ' and TIMETABLE, JUNE 18, Id93. flTATIOSS. Day a.m. Chicago, L», »,..•• CO KalamsKoo.. ..-/. 8 08 Battle Creek.... 848 Marshall, Dp... 8 IS Albion.. ....... Jackson ..... ....4 30 Detroit Buffalo,. 045 p.m. ' •AM, 1ST, K*t fool 748 : '8". 940 1201 p.m. "745 ''*•»•. p. M 780 1138 • 00 p. in. ft*. I -j_^ p to. «iO 706 800 8 15 847 1045 Halt T«! 70S 13 tt ;* SB . 960 945 8 10 »8l 410 7»» aw. e'wag n Child, slie cried for Costorin. - / When Bhobecajno JIlss, Fho citing to Cftstorla. • When she had Gblldren, phe gavet&em Cnstpria. As the''time approacheshfpr the 10th annual Bluc-lllbbon Meeting of tbc Detroit PrlvinK Club, which octHirs July Hi, ISth, tnth. 20tb, 21st, evidence ac- cunntlatcs that It will, bo tho ('••ssfnl ono ovor given by the club. The largo amount of-Uu> pursos hung tip .•mil tho mmiy now foaturea Incprpor atod into this season's programropi: tonrt to nif\ko H tho most attractive and brilliant In the club's history. Colt rac'lng has rapidly grown into public v<>r during tho past three or four years. About tlu 1 fastost and most closely cnntoKtod -rai'OH of last year wen v tlu! f-olt stalios. Whon^ a two-year old can stop :i mile in a contested race in 2:15 1-4, and a H-yoai old in 2:11 1-4, with a field behind'them fast enough to drive thoni out in that time. It is about time to cultivate that kind of racing. The Detroit Driving Club, in addition to thoir usually attractive programme, roiifludod this year to add tho colt feature, and it would not be at all surprising if another Silicon, Diroctum or Mo quotlo, should come to the front before tho mooting Is over. The Novelty race for tho 2:20 class trotting, is sure" to bring tOgother a very fast field. The purse closed with fifteen entries, anc froin the well known character of tbe nominators one of the most hotly con tosted races on record should be the result. The Merchants' and Manufac tuners? purse closed with 17 nomina tions, tbe largest number in its history There are at, least a dozen applicants for every nomination- that,may be off e'red for sale, so that there- is sure to bo. as many starters as there were orig iiial entries.' The regular class entries do not close until July 3, but from ad vices received from every quarter it Is cor/fain will b a largor number of entries made than over before. There is. (hjit no conflicting nice-ting this year, so tha the Kastcra'contingent will be here in full force, and and as tho Western horses ar^ahyays on hand, large fields and stubborn contests must inevitably follow.' Most of the loading stable? o: tbt> country have signified their inton 4\ou of taking .{tart ir&the forthcoming meeting, so that the last days of|he ok wack Avjll be., the m,C>ft glorious in its long and varied career'. The year 18,9:. has passed ")«to history as the ip sejjsatioual one in the annals ojf the tiir-'f* but till indications point to 1893 boin^fetlll more so, t and th.q groat Blue Jtibboh Meeting of the Detroit Driving Club is where the "phenomenals"" arc sure to meet. n^certauities of the. situation : v »farinjing-.that Mr. Cleveland -at last | : waacompeUed to~&£knowl|dge that the - ^aiw»peqted ^ J .^.-....... ing an es •Wi • |*-^-,¥»: »&'?•, f^ f ~. *~^, ' * ^^"^^Ir* .N, B.—Such cases as hqvfrfailcd lo re- eivc- bent fit clseteliere arc Specially de- ircd ' : Mal , TBAIXB 3»y Ohlc Detroit, Li «15 Jackson... 11 40 Msrahftll ..1243 Battle Cr'k 1 20 feUmasoo 80S chic«(r'o,Ar 7 as •_. .,..,,: p.n>. *,m. 19 00 745 9 at) 1008 1045 II £6 410 [>.m ».*. 630 p.m. 1 IS 810 *'5 44? 9 10 p.m. l€uo jsp'l* 500 8 15 883 «te 9&U 6 10 547 606 700 11 15 i.m ISM »io 1800 18 M 108 145 8«8 755 ft. ID 745 i?S BIS 1 10 tBundmexcnud . ftu. *$loketlj(t. The 40i. nt the AVorlds Fair. G«o. A* JeHKBoN. Freight Aeent. O. R.Ouraaif.Ttrlcit AKent, Ciociiati, Jacta & MactaT Time table uktng effect June 86 IBM. ' Train* passU&raballM followi S ' '-'^ , TJUWB OOINe BA«T, • . Mo. 2E, Toledo EzpreM ...... ,....».., . ^L 2' £ In '' hin ; t i S: ^ >r «»"a' ....... :».. " ^1, Mall MdKxprefci... ........ " W. local Freight ........ ...* ..... ,...t9Upit mAim «oim» win. • • 8, W, DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY br the World's-Fair, besides beitg in itself ,ho most beautiful spectacle the world has ever seen, will have an unsurpassed program ^f attractions, novelties, illuminations anil pyrotechnics. Thp Michigan Central Get* there as usual, and^otfej-s a splendid .opportunity of seeing them at tho low rnto of one fare!or the round tfip x ,\with tho addition of ad- inisBton fee to the grcunds, to avoid the annoyance otliuying ticBtjts in the crowd at ;he Fair gates. \" These tickets will bo good going only on special tram of first clns's' coaches • arriving at tho Terminal Station in the World's Fair Grounds on the morning of July 4th, and .caving .there at 10:45 that night. \v •• Those who desire to stay longer cao\re- turn within four days of date of sale of tickets on regular trains Nos. 2, 8. 12 and 1C, from the Chicago city stations. Train leayettMarshall 5:35 a. m. arriving in Chicago 11:30 a. in., rate $5.15 this includes admission to the Fair. i ....... .../.;... ... All trains dally except Sunday, '•"•" Direct oonncpllone are made at Toledo Oinclnatl with all roadadtterglng. Train! 31 and 82 make go od oo&nkatlon at ; llon and ^ »t Alleganwlth 0. * W..M for Grand Raplda. Matkegon and all point* north. .-*.,. &.B. DRAKE, Qea.M'R'r. ; T. c. M. w'&lNbLBB. Q«n. Pau. Act C. B, MIZB, Agt., ManhaU. T* TRUSSES A fiill assonmeiit oi sizes. The best kinds and at reasonable rates Truses fitted without charge for fitting at GBEENE'S Drug Store 2B2West State MARSHALL. MICH. World's Coluutblau Kzpogltlon. The Michigan Central will sell tickets from Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of eevea dollars and thirty cents for the round trip, limited to Nov. 5th. Children under 12 years of age, half fare. Tickets not good on 1, 4, 19 or 20. July 4th the post ollice will bo open from 7 to 9 a. m. and from 4 to 5 p, rnt Money order and registering window closed all day. For the accommodation of people liv ing in the west end A. Watson will sell Keuchle's bread and cakes fresh, at 10, o'clock every morning. N. A. Sherman, the old reliable universal auctioneer, 4s prepared to attend sales of all kinds. He sells anything and everything, household ,. goods farms, city property, stocks _o| goods of all kinds, and makes a specialty of farm sales. If you haye anything to sell call 'and see WANTS, FOUND, ET(X cents » week for each nolle* not ex ceedlag ttre lines. No' ohwg« lew tlun tweatr cunts. ':,- T.£ new Binwr sewing machine. Will be Bold at a bargain. Enquire of U. A, Uoeltiul at gSonobarn. H OUSE TO »EST-On v^e«t M»n«lon .tTBet. For particulara enquire of P. ti. bewusn. TT7ANTBD—Situation wanted bjr t competent TT lady u vegetable cook or diih WMnV In a hotel or restaarant. Please niinire at Np. Mil State street. . F OUND—A lady's gold watch.-Owner can ob- tlan same by (roving ptopdrty and paring charges. Call at CftU»cart*8-iewelry (rtow.* 1 OST-Friday at the JLt baud ring. The ' _ hole, a gold r will be «uilab»y rewarded by returning ihe same to C. D. Braver at Brewer'a store. ^ '. * 'CHSAP-Two'detlrAbl* building " Ueo. U. White. ,^ MRS. A. J. TALMADBg. - MAN wwjte work. Writtmt light work. Baliry no_obj|eot. ^* » » * You can always find the best Cigars at * • - . . - ' <*(Greene's Drugstore, .-. Call and Try Them. l?Oii SALE—House and two toU en^ea»t Green JD street. JCnqulxe of jfag, Oeianey. «U«H!*f L OST-Blngle bridle, Battle iTwek. K^r please leave at blUiaro; Iwll at J. oeJTe reward. djiig Jttau md W ANTBP TO KJJNT-Twodrraowfu . . room* or house naar oysle S^uuj Aadreaa loci ^ r • -,: cJ; j- -^^^ass^^«Cs£i.^f-^SSK E./1 ai" r---f, ' ^ r _ Jr s „. ,; ' , -' - ^_ ' ,-, 7 1 ,, J ^^7^ — "^teJt*^Jr ! 'iS&t^!!:4s3>«ift.^ Sfe'Jf' *-" "' : '!?"--<, ^ ^-/^-'f.'.' %,s' " " ^-~ -^^f fc'-lif^e-'-'i^^y' ftjstV, > „,,. >* ff _s_±-,^ ^, 1 , ^,T, ii« i! **jr?.-4*S^S* UMPHREYS VETERIMARY SPECIFICS For EorseE, Cattle, Bieep, Dogs, Eon. Aiyp ForwcBY, ** _. .- A •nl«nMriit^^_Js'ST^WS)M8l!IIBBlW|W*(< lowest p qHVpini* The bep $

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