The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 12, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 12, 1897
Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle. _„ „_,., „ _.„.* _ .... .. _ , J*f j _ , „__/ .„ : / .„_.,„„,.. „ „, EIGHTEENTH MARSHALL, MICHIGAN, THFRHDAY, AJWU8T 12, 1897. PRICE* fWft CENTS. ,B£ * , Th<j> Great Conrtwortweat' ^cnftinated ?,by tha P&pu* t te of G^ion * f *' . ' •», * HMO! ifiBAVHiT SAt fcbtfH iflPWfc POWDER Pure, ,.fr«.. and strength the f«Kid ftilulteratkm brands. JRovAt, TtcalthfuWsB. Assnrrs alum and all forms of common to thtt cheap PownFfi Go,. Now York. at ' ery with HIUIIIA its Itnifc There Ai* I VoltoenMn Flwwtfy , »»«t Cotnmbu'*, ?>., Atrgf 12 -Fusion piul'iatfd' ycsfwaay' b> tlw Poflurf T<f Ohio in a fnantu-r j?f> emphatic/ Jus was ing tn<" futbrc polk y «f tht Jaarty. .1*h« T'epullst st^t^ conVfhtimi, by an over* majority, SPVWW* tht nllinncf ayww «tRw ^'Ifh i^^' «n t}ie free pllver "issue,, am) a full state tfcUt-t, hpadtil i>y Jacob e "comrnon\veai" fiime, as the Thfr Suiixlrtno Sfatc, the titltt of a gt'rH«rou«l ^illustrated ptitn ftf wvoea jmgoi m refereufts to "Strath Dakota, the ren«ilnj{ inMter in winch was '•written by an i-rthmnfiriU? South Dakota Jftdy— Mrt, Strtifi Hiwrnpr Araold— who h»s been « wsidetit of the Sunshine State for over 10 ye lira. \ copy will be mailed to theaddres-a of anyXaf»'er «>r fnriner'u *ife. if, seat at once to lf,Vrry M'ruer. Michigan I'niwcnger A«e« , riiKSHco, MiK^uiU-e & St. 1W railway, 7 Fort Street, tf., Detroit Mich. __ __ \ H. A. &rrjderb.wt»ut m\ftni; k)S of fruit of aH kinds and sUrttMl a wagon which, will mrikP tnt« ov<>r thc\ity daily. As ho will not ho able to pl\ over evt'ry atrt-et daily In- will cjo e>»fit\ind west onp'day and mirth ami ootilh • next. Nothing but the ln-st tJw affords will bn b.indlfd and prices \vill be iwkeojnriK with the t lines. You can ha\e linn «'.U1 rt-jjuLuJx bj leaving rvrdere at tin- Btore. ' / Stnjate ennflres n>a«p on «JP rioor he convention that defeat •orruptetl The tttstohista Who made ;h« charges xjpposc* art $nvp<*tis«tlotj By i commutes*' ttlaJming/ Chut tt tt^e appointeA wa<* composed flood, Nefo Phtt^dflrthia. Tl __jrtJti,"' C»ntofttJ.«C. Si.. %!itton r 1f*et<*f ¥^ltt $Jid fr r r|(j*(?laj0." At the aft^lnotyn *g$ete tafe tu-fept wflgVotrrtm«tpd:> For mow Jacrth Oo*<<y, Stark county: *t*or*ey StSltfJ K'to.' ivtoirrta, 'orrv esttiort Ifttr fi (/It* hp Snve*Mjrtfthwr ei.wtnitt*^, tmt It "jt ffirtJir 1 lining and th^ ronVentioh ftd* tHf /<- TOY. thl» Ittttl . 12 ~l*\igue _basc Mil Jflft CinWnnatil—Ht, at fft at at T? Btt Brcoh* ptfteklyn 3. TKi Evening: Toiir Home „., 2 cents a copy. //v C&£F?Y row™ '* ^ ^lojnes 2; rfSt , f?t Jo«ifph 14, Quincy 8 Tha" Evenin News; Detro It,' TViyW To li'/fow iV 3/i r.y ' 'otict'i (i : \Vhcroan mj wilo. Mar} Hughes, left iu> l«nl, board and Vefcidpnc't* without «in^ just iMttHi'aml prc>\ m-ation. Now tlu-refori- all pyrw>ns are herobj to harbor or trust l»«r <>n my accutrui as I Will' i>ay no dobtfl of her contra Dated t *> fYV for .gov.ernijr.' l^urtmlent scenes th«- opening ol O*P « iivt-ntion. Tin 1 Witi-fueionist? tifv<l swttit Vvery- thinsf Tw'OiVJ thcrii, t alluring the ti'inpoiork and pirttmiifnt organi- sation arrf _ all On- r<»nunUtBCS, has and thf>y \\cfc «n tli^lr mf>ttl»\'Sor was tin pulk-S^ avfyi't' 1 ' 1 ., !'>' the Muffft f"rpyrtr, "if Oletl-binrl, t«.H] fu*ot b=t»- VIUP the l wi*'».\s^(;s balVrc the (n\<*ti- j¥«tjnjp t."inrr,itt<v. Taylor paid lie-hnfl thp- ticfiuWtratf -simt «nty to— *v«n-vi (!»> t 5 !, ftp 1 In- dcUrniit ed to find out thw trttth.of It. 11* -"ftid bo Titwt t«» Major rharl^ T^ck and fold h'<» the with the Fucfl;i : "-b d that tho fusion nilijht be nioKon up. 11^ to Uu£o rrp-»nr as A Htornin'TJ-t wliu'sr s(,,"\i( i-f wfiutd IT \itith st;curlria, an! arraiKi"! f / r a rii,fn.nre later bi-t \\wn Mfij^i r t.k and 1'rtyor ind blrmolf. ' .' At that conf>r< nee hirtla lined. Major Plckrt>rit'«1 *fi4-:i> tin (\i>pr."e« if luad- ^Uftrt« rs, btcintuie, -U, V>r the anti- .fu'ion T^pulitts- Ht the staff- cnnventum Major Dick»a*ki'd v th»m it th(?y ntodcd any m(J*rj for <XKjnae"* and PreVor ¥aii] he did nnt TJ*jl<r ar-iM't^d >-5 and jt'rail'riad tui.i't ^Fiojir ftatftl to fhc (ommlWc? that ht- h«d lator v.iitt<ii to r»i*k for monpy t-> paV hi« « sp^r.^ ftnd had mohed n fhck f>ir $^r>. «ig«rp'l by Charles Pick ahd diuWnNjn thp't^hio bank, of Washit.«ft< N » '' I). C., which wap s-u)iraUf(d in r\ldci,<^ DOUBLE CRIME AT CHICAGb x the oaUulalfd to u-muir tin fi pJiiiB wj»l« h had bo>n aruu c *',r\.amoriK Hi"' "nrtadlt'- had )f-tlu--i«ad"' Pi.pultett- Tnc ifirMit at tUJ-liTiit-t*, to ewodoyn Swrnh in c^nvrnts'in was likvAauntirg a r^tl uml \%hi a th«> < on\<'fi^nm asSembUd dtU'uat<« witc UMdy^or any sur- 1 that mltjht tte 5piung\ . 1ft a gotfd farming; l««ils iu ilo>H ride iroiit;u. Bou»1i(i>l crop* of wheat, ^orn, bnrlry and 'lux reward tlu; tiiUr tif tho Boii. \t « aUA-k and dftity country Soul1j°L)ak"(a [eadttidi ti>u world. firn class fftrin l>(»u» with jitarby inttrkt\« can uaw be bought Jut frmu *'tu, $12, $1(4, and up*ar<l«. j»tr jiorv, ilinJ tiu'h IH tliu ticue to uivtst. — For lu'rthtr iiar*iculftTW wntfi to Ueorge H. Hontloi**!, (ieuerti.1^ hK-aap. Mil««unoj,A St. y f Old rt'rsost of the firtJ*T of busjne d sensation. vldi-d thrtt nu s >n rule* j biougbl o«^i 'th<* Tl\c rt-iioit \pro- h nhould <>xu-fd of t»i- au t dra- Mil hl,tl)C lake jp£{;rtui»\i)f era Micjiigmi, Jj,miu -.(.(.a, Iowa mill Dakota, «lw»g*h«\!iuocit){ tho . t^iiu^ Rait .vaj , local ti«t^ iireeiniut-fitly iiw, iJturlj nil of v>luch are oa or near iuk^'b wfi.i'h have not been lirtheti out, TJtiuau rijtwjrts ratigu iu vs- jtejiy front thg *'full dn-nn for^.dmtier" to th« iluuatl Klurt CJJottfin% tur evfcTy- ai.ieiti.'' in a urott-Hl ag.iui'-t this jtru- ^^iiniHit th4« it wat contrary In fho funrtTWjjental irilmlpl* of the I *o- plc s patty. ariH-an anvi.dwent was .f.-H'd ti> strike fiom^tht' itpoit the ob- Plnaili IVtcr \VJtt, Of sei-urt-d rtnomiition fiom Chan man ^fit* and irii.VintiHK-a chair t^J to dx'noum*- th tW rc|>ort, mid a-!* rted that th»- ^<•nv^•tMm nad been bought out by Mafh Haiiha MUik»-» Cft^rfl* 'He Ci»ta\ta HP Vd Jiv"«t' ihat-deie- tiatl bet-n brH'fd >»y the Hvwuhlt- ite liajl „ Iht pro^f > j<ro> Uing ht waa t;iv>?n an opportunity t" piiHlatv it. TtiV fr^iftt'P c-ot»id iu>t bt in flye mtnu«e«i- how^x'tr. nm; Vent sion at t«e AudUoiinmi Tnahuf{icttir'f l i'! rtt the meeting w'ouW say w Hit tlw ,ri*^»ilt ot th< ; oinif«>r<»ncr» wHVb*-' k hnl it iV know a Mint an advance J^fontirftplatPd. 1* Is unclf't'Unx'ifi thilt thf-rr will lif> conpitlfrntit" trouble ilk ^rttliMt <5ornp ntanufact«ters ts» oomf liittr' tiio aftit^cnif tit as to tlw am>»unt of advance, and that lt<\UU he two dayp at Ipait 1»cf«is» thf> nrnt&r ^ian be settled The domand frum the worker 1 ? for an ad-v«nce u* rtlM-ut^fd, Tho HI uiulattim-r 1 ) «JCrrpd a r^i'iP nt' IS- |i»»r rent , but T3« «ulH1t Huitit, qf flv 1 rjlao"! \V orl^f- 1 --' union, ilrrfianU<d rt '-traifiht lnorprfsi- flf 2~> per jont un<i coru> > a4l"n«> quKalonf to nl>out W p< r r c'rit. m-i'r* 1 ' leatiH'il _^ his owB"Vdithly cuiled when- IHisliHinl HTlU " 12--Aft« v r iiittine his thrj*(t Onatlo* M f llfti id ended stcnto V>v with a revolver enily The muid.'i and suiil<V oo- abotit 4 u'dntU in ti«> rourtw thi« «uiM'' live-d -a 30i Kush MutHtta t'Viffcrd, i4 yo^rs old, at <i SO und totintl tflo bndU*»< of hir ffith^i and mother. She notilicd the n«lahliorh(J«d. Clifford was the wwmr ijf a liartc.'ry ftn<\ sinal! restattrant in Hush am ft af«d hvr-d Jn, th<" H'ar of his pia«- ut iiusinetfs with his wif» and tlausrhtw. Wh^n tho little fflri awolce s^hf fmund tht> <oom oooupl^d by her impeotfl in dtsoidcr.! v .Her mother was lying .on the l>ed and b«»Ule her was tho body of ht»r .father. Tin- ix'd clothing and' furnitUTi!' were rovt'rcd with iilopd, and oveiything in- dioatcd that thert- h«d l<et>n a KtruK^lf the double crime w'rts oonimlt- MrS. CHffvjrd"«- tliroat had .bewi cut large butcher k*nifi> and a buliet il in' the right Umpic' of the "husband. atKjjved how he hurt .taken Wa Qwa life. A iiirgc n j 'V(tlv<.f lay by his side. It wan a v <aaf- of Jt-aluusiy, th»-' ^>th*r FAILED To" f PAY FOR SOMlTlftON ORE, 12—A1flcriTiatt William <»v n fin*. «.f $i.t»0fl and term of' jiirety *inys In tht <><>u>><y Jail f»^ a pu;il-*im<?ltt for refu«ln tt*' 'ell the Julv grand .juty the ftory of the t""nmb> v rit man who attempted to luiy hi» votp on til" Cleneinl KleetiV ordinance.,--This' Is Judge Dunne's decision JtanglT. s-onie \vt-ek? aeo, to!< wwral person 1 * that li< 'njd Wen 'Un]t;.Ud by a briber. l-n}t x Wh<"R h.- \va? qucFtfrnrd by Jhe "trand Juiy he to tflth, if Not Miracles? t/e^t Four-C Remedy isdoin&work wherever tntfoduced as nearly miraculow as it ever falls to the lot of any fiurnan agency to do (I mil es sem tta faror lor any onfc interested to write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear ° - ~—among these testimonials.) Mj a!iu Isio convince fee public of my sim erity M of the true merits of this remedy. BENEFACTORS OF fHE RACE. OOlcc- of "KnwPisnitB TiMBK,'' I ' .Okia.. Deo. 13,'93. f it my duty to wrltp yon pficlal efrectot Phelps' t line in roe;at*l to the bpnp ^ UN8ROKEN REST AT NlGftT. 'J B. HL-UHO. >lnnaR»r, I OOIw Cotnnif>r«iai Pnnllng Co,,j>"" m SeiitR C latR St, ) Vhicitfo, N>w, M, 'M B R: PhclpSj Esq., City, . */ *lth a severe.nttiirk of la grippe and In a abort iimo buctMae eo.hontse 1 <So«l<jl not speafe »bove i» t. ,Tht! eight pri'vioui J bad oougbeu J ,«»... tb« «-ntirc nluht: test before retiring I took k te»sp«oi)<ul,aii(}*yi;t>tun eptirfiBlshtttSsweetly >r 1 (}»ii 1ft ttty Hw, 7iotcou(?hiogqnc*v_ I was of ou^' «*ii«rH"»B the iie.rfvut.iou of aortljerti BUusei resortd. i»«ariy -*H of tte Wi«-"oit«tB "lipliBt* «f MI'PH*'- »r$ within, ft ^hort di|» v tSMK* f rO«J t5bte«tfo or Muwnufeee, anrt 09X10 of tiieiiKW-e JSO f^ «w»y f rurw tbo "b>wj i" f hat they oiuiuot b trams.oter 1&e n^sl ro^ i t.l'aul iiuit«r»y. tut *foi»y of "Va- jijitiojj D-ys' 1 givxna * deaenpnoti of tbv pri«c>. pal ifcsartsi, »ud a list ot sum uier boU)l« ftt/ti bo&rdiUjK h^u4<ui r and rittn to ti«u. M. Heatfurd, (k^eial -Agw*, Ohwago, 111. i \ ViV^O When on* nt th*> to i»uii the at tWe a ?att> att(-;te{>tcd Jwir the Ifttt, 4.«*l a «^oe/ exebantefcd an* chair* raised ana«r > A i*o^w* WITCH HAZEL OIL Piles or Hemorrhoids Fi»»uipe& & Fistulas., Bums & Scalds. "Wounds & Bruises. a»*l a Uttb luter a p the if,iiV5ji*tton prot.k4«4 after wita a w* E««tUilM«| t(*uj Bolls & Tuwiors, Eczeyna & Eruptions, Salt Rhsum & Tette*s. Chapped Hands. Sore Lip& & Nostrils. Ciorns & Bunions. Sting* & Bit,es of Insects. Suet, in each m,tii the cunven- Th« the it-Hat ^, tb* ^J»aur-S«5S that hail i 1*7' *^l the ffenort of tte «omaiitt«e FUl^s ^a^ urd^i 1 u£ i^u&ij^^ te tt% wtglttai torns by a vote to 1W-, yti<-'b wd£ tb« ikfet ae- sijowiug vt tiwi rel&tHw ittengta of ill* ftnction9» . » ' " a ___ Teiaporary maa JoJEia'Seitz, <j< Ti^S, a*d iiy Setietary A. ft, Ughlw alter, of Phiiadoiphia. Ij.iiitg uia4# Pt From that iloafc aui the in the juiawrtty, vk**e in «vld»pc». but their sidled in Wthtog except t& delay Fjronhlent .Fini" 1 ** Turn Xost. Tari 1 ?. Aug. It -.-A dispatih to Tin frum Fan Stlia«iriW »,i\ > 1/ia O<jiH, th* 1 ftsKA"*-!", in I'll" 'uurm >it ; pcilU P c'xamlnnil«'ii dttlarf'd that i W<iul(l \ic I*rt*irnJnit Pnnre'« tuin ncitt. Thero is more oat-arth_ in th;«. ncption of ' the couatry than all .irthrir di^e'd «« nut. together; and until the last few years was sup fofted to bo incurable., For ft groat •a\*tsy- y»ar« doctors pronounced italoeid d'^cftse,' and prescribed local rt.-uiodjes, and by constantly failing ta cure wvth"loeal treatineot, pronounced it inourftblc. Science h«i proven catarrh to bo a constitutional disease, and therefor* required cotHtitutioual troatttiuut, Hall's Catarrh euro, roaijufmi- tured 1>>. F. J. Chenoj A Co., Toledo, Ohio.i IB thooDly cou«tUutiuu!il euro on tho market. It is taken ioternally in doi-os from 10 drop* to a teaspoonful. .. It aots directly on the blood and mucous suifai'ps of the s>Stein. They offer one hundred dollars for anyease it fails to-curc. Send for circular* \and teetHiKnunlf', « Address, _ F. 3 . CHKNEY & CO., Toledo, <>. H»tl'^ Family pills Are the bpst. It only takos ten days by uswig G\f- ford'fe Tobacco care to entirely rid a JMMT- sou ill th« d<-»tr«j to use Jobaetjo in arty form. It in uruarantwd to do BO or the »s''refunded. Oull and mtfrolv relieved Ns*ora taking ona botU«. Phelps' 2ouRh,"Coldl»nil Croup Care should be in qvery i6ust>*«?W Jo the land, I wind you this wholly jnsfilicitcd by auyont>, for ydu are bonefaotors of !h« rncc in glvidc it' the atitldoto for some of .the worst affliotjoiif to which it U beir. / Very Truly Yours, C J NBMUT*, Edltc*. A MIRACLC. " Kansa* City, Kantas, Dec. 1A, til IjMt Friday, DPC 19. my uttenaJoR physician itated tiQics^ I wa* better by roornlnc ho could Jo no.ttiiDB f'>r mv reliff. Thit niRht I cotn- nanr.«a tiiklua; PdelpV'PourC" fcineily, fltappcd »H other tciudioitiea The first d^vw-«top|«>u ray •oajth plei-t anil rented well; a few more ilos<>» •croovftd alt s-^reuc-a from my Jungs; the triwnil lay'Iwftsup: the third'day I was out "on Uw .orcli and to-day was up town pur$tiahine iiotiday toods. Mtss JevsiB BASSET, \VasVungtun Avo. and Summit St GROUP CURED. One dose'of ^Phelps''CoHRh, Cold and Croup 2\ire, child iuatant relief when attaiikcd »lth the croup. „ . > W. E. MOOBS, of Moore Bros., arocets. Arkanaoi City, Kansas. ISAJ'artof'lhe piaflt 't 'the'llHJiok .Steel cohuwuy i* A'n^ the an»Js *if th^sshfrrefj" vrbuH,a»t nt«i<Jt at- the property to sftt^sfy ar) at- V $e»,539 iiivfavw of the mnjg cornpanx- j^R^^ wait ^llurt- uf th4 nflttMs Stwl , vany iba.t amwiittfc\"ai- dii? on iron oic dvltvSi^'d' in n\\\*y mter£«re with" at. jtioss^asitui f>t (tny and lunRnllmi'ntfi AS a rule 1 huvf been t leal of »hotn->rit»oirproi>rtPtBry medietften, bul have to confess that fi test <>f your "Four C" i« ooiivlnciiig that at Icsj-torif r.^niiy made rprnwlj t'» Kyorithy of. use. Sfy children ail take H With. oiit 'thR feast objecllo^i,, from oldest to yaungBSJ and It is p&nicuiafi?' n6Hcuti.ble I hut iwnpftt U almost immt'diW^ A Mn«le d(j#e will cheel' mo*t coughs in their bos? inning; it aives an un-. broken rfest at night. In iriy. (araily "Four C* is simply |uUii>puugab)Sftud 1 recommend it un nualiOediy, • Youris, J, ACUTE • Oh icas&, Sept. 25, '95 For yfcftrs bftnh eftch" winter I 'havo nUff^reO with wilitp LarytiKltis. Last winter was so bud I coulii not leave ray room for two «<t>ks or bpcafc abovo » whiwp»T 1 (ri«l n>'rjs Icnowu coach prepnratiou from cough dfojw inland >Jo»sn with no rf-iicf, thfn m. Ufhiicration I was loducf-d to to try Pbclp't "K(i«rC" The tlr<-C dow relipted njy cough, eivlnc ui« tho ni|iiit|» rest Tot wpfeks. Half tbt> tottl« cured me. I have ufvftt been \»ithont this wondrsfulrriuwly e i iiice.. i; ltl8 o» dilti-rcnt troifl Bother likBr«>rm:iii,!,^ as molatsts troto vinegar or augur from mud, , MBS. E-GiU;nB. IT tQ Cobdnctor Eckuird. the ilailroad Corrcspou, fleut of the Neotlsabu KBH^IVK Bct^iiter, hat) this to »ay of '"f*iur C;" "Ptw«lp8 is , having .ft Wim- *}crful Rttlo of his CouRh aud Coid Remgdy. Wo personally fenow it U Just whftt,|t. is rfprBseii't- «>d to DC foo much emu t bit said in its prals*. It >» a rafraole. NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THE PL tC, CONTRACT.— Druggists are authorized in ALL CASKS TO iREWNP T»e PtTR- CHASE PRICK, if the Four-C Remtftly { Phclps'Cough, Cold arid Croup Cure) faii» to give satisfaction in Croup, BronehiUSjAsthrha.LaGnppe.Coughff and Colds, no matter how long standing, or fleep seated, in, fact 1 guarantee in all manner of BronchtaLftr Lung trouble, not as a Cure-All.but to give uabound«:a satisfaction. Give it a trial on the afaovfe conditions." I take-all chances. R, B, PHEIPS, 118 53(1 Strset, For sale by W. T. DRAKE nbout it at Syde'a drug store. the achmmt operatiori of |4ff has. uwt t that som» time If tlieBab) Ij* I'nttliu? Twth Be eure arid ufee that old and weft tried remedy, Mra. Winalow'a Soothing HyMip for t-hlldj-ttn teething. •• It wxitbw the child, ttoftena tht) g" 1 *^. &Uaya all p&iau curt^ wiad colic ami ta U»e UwL rSttiod} for diuirrlioe^. Twenty-flv» feisrita a bofc- p #T\*&.W) ihf Htt-ft'J i tons of iron Hi to and for .alleges t*utt 56,9J» «n tfe* -"Vi tfcf* *ee- owreA by Burdyck \ Don't tor a fr««awr day of tius wtwk o* aiij w«»li in E*t, in >}»i»t» aud h*v<j> You druggist, Kftiusborough O. Othots 7&e fur A We are alwa^a the ch«apt>»t in price. Stew Kettles. 10 qt. granite or icon »tew kettUis price, #ay wultli GAS-STOVES! Reduction In Prices on All Cooking Apparatus. QQ $10.00, $13.00,116.00 an4 $16.oo ^ Boiling Stcree9~$l,,t0 $5. according toaissp -GAS-LIGHT •t Reduced in Price 1st, '06, ,^_ gw ^ :r: _ T T^iis includes flut«4 shade and ! ,"a BHIIiarrt, Granite Fruit Kettles. Cure «f , Cilf ouie »l- arrlitM>Ji. ." x , : In 1862, vben I aer vtad oay -uountry twa private to Ckaupiwy A. 167tb Pt3un»ylv^- ui4 Volunteers, I contracted chrimic di- arj-kowt. It JWM? gi v«u (fie a great deal of trouble ev«r eiace. 1 Jj»ve trM a ditf ereut mudicioee kud u»aat doetura *itkout any . lie*. ' Not k»ug ago a f rieud 'uauiplw bottlo of Cijutuberiain's Colic, Cholera and I>iarrhoeA rouit-dy, and that I bought aud iiMJa a, 5O cunt ; arid now I (ma say 1 am entirety . I caoflot kw ttoofcful f jiougk t for tba# gfesat ryjiitsdy. and recoiu to all fiutf eriwg vetertuiB, II iu iul»t Vrrite aje.' Yoiwrs gr*tefuJil j , We sett >«tt tiie best granite li»t ptet forms a4t>j>i£d by th« St. I^uulK c4*v**Uon« o< th* party twok issue oo aeVeral matter* of howr, ^8 teas t&an O of %i iigUt of a 6ft gas burner with '/ gaa. x ofrlie beat ligtii^J stores ia Maratall uae tkefie Vf «& to liglii Lights Always Oive Saiisfaclion. ooiisamptioti of gaa. Hear during the past year. THE MARSHALL lit, AU.&ntown, i*a. V All r JOB PRINTING I UUI at Ohronicle office. - tt l\

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