The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 9, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1892
Page 1
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*> .« VOL X1Y-NO 74 MICH,, WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 0.1892 ^ , SlX-PAGjiS. * tfiEPEOBLESPEAK POWDER Absolutely Pure, ; A crefttti of tartar baking j-owdor iftbeatof all in leayonifyf str^nst Latest U. 5* Government' Food ft 6 '•' > ' ' a . ' --.j BAKING POMTDBftCO ' 100 \V*il Street,, N.T, Arid the Remarks Below Tell What They Say. , • NEW YORK HEAVY FOR CLEVELAND His Majority in That State Reaching- Above 38,060—The South Still Solid. * New Jew«y AUo Cast a Her tot WUtt «»• I>enlocr'»<Jy and Connecticut Sqolnt* , . v the -S*ni« Way. • •', ' We will pajr tl»8 abova re<rard for nay £&<* o er Complaint, Dyspepsia, tHok Headao&e, J n , GoQ»tip»t(OD or UostlfeneHs we can with Weat'« V«(?etable Lifer PHI» <yreotiooi »rt* strictly ootnplied with. P«r«ly Vej;e.taW»*ad nove^ fall to give- a. tJujfar.ooated, Large boXM'pon- llla. » cents. Bo<rarfl of, counter- attoog. Ttusgeaulna maaufaolureil N C. WKdT OQMPANY, Cplcng'J. i. O. Hyde. MftMhall, Mloli. for Pftea of wliat kiad ot Extar&B), Inlernal, Blind or BletJine, , Chronic, aaoent or Qarertit-ary-. 'j'bt* rumcdv luu positively never been known to fall. ftl.W »-boi, 0 boreg for $5.00; sent by mall prc- pwd-on reo«lptof pria«. A written utfavantoe potMroif rtiea to eaab pur^uaaer of U' boxes, Wben parcAued at one llina, to t elund the $3.00 Pittd u not cared. Gu»ranteo moed by A. O. A?de, aanbaU. Mlct. Call for IS West Virgin!* Returni QdUe Backward »nd -, Bo{fj;P*rtie» CUltn Her Electoral Vate-A Plurality In New York Qity of 78,000 for the ' Dernocratlc Nomlnie,' to Which Brooklyn and "King* County Add St«te ' 'ftepubtlcaps Only Qet Away With Ten t Congre»«men—Cleveland Heart .the NtW« ',and So Does Harrison—Headquarters O,o*- ;aipandAnte->Electlo Figures. CliicAGQ, Nov. V 5),—Thq 'ejection i» over, but the. counting ia not, Both j>artieft are claiming the president and the Bertickjwtts claim Illinois. fronj New York give the following jylailna at headquarters: Democratic—Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Connecticut, Florida* Georgia, llll- nois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Misftissippi, Sllchlgan (,0 v<ftv$, Mfe- Souri, New Jersey^N.ew fYorki 'North Caro- lln.ff, South -Caroiiha, ^enneasee, Texas, Virginia. These statei* giv« a. total of 280 electoral vowiss. / What tlid Ueiml>liciii>K Claim, , • Repiiblieans invist tha!t .ilarrisdn has the foHowlug t»tatt*: California, Xtaine, Utt Bachuset%, tfii vo;c-s in Michigan^ Ohio, .Oregon, Pennsylvania, R-bode Inland,. yer- uiout, Idaho, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, XftuW'*ot!*, New Hampshire, Wis- consiu, ilonrtanti. North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming, Nebraska,. Indiana SWTTMaware. or 220 electoral votea, a majority of six in" the electoral uollege. The Republican committee also •ulaiiHed an even chance in West Virgin i;i. '1 V U« <;ongreKsional Situation. The latest returns pu representatives in ongresa .seem to show, vthe Deinoernts »aye elected •J3G member^ and the Kepub- rJO.';-.'tipth. the, cbwrrae.0 ut New York aife. positive that the final returns-will how tliwr miin elected. The l^opujiatsj Da. B; 0. WMT'» N*&Tk ? *s^ -BRAIN TSfATr ,.»^guaranteed epeoiflo for Hysteria,, Diiuii ConyalBlona, Flu, Nervous Neuralgia, Bfihe, Nervou^ Proatratlon caused by tha auf aloohol or tobaoco, WakefulnegB, Hental Iie\ ynMtOA,-S(tfte4las; of tU^ Brain reeultlngln in- tatiltT ajod leadlUK to Misery, decay, and death, Premator«O)4 Age, Barrenesg, LOBS of power la Inyqlontary Loaaoa aud Spera»»tor : rhcea oaaaed ,by'«)ver-ezerUon (>t the brain^ »e]t fjjaao ovtjr.lfldulgance. Each box- contains'ona moDth'i treatment;. $l.0p a box, or ell boxes tor $ViO, eent by rasS prepaid ou receipt of price W ? GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To cur > ay case. Wltheacli orUer rcceived-bj aitoTu/i ioxea, accounted with Jf5',.flU,_sre;. r wll aond uic putchiaer odr writ tea ^nar/aitee tij're fund the money it (bo treatment does not eflec a cor*., uuaranteea iB«a«d oaly by Se, O. bydo Dru«gi»t iai-isole /gent Marahall, Mlcb. ,Totioo,O Perfumes al to stoolt at 0. M Greene'si)yug store. sr« tnvlteci to eallaod teat them Sew tersej" KeWtbrk. Sorth Carolina Korth Ohio 10. 10 n Jit s! EUapoa Islam) , , , Vermont' .»„. Virginia, . . . Washington Weat Vitwlnisc Wteconstri , Wyoming ,.,. toabo „ . . Montana , South Dakota •.Totals; •< 4 12 15 II ft If » a r- , t ,trt«ie r)» 3S.15H tnnWty 1 he result of th« vote fot a««emblymeu in thit <rta& T in- Democrats W, Kepnblican<* »> This insures fhft election of^ n Democrat XJnjted States «pnate to silrceed It seem* that the Republican* have elected bitt 10 of the 1.51 I 4fl WO 1 S "Off" on Their K*tlnmt«-« of'Vntlfiu' Contrary to the general expectation the number of, votes cast in this city fell: coiT siderably below the estimates mad* by the election expert mathematiciniwfc—A-B early as 0 o'clock the Democratic managersAd- mitted that the-falling off amounted in more than 7 per rent, compared \v\*h the vote four years ago. Various theories Avere-ndvnnced ks fo th«? eaiiRe. It is ai- gued that hundreds of citizens, who vfo,fted' the polls Were obliged to stand in line awaiting their turn until theji* patjencp became exhausted, and the.? gave it upv The; result is a coiuiderablfe tlen-nose in the ballots cast for the candidates for each .patty,' I'arU** SuRtfr About Equally. The Republicans acknowledge the falling off in votes and claim that the lu--* caused by the delay-at the booth* affected them more seriously than the Democrat*. The latter suffered, more through the challengers of the Hiepublicaps and thi^arrcsts .on chartse* of, illegal registration, pntnw whole in the dt^re/ise. .both mmite sit ftered. about equally, and the result .will, there- tore, be accordingto the party .Ktrengtu on both side*. ' ———-—— .--•• ' Murrlnun <i«e* fo Bed. Not. 9 —lirpsident itarri- fton retired shortly liefote 1 o'clock. 1 Late advices receded at the White Ho.u_9g_jwere construed to indicate that the Republicans would carry Indiana and that there was a small elwuce for carrying; Illinois The president ftl«o ha* hope* c« Virginia and Oilnv i e Ht«puM loins ( laini West VlrglnlA. • iMi'fSBi'iN-;, Pa,. Nt>..;9.—-if\ special frotp Wheeling to the Times (Repi)says: There i«t not a 'figure on which to liase -ft' reliable es^ituttte of the it'Mtlt in Wwtt; Virginia, ybt iv half dozen precincts iii the entire- state have been counted. In the city,of •Wheclhijt everythirii!; I*, in doubt. • *The vo,U» throitshout the state was. the heavieiit polled and 'the" Jtidicatiotm are that the Republicans have mud. 1 gains. Chairman I)«W*OH, of the Hepilblkwi ntate cotnuiit* tee.. ««>'«« t he state hn*. uow« 1 If publican, by tt good majority.' ( Iuiinn«t4 v Ch)lton, of the . Democratir- fomiulvtw*, d<Wljpt con- . I'n 1 1. U)Ki,P:UA, Xov. {J.—The *e^urna ace eoiniug in very slowly bei-auxe of the delay* occasioned by tli* ojwration o'f tlie Au»- trtjlian ballot system, which was inaugu- .rattxl ye-tterdny, '^he sttvt^ will probably jfbV.Harrison.U majorij-y of .(VQIH- fiS.OOO'W T0,0t¥i. -Kfjut yeaw Him it was 7fl,<)()0. ; The're is an . inpre.Hse of nlwiut. S ii^n.ceut. in th» total vote. ' '':'. ;,' . . ' -^; ',•'• s at:,this ' kuowii t ? >t r hf>ugh they ctaitti • - - ''- •- '-' thft;HvptublicnifH-' have,. lost coit- tr'ol wf, the United States Senate., " '4-b'is will n) ^the whole government Deino- jratie iar the first time iu . thirty year* ' '-.- WHAT THEY RECKQNiP •-..•..v ----- ,-;--. -V-.5-: ,-: ..... :r- ••' Figure* qrimt Will Do to What yjhey C YoliK, Nov. ft— Cm.<*l»fe niglft before the election the chairmen of the Bepubli- cauand Democratic national- committees euch had hfs.tuble showing what .electoral votes he claimed fpr his tSmdidate for pres- • Each ta^le ^duuttcd" of • v^iriutious were' still winners, but those given below arVtbe^ioats 'upon which the, final claims' were- 'made Monday uight^l'hey will do to compare with.the way matters Ht U«*u«lqui*i-t,ers. The wires at Democratic headquarters begun to tick at 0:911 p. HI. yesterday. When it was reported that TciO New York City: districts had given Cleveland a plurality of nearly 43,000 unqualified *,-nUfactioii iraa expressed; and when the returns from the state "above the bridge' 7 showed that there was a falling-off in the votes of both candidates compared with |fM, tout that it was greatest m the case of FfaiTiHon,. and' also thai the heavy' losses were almost uniformly Republican, the said: ''The Ktate is ours for sure. We will have 100,000 majority- to -the 'bridge.'" Just about this time Jimrnie Oliver, of Paradise Park, came into the 1 coinifrjt tee. r.jom and jtaid.tbtft the Fortieth election district-Rave Cleveland :u;s und Harrison 4 votes, ^artd where,those./our vqtes came from J don't inow."; - •'"'.. Still Bull News (or K«pulilica»i». Then .^ return's from 39(» city elw- ;(on distflicts'showing at:J)emocratic major- ty of ^,5Sfe which crfeated gre«t..,es:<>Ue- ment. .vTbe..returns from the* intEruif,."gf he suite came pmiring in lub^ican, Ipss'in nearly e\-« nan Harrity wa* oy.erwhelnit'd >vitl»: VOn- {ratubitions, but: he WP>ild J4*t..WtftmJ;$ i&riself. . ''It looks very nmpii5.1jjk> "a lie- Hl.auiKhtieit'," he said, .'.'but it is too early in thedt>y.yet to shoijt" /As tl timisciitixe' iiWlivWeJivyicrilti^iiutiofjif 1 quarters rhj-ynvnTpfdiipM'.''^'''^ -by wire t(i MT.' t'leveland at hfH'houstc on Fifty-first street., . ,. -'•"•. How Clrvelaiiil Hearil lln- "Vewn. AVh*n the news'from (?punrcti(Mit, 'X: I'l-sey and .Illinois, etrme iu the were tak^p td tAlr, Cleyebjpd .iuid hiter to ,.... feminine Coterie who Mrs. -Cleveland in another'.'ropj'juv It' pratty-and Interesting scene.. Then; lull in the receipt of the iviiwnx l>etwtseu 10 and H o'clock and politics \vc-re almo&t forgotten for the moment, while the family and friendaC indulged in am«U t^ilk, j^nd- wichwt in -with • an occasional story that «aus*d the room to ring with laughter. Alabama.,...,......... A.r*toi8ft8..:........... California Colorado.. „;.;......,, Oonntjctiuut, 2;! a nead- o«-» fur , .1 KKSR v f ' n;y ... 'X. J; Xnv. >.). — HK urn* from the state ate «>n.iing 'iii very slowly. The, uidications at* that the state has-gone tor Cleveland V»| ajMut T.Otfo, Wertz, Dem- Cicrattc caudjt.b^te for $jn%'ernor. is 1 running '?ery close t<» Hie flnvvltuid ticket; • Du vis, r-oni'mittee, claims Cluiiii < Onin-i'l l«'ut. Xr.w HAA'I'X, (;«mn., Xov. !t.,--clint<4 B. if .tin' 1 leiuooVrttic btatv rirvelan'd has carriwi the state 1>\- :i.(x.xt. that the senate i» lleniy cra(iv and tiir luiu*e divliied, •.-.bile the gpverniir«hif» js ( >«r lluui]»tilrr. for 'liii»«-(t» HIM) Nov. U.-- .Mii*sariiUsef -aii iiiiijniity uii |)rfsi«lrlil . i-i in dinriii, SY\v Shire H<*pul*ir<*an. .N'.o cjiu l>e n Uliinil 'fur ll;irrliiu>ii. lv,.X<iv. ii.-^Tlie. total vot*of~ jtbe Sfate, lackjug twenty Harrison Igiii-tS; (.'leveliuid, rstate gp'*es for * * "' -Ale.; Xov.'-tJ.— -Mo.ine ha* KV ut * ! LIKU,- Nov. !*.i-Tl Harrison H'£oo4|_jlunilhv.'. the f^c«? of the New " York returns ,o,nth» pciuciple of the old adage that "As. goes New York** goes the Union." ' - I re«. * To anyone who will tycure*8ix pupils for MKS.'IPA VVir.KKS BUUWN. ' tlpr eh}! at the Her'nd.on Housk ... ..,.-,.;\,—., t . ,, : . ., II was lute in tlie njght befoi-e'tla' Ke- p.iiblicaiift at headjjuart^'* would' give up the state, aud evea' then the newa.that Indiana v hatl gone Hepublie-an uu.d that West Vtrgiula was, doubt .helped i^. keep up their courjige and ffiye. them hope for a favorable result when tUp ret 111-119 wete all iu. The -bad news fro,oi" lUinoru which indicat«il that -the state vras iu doubt-to ,say t ho tea*t-».wa» a da BI p«a >7 and so was that from Wisconsin. - .' r Y*i«J Vote nf H»« Tw« < Jtlea. . Tb* vote <ur presideait ia Xi-w Xwk city with- all ejection district* ia is, Cleveland, JT4^5; Ha«-5«Mi, 8S,TOO; vlurallty four Cleveliind, 1«,W5. With dgbt election districts misw'ug Hi-ooklj'n and co»nty gives Cihjvt^Wd, «8,808; Ham^on, «,OT<J, a nia- j^rity for Cievelaud uf 35,15«. The entire city afld comity" Democratic ticket ha« bi-«?a d««t«4 hy a bjg iwajority. Cleveland ried, Quiaeiii* county by »i500 "ov^r ,H$88 ef- 800, Ha,rri*«w b Xo ijopil t.hfu-g Should' lj£! oM'tlAwed'bccau*? here and thrra a graceleisb person treats it basely. . It is just its necesaary to admiiuater invigorates to the aged and feeble as it i»<to' strengthen adT.olline thnl-,"i*fl.'eijinnin^ to decay. Not Olllj n^y Ij^p l^ gyt.htjy •'prti- louged Uy arrttk-igil support, l/utthe decliu- tiiig years of Iho»e near" and" dear tou«be rendered uixre oomfOrtable, aud age r«- li^ved of many of its -usual pains and pen^l- tic» ba'* JMdMJio'ususe of "RoyaJ fiuby" Port.' Wine; £ach' tl bottl^ i* guaranteed bythw,un- ' der'sigoed 'tii b«f i»b*olutejy pure and over J. 8ve j-earts old^afc' bottling or ntoney paid for it will be refuuded. tiunrt feottle^. -|!!:;•" ^iiut*,.<io"pent*i never sold ia'buik. See tuat\ IQJJ get '''Koyal Bubjr.'' Por .M. B PQWJJU, r Bottled by Wiof Cft TJ ,'Cl|ic«. Will, part Dej»ocrin* have cawied you ydwr ,, „ babiea in «<skao*», or «ajl on yo,ur druggist JOT Dr. Sharp* teen's Laveuder Oiompeut u,nd Aathuiikt4o Balaam, uiedicia* that lives when doctors fall ia Mem- oUH Croup, laflaiumatfcw ft the i, Luu« Fever and Typhoi Paea uiouia, also quickly- relieve* a ' cures C^OIIP, Scarlet Fever, W oaptag Coufib, aore Throat, Burns, S xld» w»d sioaifar- aflUctioni. 3§ and .50 ceat* Ds H. JSttASJ*9T£i!&, oyster* ut

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