The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 30, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1893
Page 3
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, Visitors to tbe~#orld's fair will (fad he Cfaofttttt btt sale ftt'Gfco. I*. Wat ten's news and cigar stood in igan building. BREVITIES. Win. Williamson iS here from Chica- n j (» *. o, ' * % » Triable i/home 'from Ann to Van Arbor. ' , ' Mr, and Mrs. H. G. Coleffiatt went ? Chicago today. "^ • Mra,Still<well and Charlie Dibble went to Chicago th,5s morning. James M. Powers; of Charlotte, iu the city on legal business today. Messrs. Robert antl Edward Dusen leave tor Chlcag'o tomorrow. . Mr* and Mrs. Engleman^are spend* ing a few dajs at the fair in Chicwgo. Married* June 28,1893, by A. Frye,at the residence of V. I'arr, Mr. William Barllett, and LydiaJ&illur. M "i> •"• ••' '* '",$• t ', f - * ( £ \ I ' '• . a Townsend go.t first place in the 100 yard* dAsh at Battle Creek instead of second as stated yesterday. Mrs. liora Johnson, of.Lansing, who na8. ¥ be£n at Dr. Smiley*s fAr Several weeks, returned home today. Marriage licenses, issued June,50: George ri. Wood worth and -Nellie ~ Wasbburn, both of Battle Creek. P. Mrs. .Dr. Mosher, Miss Helen Moaher When occas|on .requires Mrg? Moses renders assistance at the office, but she toust not be held responsible ,for all that appears in the paper! Whea anyone feels Aggrieved.the> are respect fully requested to vent tholr spite on the edflor. Farmers ate" lindiag it more profitable to raise V p0rfc than, to grow wheat, and if present price's of,each staple are to continue every-farmer will fe justi lied in running :ah exclusive hog farm, A Chieago papfJr says: 'ISalt pbrfc iin.ay henceforth be properly cJlassOied ,.wifiin such delicate models as quail on toast, pate'de foie gras, and breast of hum ming bird. It should no longer, bo as soeiated in thought with corn dodgers sorghum molasses and the snuQing whiter trash of the lower Bluo Bulge mountains. The fair; correspondent who . was ashamed to sign her name" to her com 1 munication, is very respectfully inform cd that "Mrs. M." had nothing to do w,ith the "malicibus criticism" regard' ing the "Yawde." in fact she liad no knowledge of it until it appeared, in print as she has not been doing the lo cal for some time pasto It may be as the correspondent says that there am some in the boat club who have good taste, but itis quite evidential they did not display it in selecting anamefor the The Fine stationery at the bafca't Store. A complete assortment always on hand. 'Some of the Grand Ana? boys may _bo in crested in the following from Alex. ( B. Pope, A. D. G., Commander Depfc. Tenn. and Oa. He says: ''We have- 'ha v d an epi • demic of whcoping\ coxlgh here (Stewart,' T?enn.,) and Chamberlain's Co%h Remedy IBS been the only medicine thnt haft done any good." There is no danger from whtrop- ing cough when this remedy is freely given, tt completely controls the disease. 50 cent, bottles for sale at Greene's drug street* A New Certain-Cure for t'ne*. i dot intend to endorse ftny except .arti-< ifi;genuine merit; •$& therefore, take \ Notice, . -,. undersigned, hereby Agree . to- close our barber shops alt day July 4tb, but -will keep open Monda^ eVenVrig, Joly 8d, a# late as there is any businees. W. W. CLARK, R MARTIN. B j . HtttcmNs DICK C£,ARK fh« PhoUigrnpher, Mas some nice Frames for Cabinets nnd other sizes, just received. .Jt'all and ' ' ' ' ' •• v plea8u'rfi3n''rccomtnending to sitftererS from Piles in any forin» a prompt arid' permanent cure. The following letter? speak for themselves: '. -• • • "«v\ Mrs. Maty C^gCylor, of Heppner, Ore;, witea, 'Ono jjikj^of ^yYainid-pilo Cure entirely cured nfe of Piles {torn which I have suffered for years, and 1 hnpe never hr..~. be slightest return of them since. Mr4^0' flrien .» Rc^i;%luffs, l |reb., says- The pkgf. of Pyramid Pile Curd entirely re- movdd every trace of etching piles, lean. ;ndt thank you enough for it. The Pyramid Pile Cure is a nevt,£ccrtiun, painless cttr£ for;every form of Piles. It vis safe, cure'and cheap. Any druggist will get Mrs. G. G. Harrington wont to Gull laku today and r,eturned_this afternoon. Attend, the Junior League lawn social r park ou East Slate street liiis leu ortjiini and cako will be barge. The criticism regarding tho SUn. i/r. WiWSHWr, iinna ue<uu «»wo»»vt r» and Master Harold M^uer, of Jackson, 4 name meets with universal approval. are.iraeStSOf Mr*. Cha8. UttChCOCk, 1 llenolutions at Itetpect to the li\te F. C. SfST&f-iA'- i» C I , ' MM. A/K/'PhelpB and her sister, | , Stuart—Adopted by Peninsular Lttdge, No. 5, I. O. O.-F. WHEREAS, In his all wise Providence the Supreme Kulor of tho Universe .has •eeu lit to remove- from our midst our worthy Brother Past Grand 'F. C. Stu ( . >' / •' \' v • ( , . :• • . ,- • art. Therefore belt s Audru»' circus haa ! beou suizud by the Resolved, That wo keenly realize our i*r ..i Uui.i.tu whMi-irt HIH imrformerri loss and bow in humble submission to Grand Kapids shcriO, the 4>«rlorm«M the ^.^^ Mandate , which reminds U8 wiabmg palawoi., it recently osc of oqr QWn mor t a iity, and we do.heroby hibitud lu'lhid cliy 1 . tender to the bereaved widow and fani- .... ^ i , L. « ,., ii,. 11.1,1 ily of the deceased our sincere and The boya, v w,ho took part m tho add h g arlfe H- 8jni p a tfaj i n this their hour of aportu at U»tUn Creek *uy that everything was givou to Battle Union when mere waa a possible chance. Mpi« Ljdjft Bishop and her daugnters, Mrs.l Kate Wordeu and Miss Jonnio f., vho have boon 'a returned Uome Ittdt evening. If aujono ttres tue postage stamp co nundium at you, reply, "nvo ihrees, thirtjf-four twps and 1 Sttvcntebu ones." The conundrum is to ask for a dollar's worth ofNstamps, twice as many twos as ones', and the remainder iu threes. The fair andifeatival at Arbeiter hall Tussday and Wednesday uv«3niijg, held by the ladies of the Lutheran church, was a;sacceaSj }p «f ery particular a;nd they wish fo express their• heartfelt thanks to all who helped m the gupd cause and especlaily the K. Q. '1. M; band. • ; . \.\,. ,-•• . •' ••'.. .-, Among the oddities in Michigan street signs are the following: In Lud ington onartads: "War M meals, Kes. tarant." (Jopeaiish goes it one better in "Fresh White tish Haer." Sherman has the following'- "Fresh Butter, rolls here every morning. In Harrietts, may be seen this sign; "Get your bo,U half itfor you if you ask him. If you are lingering from f overs, lung; iagtippe', catarrh, consumption, couah^ or bronchial troubleg, asihma, heart nervousness, sleepldssncs?, dyspepsia, 8iekj|headacho, paralysis, erysipelas or^constiDatioh or piles cair.oh Dr-'Siiarpsteen for his vegetable Hon. W. V. Lucas, ex-State Auditor of Iowa, says: "I have nged Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my family and havo no hesitation in saying it is an excellent remedy. I beliovo all that is claimed for it. Persons afflicted: by a cough «r cold will untt it a '-,. friend." There is no danger f rotn whooping cough when this remedy is freely |iveu.; ' 2 5 and 50 cent bottles for ^sale at ^reeiie'i drug store. ", . /•;. "' - •' . ;'"• '•'-•. •>• . Detroit Evening for. right party. F. S. Chafes on babies, sore nipples and in llammation of the breast instantly re, licved with Lav^ndar Ointment. The uewjM<avette safety mftiling qn« volopes at Smith's studio. ,_ For Sale—Agency News. Good thing Enquire of My-dear, remarked a ladj to a friend on tho street today, wo arc going camp ing next w.eek and would like to borrow your tout, I am sorry, b'ut we lent our cnt so much last year that it is all worn out. lunderstano though that'liiilett has just got a lot of new tents on pur pose to rent and no doubt you can get Oh thank you, I will eouncl Resolved, that our charter be draped in mourning for and during the period of thirty days as a token of resect to the memory of our deceased brothers and that these resolutions be spread upon the lodge record and % copy of the sau.e tendered to the widow of the de ceased undei the seal of the lodge, and a copy thereof furnished each of the city papers. Signed D. CUNNINGHAM, W. H. ELSTON. * - j. M. SMITH. COM. see him at once. If you want a house "built in abof? or der call on-Wrn^Sluple^ »9 he }s pro pared to put you^iip, a bouso ready for plastering in ton, days(t|me;, ..Shop *m. Eagle hlrcet over Lynn'flj? Rosidenc^. 151, Hanover street. • ^ -J^ New potatoes at Cunningham's. v> ~ Notice K«latlve to. Cow*. ^ . " The ordinance "relative lo^pasturing cows 4n tbe street will be strictjy en forced. No cattle Will be, allowed 10 be pastured in any street, whethei' «hey are tied Or not-, and alt cattle _f0uucljUT large in the street, whether tied or otherwise, will be taken care'of. No ex v ception will be made to this rule for anyone. PETER Ho WE, City Marshal. I! ml Fnriu t'iru In Cliiytijii. FLVSIUNO, June 30.— The barns of John Holtslander, at Clayton, burned, Including two 4 horses, two cows and a quantity of hary. t-oss, $2.000 steamer A ground on the ALOONAC, June 80.— The Atjl meeting of the board of regents of the University of .Michigan, held June 38th, the denialfaculty sent m a Dorran^e, PK>|?««ejr o|,fl»ecbaBt9al den is^^'Ttoe' 1 !^^;!^ t|i^ petition is said to be 1 ' tba^^ ^ lli?rranee haa been too extensively tatierefited m oatsMe uiatters. pr, Do; ranee is the man who Hal^ method for painless 4iMj''Ht: ^ollowew- 'ibe Hale oyer Manhattan is aground on the Flats. STATE ITEMS. Tb§ postoflice at Vandervest, county, ha|i been discontinued. "" Bishop Kichte* of ,tbe diocese of Grand Rapids is expected home froin Kometliis >veek. .' • ', • • Ktv. Dr. Kirkpatrick of Wiuoua, Minn., Bas (leflinetl the call extended to him by Adriancollege, . George Putnam, who was wound" ug^n a line shaft at Beaverton. a couple of weeks age, died of his injuries. • Michigan will receive $•]$,&& from the government lot the expenses of her militia during the next fiscal y«ar, . The executive committee, of the Soldier's awl Sailors' afisociatioa met at Alma and {decided not tc hald a reunion this, year ou account of the big show at Chicago. . We have an immense line of Jersey Suits we will close but immediately." We had the option to buy these at a very low price or return them, we could not resist the temptation, so purchased, anoliiow we give our^ustomers the opportunity likewise. We can now for the $2.25» An eleg^rft Jersey suit, fancy taciin med, 4 to 8'at; . A Bea.utyi%ina f£mcy triimJied The finest Jersey sttttmade^lab^al ly trimine^v wbrti* $7lOO, f»r pri(^ " a neat Jersey Swt. Age 4 to 8 at 3 - - - A fine Jersey suit, i ancy trtomecl, AfewflneKilfesuitsS to 5, away elose them atthis price as we have ••••... the: tinie to order your y*ed cur They are large and extra Leave order* 'with. -I. S. Peters at the store or residence, ' or drop %"|!Q&tfil.'fn vertise ^hO.' close out right off, ^ Shanahan. ., prompt .attention .''.', ap la»t evening to Show ow. t 'V " * Y^fe«ti"- .'"V'^'SRsya* 1 *' ^"t..;

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