Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 29, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1961
Page 3
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. "v ll KlO NEWS-hERAlD, Moy 29, 1961 any Political Factors ^^f - 4 Add Up to Tower Victory By DAVE CHEAVENS AUSTIN tAP)—Texas' Demq- jratic leaders, stunned by Rebub- ijcan John Tower's Senate victory, may now lake a long, cold, iKii'ii look ai the reasons foi the political disaster vhat hit them. Republicans are jubilantly pro- i-laiminc, the triumph of the per- ».<nable youns lornier sovernmeni professor as a sure sign ihai Texas hai become, a t'wo-pany staie. The Democratic leadership has 'been pooh-poohing this idea since Dwighl Eisenhower's victory in 1952 and in the face of obviously growing' Republican s're'ngth ;in[ j practical political know-h"\\,- . Actually tin: Tower victory represented a complex ol political circumstances limed just right'for a Republican victory. A part of it was Democratic disunity plus apathy. Another part of it was a deliberate -<Tos?ins! of their once-sacred party lines by liberals who' Imped to '4tvi' Texas' senior senator, Ralph Yarborough, added power in such matters as patronage by helping elect a He-publican. This could boomerang. Another part of it wa? a delih- erate abstention from voting -bv. liberals and middle-of-the-roader^ who did" noi like eitlior \V'i!li;i:n Hlaklcy's type of Democratic con scrvatism or Tower's Golthvater Republicanism. The expected one million voles did not materialize and each absent Democral was really a vote for Tower. In many of the small cities, usually the bulwark of party loyai- isin, many Democrats evidently iiad something else to do on elec- i lion any. j Another cop in the political com: plex reflected the unhappiness of ! many Democrats with Vice Presi- hlent Lyndon Johnson. Tower's big ! general election turnout was re-. \ i|arded by politicai pros as partly | a protest vote and there "scorn's = little doubt that .he bem-fittcd by : this feeling Saturday. i Another .and important factor • was the- new Republicanism In i Texas. ; The old days when the pnrty \ existed only as a 'purveyor o'f pa' tnmagc in years when the Republicans elected a president seem | go-no forever. Tho party is now • in .tho hands of young dedicated, ; hard-working nmau-nrs who are hesmning to perform like profes- ; sionals and who'want to win of- j fices by : clnetion. • /,.'.... j This can not, be - shrugged off. | Gov. Price Darijel ' was quoted | its'.. exclaiming.;-. 1 "''i»!i' no" when •asked if the victory • for Tower ; meant : Texas is how a two-party i stale. But some Democratic lead! ors are beginning to get nervous ] over what th,ey consider to be at i least a two-party threat. ; Students of public affairs looking at the matter object ivelj ; think a two-parly state just pos; fibly could result in better govern- ; ; rr.eru from the county level riant : 0:1 up through the legislature to ; iho major elective offices. The only competition for many years was within the Democratic party where each ambitious politician sought to build jip his own private for advancement. Nixon Sends Tower His Congratulations WICHITA FAI.lJS •-? — Among the tele-prams to Hepiiblican John .Tower was-this one from former Vk-i? President Richard Nixon: "Your magnificent victory today is a reaffirmntion of those principles for which we "campaigned together last fall. .lus! as important your serving as the first Republican senator from Texas since the n-i-onstruction days offers a whole • new" era of two party" vitality in the .<tn!e and will hearten Republicans a- eross the country. "i know you wiil sorvo tlie na- tion and i.lie slate of Texas well in the U. S. Senate.-Pat joins me in sendint; our congratulations and best wishes signed Dick Nixon.' SOUVENIR ROCMESTKR. N.Y. 61V-Librar- ian Marion Simmons recalls a small boy who returned sonvi ov-erriue books, with his past due notice and his fine in the other hand. -After he'd paid the fine, he asked: "Please, can I have ihe letter back? It's only the second me 1 over cot." This is one weakness of, the Democratic orgqnf/ation as aft effective political "fooK The party organization ilsunll>{"is * regarded as the personal 'property ' of _the governor and governors vary in their ability to hold 'the party together and even in (heir .degree of party loyally, A It seems more and more obvious that the Democratic party l^a§ to achieve the unity the GOJ' ha$ shown in recent years, and to approach the job perhaps with professional help or at least with pro- fes*tonal techniques with strong central direction. Not many of the more political^-sophisticated Democratic state organizations \\ould permit ah election to get out of hand as the Democrats did in the Senate v elim- inaiiun contest April -J. The fact that the Democrat vote was splintered bttueen (\\o liberals, two middle-roarers and one conservative was another circumstance lhat helped Tower. A concentration of Democratic effort, nlonsr with the compulsion to make the effort, . might very welt have kept -Tower out of a run-off. But ihai did not happen. The Tower victory followed the recent paticrn of close elections in iTexas.'.li. reflected a growing conservatism on one hand and the potential power of a'liberal''mino- rity on the .other hand. Republicans Urged To Watcfc Offkwl Canvass Carefully ^ The pubHeifn chairmin, T«d Smith, h«s_ urged campaign workers' for Johh Tower to bb "wdtchful 'and vigilant regarding the official can- the.ejee- - * retwirns. . of, Tower's 254 what; he Johnson Throws Away Texi Drivers : Impassioned Plia .? - ;T. t - ''- - • • ' - <•", By LEE JONES " SAN MARCOS, Tex. CAP) — Vice President Lyndon Johnson thre^w ^away, ^a .prepared speech Sunday t anil -delivered an impas- sjonett'plea 'to ^his' alma mater's aboql 1961 -^adufcting class l\i fight the dangers, of .worldwide disease, poverty ami Johnson attended the college j Com mtimst efforts to win th , wn as Southwest lions of the- world. when it was known as Southwest Texas State Teachers O>!U-ge. "Today we live in a The Texas I ogislanire in J loicd the word "lonelier:?" the name. Upon graduation, John- 1 that the decision between 1 ' woi|<J de- ; sorbed in the b?t' from great powers. Too often \V P (, yon taught school. nnd slavery is a decision While a slutlent. the vice presi-|]j 0 ns oi men will reach l n improper aw erroneous 'record-1j«nofance "' "" ' idem «a* editor of the school pa-' c | unc es offered them at mg^''. of'-returns in Saturdays | j ohnson spokc at graduation ex-' P^ and » » ht ' r tlf 1bl< slutUfnt I've!," "he said. .; i ercises at SoulhwoFt Texas Stale j council. The vice president qtl«rtf:rs~have beeii sent lq those Laughli po«: Atty. Cpiinty. Smith also told th you had better hear it now." An estimated 3,800 person?, m To South America workers to examine the election j cludin" H3 new "raduates heard' return book in the'county clerk's! the \ice president's address. He JFK Sends AdlCU office and compare it with inrtS-{ worc an academic cap and sown vidiiaj percmcl .returns. , Earhcri Johnson sp() jc e Al th c Flagrant errors and irregular.'-! dedication of the new glass and ties occurred at (his point lastj Mce , muaiclpa i airporl terminal November.'' he sa.d >- A } „ d I .. T| "This action is not mended toJ lWc of incvUabk . co ,nmuniM con- east any reflection upon the pub- . .. ..„..,.,-. ]'c officials and election officials ; ,A- c x i 11 _ f rr> •• c -.K -j iir vj ' n his San Marcos speech, John- of Texas. Smith sad -We wouJd, wn dwell , !Jv on ' )l|S reiolU be remiss in our duty to Tower ' i supporters all over Texas if \v< j did any less." Liberia, presently celebrating official lour of Southeast Asia, i "They came in the thoii-oncK and tens.of thousands just to" touch •the hand of an American. I'came back strong in the belief that if \V.\SKI\UTOV ' M 1 ' — President Kemu-dy i* ^enciin? AdUu E . Stevenson' to South • America to; try lo speed up and perfect the ' intor-Amt-rkan proj-'ram for'. so- arid economic' development Stevenson is U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. The S7-40 nii'lion paid to dean interest-dividends .by 1H years of independence, was [ '""*, ™ on Z in - thc belwt that ijposUors m mtorwt-.i.yiaeno* .D> th'e only republic in all : O f Africa; ^ple know each other they will New \ork Stare savinss banU •rnr'mni-i.' than ->. ..o'nf..^. i understand ,each other and if they last year is equivalent to about for more than a ce'nlurv. i • understand each other they need —r! not. fight, each other," he said. S-!5 for every man. woman and child in the state. RIO GRANDE ABSTRACT & TITLE COMPANY, INC. Say It Wiih ADAMS- FLOWERS BUSIHESSMEI /earn fo fly., ( while you frovj it's the modern lie"your tfmc anj'jincincy do iiJ . du:j ! l.rjrn to fly while m itid Trom business appoinin rouic, one of out quaiifird ii will check you out Ji the co«(»i rhs ea5y-to:ii)- Piper Tri-Hicer. ] ccisifoitable. 4-pUct airpUnc, coorJ.injted conttpli that miVc I u.jisnptr u-driving i or. re reidy :o sola in les; droe tiun i think pfli'ibie. fhcnt let »ui tft<\al "Uam Wh Trevrl" brochure, »i viilr rfti • nil in ui gr»« y»u tempUu ir DEL RIO FLYING SERVICE! Classified Ads firing Results DR. OSCAR VALDES DENTIST SHIRTS and WASH PANTS STAMPS See the YELLOW PAGES TITLE INSURANCE Laundered to Perfection fat Pick-up Phone PR S-J535 WALTON BROS, ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Offlc. No. 1 In Porfi Loung* . Main F. M. RICH COSDEN STATION Hwy,90 W«st 508 DEL RIO NATIONAL BANK BUILDING CIUDAD ACUNA, MEXICO Appointment Call PR 5-3666 ENGLISH SPOKEN Phone PR 5-2003 DEI RIO AIRPORT-PR S- THERE'S ASCALE-WH Y GOOD IDEA! FiRST I . SOWE= PPECAUTIOW-3. LIKE TO KEEP Th'E RESULTS TO MYSELF ' r WOMDER. HOVV MUCH WEIGH TODAY,' , .^-INTD E£V£AU.V5 HOGAtf ! I: ^ ' VOJESEtF. BUT , ^*=* y~..^~ c»» vr t- -f| LOOWN' NE\V HOME..TH' FAST _ THOSE; UTTLE / !F-\Vt CANT FOR STAND B>' / NHD WAY TO EJOlW r BECOMING UM- WHAT'S wrn-iyou? ) ' ".'. LIGHTNING ACTION BY THE DISGUISED LONE BAN&ER AND SILVER TAKES THE WOULD-&E KILLERS OFF BALANCE". WHAT S THAT NAME AGAIN, SONNY? T>'P£, JULIE. HEFfGURESHE CAN ROMANCE >bu BETTER IF HE'S NOT MVINGLJNDEP- THE SAME ROOF. WAKES /I STRANGE COONTpy-BeSIDES^^i-C* *1 V Wn\A/ rv~n;r> tirr cvy^^-^r-^^V J «>-i I WISH WE MORE ABOUT THE ' . -CAPTAIN.../ QFASARTIN1 >. DIDN'T APJP,ls/E. 1 ?' WHOT TINV V/HV BOTHER 'BOUT A V/HE.M TH AKS A REAL GAL. HERE, IN GORGEOUS COLOR, LIFE spssSj^^pp ANY MERE MV GAL.'.'

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