The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 11, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 11, 1897
Page 2
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fflB MtiA MJ6t?$f 11, \ THK DAILY CHRONTCtR. nt tbi» , Mi*,, IM.7* P. r*««**«** t Ifl <*>«***• JHfcr at fctue tifffde , Ifti En** State street. ,T. M, MOSES, ZINC POISONING fan occur where j f*r>wf>4 find £* _ are tiseiforsteiving. Call 15cftt smofees Dians's W. A. «i s«>£* l.'tSW, tlw> flrta of Finfrln BSstw* iSdivnil bjf inii»Bftl ctfnfettt. All per-. s feliwrt wwfjit" cfolmg of ftny will that rfiitp" Al» bin* J»i)pt . 1, " ( »7, will he IHt for *^ tftonj for p»jjnifnr before bofort- Buy yourjst^Monery at the Chronicle office* o There is Danger Ju the old fashioned tin stowing ftet- -trpsr aft«oiinc«j that, th<>tlotibtfwl elass of hiBwmfi<» of *h« tha world, having tferty elx itjilttotr doites for protectbfi of policy lioldwR, the old The "beat HPorsale bv W. A^ Banies.' -f» fevora Att losses by t>. CHiminipam,aj?ent. all the latest things in of job type. '" . 4 Now is the tinie to &et. a< pfiyib. ad, , " T But if you wtint tht* best flour, graham* entire wheat Beiur, crack corn, boltod corn m£ttl a ^(njialty, of«lll feed-go to C* A, CBeshPF'B mill. Any time yrf" wsntn gratiftc tfistU hey will be tilft S8ft»fe price fcs a tirt ofio, hffve yoti sopn ttia etylieh wfcttdjng invitations, patty cafds.'indk'iBal cards are putting 6tttJ Th^ro pwre Don't you need a4riRe pf ^rintinjj; in the abovo linies just abou"t now. We have the newest and latest script type, • for ,'» and 4f«;. at Acme Sys*le«i of HhorlHanrt* / • / No shading. No pOBition. You. /tan earn it in I ^daySi- It costs, with book, Inquire ,tt,thiw office. A . E, H \KKISTON^ Teacher, "t'ny f olir • 1 wilHw »t ihe ottlcc of tho Ilerndon hotel during bupin^sfi hours Until further tfoticp. for the- purpose of rweivini? f Hy t«txes which aw now dtie. BHVP tho extra <:ol^oction fee by paying now. 1 M. S. D*-l^VFE(3,\E, City treasurer; line ntov WH.I the best two burner gaso- ntovt- in the inarke.t. Price, BOSLEY'S. i'l-'MKNT WALKS IJu'ilt- Uj .iohn llcntsrliler. Jotm Hentsthler ia prepared to for, building, winent walks. lie is al"*-> att«-iit fur the ceim-nt, \\bU-h busini\s««?a the old \\aUcs, lUi' IK tin'best jo tin* world. Mr. ftoutephh r iutictf in foment Prii^e for anil 2.V per .lineal fofit for curbing. • Work warranted lor throftjwtrs. / (Jiiford'a Tobacco euro is a scientific apt'citlc fur the tob.uvo ' habi^. -it in * 4;uarnuh'cd to t-urn jn ton dtvvs. Ni> cure, PORCELAIN KETTLES; You must have a kettle of ftomo kind for canning fruit. Thin id tfio otto; any aize. BOSLEY'H. 0 T Have you tried Moebs' Pro Pntia cigars? Worth 10c, sold for OP. Stamp pjd PrffPatria. A cool, sweet. witisfying smoke. Geo. I\$oeb8 A 'Co., manufacturer, Detroit. ^3oltl by W.-A. " Cordelte. S. B. ft ^ f ^ X Tap Your Own Slioes. Full line of half fioles/leathw, cement, tacks, etc. for mendim? your own shoes. Half fiolcs, lOc ix>t pair. fhft etoatnet iris will make rfgular «fijw &>6fy Stfft<t&J' comfticndng at I p. Jl> cents round fft^, Goldspring; park la op>n k» th*> piiblk". ^ D, Waltzes for piftfio. Bl^ isix p;N$e composition. PrJcp IJO(;« aad toi with barn and. orchard. Terms easy. Marsh&H, Mich. Mts. Margie JBtts would like . o^o afthe Irorae of her tuoifejMf Afra. 61 Hanger 'Caltattlie hetne 0* B>& 22 West State Street, and he will repair yottf shoes at otiee. All^jyork left-^it Watson's grocery afore v?iu receive at- fention dftily/ ' '•• ~T~ Flonr. ^ ;\' ? At Watson's you JG&H f& the .AJbjor* and Homer flour foylh&lOO Jb., in yo»r own baga, nr» lightweight of fl6 ni 9 k "?,.. . . _ i .»'»... ,i -#• ..... ' try |t. Granite Fruit Kettles. W<* sell you th(* best kettle 40c!r- ^ cle office, - ber' 1 I4oyal" has the felf -Her Majesty cigar. Box trade a specialty, '' To 1 iilllay Conceit^ Anywomauisa fool that will stand ov er a red hot rook stove this weather when Blu> can 'got oho of onr .2 burner .stoves for $3JM) or « throe burn- no danger, with BOSLEY'S, er for ik">.00. thiH«5to\e. Attention Madame G'urard, the Oriental coni- jrl«xion speciaHst, .will give free tre»t- •m«'nt at h«r rooms, KK) Madison St. one door nt»rth of StaUjstr^et for one w<-ek She will be pleased all that are .guaranteed no daj .A. t). Hii>K, Cordette has eottie to stay. at S. E. CKO.NIN. !*« N. Madison etre«-t to benefit as iv oil as DISK PANS. , Any tiu,ig>'>u utiut a granite dtsh |>an tlu-v will b<- the same yirice aa a tra one. ink-rested in the • trwitni'cnt of the skin. Skin blemiahos of all kinds .removed- Nice, lar^'e, hoiuft grown potatoee .1 daily at • •%* Pianos At Yoyr Own Price, We redeatly purchased a Bank* rujpt Stook df Pianos and Organs. It "ftili pay yWi to call and examine them and get prices. You 9 will saireoverBO percent. They are all new and high grade, and have always "sold from $350 to $450. will co"st yott now. „ Organs for $20, $30 and 850. WAKTS\OUKD ETC. cents W ASfKJ)-A «ftnnH"rt «0rk?*r "luqidrn nt IM* ^ \ W AH'i'ED— tosnftnt ft>P hrtnoi* tormerty Jt!*rt Df Ml*" ln^ .S' r o»t haqHirp of \ H.J',1 t'OK (*Al«lt—H}» smrtntc mftrb'm K, i JK!, fit4t SSilfdn, A«« SJjaimr^oMft WwoSicrftic, ofta, •", Ojfin Unwp j F, « 4 NVVO, - wa *' - -•=....- , 49WM>bfn«tR» »tr«>et, 7 AoV AOKXT* it v icinity. Cull nt tAraur or QrAfn «tn>M anils. SlarrtifcH arcwtc JMflS. I,, It BROWS. V J O9T- Oh Stftfo fttrept rtieudfiv Pt'ottlftg, ft \ i I'htW'^goUntiW pin, WIH fin4*r pteMt» leave \ L flHT—ftetwpetf •PctSSirrf tnfflt SS3 Cftj 1 fiftuodry, * JjnfcU ftliliWii'lttt JjtK>k rionlnin iitte1vvn*Ut?« tlfflfmra Fmdtjr t>1cs«wi?' \vnte »t City stes,ia- ( t*n«lry»* - . VN J Oyf, A pink fan with iftfe etlg«' t iictWfMi the •^ crjjirt htms^ST"! MnthtMllaf *liuwh»<' Sunday ruwninjt holof^ cliurcH I'l^tti at t'hronieHt vffl.00. A reWftir) offpn-d. tkifca ijoo'l i w«>f«rcihn J<nti«i1iii]; 1- «r^)rt feoy t» ctft chnrca.' Apply' F JOU SAMS - i'or partifillatp emjttiita of ;Fobn to $25* At J. Q. Koiwl & Go's. daH on tlwni before you buy a rocker, they have all kindp. and prices to euit the time at the new Hatdh block. Come in. John QU7.ziuB has reetrived through H. L. Day & S»n a i'fir of tf»o " brand of Oerman- Portjandy:cincnt, and is pro pared to put down tht % Iwwt wulkn «nd guaranty it tostarn^ with an.v other cement,on the- market. InHinronw. Wo now ajiDimnec to the insuring imb~ lie that our recent bush)W38 trip to (Chicago fesultt'd mperfccting arrangement with western uianagors,of many^of lilt* inMiranreCo.'B of this con rk- try; ulso British coin-fianira. Tor thMrans- actiO» of flro anct'cycloiW- iitsurnnt'o' on broader prinptyles uttd more favon\t>lo ti»rme tb<m hitherto granted any resident' agc'ht~" in 1 this' locality. With 25 years experience in this liueof busincsse, and now aided by nearly |32,(XX),WX) of f6r the protection of policv hold- f>r« wo ar<» propured' t<» transact business on larger sealos than ever. Lots** promptly fi**tU<'d .awl' paid by Tfsidt>nt u^ent, at D, Culmingbam'R Iusururu:e Burc-au, 84 Statt- etrtet. - , Ja«. Van JSunt, jxprcssaian, has ^nti tables to rent for parties. Porcelain Kettles. You tuuat haVt? & kcttla^if SOUMJ kind fix 1 c,»muii|0f fruit, This is the one; any BO«I.KV'H, U. S. CIGAR U.ri. Ank for <lwn» att that you k«aw wht^ y«*u «»«ok<». Tl*j. ar M*N,, uf tiuaeitj, A- HOUSE PAINTING, PAPER HANGING. FRESCO, ; GRAINING, s. * SHOW CARDS A Uutitod near at of <?obW0 btont 1 Light pi«tnt* 1.1 ct-nta per yftYjil. Ctwiirmaa ytotet Committee, Union Teaeiiers' Agencies of America, K«v-, I. l . fmin, ifu ,' aiuf Jhiivtr, l'ttl<n i Tlier».«lre tli"uciiiu!» of -tKiaitloaH l« withlathe next few mouth.", &itdrec« all 5EORGIAN BAY LINBIm .•IIKOU K dm.!; U»tt«!i l.W) p ni for itarni*. tlod- rtrUib, K)tao»r4ii)», .' >rt Jtlftini.tliraijgb the tit«u>rfcj.rimt« of thii vrb«i;e ttii- reit mwa loved, fimgtil. and tJiu<i v to ttte SOU. »',-ttlh(;r. hts Lsdl^fl' I.ibrary .VF'fi'**^ • **'* halt 1 price for the following i»a#H' «« fur 1896: Eclectic, Onturjr, Bar culture will .Jake pupils in ; tjw 6immfcr luoiitfie ! ftf tb<? ^ hfeat. He the yorkville »KUl>flf cwoapauy «^ the best brfrutfe oa»<fc, Of PICTURE FRAMING Ju^ll the Jjjit**t otylee- Por- traius 1 u Ut»yoR, Wati-r FRAMEST BE GILOED. AC, Old 1,-S, ave, Attito technical «tihou]. u 15|p;tiveijy^t4Sm. Suw Givua M* aiid JPfe- JD. Lafai/riitajcitie.ahiiijri, Otill, , wetl equi . , . Bvefybixiy |ioe* One week with mauls aurt b»rtUJW. Kmte 8«rui» $tft, S'or ful<ia(U «w. 4rrtt« -loliu KtnvtfiiBoi,, fiiot J<«iiU'ilt>b *t Irott, anyO. T .It. «geftt , or U. W r jv »*wwv «wv »JV»PV *?*«r *«^*w» * ff.^ t» r;rfp|»te Cr««lt, Cdta^ i NC^Pf 'points ebo wn ia the *t. OMSWOO «\uj Stjle, «t LANCSTAFF'S, CASt< ' ;/ For lalM^u aa4 a«d ear. (Spacml '. hroat from HOiMT TIOKET8. .e Inter-State CMUttHy Conpany of ««# York 6ivt« SIX MONTHS' lnwir«nc«, S 1,OOO furSI.HO To Men or Woman MX 44$ Hffif> A0MIH 'WjttfaJNP »^BJlll^'ll '01 fiOTW Ultf, ti« e prouct;!!** o t Vbe Htbte -Tlie Gwnirt f Wor)( of tins Grtntt THE PEOPLES Df DT C U¥^C* THE HEKBY 0. SNCPARtf CO. re* BY *t%e of iatroduction a limited niuub*y of botfclea of Oiffurde' euro will bu g|vco away thw at Hyde's drug store to to-liabi e* who l|u%K«Ujr vi#b to rid t the dfesiie fvr tt*b4€C" io form. CaU ^t oucemid lateKi^Kte, . J. CILLETT. Three Opinions: CHICAGO RECORD is a model newspaper in &vefy sense of the word."-~~ Harnsburg (Pa.\ Call. , " ^ ", "There is- no paper published in America that so nearly approaches the true journalistic ideal as The CHJCAOO RECORD."-^ from "Newspaperdonr\ (New York}. . \ • . '"1 have come to the^firm\conclusfor;, after a long test and after a wide con»paris,on with the~jottrnals qf many cities and coun°> trhs, that The CHICAGO RECORD comes as near being the ideal daily journal as we are for some time likely . to find on these mortal shores. 1 '—Prof. J. T. tfatfield it The Evanston (///.) Index. x Sold by newsdealers everywhere and subscriptions' received by all postmasters. Address CAGO RECORD. IS 1 Madison -nt, E CHI- "BECOME A REAL WOMAN" »tody the formation of correct babiW. Dc'wlop true wonmnhotKl, ThU i» the «Jm of '•/K^ , .. AKELEY INSTITUTE.., Hw trtaul Uavon, MJ..II. ,'un L*kf Mlrlitifnii,! Throe building*. -All iiuidero !BH<FUV-», •ottniv Muole full lofurrmclion. KKV. HuaA tut ictK eft 1 , IV, It. RANKLIN - Cor. Bates and i-nni6<| St«., Only A BJ«H!fc t. RSHEPHERD Keeps noue but the BEST MEATS To he h«d. Gootla delivered to; all parts <j! tije city Iml no peddhng- doue, ' Kve'ry- tliiug neat and clenuio You caa aJwAy* g^t a cleitft out at TMM I'M loleilo, Detroit ^ M ackinac frfcTQSjWEy. THE «STO»" Ado OU^UTt v '*«*«» jtvfcwiaa a Detroit and Cleveland Ctmnecting witb Earlk Train* «l Clevfluad for sU voi&W Baa: SoiU¥ aa4 ScaUi t»t. Cunctei Trip* Jiwt, loi|l. Attfl S»ii«. 6*pt«»k« OiM> 2 New Sieel P^sstager Steamers Have j»4 bceu Built for mu P«p*f t^ke Rout* cua^uk. »3ou,oou eaeli. Send for iUW'Med ^^ .pdjBjiWet. A40rcs», «. ». »CH4NTZ, « ». «.. OITBOIT. UMSH llul.4 Shim-, A'ilap shoe dreoeitig /W tW i Hhoes. For sale by K^ea K", 1*1 Sole affint, KM^Sat-gMiB. { Watson »ttti aelk't^r T 6w:>«« coif lie or Maumittio Java, jt ^ t bwDcfited. •C^rest K.<toey l>.*e%«. Constipation airfd4JHi)*i r I piirebltxid. StfJdaf diy« ? lues* prep^u) upon tefe-ioi of B.ial, 20-paig* pampfaltit LTVKK'-l|^8U£i>¥ Co.. i l&d of...... M. B. POWELL, il,. MICH twwn't it, wad roots, flrct (1of>f, St u»ci?n -.t-riM. ~A brl«TH, »'ncrge»ie rfi«n to *ft p« i8!*( l »f id AtarrtmiJ i>»d vicinity for bt> <tld, ottoilx anrt itied M«ra« /Jiff icmmiicp oJScw Ifotk, mmiti^n <•»» be tlirfr nnrt w({,! hewptV ^rmH^eiM 1 . A* man *no )&«, f>»e« <-iniiJtJ tifflcor or wr-\vill *nn\ » »ul>f runwmii nt n*t<n(itiiin-bulh iB'Uc Hinolj nt tht mid.ttirtnf(rrfr.t.. it fil hrtn^rht fhrr^K n> us. \(tt)r<-» rfi»' w.Jv A*ki»«, (.cnerat \jiut, fry Mulnpaii alid ."^.tTthcro IBdhmS, B 1| sTatjd f\ Kitlnms/.o W ' ! mid in 1 "' Ip Mil rilKBii jpitsHKUl wtiml. (ii fi'rflll ft, B, L ot* T Siitjird '}»(i!<l warU) W(i( t£ k-a ot tvu ww (U^l. TOHHAIE— rh«h««H« d Vfjrt«» .Miuisiou AIJI! r f.(Mf) It. t,. bon<?o 'on For l"t l rtrwli?. • y» and '{ um fob wilt! gt<'!<! .Tun as tile riior i>f he 'UK RKNf 1 !•»••» t> liicftjrt T. mill , b, - .m Istnrt. Appiy to- ri' HiKNT—T»VIf« atu* rhaitf li.r ; <"f Yoji/anl, tlio tijtiirus, ^ . [^ ri ^ J . ~pt> l-fc/l" tn Kftthl f'curity. thle otfici u TT urtifl tn >!!< lilKu agcrc, fur I*M-JH ti»iolv U MniiKti ui j"» )-il|iitt,<. lt.'^ i it • I < in uiup t HI » '•tult »KiutH, «r niao K 1 . Jfi"* 1 «'»'t i si" imi'H. i <i«»c ft. f#nin e, A<1- pu >v, litpt ~', v bi< ago. JK hl-N J -'luliK-B onO c&diiH forporU< Hfiqoifcol'O. W. LfBtor, the U rHOLhl KKINU, BKl'AIH JM1. xCHAlK- t [iiai>v. (.Kii^uintH hy jji'ihtft! CRTOft attend-* fi) to. taiisoilib timsr %!' AN'iht) f»(«HTiii *V liuin'h in truvi I !u/Mi<ihit;n)i lur tntat>- ri:lln.hlc .lionfeX Sal'nry '8"«> and tit. fc'uclosc n-f«rt)uoB eult'acl'd[re«mVtl ifumpt'tl enT«l'>yo:. Tiui Uo- 'iulit! l*'iwur. UiattliH, BMg. __ A ~(Ji:N'lS*-'*.AV.rEll VOF war" in Tub*. l>y »e|«<r ({inr'U'la, I uiiau r«'pree«utJiti\t' nt " '' _ '-' , I uiiau r«'pree H.'fl"l»y <^j|lianii <3t'i»fto<i, A buniiii/H tor agf»i». (Jun SI"* 1 Hi*,' butjU, li«i{u>nitt>««i»un.*. fc.v«rv- ^Kinlj rtttt^stU*- irtttj ('[.niOinf d, reibttjtv, IKKIH. 111''-, 1'iwrtl .'BIVWH. l-'frtght paid.. l>roj> *!i arii' make $W u inotivi- with AVur tn Adilr«>, tHK .NATION Vi.' BOOK St., lUitrnip.k. Fast Trains To Bay View Via R. & i. w «'iw m effwt. J.lli^Ju p.j m., anil, OfHM'i 2 ;'4() i». in., art i \ w^ Tr^vviri-'ftv iW p m- Fetchkey T-5f/p. HI. a* h i*ui fOFil ftirtbt'i (ail, \ ouug moo and cW wen will r«>;over tbetr Yomitiul vigor i>j usujg kl=Vl¥O, It *iwe*-if we wiu- sew YOU in® UWSO, SHORT and flEDIUft LENOTO " TfflB ItlCHIGAH CORSET CO., Power t»i »iit«s by startup a-t the seat ui Ureat Nme T*>nk ««d Blw uBd restot«s both vitahijt *n^ bt mu&cuUr aud uurvoiii iy'itetu, b •he pink glow^t* pole cJuwlw aud psfZ Wasti»i, Atccpi n^ sniwutwc, Inwatoofiav wg 8SBVIVO, no other. Ueaabccaiweditves, jjweket, B>- w«i, ftt.«w per p-^ta^s w pto wrapper, or nfts fcu- *«.•<>» wstto » !»?***»** **»to am «r rofttni tfcc ,»>«wy u MfiWOWc CO-, CtttCAtiO, ILL

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