The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 30, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1893
Page 1
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X OT-N0 268 MARSHALL, MICH., FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1893- " PRICE TWO The Santa Mafia, Plata and Kina Stop In Detfoif. AND SPANISH PLAGS, aiie macio A statement as Jotiows:. Her father works during the" day, and 'his brother-during the night. Both are given to drink. The ^irl said her nncle ,fiad pn different occasions compelled he,* and a sister 11 years old" to submit to his wishes,,-aM afterward threatened to kill thein'lf they told of it. A neighbor clauhs to have seen the man .with the oldest girl' the other day, and on questioning Jier obtained a fun confes- fessfbn. Pure , A cream of tartar baking powder Etfflhdstof all in leavening strength Latest!/. & Government Food Report. feOYAL BAKINGSPOWDER CO ;: •;.;' , 100 Wall Street, N. Y ' HUMPHREYS' VETERINARY SPECIFICS For Horses, Cattle, Sheep* Logs, Sogs, AMD 50ULTBY* 000 Page Bopkon Treatment of Anlnml* «»a Court Bent Yree. cu«M(Foyer»,Coii«te»tlomi,Iiillnminfttlon , L. A.I Spinal BleniiiirUU.nmk Fever; : I.B.—Strain*, I<amenem. Rheumatism. 1 !.C.~DUtemper, {iouial Discharge*. ; ».D.—Bot« or GrutMt Worm*. • ! I.K.—Concha, Heaven, 1'neumonliu '.F.-»CoHo or Orlpen, Bellyache. «- - — • >, llemorflmirea. About 15O Good TempJw* Have iscapp From Death by the Ing of a Doek-T-HrtBh A. Cook Arrested on n IIorrlblA Clnvrgc. ;• DETROIT, June 30.—The Spanish caravels arrived in the .river early this morning and reached the Michigan Yacht club anchorage at -Belle Isle about 1 o'clock this afternoon. They were mqt at the mouth of the river by a committee of United States, municipal and yacht club officials, and escorted up the river amid the booming of cannons and a great display-of bunting and SpnaiSh flags. . 'The committee on escort left the Michigan Central dock at 9 o'clock a. on the United States steamer Fea- I Mr. Viiay secured two officers and ar- n NOT- | rested theuhcle, who-had'been sleeping , 'in the house. He denied the whole story ' \ \ and said: "If anything like that happened I must have been drunk, for I know nothing of it." * . I.G.—Miscarriage B, ema d KIAn iscruei. "TaWl on, .lyria. 60 Manual,,, i'.do Mjrwhcr* ud I* **l ','111 ft 111 WiniM'St., IfevTorfc. Stable Ca*e, with Bpeclflos, ,. Veusffiary Core O Jl and Medlcator. S7.0O JarVeterlaaryCnr«»OII, In HOMEOPATHIC SPECIFIC No.i The only "occesftful remedy for f» |» .60 The Attorney* at Owosso, June BO.—There is much interest manifested here in the city election to dcpur July 10. The attorneys are at 'n loss io know whether the women can 'v'ote on the proposition to issue $20,000 ndditkaial bonds foy the 'waterworks. The impression prevails in some quarters that the 5^0,000 would be voted down, in which, case the, water system would be greatly impaired .1 Funny Cusu at Miirtjuntt.^. MAR$uEiVK,"June 80.—The officers of the public library at Marquette and the mother superior of the convent there are having a little trouble over a volume entitled "Story of Liberty," by 7 Charles C. Coffin. A boy drew the boolk from the library, but failed to retiirn it. When asked about the volume he said the mother superior had taken it away from him. The library officers made a.• demand upon her for it and claim to luw: learned that 'she had it burned on account of a Ejection which treats of the trouble between King John and the pope at the time of the granting of the Magna Charta. The volume is worth about S3 and a lawsuit may be begun. jjl p§p 9U'/wra«—: JHW OTJiy»uuww«»»*« tvuiuuf *«« Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness, gl^v^n'^^^^'pS^VfSIS: Bold bf Crtt»gJ«U, or «»' p«*tp«ld on receipt ol price. OIRS fTLC YER PIUS. The Mill. , anything you want to buv< ' Jlisl call >u Ohesher's mill and try, >• <- ' His cash prices will>urely suit yaui 'When any feed yoxi do Want ground, ' Call at Chesber's tmH, he is altv»y!J around, ; . , ',. And he will try to pjenee you', W% buy for cash and sell-for cash, And that's what keapj* us in our hnsfu ' . - ~™,. . • * Koywl knby" >fv« Whisky, is "a Rye as is a Rye.V- haturallj/tipcDcd and frbtn all foreign viflavor and add terauta, guaranteed pure and over eleven years of age, recommended to-the connois seujr..a8 a meritorious article .worthy of the' eorifidejico of .invalids,, convalescents and., tlie aged. Sold only bj/Fi G. Soamim & Co. Druggists. ' /'.,,•' v • . .' BiprdaMPoolHall; Billiard /hall and pool roonKan<i s 15 ball pigeon hole table, 172 .East Staie streat,/ opposite ' the Herntlon dotr.l, Fine cienrs, kept. . - •• ' * r '' - .' J. KADB • Prop.,- ,, Tourist tickets ip a It principal points in the, Uui'ed States and Canada, are' now on sale at Michigan Central t jck'et, oflic.e. •','"; • '%l/iH«»d»che and relieve »!.' tnobronbleataaS' '.*nt-*0i a blUbn* rtnta of (be »y«t«w »t«* ae Nboiea, Drowsiness. Distress aTtat WhUa- their moat ., sucoefs bus beta showa la caiuift » ---T - ' ••• yet Osrter's UUlo Mia uft \mtlogti corre?i»lldiMl /i»ariadr— annoylig complaint, while they alad •prdeoM" tboatomacb .stimulate tha th*bowela. JSwm U ti»ey owy " m.icy,HTe« ijut beraia v&M« THE CARAVEL SANTA MAB1A. senden and steam jacht Vita. These, with the caravels, were met a short distance down the river by the steam yachts of the Inland Michigan Yacht club, and as the fleet passed Fort Wayne a national salute was fired. On arrival at the Michigan Yacht club anchorage a private reception to the officers of the caravels and all muni cipal officials and visitors was tender, d by the Michigan Yacht club. The general public was invited after 2 p. m. up to 9:80 p. m., and the yacht club did everything possible to provide for the, comfort and pleasure of the citizens while inspecting the caravels. The Nineteenth United States Infantry band" furnished music-at the clubhouse all day, and men in uniform were in readiness to row visitors. to and from the .anchorage. • '' • THE DOCK COLLAPSED. About One Hundred and Fifty-Good Temp- lars Xa/rowly Eucaped Getting Wet. GRAND RAPIISS, June So.—Three hundred Independent Or.der of Good Temp? lars excursionists had a* narrow escape from death. The 103ge*«had chartered the steamer Valley City for a moonlight ride down' the river. When the boat landed ^at the wharf the entire crowd made a rush to 'secure desirable places aboard as'they did so the center of the dock collapsed, precipitating about 150 persons down eight feet just to the water's edge. Theft a small, panic started, ^strong m en pushing the weak aSldMind trampling weir women to, esseape" Apparent death. Somebody turheife ill police and ambulance calls, but wnen tne officers reached the spot there was bp.t little to do, copier beads having- jestiffcated the victims from tSeix position. 'Aboat a score of them •were badly- bruisjgfi,. and were taken borne. ' The balance 4aiade the trip 4own the river. '" * - - - *„ Crmtked n Stage OlHcu SulV-. MARINE CITY, June =30.—A stranger who came up on the boat from Detroit went to Henry CasweU's iWery stable and procured a rig for an hour. Since then nothing has been heard of either man or vehicle. During the night the office of the Fairhaven Stage company Was entered, the safe cracked and $150 and a watch stolen, It is believed the stranger from Detroit did the job. . HE FELL OVERBOARD. Fourth of July. i Account of the 4th of July .holiday, the C. J. & M. K'y Co will ncll excur' sion ticket's between all points at the rate of one tirst clues faro for the round tnj>. Tickets on BiUo July 3d and 4th; good returning 'JOly 5th, 1893. -Fpr time of trains, etc., <mll on nearest C J/& M. Agent. T. C, M. SCHINDLEK, (i. P. A. An• £xlra«rilliiMrv Hii'giiln —*a,OOO. A splendid two t-toiy dwelling arid One 1)^ story dvvflliogj -wiili one acre 'ttf land, incluiliiJt; ( xceHent fruit garden centrally located. £or terms PPply t« D. The Slysterlouii 'Drowning of 1'eter K, De Mill at Chicago. DETROIT, June 80.—The drowning of Peter Edward De Mill at Chicago to be even more mysterious than at first supposed. Mr. De Mill was on a visit to Chicago and stopping with friends.. He accepted their invitation for a ride on.fl, steam yacht. They were Some distance from the shore.-and all the party were: at one end of the boat and he at the. other, whtu a splash was heard and it •was found that their guest had fallen overboard. He did'ndt rise to the ,:6ur- face, but a dispatch from Qhicago \s5B.vJ the body had been recovered. It is sup: .posed that he had an attack of vertigo while leaning over the side of the boat. Mr, De Mill was a Mason, member of the Mystic Shrine and Sigma Phi fraternity, and Michigan representative of the order of Sons of the.. Revolution!" The report about the finding of his body has npt yet been confirmed. ... , A BIG LOSS. New Carriage Concern Burned* Oat at fort II u rou. • ' , POKT HURON, June 80.—Soon after the men had quit work* at the k. J. Stevenson Carriage, company's factory Thursday evening flames were discovered issuing from the .roof of the building around the chimney. The building -Wasjtp^jjlcl wooden' one, formerly oc- cumeabythe street anq, the wopd wad soaked wi^ Robert Shellev lias opened a lio iu the building formerly occupied as a uieut mnrkut, opposite E. L. Murphy's store. Give him a call when it» need of any tin wqrk. ' , Tin rooting and ail kinds of tin work done promptly by Robert Sc'belly, • y,ure,en doors and window's all sizes a Hosier's <= -itV ' ' ; . ( '\ "Royal Ruby" B^o Whiskey is free 11 foreign flavor apd adulterants, naturally - ipened and matured by eleven years storage * u wood, itis-a "Rye a? i? aRye, n an,4 coats ao more tban inferior braada. Try it'and ou wjll never be satiafled to use any other. A* pure old whisky is always free from . usil oil, which is a poison; ayd should not takon into the system. Age eliminates it roiu the spirit! by oxidation, and it .is con- •ei-ted into fragrant ethers which give the ' jQupLiiet to- whisky. Sold only by F. G.- Seainan & Co,, Druggist. •'• * "... Au especially tine liu«. of ladies' and • children's hosiery nt the bazar. v ,—.— B —i r «_j Smith is" making the oevf porcelain,v' lamel photos. They just till or a.m'op pictura. , before' tile ."feremen. co-ild rea<$f tb,e scene the bni|di»|f waa wfapped ,in flames, "Afisietance was-useless and, together with ih$ ,oflice w" joined i\ was bqrned to r-'Fiwar.wfi , eprakus aa4 ^Riaes and should ba.\.e a pl^ce at WAS ,LQCKEP UP. Cook Arrested on , lug; Charged l>ETfW>«V SnaQ §Q.— 4 Austin Cook,*living was locked Gran4 - 3^ vjr avenue " named 653 Wa- -eft on com- ^3,sajrance,.o» bmld- Alaout wood, just "th:e game' {o lor nts: w«Wi">tlj made against him. Robert! foar new,' ; oftly. W w«8 la •son & Coqapany The^Qpereif'tJiechiidi!^ has to Mr, Vhay tb*t the „ j&& H«f %>• liole^'i rA4I about .two wa a Cocking e.tof y JX» fo B/« prices. * .rt* ^ He ^ Thabellowing item, clipped from tUe ¥*t disou ^Ic\ya) Pe,mocr§t, .cotutains itfctr- aiafion, >«ll wortt* lewemberwg; ." *3Wtr. J^h«-^oth, of this city', wlao met with a^ ac- eident a few days ago, eprainins *__ .fk _.»&• ' 'I'-itli.^j'a'j ' f ..,"ii.*fe

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