Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 28, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 28, 1961
Page 4
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SB-DEL ft>O (Texas) HEWS-HERAlD, Surday, May 28, 19oi St Gregory's lody Returned to Rome ItOME (AP>—The body cf St. tK> tolkvo <>f cardinals, died .-« Gregory VII, one of the gre^t the #->- m G-j in 16*3, at Saif-ni pop^ of Die Roman CalhuK " ° Ul .''* Vapfe-. Jits b-yh rt- Oiuicr., was brought hatX i > nc ' !int< ' ''«*re. Horn*" 'Hum-day night ..C.r ,- f _ 1 ' 4 " ' '"• v i! - '•" "lat^d in .. Hint-century absence, \ >'i- th !<.> ',<> l;,uk m lit im I'opf Gregory, who <!ccjr-f-.f ' K '^ v ' ir stJibj-cj for priest"; &nd \. -,t,t\ t.,< rxiver of electing ;>«,j.< - ir classified Ads KrUis Results f.,Sr Why settle for LESS? i ~ JU Advertising Seen As Cure *r For Ailing Texas Tourism DAVENPORT ? f L P f^R\—Starting to heel over, the 5.5 sailboat Bfermudes provides a stern test of seamanship for m crew otjring race on the Great Sound off Hamilton. Bermuda. Striving ,o keep hfs baiancr. Pcniij Simmons struggles to adjust spinnaker pole in 35-raHe g*!e show you hcv/ n •s- costs in the long run, and in running expense, too! Friedrich Air Conditioners are more powerful than ever—built to run on lower wattage per BTU, while giving you more ETU's per Friedrich! You'll be surprised how much a FriedRch wiil.coo!—hew little it cos's to run. Let us give you a free home survey—2 demonstration,'of Friedrich's power and .quality with our glass-model unit Call or come in TODAY, Mohair-Wool- Synthetic Blend Prospects Encourage Producers SAX A_\'GELO iSp]''—Texas mo. hair producers fhosild ijo encour- 22*-d over prosjx?f{3 • of manufsc- t'jrt-rs" plans to merchandise t*ar- : ly next.'s'prina clothm? of a rao- hair-wool-symhetk- hJend. • . • • A rcc./nt issut' of the ,Da:ly-Xews Record (New Vork; szld "there i> r; ' defimle awareness of. mohair s mi all major '.vtirsied sys- !»:-!n miiis have incorporated rrso-- i.-S- ^i;* *U& HARDWARE l^SPORTING GOODsL . "YOUR ASSURANCE OF SATISFACTION" 506 E. GIBBS/ PR 5-3502 Khrushchev VVort'f Push JFK Around/ Says Jim Farley DALLAS .'AJ'i—.Janit?. Farley. •party.' ^ai<i Russian Pr< rnie-r Niki;a Kf-,r::!-hciivv "u-ill not push The forjTtc-r p"='ni2?u-r Et-neral sai;; Kennf-iiy js a man f*f extreme cfturac;o and confidence'. The Fr-r-s- ideni and ihe niss?isfi -A-ill talk in Vienna 'nest niontfr Farioy \vas in Dallas as a" «ucst of John Rwnyon;.••publisher of vho : . Dallas' Times Herald. lie \veru ro Uvaitie Saiifrdsy to meet v/itii .John ; .-Cance Garner, who \vas.vice prcs- \ Ideril -when Farlr-v was in Frank: !in Roosevt;f=; cabinet. Farley has ju«i rsmriHH-J from a swing {iirough SoutJi' America wherr- he rrc; four president. 1 ?. "Tney IWF'K • for a re?urpp!:<.:n of I'nc sfietS neishhor policy ir.i':tu>i'd . by Pres'derjj Roosevelt," be .-.aid. hair in iheir '.man-made'' fiber blended fabric ranges. Last year." initially onJy O ne volume imit in- co-iwrared mohair, in a blend of one-third Dacron polyester fiber, one-third mohair and one-third •.*ool. • • . • • '. : "This year." the paper continued, "many-of the blends have 55* ; of the DacrOn fiber, while mohair is about 25'.', and the remainder 23'< woo!." The t-ic.!ha are slightly heavier thin The generally accepted 7Vb 'j-ince for b'cnd tropicals and this is sfiid to be the main reason. along with general consumer acc opt a net-, for the .^ thought incorporating inese cloths into the ear- 1,*£« HEAD THE CLASSIFIED ADS Early Easter Seen As Cause of April Retail Sales Drop AUSTIN (AP)—Retail sales in Tex35 last month dipped 4 per cent from March, a business survey said Saturday. •At TrfJ.S p«r cent of the 1957-59 average for April, retail sales v.ere ? per cent belfrw April 19(50. Retai! ouik-Ts. in March, however, did 4.1 per cent more business than average. The Universily of Texas Bureau r<f B'.'sir.eis Research explained ihf April decline thus: "Kasier came early this year, pushing a large volun?e of sale? of ne'-v apparei forward into March. The result-was an unusu- ai!y h:2h volume of. March apparel ssie? and a consequent decline in .-Vprii." ; !y spring clothihg package. j. Some observers say that nio- ' hair has been helped "consid- ierably" by blending v/nh ' made fibers. i Foreign fabric mills [some of the ^irrspcried mohair i-blends indicate sales in "their in; dividual cases are becomina very : extended. Ctoths of the mohair- J wool-synthetic, blend are c.xpect- I ed to be in the hands of the rc- itaUers by spring. 13G± the paper ;added. Trading in Texas mohair has been on the quii-t side during re;cent days. Offering prices have" j i>gen 91'.2.. cent's per pound for •grosvn hair to the • \varehouse, and ; original spring kid. 31.49 to 51.50 'per pound 10 the \vareliouse. "L'n- " so!d spring mohair in Texas Is ^tstimated ai about 35 niiiJioa '• pounds. It v> as reported that one Boston firm contracted a carload of ; ISCI fall mohair at S1.50 cents •for adult and SI. 150 per pound for kid hair. . •' , : Latest information on mohair sales in .South Airica indicated a slight -price decline, but prices are still very strong when compared with Texas mohair prices. i In sales at Fort Elizabeth at mid-May, prices were quoted as follows: superfine kid. S2.SI to S2.97: fine.- S1.S6 to S2.29: young SI.3? to Sl.&l: fine aduir •, S1.2I to S1.36: medium. Si.10 to 51.21: stained. SI.07 and <o.v. Si cents. . Quotations'on foreign woois laic last week were varied but mostly irregular. - AUSTIN <5pl>—Vitamin "A" for ' atlvertising 1 " v?as nescnbed l-'si- e?ay for Uie ailing Te.\as toui Li indusiiy. by ihe titwly "wganize'U Texas Travel Workshop Cbuncii. Secretary of Staie Kraisk Lfikr.. on !>ehaif of Gaverr*i Dante!, welcomed the group at its first nieet- - : rs. Lake c:v«en:it-ii congraaila- lions to ihe group on behalf of Governor Daniel for their interest •"n developing and proiii'otijiE 'lev- ss' tourist industry! The council •s made up of a cross-section of men End w omen working in ihe "Xoun^i industry — representing tourist associations, oil companies, chambers of commerce, auiomr- bile clabs, restaurants, and special stiractions. Keynote speaker. Senator Bn>ce Heagan of Corpus Christ:, pre- isenied eddence of the declining Texas icurist industry in his talk :on "Tekas -Vc-eds a State Advertising Program." Reagan is or: iginator of Senate Bill 152 author;. :zing spending of state funds to • advertise Texas. He fojd the group ; 5300,009 in state ftinds for tourist ; advertising was' the remedy, and if voted approval., would brifi'^ • a tourist return of millions of dollars.' '-•-'• "We cannot afford to ignore thii imporjant source of money. 'A • i'exans'• want, "these additions! jourist dollars pumped into al! .phases of our economy. Jhey.musi ict now," Reagan staled. "The :a'e of the Texss advertising buJ- fet rests in the hands of the teri members of the free conference . comrnutee of the_LegLsjature. if •you beiieve in tourist advertising. then let your xvishes; be known • hrouah your elected representatives or senator."' Reagan toiti the travel work?}!^r< thai Texas is fading from the tourist market; as people head for the .states that advertise. For three straight years Texas has had a decrease in number i>f visitors. Ten miiiicn tourists visited the .state-in' IS5S: last year ?.6 miiJion. . Tom- K. Tsylor. director of the 'ravel division of the Texas High- : way Depsnment. stressed- the rn'iint that local groups can push state tourism without losing ioca! color and iden'ity. ">!e{'iE advertising is the invitation to come to Texas. Once the tourist is within the borders cf Tne siaie. he finds the uersonali- lies of certain cilfes and tourirtj state, including panel members ' attraction-; especially appealing *j 'his o\vn special inteiesis. Htie is "- th<» struri!> local tit-- in • with sn l overall state advertising program, The state advertising program ; ' Strings him • into the sho\vjooni. : Then ilie f-oal salesman taxes ' °^'V tayim sai.i. ; Br. John ,SII><.>K;OII. uiit-ctor Oi ; 'he 13'ireau of Business Reseaich. 'i ne University of Texas, was 111312 ^ speaker at the afternoon session. ;H e outlined— *fee--.import3iice of a ;' tourist survey — local, aiea and | statewide. ' . J The travel and tourist industry Picture in Ttxas .received cio^re attention from a!i parts of th-> j ;Bil' Henderson, director of tour!MH, Ciiy of San . Atiti>tuu; Jatk ;Lacey» manager of the Atiiauiio i Chamber of Commerce; bob Cct- ; well, director of the Coastal Ben i ; Tourist Association; and Fr-><i '; Pool. executive - vice-president of the East Texas Chaii.bc-v 01 Com- ?nerce. Tom Perkins, Austin Chan:- ber of Commerce, was moderator. ' ; Representatives were on han 1 irom Ihc Texas State Parks' Bean.*, Vatley Chamber of .Commerce-. • jDeep Eas! Texas .• Development • A^scc-iaildn, Highland Lakes -Tonr- lit Association, am! various other lourisi minded groups..;. .throughout LIVESTOCK..... FORT WORTH .? — Livestock compared', to Sns; week: Steers steady to 50-75 off.:.. heifers and calves steady to 5') lower: cows steady to 25 higher- Fioss .steady. Sprinsr lanshs steady to 50 higher. Sheep steady: .Sieers'S1T-S3J.: heifers SUVS2-S50; cows SII,.v;=-.?iC; calves SI2-S24.5Q; stock steers 16.55I-2.S..12; heifers S15.50-522.50: cows S13-S19; steer calves i!7,25-$;:ir: heifer .calves S16-527. Hog top 3!'C.25-S16.50. Spring Jam!)? Slo-S17.5sj: shorn Iambs SM-S13;. ewes'; ewes S-5-S3; KAXSAS CITY .T'—Canie compared with last week:- steers to 73 jower: heifers to SO lower; choice steers 2a.50; choice heifers 523.50; good and choice S2!- .$22.25: _good atsd. choice mixed yearlings £22-^^.50; tiooti and choice calves S21-S25: srood and choice stock steers 523-526.50," good and Choice .steer calves £26£iO: heifer c-aives 523-Si7... -Spring larnhs -steady: wooled iamhs tf> 50 lower: c\ves 50-S1.50 Jo'.ver: choice and prime spring iambs S'".50-Sl!i: co-id and choice v.tuilcd iambs $!?--£» 5: choice and prime shorn lambs £35.75: ewes S1.50-S4.50. Hosi 50 i. : ght-r: lop SI 0,50-SI 7. CHICAGO (AD — USDA — A sumrrary <>f the sheep .markets for the week: > Sheep — comp'areU Friday last week—lamb prices shoived little net change, springers as well 35 ord crop slaughter iambs closc-d steady ?o sirnng. Slaughter ewes ~ weak . ?.v50 Sower! Scattered small- !ot£' choice anci prime 30-100 !h n»!:vo ;;>rJng lambs 20 (K). most a'wri and choice lS.00-3ft.50, 'few- good six} choice 105-123 Ih woo'ed slaushter lamb* l-S.00-75.00. choice End pririi? i*5 '>'-' shorn feel In nibs fail shorn pelts 17.00. mostly choice graik? itsO-KtS !h .shorn fed lamb? JHI 1 pc-its IG.W. deck < and prime 117 !b weights 15.t<0 .'snd several loads ch.oice 110»!'/ ih weishi.' also 15 CO. Cuil in chose*' shorn slsughUjr cues -1.00- 5.S5. .-no?t3y 4.50 up. few" wooled US STAf?S TO FINISH FILM _>*te ?-r*i U.S. iii'ivif- '10 i*o m:«de .?) 'Mixk-o tiji"; year '.viil iinish shooting of "Ceroninio" in the Ch'.'rr-i^-c-i St'jJk=> iiere hc^innina Mondav. Vj'hik" on jf-cstion both Chisck «\irincr>. star in tht 1 - fiirn. .and' Ps! Conway" Jaiinnis for his SeKrvii'ion ."T<;!r>hsJf>ric" r u 1 e s. v.'fTft >n i'.;rt'd. . " ' oo s~ a _n:r«narchv ano-rs French :IIH. Kp;jnish as.-.",- Dr. C. L Basket! OPTOMETRIST 104 W, Losoya PR 5-3762 &%K eA '£•! $%• &-• x^ 1 :ti " I;-' ^ *•'* : *~-'~£ r &• ~~$ - ?"c" = ^.~""' 1 '*" T ' -yZf'^'-. T"-— *:'/ ';-.-"' '* are es ign A Contract Before you sign a confracf for any financing come to The Del Rio Loan Company and let us explain how our LOW BANK RATE of .-financing can save you money, and at tbe same.fiJrn^Tr.ifllce it easier on your ""- '-'.""'.'v^---j . ' budget. IN SOME CASES SAVE UP TO ON A NEW CAR LOW DOWN PAYMENT 36 MONTHS TO PAY! DEL RIO LOAN CO 701 South Mam Dial PR 5-3272 Johnson to Kelp Austin Dedicate New Air Terminal '. AUSTIN (AP)—Vice President Lyndon Johnson, home from his Far Eastern tour. wi!i help Austin dedicate, its clossy new giass i and steel municipal airport S;in' day. : Thc-n he will fly !o San Marcc-s and make, the commencement address at Southwest Texas State ; Teachers College at San Marcos/ his alma mater. | PreFidin^ over the airport cetf: monies will be Col. Vance -Mur) phy. aviation director while the . new S2 million dollar air terminal I was cnnstrticted. ; It takes the place of the shack- like building familiar :o thousands ; of visilors Jo the capita! for many i years. " ' '. -. ^ "!, X-', i HALF THE STORY (The other ^- e ren- more "' " ' " discover, (he first Lime '' driwa Corcair!) TURN THE WiND INTO I Running Water ON YOUR PLACE Atrmolar windmills, *o' free wind power, pump water for all farmyard, pasture, and hom*; needs, Sclf-oilinf; pa my in the Ushtest breeie. . Come In for Demonstration . . . Call U« for Service TIM B. COBB HARDWARE •72 Smiffc Mo** Dial M 5-53M And when \ve say "low' price," we mean rnore -merely the pint-sized figure on the window sticker of a new. Corvair.. You're goi'ng to be .saving like'isixty on gas. And on the antifreeze you won't Ibuy/nc-xL winter, and the radiator repairs you' 11 never have to pay for. About the only- things Corvair doesn't'skimp on are room", .smoothness, style and pure driving joy. But thaf'.s . the other half of the story; Talk to your Chevrolet .dealer about it soon! CORVAIR BY CHEVROLET • See the -new Corrair at yo»r local authorized Chevrolet dealer's JOHNSON-CALL MOTOR COMPANY DEL RIO, TEXAS 117 WEST MARTIN DIAL PR 5-2407

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