Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 28, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 28, 1961
Page 3
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—- JJT" -?i. T ^ ' 6 A -DEL RIO (Texai) NEWS-HERALD. Sunday, May 28. 196T leor Abby . . . t SOMEONE NEEDS STRAIGHTENING! By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABRY: I .have ;: rclniivc who wtis just about leady to.ijivc up when someone nskccl her to get married. She is 52 anri he is 51). Please don't faint, but she is • pUiimiti£ to by maineci in :i white wecjciiiij; gown with ;i veil, the bouquet, bruicsrn.^ins uno everything th:it ROCS with it. She has piny hair autl )<i»ks every bit her 52 years. I am fifraid pec pie in this ttwn will ihin's she hfis Rone crazy. Don't \ou think someone .m the far.iiiy should step in and set her straight? INTERESTED RELATIVE DIZAi; IXTKKESTED: I see nothing wrong with the bride's plans. Someone should set her relatives siraicM. DEAR ABBY: I'ji'm j.hich school vc;i- ior cHic! Slave never been in trouble. 1 have been ti'jcused of stcalmt; ;i purse. ! dicS not sieri! it. At>by. I found it cm my .way \f> school and there was no name or anything in it. 1 suppose 1 shnulri h;i\ r e tur:u-o it in soinewhevf- but I didn't "know where to turn it' ;n, so I look it to FCP.OO; i,n-, : . <trii;tft to u?e it. I was called imo.ihe principal's office. I: wns stolen from one of the gals ai school, A girl whose name they wouldn't leli .rr.e said she heard me teU nnothc-r giri I stole i'. arid uo'. to say anything. Now the whole school is against me. I swear I didn't s!e;il that purse. How c;^-. an innocent person proiect herself asair.-: gossip? 'INNOCENT DEAR INNOCENT: Quit trying to disprove gurit Jhat does not e-visl. The word of the crirl who claimed she heard you say you stole it should have been disregarded until she agreed to" face you with the accusation. Forget it, nij- dear. And others will. v ^ s v i DEAR AfiBY: 1 was born in America but have bee;i on ships all my life. [ have nc-ver seen :»:iythistg iikc tlie wny the Amor:- c;-.;i women girdle themselves in nrtd sirup themselves up. H really s.'ols site. I do not know who they think they are kidding; with ai! those wires, elastic devices ami contraptions to hold them in place. When they get. home ;md lako iK-ir girdles off,'they spread mil like a baseball field. WORLD TRAVELED BACHELOR I>EAK BACHELOR: 'Hem- do YOU know? V - -'- * \DEAR ABBY: It sure eiuHiyh biirns me tip ti. hear The way some of those Yankees fun of the- way we Southerners talk. When we say, "You -all," we mean ""AH of you.'' No Southerner .would ever say what th.-tt !;;•:*>• from Fr<v.k!yn s;»id to l!ie man from Yirginin—"Orop dead, you ;>H"—unless slie m can; i'or evrjryor.** in Virsinia to drop dead. If ?i^c cun*! talk properly,' she should hush lip her mouth. FROM GEORGIA AND PROUD OF IT Yes. Abby will answer your letier pcr- s<-':ia!K ;f you v rite 10 ABDY, Box 3365, Bev- eriy H = j/.s, C;<iif._ and enclose r. stumped, EC) i-ariurc'ssed or.vclope. Gc-Uir.g married? Frir Abby's booklet, "Kov,- »o Have A Lovely Weddins,'' send 50c to ABBY, Box 3'Ms". Beverly Hifls, Calif, i Distributed by -MeXuught "Syndicate, Inc.) Administration Hopes Changes Will Dislodge Stalled Farm Bill By OVID A, MARTIN WASHINGTON (AP)—the Kennedy administraiion" will carry ameadments to Capitol Hill this week which it hopes will dislodge its stymied omnibus farm .bill. The chanaes relate to two major provisions, including the controversial clause for formulating farm commodity supply and production control measures which, critics claim, would short-circuit Congress. " Under this proposed procedure, the secretary of agricult'ire and Fermer A d v i s o"r y committees. wouUl draft control programs for _ individual commodities, dc- 5icned to stabilize prices and supplies. Such programs would go into effect if not rejected by cither house of Congress and were approved bv of the producers voting in a referendum, A number of lawmakers have said they do not favor granting that much aullioritv to the secretary and farmers. They insist that such programs should be approved by Congress in (he regular process. . • " Secretary of Agriculture. Oryille Freeman will offer changes (hat would srt up three different courses -:>f action which Congress mi.cht lake on commodity pro- prams. One would be the proposed in the .legislation, that programs require a rejection within GO days by cither house if they didn't meet Congress" approval. A second course would be congressional approval of the programs by concurfent resolution within GO" days from the time" the plans were submitted to Congress. The third would be congressional ^approval,, with amendments if -changes were desired by lawniiik- ; c-rs. within the 60-day period. Another change to be proposed would eliminate from the .bill pro- ' visions for national marketing orders under which not only production controls could be established, but also shipments by ] crade. size, quality, container and the like. Present farm law authorizes -marketing orders on a regional or commercial area basis for a limited number of commodities. .The administration bill would fx- • tend the coverage to other prod; ucts r but only oh the regional ba- ' sis. Some dairy as wcll'as livestock groups have voiced sharp opposition to the idea .of national orders. i Florida's Winter i Tourist Trade Dips BIBLE WEEK— Erwin D. Canham, editor erf the Christian Science Monitor, will serve as national chairman for the 21st annual observ- vance of National Bible Week, October 16-22. Tne observance it sponsored by the Laymen's National Committee. u intezfuth group. Kla. (API — Florida's j winter tourist season . (bis year ; f howed a 4 per cent drop from | last year for the hotel and. mute! ; business. I Horwath &: Horwalh. arcoutH- | ants for (he industfy, said Tlnirs: day hotels and nioicl.s on ihc .i-Lowcr East Coast suffered a 3 ; per cent sales drop. Hardest hit 'were those in and around'Tampa. I Orlando and Jacksonville, where sales fell 13 per cent. ATTENTION BOYS A N GIRLS A. J.B.C. Summer League NOW BEING FORMED! PLANNED FOR 1.30 P.M. EACH WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. V for information, contact— Highland Hills Bowling Lanes PtESTON REAGAN OR BO* MAZTIG p» . . . < UOCXS NORTH Of MEMOHIAL HOSPITAL PR 5-2403 Look at these Low Prices on NYLON-TUBELESS TIRE with HAMPIONS 7.50-14 Black Plus tax and lira off your car REGARDLESb of CONDITION .Firestone's superior quality allows us to give you a 12 to 36-month guarantee against tire failure from blowouts, cuts, bruises or breaks caused by normal ROAD HAZARDS encountered in everyday driving... PLUS our Lifetime Guarantee. OTHER 5 RATION AT ELY LOW-PRICED! MONTH >1 ROAD HAZARD 7.50-14 Black Plus tax and tire ofl your car REGARDLESS of CONDITION •- Famous Firestone prccision-bladed tread design *• Made with long-wearing Firestone Rubber-X T - S/F Safety-Fortified nylon cord body GUARANTEE % $0"pO$!tyr,1>toffWENT ?. * ,;\^^«^«!yj»ur,cari- ^JR^^g^^jCortdittgn - ll i'- 8 - - - - r ;.... --•—. _i-.-. — 2?.- ?~...: rrg^ . El-cry rtcni Firestone lire is GUARANTEEO iti Aeainst dpfecls in wbrkjnanship ami matprinl.-; for the .life of •£* the orictnal tread. iij Againsf nnrma! r"ad Iin7ar'i=; fpxr-»]H r«'!i!e p>inr'i!r<"=) ^ cncountortxl in everyday '.\r\vstig- fir th.« mirt«)>.T of moiilh^'Z-:* pjvcifipH. 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