The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 7, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1892
Page 4
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f. 1892. The It is beyond our expectations and the m&iiy who have called and .embraced the op portunity to aFthe r' prices quoted will long re^member. \ >">**<> 41 » •" **>• r* H * , - ;TH1S SALE .. r over all. others. If you have not called, come in arid get the prices and we will guarantee you can not leave the Have never before been offered by ^any C^otjkiier tn Michigan a-s we are how placing v before the people. Eemem- berthisisno bankrupt stock of old : goods, but are Clean, Fresh Goods. Come to the big'Store which has a Clothier, large stock and low prices for"ail. that : is hereby of the itogkholi'vrs of US Co.' wilrke "held nt the u.Hi'ee ^^ ' ( -*X ' ' O'~ Company, . at^MardbHll »\lo4i4ay, 9 a\fn. for'lfu 1 t-ltctiou of X ••and ff^>Such otnur biioiiix?,*s ai may come befofe ffee meeting Signed by W. . , •"*- &. K. -• ' MARVIN V t, ; ,v,- 4..I.J Hio tvvi-mY \curs. No 4u<j coiiH>li<lt; wnlicjut it. Children. Cry for 1 Pitcher's Gastorla. 'coffee far iwt tul>le N t , A Wall Paper The largest the lowest prices H YOB'S DruglStore carry a full line of PinftreO & : u'-i-^J-..--. 'si, A. U lUcUraw .&• Co.'s and tVd tfc Son's bwe shots. L " BROS .. Oct Buckwheat, uuil all at (;)_, A of custom Cast iron plani 'brackets, Men-lira, i lll»nr 0. A Chesber makes tlws best Buck • wheat flt«r anc Graham. „ IB order to make fpoca for ntAt irall paper at Isbst. eistudard o)tittTa at Qun CHEAPER CAS FORLIGHT, . carry u lull lip«= or AH goods ueyp Any person or Irtcti for eleQtne Hgbtiuvr will tunl at tbo reoojgtler's e-JJica evHjrjr^ls.5^ in • jreek except Sunday fronj K>jjr to t>i\j>. S6JTgeS pa. and, troa\. sey«n to by buying vour toots j Grnee liros. - " Any person pot wishm^j to come to ti) 1 ' Office will please send postal aii<S L wijj go IQ their place- of bu^inl^a or dene*. ^ R. FiSi.HEjj, Kycoriltr '. ,' X J)j*ess Goods ~" 1 Cnpt. \\. A.. 'Abbott,-'who In with Jle.-«rs, Perotval and." rft.i: luaurauoa Brokers, [ o\\a, .a'lj,! -ts ope of the best HlO»t TC^rtpdittiCtuUSlUC'sd ttAGll itl 1 Mi^al "Jcau testify to thegood I Cimuitierluin'g CVugh Reipedy. .« ^ i- "' "" '" !• ' "> " " „*• v, . \ used 11 m my fuisitiy fur th^paat Homer flour !«* |^ 10 pn- 1UQ rb" 1 j. uaa %f«ly%ay it has DO eqital "" .Btll Ptrrin'o fluilr ju MjtuU- 'wlitvli j eold^ur croup.'" 25 aud SO-cent bottte'lor New TO CONSUMERS „_©OasCompany anouncea . . p ., „ tiou in pBces ofOas,f(5T:LIG'HTING wherever 0aa is used AL,pp for COOKING or. HEATW* to taV- effect on .and afltor » , SBPTBMBEB 1st 1892 ; . . GASSTOVB BATE5S,$1.60 per 1000 cubic Ft. For all Oau cibcaaniod where & GAS RANG5 » used. For ajlsaaoonbttmed-wnere COOKING or HEATING,1$T9VES we used &nd ths ooauumj/tiou IB uol leas than lOOO^ubio feet ' B at a for Gaa used for 1 LIGHTING OSLIf Temun unohangel and^aro aa fallows; || Less than JOOO cubjp ft. in one month, $2 Otl-per lOOG^ ft. 5000 cwbb ft. and*less Hian 10,000 cabjc ft 1 month $1 90 'per ' ~- 10,000 or over, I month *i SO. per 1001 tfuhio ft. * (cubic ft. All the above rajtea«jre aulgeot to a dLacouut of 10 eta .per 1006 pubic ft whoa th«T piatb« bill iu paicfin Q,' fceforo the 1.0th of the aioath nejct following. . The abor j special rates are'mtfllei t > iodoc« poiiWtmfire . t<^ u*i gas for cooking and tte ADV-ANTAGE of Gas For ^ iC f«Jl> a A. V\AT8»UN . larei to the 40016. ^AUCTION "pF.'''J4AriNeS5 " ". STOCK. ; Oenai^ting of the entire stoc-K in baraess .raak-ers'- tools, ibe eattUti of Wftt- . George ELrauae, Hte o-f. Tejco^ha, de" .on Nov. 14lli at one SWp ^ between »ud Q. ii. TUouipsyu's a,t public aueUqu, |w tk* highest bidder tUe ubovtj •tock consisting of .ioather, bovsu blun- keVi tobes! barnesie^ and the usuul va- rietj of merchandise found iu a well baraeaa maki-ri' tQgetber vvith the tools of trade . 09MH *r«rybody and buy yourself rich D. ov?r J ohn -Bitj tljer'B »aoe store, -']_'•"" _ ' , " • , ..' ' i ^ult''IlK^T ~*^.y sipre AU £iKt£ tUTdCtt^^lhe i_1 tfent. location in Mari-litUI.' IpcoK-rly occu fidJ lit- Joliii duller. It iulw reabotly been fitted up alid Is yjlu.Uil in A vtry floe combio&tioo of (Iu4orn. CHKlsi, FttBO VOUBlt. A°, uml jirii; 'BUSINESS fur : «a!6 ou Mate the M.M- fstcele property- For tenfl*' ply to P. OuauiDghaw, Agent. 1 BSf— A'dwaJllng hou&e lu- gqpd f J. J. FftUey at tUcToutine hote 1?< OB SALE-A i*o. 3, Kttdlwit J? >us»d two winiera. S-0- The Kftdi.iui ua,nU. eaah buys it. in the.bea' coftl Btove on J.JJ. MOSES. t leauHiie**; serover I7^€AS STPV|S i«)w in; u^p-in SPCCniL REDUCTION IN GA9 FIXTURC9* ' A diBcou t of 10 per centosill Da made from regular priOu'u oin - -•- - - ioaidte piping ordered aad cowpleted from • • Sept 1st 1892, to April Fix ure» or The MARSH AH, LIGHT Co. A i //» MONTH COilMlSaiQiS. WftttMsd— 9P I UU 9P I UU Qood, OJve, tastil,ine ft.gest in eRtsry t uw.n a.ud cuuut y iu tee Uuited Stales to sell oar dur*. ular*. . pure tew, coffuen, *ploe« fl,nd baklnjc <". out stamp for price lint An N f £4 O " J.H. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. OjBlaa over Mi- j ixeDy'siMlUeaerT ijjere. TtQA KENT—A part of ihe houfte known w Uio RJBFT— uai).' V ,e on «ortb oo*tw»B. 41*0 BB-

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