The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 29, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1893
Page 2
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• fir • /* V.JUNE 29, ^HE RAILY CBROMCMi c & Dally, one yearthroMffit t». e...«4 76 Daily, delirered. 10 cent* per SnbtorlptKxjij' received at Ibe efflrf alien 151 State street. J,M. KOSES. New York Advices Show an Improved Condition: „< EXTEA SESSION 01 CONGRESS ASKED A Mexican Scheme Proposed by Which It I* Believed the United States Could Fore* Bi-nietallsm In Europe— Senator >'-;p«ffler Give* Hl» View of the Case. NEW ¥ORK, June 29.— Bankers re., ported an easier condition in the money market Wednesday, morning. There Was no extraordinary shipments of currency reported, Up to noon.', no telegraphic transfers of money had been made to San Francisco— the demand .from that section was -believed to be over— and the only, thing noticed-out of the ordinary '-was a large ntunbertif demands- for rediscounts from all over the country, The silver question was the chief topic of discussion on Wall street. Later in the day; however, the clearing house loan committee issued $1,330,000 of clearing house loan certificates, making the total amount issued $6,860,000. The sub-treasury transferred §115,000 to San Francisco by telegraph 1$ return for gold deposited. It -also received $200,000 in gold and greenbacks in. exchange for currency of small denomi- tions. The free gold in the treasury is just $96,000.000. No extraordinary shipments of currency were made to the country, either west or south, by the banks of the sub-treasury. A MEXICAN SCHEME. It I* Believed the United States Could Force Bl-Metallsm In Europe. CITY OF MEXICO, June 29.— The tremendous drop in the price of silver bringing exchange on New York to 60 per cent has created much discussion among Mexican bankers. They generally regard the present situation as offering a great opportunity for th* United States to force bi-metalism upon Uurope. It is suggested by one man that the United States might issue a gold -loan of 8500,000,0 0 4 1-2 per cent bonds, which, it is said, would be immediately taken up in Europe where all other government securities would immediately drop heavily, not being able 'to with American bonds. Then, according to the theory, gold would flow into the United States and in a short space of time bi-metalism would have to be adopted by Eurbpe7 and the enormous quantity qf silver held, by the American treasury would rise in value, the whole transaction being profitable to the United States, ,'..•' STRONG PRESSURE Being Brought to Have Congress Convened at Once. WASHINGTON, June 2& — Secretary Carlisle's mail is loaded down 'with letters from bankers, commercial men and others calling on the president to convene congress at once in extra session to consider financial legislation. The pressure is great, but there is semiofficial authority for the statement that congress w?P not be convened before September, A cabinet officer, speaking " of the financial situation, said that there was no doubt in\ his 'mind that the r«3- .pea^of the Sherman, law would bring/ about much .needed relief/ whether .temporary or"ipermanea»t, time alone • conld demonstrate. MR. PEFFEfi tAUKS. Who Kanaa* Statesman Gives His Ideas .About the Kxtra Seinion. fcWANApoiJB, June ^.-^Senator Pef.-, for of Kansas is in town. I» an inter' , *iwr, he -said: "Congress 'V§1 not meet before September. ' W^h|«gtpB is .too warm a yifcce in tixe«u|iiaer and ~' mostotthe members would oppose It." action on silver do you antici- r " Jtjoyef ease • ot , enacted in IWri J df* yitlt John ?. Altgeld as the principal actor. The, Journal eays;—, GWernof Altgeld -.jbascs : 1iis claim to citfttetishiyon the simple statement thrtt his father was naturalized while his son was a minor child. John P. Altgeld waa born in "Prussia In 1818, and came to this country with liia parents when a oqy, Ms father settling on a farm near .Mansfield, 0. If the tathtr was made a citizen while the latter was 'under 21, nlwavs providing that tlie father whs legallyjwtttral- •fegd then there 4?aii 'be no question as to the governor's title to citizenship;. but }f Mr. Altgeld, senior, waited' until his *pn was over 21 before taking out £ perfi then, most -assuredly the title bf e governor to citizenship is badly clouded. ,. A )><-al JUe.ported. ' , MoJJTRftAt,, June 29.,~ Word Jias reached here that Duncan Mclntyre of this' city, George Oould of Ne^ York and other g»htlenien who went to Iron- flon to make arrangement^ to acquire control of tho fJtrahd Trunk railroad, •have succee<le<l in making such an' ar- rnngtiment that the management of the road will be transferred to this side before long. r Will Kntlre From Tlu«ln«s». Njsw YORK,. June 29.—It is' an- nonnced that Honry Viljard intends to withdraw from all the companies with whicih luv.has-been identified and retire from active business life. Three Men Killed., WIUTHSIDE, S. D., Julie "29,—Charles Breuluin au<l two ihinors were killed by a cavern at tlie Ifoniestake mine, b Deulfm Froiii Clioh-VH. PATHS, June 29.—Two more persons have died of cholera in Toulon and one. hi Moutpelior. erman law will be .. the first thin*, The effect " new one. fcy 9 aew <04gnia£Miole pir%® *°«a A'Wagon Load Of Money dqes not necessarily imply content and happiness on the part of its possessor. It is npt money that gives us pleasure, but the things that money will buy. ' Some people spend money foolishly, "and fancy they find enjoy- inent in doing it, but the pleasure is more fancied than real. No man who buys The McCormick ^ No. 4 Steel Mower can ever be accused of spending money foolishly, and he'll find a hundred reasons to convince him of his wisdom. We are building the No. 4 to meet the demand for a really superior mower, one that embodies the prime requisites of durability, convenience and light draft. You'll like this mower; not merely because thousands of other fanners like it, but because it* is a really likeable machine. If you are going to buy a mower you ought to see the Ko. 4. Get the McCorroick Catalogue any way. All agents, furnish it on application. ,, SlcCoRMiCK HARVESTING MACHINE Co. - CHICAdO, ILL. K. S. UG\VLKV,A B t Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. All pepsons are notified not to dump any mote garbage in the streets. PETKK HOWE, Marshal. /^ If«r Over Fifty Yearn. MBS. WiMbi&ftr's BooTBisa SyROR- baa. !»-_ used for children, tocthlog. It soothe* theT^bM, allays all pain, cure* wind colic, and la tli,e beat remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a bot- U». bold b> all druggists throughout the world The Pyramid PJleGurc i9 a^iew disc<yjery for the prompt, permanent eu»e of Piles i evej^forml Every dmggi|t baa it. When Baby was sick, wegaveber(3a8toriA. Wheo '^ie was a Gtiild^-ahe oried foe Captoria, When she became ¥lss ; 4xe d»mg to Carfwrla, The GREATEST MJJ the CENTURY, ' The 4th-Xtrie Worlds Fair. TIME TAM.E, JUNE tg, 18JJ3,, TJurea BABY. -ia Chicago, Lv. Kalaraazoo.. BftttteCreok Marshall, Dp t Jackson. Detroit . «• Buffalo.. 208 948 a is 338 480 6 45 n m. fl 65 TBAtun'wisTT WATIOM8. t>strolt,Lr 8 15 Jackson...11 4H Ajblon ....113 ij Hawhall.,13 « Battle cr'k 1 20 iJaUmazoo 3 08 Chlc4po,Ar 7 85 p. m. Day'OhlC « in. woo •flfi 0S8 1003 1023 1046 tree 410 u*«- A- Uvo.A a.m. f,W pvffl. 116 8 10 JS88 853 415 447 » 10 p.m. Kal. p.m. 600 731 8 IS 888 960 sp'i* i«£ •^'* a. m a IB 6 10 COS 7 00 11 16 a.m. p.m. 12 M 9 10 ISO) 6 47 18 86 1;«8 8 SB 7 W •Oally tBUndarii ?'O ea ' I> «<«-* Ticket gt. O, Freight Annt. o. -A. UUORH. Tlckst A»ht. Harabali DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY for the World's Fair, besides boir.g m itself e most beautiful spectacle tho 'world has ever seen, will have hn unsurpassed program; of nttrnctions, novelties, illuminations and pyrotechnics. The Michigan Central Gets there as usual, and offers a splendid opportunity of seeing them at the low rate of one \fare for the round trip, with tho addition of admission fee to the ground^ to avoid th^ annoyance of buying tickets in the crowd at the Pair gates, " These tickets will bo good going only on special train of first class coaches arriving at tho Terminal Station in the World's Fair Grounds on the morning of July 4th, and leaving there at 10:45 that night. Those .who desire to stay longer can re- tura within fout days, of date of sale'df tick- eta oa regular trains NOB. 2, 8, 12 and 1C, from the Chicago qity stations. : Train leaves Marshall 5:35 a. in. arriving in Chicago 11^0 a. m., rate $5,15 this includes admission to the Fair! •• World'* Colnmblan Kxposltlon. . Tho Michigan Central will soil tickets fropj Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of sevea dollars and thirty cents for the round trip, limited to Nov. 5th. Children under 12 years of ago, half fare. Tickets not good on 1, 4,10 or 20. N. A.Sherman, the old reliable unlj. WANTS, FOUND. ETC. versal auctioneer, ia prepared'to attend^ ~ • sales of all kinds. Ho sells anything and everything, household goods farms, city property, stocks of goods of all kinds, and makes a specialty of farm sales. If you have anything to sell call and see him. s^i Bz.t p.m 74S 1045 1181 1140 18 W 1 10 160 Don't get excited over croup ipr quins> when Lavender Ointment will relieve you within ten minutes if uped as dicected. 35 and 50 cents. Notice to CycHbtu. The practice of riding bicycles on the sida walks must be stepped at once. Any persons violating the law in (his respect do so at own peril. Keep off the walks and save trouble. PETER HOWE, Marshal. • A Surgical Operation, For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless/ and invariably expensive,' on the other hand there is a new certain cure, , perfectly paipless, gives instant relief and permanent cure and costs but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure, It is a more certain cure than a surgical op- eratioa, without any of the intense pain, expense /and "'danger- of an operation. Any druggist will get it f 91 you. Just as bure as hot weather conies there will be more 5r less bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, and especially families, ought to have some reliaole medicine at hand" for instant use in case it is needed. 'A. 25 or 50 cent' bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is just what ysu ought to have and all that you would .need, even for the most severe and danger.ffus pases. It is the beet, the most re- pliable and most successful treatment known> jpnd ispleasant to take. For sale at Greene's drug stare. The best ^ertumes W- ways in stock at«<2r, H. Greene's Prug store- Ladies are invited call and test then! ~ Cincinnati, Jackson & Macta Tline table taking effect Jane fiB 1898. Tralnn pane Marshall M follow*: ' • ' TRAINS OO1HO BAiT. No.2S,Toledo ExpreBB ............. ....701 am V », CincinnatiJCxprees .....844am " £1, Mall and Kxpre«8...,. SOSom " 87, Local FrolKht...'.*.........,..., --' IRU»» aoiwwMn. ., S lnolnnaU * B -O' rpn»* 691 pa " S*, JlipresB •„........-..18»Sam " 88. LocalFwlgU ,.,,.... ....oSOaa, All trains d»lly except Hunday. Direct connection* are made at Toledo tod Ctnotnatl with all roads diverging Tralna 31 ana 28 make go od oonneetlon at Mou teltb with the OB. & L, and at Allagan with ihe 0. & W. M for Qraud Haptds. Muskogon and *ll points north. 1?. B. DRAKE, Oej, M'g'r. r, ,, T '.,Vi^ «JUINi*IiBB..0eD. Pau. Agt C, I?. M1ZK, Agt., Marshall) , - ^.Twenty cents a week for each notice not ox cecdlng Ure lilies. No charge less than twenty cents. ' * E °5,.n ALB T A new Bln «er sewing machine. ., , ^V 1 b(i aold al * bft'gaTn. Enquire of O, A. llodliel at etone batn. W ANTED-Sttaatlon wanted by a competent lady as vegetable cook or dish washer In a hotel or restaurant. Please enquire at No 800' State street. F OUND-A lady's gold watch. Owner can ob- tlan tome by i rovln« property and paying charges. Call at Cathcarts jewelry store. t O8T— Friday at the swimming hole, a gold JLj band ring. The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning the same to O. D. Brewer al Brewer's tlore. . LJM3H BALE CUEAP-Two desirable balldin K A . lotg. Went Uanovor street. For term* ai»- i.iy to Geo. 11. White. __ MRS. A. J. TALMADOK. A YQUNQ SLAN wants wlrk. Wrlttng or any — ^ouae and two lota on east Green street. Jinqulre of Mra. Delaney: L OS-r-bingle bridle, between Marshall and Battle Ui.evk. Hew.rd of 60 cenui. 'Finder piu» ? e leave at billiard hall dtj.iuuV and receive reward, Dji8 KOJ*Lli)i -ANTED TO KENT-TVvo or more furnlshea Mich. W K'rE^A good, smart boy, 16 or 17 year* ot age. Apply c,o Ueo. H. White. W aloii and uraad Miecta; i! arakaU city, a new pockei- baok containing $ IB, A suitable reward wfll be paid for ith return* w the CAroaicle oiflce. ™ SALE CHE \P-A11 aizea ot hogsheads, . good for, cisterns and water taja£;!£ quire at aoa, Qramer'a ^ F HY pay rent when ypu can buy a lot on JJartln and Hatch'* addition aad jiave » souse Imilt to auit you, and pay Jo ^' ^ * on ca Uatoa, over Wm. Mwtin'a More •M i«- o-fflci e %K o sf to * 'JKf^jrta^j&JwwtfiMaji

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