The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 7, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1892
Page 3
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;THE X', £ CHROHICL& NOVEMBER 7* T«»2. MtJtOROLOGICAL jUeal metebtologidttl renon taken by at Green*'* drag istorfe. 89701) 45 fa- I've • sw 3t By Mtering la it 84 honra. , ttoermr.tuetet for tho ' The country Will be saved again morrow. " - , H. Gulp, of Atiien^-^aa itt this «Ity today. ' • " , ^ ' '' , The election tickets?are all distributed Sheriff Prentice tookthfe Ia8t packa20 x to L«ltdy late this afternoon. The betting in Jfew York Saturc^y : " BRtVmtb. ,' H. E. Davis, of Homer, was ; n „ thi^city todfty. '*• * It looks tonight as if it might be 0 a democratic'day today. * The republicatft will' receive electjofr return! at Maccnbee hall. " IteV. J.A. Young is visiting itvthU city* Mr* Young Js now located ington, this state. Mra, O U. Thompson returned day night from a six months trip through, the northwest. • * A number of joun« people from ,-^SoUth Albion spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E W. Hollori ,, Marriage licenses issued NOT. 7: ,' Samuel S. Lothridge-and Florence M. Stewart, both of Battle Greek *i*he bogus- check racket was worked in Jnckdon Saturday quite successfully ,Two checks ojt ( $30 each'* were cashed. The forgers sentfa small boy to get the money the>»atne as they did Sn this city. In making arrangements for the campaign supper the people's party wad ignored . enUfeiy, according / to the pro- granfpubllsbeU. The party expects "to cut quite A figure in the election, even if it does not at tho supper. , • Christmas and New Year holiday • railroad rates will be a'fare and a third for the round trip between pqints with* 'in 800 tnlles of each othe/. Selling will begin. Deceniber 34 and tic^tjta will be good returning until Janua.ry-3 Tba tpter* in this city'demonstrated very thoroughly last spring that tb«fy .. understood now to vote under Chef new iaw and w}11 probably hate vno trouble tomorrow in finding 4he riatutJ on tire the ticket which they wish/to yojse for, A good place to get. a substantial lunch on election day will be io.iheva cant stoie on north stye of Stale street, .formerly Johp Builur. .'I'he officers and members at th« Juuiur League will tlH-rustfH sandwiches-, fried caked, but tu* tiu,d,wUlV*K .«?U'., at A vary .reasonable priou. . . night 'was even that 'CleVelam^ Would have 20,0(K) majority and two' to one' that he would carry th$ state. There will be lio admission, fee chargexl to bear the election retp,rns^t the opera hmtse Tu»s<lay nigfif, Ev^ body ; wifl i»e welcome* An irtstruiDdBt in the hdll today'am) every, is in readiness to get tbje returns; eatdiuga statement of Michigan railroads for the month of July,' whrfch was issued by Co'tnmission«!r Whitman today, gives-, the earnings at &.819,405 33, an inoreasVof $1,393,95^.52 over •the corresponding mouth laat ( jear. The total earnings 'fro'm January^! to AUgast 1 were $58,595,842 97,~ ^ot" th same period of 1881 they were $51,093, 06885. The per cent i)f increase " Pro^nte Court. Estate of Mark Berry, deceased} peti tion filed for appointment of aduitirts tratsr. Order; for hearing Dec. C. l JSstaie ,o,f WiUiam H. Porrine, de ceased^, petition fileU for license to sell Ten young republicans and democrats Iwvr.uitule aliyvjjVb'KJ. t'he party joa-» iag the eleeiiou'Hs to H.r.uiiili the oyster supper,fur law vitipra.rnU" sf'tvu them a rid« up «irtd down tjjaU}. attest and fafe oisb tiu horn> 'and othi-r •> havd the agency for thje ^ale of^ CLOAKS madefroro.'these popu-' lar ggods, and we will £ell thein at very low .prices to get them introduced here. Every garment warranted s. V. RAEPPER. real estate/ Order for hearing Estate of Abraham Weatbrook, do ceased; order 'dl^oharKing Samuel A. Flint as executor. Estate Sarah 'A.. Mack, incompetent; guardian's tinal account rendered and nefcjpt in full tiled from Sarah A. Mack Estate of David, Jeffrey, deceased; in* .ventoty nod appraisal of estate returned by executor . . Matter of adop'tion- of Marian Pratt, minor; application for adoption and order conHrmine adoption b> Martha . Eitate of jEfijalv Andrus, deceased. .order allowing claims and closing hear- J ' Estate. x>f Suinuel Hiiiford, deceased; licenso,., granted adniiniStrator to sell real estate ahd "bont! of ' $3,000 order^tl filed "*; *• • ;" f ', > ;.•••'-', Estate -'.uf /Nicholas MHiiniauV <i» ceased; putitiun liltd'fur appointment of ndiuiimirvtar.' For- Im'ne than to berlaiii'.-t Pain f ect+'d pan s. tLere j.-* uoLhiujg Uett r a ))j)h'iiel clutli \viUi l"hu' and bind it on ihe i.t- it and y.ou -will t>n st.v- rih^t I am a little far to the Bast end bktas our city is gi;ow- iiig we must spreactmit;, we all eafi.- not do business in th^\Qenter f but it will pay you if in WanKpf any Hardware to give ine a ave two carloads of Ac* & Heating StOvesJ^) pick from. Over One Million of these stoves no w r lzf use. E very body is invited! td call at my Salesroom and r ip- spect my new Jine of goods. ."•* . " * . - • • •** WHALEE. East State Street. prmed at the prpmjjt. r^li^ f it affordt?. sinie trfeatmeat will cure HBle<Hi,(t,reiin'i druu store. 'Hi ey« .outCur.thtiiuud \t 0rediteu-fv uleytiou-will be thrown in. th'e bouse, fop I do nyt tbiufc that «itber the repubiioans ur d,euioci'aui cau y&L u niajoriiy- of Ifte electoral college, Tn&jL* Uiy opiuion of the last, few days." ot Mar- NoJ Tekou- Marsbafl wvill bts held Stone school Among Tefconsba .Jt^w*?. 'A great effort wjll be made\Jt make the .Ualhouu 1 county union Sund.tiy^ch.Ouyi xjonvenliou to be* held in this place^JJov. SO andSO^n e^ Cgptjt i >nlly ^food OOJB^." This wilJL-,^(-tbe f an,nu i Taeeting. ~&e*;^V. J£". of A-Ui^n, Mrs. H C. fha»,?>! >l'Bev. J,A. •ha, ar.w the A (Juion Sunday iociation of- tUe j^ortn Fenntield Sunday eehtjpl in fenttfieW-at the^C^^ honse-iTrlday, Nov. Utfe, ^he Speakers, fron» abroad who will take -' p»tt jn the exereis0JS aVe • VV. A J?owejl anXW. «f',,(Sr>eg£of Marsball; Rer. Vf. T. Efooer, of,Albion; David Vollick, of CeresWji ami Rey. W. S. RiUer, of Bat : •. tie premie-. ' . . T^« Salt N IdU>.e Tribunu ',1 Get. contained an account of Of C9»a?. tt. Modyre'a baby daughter ,ou Sunday last, TbdxUereuiowy took place in the »part,sueuts\of the parents iu fteed'8 Hotel, Salt Ujte City, »ev. Saw uelUnsworth, qf the Episcopal .church of tftf Oood S^eoard, oflieiatiBg. The b*bjr*| ip^sjilaj.^, Judge 4ae. A |*iner, atood u godfather aud Mr^ Miner and Mins ttattie Miner as god mothers. The'child was'jjaoied M&rga r^t MlfterMcClure. Th'e Mtl« Miss w« ' tte recipiwM. of preaeotafropi Michigan Hpw Yprk aad lorejign purts of Utah ' 'Ijlj :tl)>one w!io ivill 'HHMHV . k ix p, "\ sP«»r. th •'llbriJildii ^ ""Will with ling or call pn' your "ftrusgi-i; ,L.j»v<jnder Ou»- Ahthnintic Balsaru, ujt-dicin, Uve .lives when doctors fail, i'i Mem r.itous Croup, InJlauimaUolf rf the - Jb,ev'er and Ty,p'hoi mooia, awo quickly r.elieves a i S(?arJet Feyjer, W oopiug , ^ore^f Jjreat, -Bujrus. S' .Ids m»d ir »ftietioB(».v- 3& and 5im*uts,«H- itf t)B H«-1>HABP8T«KM, 1'lopri Mar's lial 1. Michieau y « X-tiv, IATr .v> Away." " c. . -.,,-/>.la the uaine of a littl^ book j«t»t° received, Uing a'l about Ne-to bac, the wonderful, iqrmles* {juarauteed care 'for chewing, making, cigarette habit or snulf 4tpi>i^S' ^o-to-bac is the only guaranteed tobacco it ci re id the world. Sold by drugj;ij»ts. l^cimojt this paper. 45 Randolph "str, Mineral Sp^ngs, Ind,., frae. anil or Indiana^ jjet n tiaok Of MILLINERY GOODS FOB THE NEXT, 30 DAYS, Casii alV Hats and Banitets, AV. . feathers, Fancy Teatfiers, if - '* *|/'"' ^ •-•'• Ribbons, flowers, Laces, . In fact FOR1THE NEXf THIRTY *DAY«. MISS HAN N A, is in Charge oi my Workfloom She is latly from the wholesale house of a large experience cau givtbjfou ollocb, Peitibooc &. (Jliap.niau and on short ami 'WhM Bftby waMtek, wi gave her she gav*thwa Oftstorla. Happy and «»t«»t is a home with " The Rochester; a lamp with the liffht of the aionung.- Caialogues, write sSochtstet — Very «&eap, nUtoT*. J u,t Mra C, B. Webster'*, No. 68 «f 0. T. ITH>JSSALE J? io4» I^Uftll* 3U Malberrjr «Ueet, I-ot 8 JOHSM ^C.NOYER ? S 2 4oors 'west of P. O. Is the place, THE RED FLAG. 2 Stores AC,

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