The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 7, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1892
Page 2
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ll^t-yj.'^sy'^^ ; i_.' .<•;;"" • '- .''- "'< / • *'•''' Tfla DAlLff CHRONICLE. NOVEMBTfrT?, 18()2. -' ; '~ ;.". .. ........ •-•-•• ..--•'- '-• •" v - i HAV^tjNTIL •',' * NOVEMBEE 15 f ' V To get the iaiscounts on bur big clothing contract * » " and we are bound to get them. We claim them th6 fet in the market and to advertise them thorotigiiiy we v^ill 'SELL THEM AT 45 Coats to match at same price•*... • ,.,„,,- 15 CENTS i t lA/ii J'ft Mho 'marketat any price. A «j»r-\JU V/lvt- 'at a dollar Ju tins gale - OKE PAIR TO A CtTS^OMEB. - X' ,* ,^ < Buiffuv fc»eat Sau gjif e» ntg. eer one wo« ., ... , , -• Remdinbsr we will give jfoa a.$r^, fourths life she Crayon. PuHtaiit Free with .every «a.QO. purchase.. ''' '•' "'"'" '' ' - • '''' ' '- "' THE 1 All! ( . R,. « in* I • > "' recelv»d a* .the ulti i'«•• Mlo* 151 BUte street. ' - j. M, 5,OSES, °«J l K • cfcid, ui:iji-t the iliriftltu of llu» City nftd : wjjfcr-.' li^lftinjj coiitrii 1 1* uFf tiiuiit-. -; Ajl ni^autltJ-evtit lam;,) itiujwalr- ti but tlio cjty vuii unti'l I'ui-liiJ'r Uytu;>- i Ut < ; -,- i Ol»'H «inng i'dur.riythu tti>t<rtl)itioinjf tin; jtlank .a and "vi " 11 . «. BBIT Iodide Qr out^i^e afc lafflpai'S.99 0 van ^ ie ' pd«er ewoh, in use un^il 10 p. u> .Where,-900 'lamp only^is used* montb y j$50 yer anbutn, one lamp ia HBed 0 the tamp pers' n iu the •ame locality the addltfOffafviawP 11 *dl .-fa^ charged for ftt ff tier month qr^$4^'t' er aa - JTheae- lamps will 0,00 plaee^^iu ftM of charge t? the user ottysr jkfian " Hi night lamp#pr other special service at Bpecial ratea. ,• ,'' '. All damage ttf4^»e laHap/Jr wiring by- neer must be paid-tor by him, The yser will,in nb ease be allowed to i\w onU-r of tioa tnjid! tu 50(3 the luurpa aa«l ,-^L--ki-ta \ull km of ohargo, all oiifer Luufiw i it-titnatbof U-.e. eiy>t of owratiou Q£ ihe pjitot ' td \vbilc l,liey a,ro v now utucU lower t«haa •ivt the Briiuc Quality aad quantity of light ' raajldle with 'or r^move 'eittver l amp or w»r- will be m othet |ilacus,*honld it bo fo,un,d to make a reduction iii prtee, tbe rates wiIlNl^iOvt pied and all cunti acts uow mude \j I il nfcsta titled to life benefit of any roduc-tJou hcriiiH^er uiude, from aud. after iog and if aw Change In position or . want ia 4e*k e ^ D * tlie conbUiiaW |t_ done by the eity at'cost, T „ ^•Wtflespent lighting, li&hta ready for 1 use at ^U times durjng darkneaa, $8 • MelerratesC-lOof onociBat p^r hour per Woandla power-lamp for pittoer ^.ttores. or Ho meter placed ia service where less tljan "'flTeJiftttrsrsinuae- J*w &11 prdwary Ber- »ica wber^ mefew are act weed.following rates: Stores and business places 60 cents net Tawitji per 1$ eandlfr power lamp Iwwiyftttmbei; of larapB, whether one-or ' more. • . Bwddencee an* oflftqes, §tc., 35 eente per . t* <w»4ie power lamp per month, whore kas laipp* are uaecL Where inort the date of tUjj r«<i\ivUon. Xl)i>liciitiuu must be made to ttie or either of thanlour lamps are in place for the satuu Mnoo in the aam« Iocality 4( 25 cents p« A»&th per lamp for each additional •rerfoor 'ibe liiuut v,OBderf.ul medicine that 1 have ever" met \u,tU is Ckagiberl^in's Colic,. era -and ]Diarrho:a Etime4y- In Wuea of U JP^c» speedy" relief f Oa bunting hkv4'toun<l ij- mdiepetiisaljle. » Put vvatcyit lunmrtaa yl^asaifti j,«%t thv pt^juf ul iJwirrbcea whil«U alkali pr6duc«b. I could-'uot feel baf e within ,a» bouse. -I, P. Stnith, Fort Aber- crgmbit*, N. D. For salo w Greene' a is Believing." 'And a good lamp must be simple; when it is not simple it i Is mean much, but to see " The Rochester " will impress the truth more forcibly, All metal, topgh and seamless, and made in three pieces onl] it is absolutely safe arid unbreakable. Like Aladdin's of old, it is indeed a "wonderful lamp," for its mar* Velous light is purer and brighter than gas light, softetr than electric light and more cheerful than either. £oofc for thissUmp—TH» ROCHESTER. , If the Ump deafer Wn'ttte B* ochester.and thejityle,you want.'seud to us for our new iUn3tr»U«c|rt ad w« will spud you a, lamp safely by express—your choice of 99$t , lamp safely -z2jB>»or/»'i LAMP CO., 42 park Flmce, N«w Tort Citf, "the Rochester." J. S. WHITE & CO ' ' * from tbe empires -of Japan, India, Turkey apd Persia. See-p'ur, fehow windows. Select-your choice before the stock 19 brok«a. lisd this weelr: luipena), 25 cents; .S^an, 0 burs 35 cents; Old country, ft bars 25 cents; Quceu Auuer fi bars 25 cents; CuUcttr?; 31 yepts; 4711, , 3 eakes, 50 cents; white oastile, 10 cents; ' ' -eold oreani'^nd glycerine, 10 MB. BALE—A «o»l etot-e, "cbe*p/ Enquire at * B. Butler's etore, 4u6 EAVE you CHECHEN ' "* ' out it Vi.ew ** tlllj lu iha form of a- Jarjj« swed liibo* i, iij e^bteolors, »»tl> key to be 1 baU tjj'seudmg your address wita twenty cents in p<*sta#e stamps to Ceo, H. St. Paul R'y, Ctucago, 111 of must be uiade etuly. SjjouW tbe supply exhausted-t'hn pelage stumps power at • will by returned to applies nt. w»uu,**- £ Wldren cr| for Pltche^ cl Chi(dren Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. FOR -If iff, ?en4 tteia to tu« lort, Support and Fln» Fonn, an4 coxabtnee tb* ature -of jOonat ' v JACKSON FAVORITE ,' WAIST U) Ja much -worn ami nuBsea t r^ «^ r« ronet wstt l*0 'M£dd 4 thorough, reliable &o4 progressive iaaUtut ion, Hundreds of yonng men ^uil women rvtfeiyed their start in We «t the K B. C. To farmer* boys atid glrla tblu couria of praclical mstrue tlon cannot beover-BBtlmated. We shall to. have you call al the Cp'.iege and t*lk over Ito mAtter, or ttddreag for K KUG T 8 BUSINESS COLLEGE, , slop. work ^ A HEW PAlUU r . fi CERTAIN CURE.I ^ GIVES IMSTAMTl I RELIEF AND LASTiNSOUSf. HEVfBfH TURKS. xTp PBOVf IT ojfcl J^o convii»ec| J you that it wit}, promptly cure a»y caw J cuSapt iJ,Meedin| wiU «t>d gc&4ddre»»Mi .FREE of grioceriM, -flxttUM

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