Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 26, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1961
Page 4
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•-DH. MO (T»xot) NIWS-Hff MD, >»UI«y, 26, 1961 Blokley Mokes Find Appeal To Voters off Texas Tonight DAILY CROSSWORD 31. Trop. fruit Belgian Gaul DALLAS CAP)—Sen. William A. Blaklcy comes home to Dallas today with a last appeal to Texans to stand firm with him and the Democratic Party at the polls Saturday. ' 9 p.m. BUkley started 'a .whirlwind campaign across the Panhandle- Plains Thursday. He urged at Amarillo that vot !ers turn . out 'in the cause of The interim senator will close [good citizenship and responsible his bid for an elective term in [government." a statewide television address at I Blakley was questioned about South Korean Chiefs Approve Compromise a By. ALAN CLINE SKOliL. South Korea (AI') — South Korea's military rulers and U.S. Gon. Carter R. Macruder apreed today-on' a compromise restorinc to .Maanider most of the operational control be exercised over the 525,000 man Korean armed forces before the coup last Magruder said he was not completely satisfied.- that he considered his authority as U.\. commander in Korea had been "restored to a considerable degree. rather than fully." "Once authority has been flouted: it can only be re-established by its implicit observance over a long period." said Magruder, who had unsuccessfully called on the armed force? to. withhold support from the rebels. The junta headed by Lt. Gen. Chang Do-young agreed to return to the front 3.SOO of the 7.000 troops who seized Seoul on May 16 and overthrew the elected government of Premier John M. Chans. Magruder released jo the eon- troi of the .iunta two underslrensth army reserve divisions totaling only a few thousand men, a paratroop combat team of 2,ftXi to 3.000 men and about 700 military policemen to g a r r i s o n Seoul against any challenge to the mili- : H was undcrsiood that Magrnd- '- er failed to win out in his demand •that he once more approve chang- ! es in Korean command appointments, an authority U..V. com; manders exercised before the • coup.The junta leaders have re; placed—without Magruder's approval—several top commanders who refused to back their rebellion. CONTRACT BRIDGE 8 y B. J a y B e eke r (Top Eeco.-J-Kclder in Mailers' Individual Chcmpiomhip Flay) ''."'. QUIZ The bidding- hr.s been One [ out that partner had two hearts Spade on your !en, Two Xo-i and the opponents' hearts were trump or. your right. Three >To- j divided 3-3, it would become im- on your It-it. Wliich 1 card.) run the.heart suit, do you choose .n* your opening j -. J.ick of hearts. Defense ia the trade of tractors for Cuban prisoners during his Panhandle tour. He said he doesn't like the so-caUed "blackmail" aspects of the deal which President Kennedy has asked Americans to support. Blakley questioned it', as a 'doubtful extra-legal venture despite its humanitarian purpose. "Anything that .is -done by a group or by individuals will certainly be regarded by people oul- side our borders as representing the position of the. United States," he said. "We will have to be responsible for" the action taken.". ! In Amarillo Blakley said: ! "I supported a resolution in the United States Senate to disapprove the admission of Red China l into the United Notions.. This battle will be solved on the Senate I floor, not by committees of one million or Iwo million, i ''The committee of o_nc million to prohibit ihe admission of Red China inlo the United N a lions is a fine organization. Bui 1 bt?lieve :a bigger committee—ISO million Americans wan! it too." He said he would not pay blackmail or ransom to any Commu- Blakloy called for a blockade around Cuba to keep out "any more men and machines from Russia or Rod China and as for s-wapping bulldozers or tractors for men this nation has never submitted to blackmail -and I pray God it never will." Regarding a charge of absenteeism, by ius Republican opponent, John Tower, he said: "! think the peor> to arc soiii" to accord me the privilege of cairT- paigning part of the time. If thev wish to assume that -it is wrong for me to campaign here-.-can-we assure that it is right for my. Republican opponent to-.have two or three United States senators coming doxvn here and campaignins for him?" • 3. 4. Haul 5, SSigiUeat 6. T>-pe of . pei-fect!on 7, Ablaze . S. Pric* 9: Russian city 10. Withered (var.) 17. Flap IS. Observe 19. Turf 20- Constellation aa v.r'Cfi a-s •24. Scotch "river 25. Country festival 27. Shoe mate- .rial 29. Piece out 32. Owing- 34. Aver. 35. Guile 36. Kind of apple 37. Circle o* light Axwer 38. Partly op«n 39. Eye amorously •10. Soothe •tl. Tunis rulers .. " ' 4-i. Regret 15" '7 r zx *a • ACROSS 1. Fishing-1ur* 6. Alpacas 11. Broadway production 12. Before (n.iut.) 13. Greek Jotter 14. Part of a stair 15. Deafening uproar 16. Frighten suddenly IS. Platform ' 19. Secure ^2, Fellow(slang) 23. Harem -room 26. Bay xvindpw 25. Stairway post SO. ^fr. Ham- m.irskiold 3 I.Man's" nickname 33. Leg- joint 3-1. Stewed fruit 3C_ Gab (colloq.) Ancior.t •4^. Indian prince •t:i. Debate •*r.. Winged 46. Wholly ^T. Com plant prst •IS. Sosames '(var. i nou.v 3. Walked DAILY CKVPTOQrOTE — Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R is L O X G F E L L, O \V One if.tfr siuiply s'.iAids for another. In this sample A is used for tiic- thi-ca L's. X for th-i tu-o CTs, etc. Single Idler;, apos- trophk-F. tha k-ngiii and fonuHtion of the words arc all hints. E;.ch i!r,y th*-- coJt letters are different. — A l.'ryptor rain Quotation C K C : 1 V E D S G I I T C Y T L R 3 D S : C 1-' : I .M U A S L R S D S SIMS C V M K 3 G B I — A C I Y j .- \ -st-.r<r-iv-'.s fr>-]>!i-.|i«tr: AT: OPTIMIST IS A TOT THAT HAS :;:-;\-j-;a HAU MUCH KXPKRI^NCH--MAP.QUIS; oaie. Inc.) Tower Ends His Senatorial xrian in Ft. 3I> 3* 7 |Use The Classifieds FORT WORTH (AP)—Republican John Tower-winds up his senatorial campaign here tonight with a So-minute television address. The Tarrant County campaign manager for Tower; Bob McCamey, sa«d the telecast will be at S p.m. overWBAP-TV. Viewers will be invited to telephone questions to the studio for Tower to answer during the address, MeCamey said. He expects Tower to ftrrive from SanJAngelo "just shortly before j-oing on the- air." " . . Tower then will proceed to his home in Wichita Falls to await Saturday's election returns. Tower made « hand-shaking tour of South Texas Thursday, and met factory workers during ;i rhanse of shifts at the Dow CiK-nitea! Co. Plant near Fretport. Kariier ;ii llryan. Tower said, "The people oi are tired of heiiiq-pushed around and bossed anti dictated to by. the profes- i-ir.nat p*.>lUicians—by the Lyndon Johnsons and (he Sam Ilayburns." Tin- Wichita Falls candidate told about 50 persons at ..a campaign rally: ••if \ou warn someone up there (Washington', who will sec'ir*'! don't wans mi?...I have absolutely no influence- .with Lvnriin Johnson or Sain JJayburn."- The rciTiiirk brought iaiighs from- tho crowd. - Fc.nowi»s; his hand-shaking' tour outside ,lhe Pow plant. Tower wen; \u Ho'.tston to spend the nit;ht. He wii! campaign by plane todav and finish the dav in Fort Worth. Tower >tar!ed out at Waco with a press conference, went to Temple for a reception and then to Bryan. At Wseri'he aecissed "his foes of "auempting to nianuiat-ttire eloe- tion' returns" i:i Sef.irday's runoff h<? t ween him snd interim Sen. WilUam A. iu.-ikley, He made ihe statement in connection wiih a ruling ai Waco by (he McLennan County jud;,'e, arc determined we ckr not get a Floyd Mitchell that poll watchers fair count m this election. U has would not be legal since the ccun-j looked all along that there would, ly does not have voting machines. \ be an attempt to manufacture "It looks like the political hacks 1 election returns." Tower said. Joe Walker Pushes X15 to 3,370 MPH i EDWARDS AIK FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP)—Technical delays had begun to bother test pilot Joe Walker. Then finally, on his scv- jcntl) flight in the X15. he flew | the racket ship to a wtnped rec- !ord of 3.370 miles per hour. i ''1 almost had a phobia about i it," Wiilker, •!(), told his wife later, ! Grace Walker said her husband i was r^ferrim; to Ion? periods of j waiting in the cockpit of the stub- i • ; Psychiatrists Find I Spade Cooley Sane ' I5AKERSFIKU). Calif. F — Three psychiatrists who examined ; Spade Coolcy told a Superior •Court jiHls;c the cx-handieader '• was sane when his wife was murdered. i Coolcy. 50, has pleaded innocent by reason of insanity to : charges he beat Ella Mae Cooley. 37. to death ai their ranch home . in nearby Willow Springs Ijst April 3. r Judge William Bradshaw announced the! findings of the psv- chiatrists Thursday. A sanity hearing is fcheduied Wednesday. iby-winged craft, soiwcUines only | to have the flight * called off at | the Isst moment, ; i But the lest'cam6 off as planned ; Thursday. Walker's new inark is ; 296 m.p.h. faster than an XI5 i flisht la^t April 21 by Air Force . Maj.' Bob White. j Only space 'men Yuri Gauarin and Cmdr, Alan B. Shcpard Jr. have traveled ai greater speeds. i Walker, veteran .of fishier pilot service with the I5th Air Force , in \Vorid U'ar If. was droppr-t) } from a B53 mother ship at -15.000 ' feel Thursday. For 73 seconds he _lu-l(i the XJ.Vs throttle wide open; • His peak speed—nearly a mile a second—came during a steep climb ai yj.<s*) feet. Then he. switched, off the powerful engine and coasted to 110.000 feet before n.'ssins over and gliding back to base. . By -comparison Oas!'?rin- hit 17.000 m.p.h. during his-orbit around the earth. ApriS 13 snd Shcpard sped 5.100 m.p.h. during his 115- mile rocket eSimb May 5. Walker, who earned the Distin- gnished Fivins Cross during his .wartime service m Europe, now works f.T the Xatsor.s! Aeronautics and Space Administration. He's a native of Washington. Oa.', HE-D1D-IT i LOGA.V. Oiiio <:,-? — Police .wan', to know who did it ai lite U-D;>'• It" self-service laundry. Someone ; pried open a coin-changer and : look about S-!5. DR. ANDRES PORTAIES DR. J. H. KEY OPTOMETRISTS Offie. Hovrs—Man. tHrw M. Contact leal Rtt*d ft. 5-4353 — 1O3 Ws-s.1 GrMnwa lean in. each of -the following- four hands? a partnership project and not an individual effort. It is not •.vise for the v.865 , 4K.TSS2 j^AS7o-l I 4-QJ103 AAQ742 j 3- A 75 4. «t,S2 ' dried proposition. Selecting the best !ead is ?, strong challenge -to the defense and frequently outcome, of the .hand. The opening 1 leader has but two factors to giiide him in his choice: the bidding- that has taken p!a.ce. anti the 13 cards lie is looking at_. During- the later play, when he has the advantage of seeing- dummy's hand, he is in a better position to make t-?liir.?r decisions, but at the outset, the opening leader can sometimes do no more than take a shot in the dark.--. In this hand, the best chance of defeating- three nolrump lie's Jn the heart tiiit. There should be i willingness to lose the first trick to declarer in the hope that partner can take the lead before declarer runs nine tricks, swid that, he cn.n thr-n return a hrirt to refe..t tho contract. sui*- Many times, an<i especially \vilh weak hands, r.c tries to find partner's Ions: suit. The heart is nn effort in that ising lend than the fourth best dinmoni], 3. Six of_ .diamonds. This has than a club lead. If partner has the ace or queen-of diamonds, the suit is well on the way to" establishment. Partner winuld Navy Investigates Failure of Polaris CAPE CANAVERAL. Fia.—The Navy today sought to learn why a Polaris missile failed to follow its intended path, causing its deliberate destruction 10 seconds after it 'was launched from a ship. The missile xvas blown apart by the range safety officer Thursday after it had been successfully' ejected 'from the USS Observation Island. The rocket, a longer-ranee ,A2 model, v.'as programmed for a more than 1.600-mile test flight.' It was only ihe third failure in 11 launchings of the A2. ors, however, for the club lead to b« effective. The percentage favors the diamond lead; 4. Four of clubs. This is a close proposition, and much can be said in favor, of the queen : of diamonds. Generally, sequence leads arc very desirable, ', since they seldom cost tricks in | and of themselves, but the q«;s- ; tiou here is th? of Lim- ' It niay take a wn;?e-io est?b- ; Hsh U;e (iiatnonds if the oripo- ' nents have the A-K'of.lKat suit. ; whereas a club lean will prob- • ably be elective immediately. , Either !ead co'ild work out best j — you pays your money EJiU you '. I talins yorr c bo ice. 1 ! r-. --•--^•.. Inc.) . '] i PAY LESS \ j BUFFALO, X.V. US—A bandit \ '.held up the night manaser of aj ' Pay Less gas station on the city'.? ' |casl side. He got SIC. " | DEI RIO NEWS-HERAID'S It's Fun to Eat Out in Del Rio! The Restaurenteurs of Del Rio Offer Ihe Finest Food, Service, Dancing aad Entertainment. Everything From Italian Food or Cabrito to Ham and Eggs, Premium Aged Steaks and Pastries Prepared to Perfection. WHERE FRIENDS MEET AT MEMO'S DRIVE-IN Our Specialty: Delicious T-Bone Steaks Mexican Foods Shorl Orders MEMO'S DRIVE-IN 804 Lojoya - Friendly Service and Good Foods Featured At Brock's Cafe in Heart of Downtown Del Rio STUDENT AID i. INDIANA. !'a. When -Classified Ads Brinj Results The Bedwins of Yemen are nut desert nomads but mountain farmers. • Prescriptions • First-Aid H*m« YOUR HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS PHARMACY THE BEST FOOD IS FOUND AT ... THE MANHATTAN CAFE featuring CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS Also ... I Bar-B-Q I Mexican Food DROf IN . MING THE FAMILY! 116 S. MAIN PR Mi79 DINE WITH US! We Serve a Complete Foods • Dmners • Mexican Foods • Slealct • Sondwichei • Breakfast Anytime RANCH HOUSE CAFE ft 5-8100. — Ave. F at E. 12lh came time to move some 80.000 books to a nc-w library at Indiana Friendly, service is a fecvnolo at (daily ami i.v a popular breakfast tain drinks. IU~imMul of it.s dt-c-ade State tToIlcge the students c'amc'ij' Brock's Cafe, one of Del's spot. H remains open unli! 9 in of srrviic io Dei Ilio. best known eating places, located in. the heart of the downtown area at 647 South Main. Brock's has built it.s reputation on mouth-watering charcoal sVjnks and also specializes in l.isly .Mexican foods, seafoods, and homemade pies, baked fresh every day. Brocks "delivers orders any where in and has built up a sizeable catering business.. "We will cater anything frojft barbecue to hors d" oeuvres." declares Briice Taylor, who manages Ihc business. He has been with the restaurant eight' years and has 20 years experience in the trade. The restaurant opens 6 a.m. IF YOU CAN FIND A BETTER STEAK IN -DEL RIO- Well Buy H for Youl LA SIESTA RESTAURANT Hwy 90 W«*t-r* 5-3521 OUR STEAKS ARE BROILED FROM HAPPY "STEERS Really Authentic Mexican Food CESAR'S HOUSE End of S. Main—PR 5-2103 OUR SERVICE IS JUST LIKE ' OUR FOOD . . . SUPERB! ~ •" DESERT HILLS RESTAURANT 1912 Av«. f.-'Pt 5-3548 the evening. Xcw Sunday hours p lc . s :irc ,, nc of lh( . ( | e li ( - a cics wjil be from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. af «hic-!i Brock-.veins Ca(« excels- Brock's is a friendly gathering hi»h stand-In- -merinsues top lus- place during coffee-break lime in c ious fiilm«s or flakev downtown Del Rio. U offers fast marks the Truit pies pastry Ihe rescue. Scores .of .studen : .% : made two and "brcc trips daily from the old library. to the new fbuilding — and each time carried i 2 bundle of books. service on short orders and foun- EATING OUT IS FUN! .Man;, nf the <io!rt!ai>le ilislu-s uffertrd :t'. Ihe c;if<' are from «>ri?.eti recines, developed Ui suit the nu>si discriminating tastes. Appn.-e-iatiri2 the imix>nancc of the surroundings in complement- : ing sood food, each table booth in the. cafe is centered \vith a crysi.ii va«e uiiii :io\^•c^s in pas- the cafe" is redecorated to kwp it appearing, new and rntk-inff to the diner. Cotinifr service is available. whtf plenty of space the length of the cafe, and for the diner with more leisure, the booths arc ar] ranged a!on? the opposite wall. BROCK'S CAFE BREAKFAST_- LUNCH DINNER Charcoal Steaks 8ar-B-O Mexican Feeds Paslries WE WILL DELIVER CATERING SERVICE 643' Si-MAIN-PR 5-5535 AND Food ALWAYS GO TOGETHER Pierce's Cafe "A Good Mace »o Stop While You Shop" - ABSOLUTELY THE VERY BEST HOME MADE PIES ... STEAKS, CHOPS FRIED CHICKEN — SERVED IN A BRIGHT, CLEAN ATMOSPHERE 751 S. MAIN - PR 5-8191 I HEAR THE FOOD AT GREEN'S IS TERRIFIC! YES, IT'S HOME- COOKED BY MRS. GREEN HERSELF GREEN'S CAFE Hwy 90 West—PR 5-4623 LIKE CHICKEN? FRIED ROASTED / BROILED BAKED - ANYV/AY YOU LIKE IT - EAT IT HERE With Hot Rolls and Honey or Order IJ to Go CASBEER'S CHICKEN HOUSE Las Vacas Road Having a Bail! That's What Folks Say When They Make Up a Party for Fun at Highland Hiils Bowling Lanes Breakfast Served Anytime! Come Out for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner SANDWICHES A SPECIALTY HIGHLAND HILLS BOWLING LANES 1201 BEDELL ST. PR 5-24O3

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