The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 10, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 10, 1897
Page 3
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fflE DAILY CHBOHIGLB; AUOrSTMtO. 1897. " CALIFORNIA FRUITS i, HONK € Berries WEEK nnrt , V OR et able* MARKET . _ ptrfcir, Ajpgu&t KJ ____ * went to $oi»f*r t<*dajr. Mrs. O. ft. Gorhata is hx>*n«> from b**n <ionnf,y Treiwnrwr ^Jsnfif went to Ath mis today to attend the Soldiers reiinfotii Regular meeting of Marshall lent No 105 K. O. T. M. tomffht. Tttro candidate for imtialtoTi, Jfoe Bran's funeral w»ll bo lield at the houstt on west Stole street afternoon at two o'clock, JfanSr Orork's jfacnaine arrived, from ofTOafflsLJhJs afternoon nt 4^P- The fanerat will bo held ftt St.,Mat^ church tomorrow morning^ Weather for Blower Michigan - local sbowe'rs followed by fair, Tuesday oven- ing; friish tobtisk southwesterly winds, beaming }H)i:thw<*sterI>'4 Here's tfee. lnf*St ottton Italy's little lamb. 1 "MafJ' hwl H little famb; that tbeae Ijas pftseed away, No lamb c^rald Il31ow\«p th£ pice $$t Mary^et^ toclaj. for, pow v §hp riA»« thef air-sbod wb.««l ( in stf^*;(*Bh»r,ai^ tf?Kht, but yo« c,«rn hf*<*»^ v " , ., /f t ' ,t %he 0ticajro BecoftlV sehp&ie for a' By Fare to Athens and Return, 95 cents, Angus? 11 and 12. * & crartm. Frofc* A of Kal«ro«7W. is' voting MarsbaMrtonds, Mrs. Sarah ttallNrotttrwd last otrning from a \ i«it ft ith relative fn- Ohio. Mr. -md S^/\V* Jy-QfWfK went, tf» IV tnakey ynfflt^rda? for ft t*tr weeks' stay. ^ Manager Bean has booked the "Turkish Bafh" for i«he*\enh)p f»rl> in (Tep- tehibcr. "Michigan Faltj ," a notorious tramp, in jail for tvn-nh da>«t. pent up from Battle Creek. hefietttiHt hi thnt a .place will be wherehV they rtm 'deposits th^ii 1 , and this beiii^ tr«te f a gt M**ef incentive j>e ^ite«| M thrill, It f«,to b» hoped that Sll^ inatiten' witi l«\btt>hj,thtr f trl jJraxje at >ns ear^* A dat« «e v f • A' IwautifwJf «)aveBir booklet tifis been the a prospectus of B«ffa}o,' Q. A, R. efctearnpoiejoit^ill be held; a liwfc of th* cf>rtirtiatidere-Jft-chcif of tho organization from Benjanihv Stcphenson, 1868, H all Points to Sfc^w^ oit Knrth. railrpa«fs 'rea'lizing'th« oit the event apd { h<* great d.mre of their jpjttrons to stt'eM the ttinyim & Bailey fcbow* at Brtt4{e 'Cr«C Au^, 1*V' 4> ave tBfide ^ tery low roitftd t^j?'rafe for the occasion and ar,0 a^«red m ftdv&nco 1 of a froti^'thb place, 'the BaSJpy ptiaw^ have TO MAKE ROOM : For our fall stock, which is now arriving, we will sell FOR ONE WEEK '•'....- BEGINNING best 6f'all anmlfenriisftt **nterprisflgi. It attract? aioro people, etUibiU rtiore of roal mfrrit, eonfeins more'novfeltiefi, pivefl iUb bes^fcitctta per^Ornianee and fulfils protjihtfJS thJlft. any otUtjr,. ildkin4 in the- world. -8hc«v jeflo etctfptiont Among .featurVs arin 7t) horsijq pt>rfofrt»ing In ono a dog wh€*plajs'f«)tbal} w)th such skill und dex'terity that^the JJew «Yotk him a- •tfhole, trtifpe dflwinhmg pi'tfcrraancjEi', a pig that actually talks so y<w ean/Uistitiguifih its words Setter tha» !i/i»arrot*e, UH the oiir M^tfs, Boys', Y0tttlJB^:l4adiei^ Misses TAN J»» and liadies' Black and Tan School begins fotir froth yesterday instftid of live week*. as stated jti our last issue. Mrs. Helen Brow n,,who s hafl been %iait- ng at II. L.'DsU''- rotunred to h£r iri Chicago tgday. Y., kt N. her ulster Mrs. Uichard Nr»rtb M. R. from Dr. Biekfotd d.»tfd Aui». «, nt. that Mrs. 0. Bu-kfonl \\.XR bettory" Barnutn tV Baili'v'-* Krt'.vtt^t show on people. Bert'. earth which pilch™ tents in Batik" Creek will attract tuauj Marshall oniVfWI, who bus Ix-cn at Jack- IHH) for the-past vuek/^tarttnl Saturdrtj on hit? whft-l from jrfhit cit> for a trip U-* Devils Ukt^AdLijn and Sand l.tko. An innovation, in circus nunia^crncnl is the uitrodiKjtion of u Incjck- ciieckini; departuifiit W) lUirtium A 15ailc> who will 1)rin^/1hc Krotitiwt "how «>» to BatUe^Crciek,-AMR. 19. <d W. MO^B, of sojj, 1«KS; elegant illustrations of B«tt'a- likeaessep of Gen. Jfotin A. Logan, Gen, A. B, Burnfide: SocrefcaJry of War Rnssoll A. Algerand othclr B The-eoveris novel the color that of a soldier's c«>at, thelajwlof which liesatthe U>pV«rner0f the right edge ap'd has a G. A, R. button. Oti tjio t>ut- side is printed in sold "(t. A. R. Buffalo, Jowiv; IH vtBittMU lior Mrs, J. L, , Dc>bbin«, i>n DIVIHUHI street. >ti"(. Chaa "Enelps frorti t|»<'_-a«m place if, &}< for a fow d^}f». It will wot pa> to tear upi'xpenflivepav- ing {or the purpow of putting in 'a fijs- tom of M^vnige: tlur« fore if \-r are to have eeweraiBis iwnv n the tune [or it, b<.-- more ptiviiiti )•! domv K-eture <,»\,r*<> , aniionnc-ement A spectal difspat«h from Lansing 't<> the Chirago Record conveys the- int« j lli- gpncp that Ctot. Pinpree^ Iww indicated his intention to^jive immediate attention to the action o£ constable and po^'cr otHcials generally iq railroading ntc^UR- eri? to- the county ^lils us disord<sr>> per- eons. This is done for the solo purpose (.f (fleeting the fees, and the person who f.ilteinto the hands of these ottkvrs stands no show \vhaWver.;- .He is sent to jail for ten or tifteen da>8 in spite e able to make. ouftl not acc-Ofui4i»h , but an th<> jnfitieoM of the p«inc* are alsto entitled to fees in this Hans 6f cases? the> arc \ery allies. champion riders of Jrae wc»rld, !» sfit'al herd of performin^r elepharitf, a dozen bijj; aeifial acts, in^lndine tho pretty and w«mlerfnl Httle4<irl who is shot from an y fwt through spare and 10(J other features too'hunierouB'' t6 mention. In the^njeriagerie ^nt, on exhibition without yrtxfra charge, will be seen t MiBK Ella Bwinjt. tho tallest "-ygrfton in the world^a native of Missouri ftntt over eight foer high, and (Jreat Peter, the pmnllcst, man in '''« Xvorld. who IH seventeen ^e«rs old and vteiph only < Tonnty (tirflnsje Aftunai Fienie. Calhoun County Giansjo annual pjonic occurs at Willard grovf nr» Friday, Regardless of Cost. All other Shoes at Greatly Reduced Prices during this Sale. of any showing he may /b The, |K>ltee officers couftl n For Sale. Preparatory t*» fjoinj,' \\ost Sept*. 1, 1 »it*htosell all our household goods at prhaU sale. Those wishing to hit) ph-ase CAll c«rly as possible before that date. ,Mu«. U»sniHH'tK, r wefttof Presbytowaii church, Wauled— A' man that wjli loan aome g«x)d real security. Ad<Sn««, , M. B..V-, Chronicle, l.'J, and all interested tn pnmiotiux the ligricultural interests of the county are ihvlt«d-to attend. r JTh« farmers ttluvdo not belong to the gra'ftgp art- invited. Pro Patria, a lOc, cigar for 5c; noni* genuine unles« stamped "^o 1'atrin,, A cool, sweet and lasting Binokf. («vo, .Qo., itifVnufact.nrf^, Detroit. I arn prepared to do IjUbfH 1 and ebil- dVou's shampwiug at th^ir Imiupb. Le<ivo orders at Clark'H barber shop, Hr »t;!5 east'C'jrecn «trtH>t. " MKM. W. W. CKAKK. niadt by the \V.C. T. C. nouW »ndicnte for m-\i hoa8t)RV,'ill tht> }«'opl«. that tho be worthy the i).<ti(ti.,tu No owe ejiTl atfotti to-tjn' Union City JH«'ff ml' r b«rd of' Marshall hu>- 'tw<?ji \isititig If fames Jt*9Si4| and GI.ICI Vdu^han this Week. * * * ihhri Xt Ha IiUrfftUUU, of Marehall, was the Kiu>bt of M i»s Carrie Ka-undei *> Mti 1 * » wk. ' ' M^rrUge liconfeus Jrti»nwl. Aithur . Kraft and Grap E, Knifolo, Iw-th of tle43r«ek; James M, H«dli«Jd, «f • lyn N.'V., aud NOM Frinfe, of Man»iiait; Kubv Ji-nk.», bi>t)i Farm Property Insured. I am prepared to insure farm property atone per Oent f°r three years iu a «ood tu-fxt class company doing businews tinder Ucwnso from the s^tate. insurance corner. This is butter than thi- Mu- compfinies. HKNHV , Agent. County SoUH^rs' and Sailor*' R. R, f<ir alKive occasion "will sefl tickets to Ath.ea.8 and return AuKitot Ilandl2for9&'f*»tp. Tickets rctorii -A Jig. Tkt. J Is your titae worth 5t)c A 'da>? tliat B' storm jjerSofi, iHi'^'ettHHur Aug. 7,8and 9, arrived in Michi^ui 011 tht) Michigan Central rajl- put its tirHt (r,im on f»ifW«P-braac'h. ip OteE>^<> tx>uaty aiid jga and bark to the Bay liStytorilacBnia^beMt; at ^^ V K- B. Bil '^ v ™ -* - '- *- 1 " Bt-r^ftw~-«»a^»«*-Ma^ still Hflln the fonr,>PS ttoffnow Muuntoin Ja*a, it is the finest flavored coffoo knpwn, l A n elegant line of belts, latest styloi) arid lowent prices, at Hulett A St>n r s. ' Itnli-l Shine. A tine shoe dreaaiiiffJor tauTii7dT>laclf shotw. FopwtJp by Misa K,, K. B ( illinKu, jU^a^eat, Delia Burdens, M. .1. (iillett announcen asaleof nt Bankrupt prici-s. ajfent. ' Stew Kettle 10 qt. granite or iron stew kettles for •I,"KV Warranted. O'L.r UKOS Granite Fruit Kettles. We wll von tho best granite Pievjrv in« kettle for 4Uc. UU-IKV'«. J.S.&CD., The C«' \ A/ AVill Bo Af Marshall^oteLRoyai, Friday, SEPT,; 3d tivo onli-'a it) length and Was, built to loako about 100.0 timber a\iulable. We wieh to have >l un^bmtt'Kitil tliat. ail paafe t%fcrk-t ( l\«Biplarss ui this elty apd b> 4ttendio,g' the special .unset W5* tlthat. 1. O, Q» R p, m,, aad b« iui*trm-tt.-d in - tht? v <J«ri-e«t psuw taib tfae privilege i>f attt-odia^ th« nBi'f. tho \jra 24th, ae Misa, fc'.C. |fcittk> Creek J^uruaK CJ. W, af Genoa <>-, is vtwtjug his Mru. Btailley KuuwU-n, «iul other rt<la tinw to thk city, for a coupl^ i>| or owo* Mr. G>**'« ja an o!4 p( Mat shall , wlxpro he vuhsUd in Michigan* lufautrv uud^i G*a». Parkhuibt, of colututl of th« r««irut!iit. He hia cauntry^to the dupa.rtiuout of wtttt nniiterej out ut . Mangled and Tern |ac« curtawis would tickoo the heart of (keeper. - ^terian church, W,T, FOU( E stock uf be ''Thi? efejck out at All white* iw teoa w>ll % p** yd, All 7c AH All Buy j-tiu at , - , pap^r wbilu H *r >d lasts. auy uatwly such a ftote o| affaim l» aot necegi sary. Wo undertake to thmrougbly wash iiny laee curtHin, no uiattty how , euttasted tu our eare and to re- toru if Whole uod sound £w ae. Anybody •d<i up" a lace cur^uin it tuk«0 ai t to way thtj at toV prices dope due to bnct biiud iEwie»»y, «rat», powujfel^ fcaa sse «r f ailing t e»«ay . Or* iB.. §- * ?«v n»»H» * «* of rttcuET-ityHMN^i V<**» in«r roc. over by 4 to b*?. Wft« temUy bloated °frked« Iwithud tue with 0r. JOM suffenBif f row that ' Otntiueut b«eg you instant uoiwl euro, O«k »* Keleclric Oil, gftttf, faith i P, t oured. W« have - • -' &JL Mr . 3aajto»B» €«., J, Cunninghait's. dalH^at ». ti outiw, all eur« wft«nb»r v t «.(uv-»U W ' Wl** wwfaoui pnl»JJiuricu{.l;iuu w awtva Eu ou8iUB»», auiT irutiotti ttw u*» wf fcww Us* ur*. Cow* and bu — Jos -or Seven Dollars a Usouawi <?l«saBSJal8 wif Urge enough for a tanuly of six Nazareth Academy. 8wr1f»MJgL HIOO par Year, r particukue iippl> t.j SISTKB« OF Sf«. J««EFH, KAJ,AMAii<J4>, Mli H. , . tuoJQW car** gaftnujU-fd g^T»d j*. -fd; atrict 'g *<»• 9 ooawtja ul urii-e who ar« uoa*4 i>WUtttl*r* of ifcei* «*««! »ualy«I»i to l>e t of Bf » 8. 8. * Co . *er« uw atatij Wiii » iits««!it sot* wte Mf Uiasciw « feat* MUCH ALIVE. The STATE FAIR. THip Michigan State A^i'irnltural Society has beeu roportetl as (lead. -This is nut true. It is fully alive to tlw indusii'iai intpiTstM^f Mic-Liigan, and wilj hol<l utin of its 4Hd Time Live State Fairs at ^ «tli to lOth, <Jk»o«l A Larg Rapid*, S • Fitr> «M p thin date for youi/outiug. '1'remiuw liytrf mailed on npplk-atiun to U.S. FttAJLlClv, ^/<-j M «iru»ul Ua|»i<ls, Alicli. \\ilHiini Idill, l»r«>s. Qt. Artlif-lreews. $1.30 l>oji 5 j|.i> ?!.&» f<»r a frw/cr when we iUho!!>ou a^t. Arcti.c for frl.30 an> is in the wffcor wny wwk u> the year. GEORGE INGERSOLL, GENERAL r llaviuil IB I'artits hi^.i od it M> llsetr years exp«ri«ncv f» w-iM elve speclil tkttedtion (u C'jiiTW. ' ; . t,j*ia»-<a in proUftto cotorM niiy WILLS; and Other Legal Paper? .'CarefUHy Drawn. rttle« <<<» WeiU nutate- «vmtiii>< l.osail 4a n<«f OIKKBO iHUcn for me ' Oin jou ask utiy more ttitm thi&? JfiUuey I'lUs^tr^ j*liavmj5 fe«a't back* the butdeus lliW hiite- betii forced to b6»U i liu; kiiV^va than att other «ai»l,' to*Br\fctiH, they ri^ht ben 1 ia'Mscliit'siB. ,Asfe auy NCB, <.je*ud tola '• their *ktteuUn to throat and vhloute, WANTED «{ IB all the not jiiotncr botrk eoiunbuijoe i-r» u ;liut: W»rU «! U*<- It'Ui fttitury . vt UU»atvre THE PEOPLE'S BIBLE HISTORY iu ibis bowk ulo«e titt t# fcJUB4*to tefwr- w^Uoa sonKbt by ^twy WWe leader* \vbs!iw;r oid or young. scboSttrij j» «»1 1 i*. iutfkwi a g«at »ork. Could Net Wea*<s« Such- Testimony A« This. (JfcVow. /«< Knl&unnztttt Tt'/<^/r«pM) Tlie following siat<inu nt i* otu 1 of j;r«at titer<?st to nutiiy a cilixt'ti «>i ' Ka1a»)iizo4>. md a man UK well kiio«n ii't Mr°WuUace ilioiild fifirry moro than ordinary weight. vitlt our routeiB Here it f» us Jtakta lowu by oiir rifpr<'«u'iit.(tiv(" v ' My name l-i ,l»lii) A, Wallace I am i number of thu Jirm of J A Wallace & A),, dyiag bu>int>->.< fts tlruuTH, tfc., at 100 Street, Kuliiiuu/oo, iuwUku-city L E Ltav<s bet-u lia\ hip iituuU-i nt kutnuy con»- >laiut. tltt f mm u» n»j bm k ovicr tny Wj>j was very, wvprn ui tirisufe , uiy Hiinary sys- oni was ulrti in .t Imi i^taie of <)f' r ttiige- neut, i«ti>« tuiM'f !li*s urtup w H tt*s«mty zkitl the tunomis iv^iuld l>et;sw;**ivc p of I>«wir>- l^i(Tu( v \ Pf/lr 1 at $i ilmo feh ihut l~ttas j?ui«s to be slcft, their use warded «>tl a,u uttuck, tuid I «ow fetjmg very fmuh tMtei; fht and the terriflc p"Sih fn my bafk erity, while it l» now fast, going. MU »y 'jjlu^fcther J «yi ««»• ' ' _ tfej?i tt&u «rf .lioau'a K'drtitH' Pill*, th ptaitive feelins that tb*,y wu! «;ffic-ct pe a, pe^giiauiiat artd - - ljl '—- * n KuliS t:V CT LilU-ll ll^SR Mid X&! W Uiit .Ulty ffMn^y T*iU» for aato by all er's, prite, &U<»:»t8. -Muiicii by > Muburu t a., Bulf»kt. $J. Y , auto lor ttw; U ft ' HeiMuaber U*u Between I» Agouti Tliat* tuid tu CBi(UiJ<j Dakota. d»js nd of wfei^t, feWttj b^riuf a»a itux r»>ward tlil'C Of tiie Jtuii. Are a a.K.i;k Had uth Pakottt it-ail* 4)4 tb« t'arus iabas wttb BOW be bo^tftal tut Irutu $W»» $li, f 16, uprt ard*. pur acru, «ad thu w tlsu write r eiiceii feed ftitxi out; grow, at C. A. Bot.t and aud cl«i:kiJi(Wi mill. KEMRYO.SHEPABD

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