The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 10, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 10, 1897
Page 2
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IfAlkY VfiJtONlflE: AUGUST 10, T OIIKOMICLt st tw*\Ai»«»lift!), Mt«-H., ffi* tmn-portfltton tlirajigli Ih? rtmil* «t wcond ' , 1(1 rr>nt« |>er ei*Pct nf, f.h« . -104 Kssitt. State et««f,, ' Jf. M. MOSES, Publisher. ZINC POISONING Never'can occur whpre Grftnite or kettles are used for stewinf. CalJ •_ Buy your statifjritvy 1 «fc fht* In thr» old fashioned tin stewihe ij a Granite Irosi. 'Abeolwtoly /<afo. Sudd for fW and -l.'ic. at BROS, c '. 5, Arm* SjHt«»m of KborHiaJuf. 1 'No nhadtinjj, Mo ptwitioti. ^oo earn it »n fe dnys?, It f c«te, with lEjook", $ tr,. Inquire at this t)ffio<v > A B. l*ay tour Tnxw*. -'' , I will be at the oftitse of- tho Herndon dpriift business hours untJlfuifther notico, for tho purpose" of rr-eeivitiff' City taxes which are-now due. Save the ox- tinn 'fee by paying now. , MS. 1)F.L'TVPRO»»K ( '"~" "\ ^ City trcnBvrrer. brat l|two burfibr- § 6 n«trfcct. line l»> "John "UfiitH«'lilcr, John Kent wilier is prepared to take contracts for building cement walks, fte i« also a^ejit for the cement, which is the. befit in the world. Mr. Kentschler has had seven jearKexporieneeJn eenient IjiiHiiitiKS in tho ol«l country, Price for walkc. llic per square foot and 2.V per lineal f<x't for curbing. Work warranted fay three years. > Clifford's Tobacco cm re is a Scientific specific for the tobarco h'abit. , It-is {•uurwiitcpd to cure in ten day*?. NO no pay. A, O. HYDE. CordetU* h»« coiue to stay. •Cordeltu; ;•••'-• 8. E. CRQXIK, LadioS caltintf at KW N, Madieow will tibd 8oit*.c'thiUK to. bent-tit »s Well as iuiertist them, v - .GHAHIThlSHPAHS. A'ny tirp*' j-i« v.mnt a granite dish pun they wiJJ be the <iuuir priut) an H tin one V ftb a V. S. Flatf for H mi hoftofv Hi>l<t on' m<-rit i >i"» Settler ' you know when y<rt*'' r get a good in. Tlie> are tu^AfsJfy Eu, f, C, w, of t'bis.jtsity. /* V" •• 1* ' / r •' ™ HOUSE PAINTING. PAPER HAN61N6, fftgSCQ, — GRAINING, GILDING, SIGN WRITING SHOW CARDS PICTURE FRAMING IhiUJ the Lat«4 sty IMS, For- trasta in Orayou, water Colors or Oil to Owler. OLD FRAMES RE GILD£P, 4C. Old F any «t j IK, ai LANCSTAFF'S CASTOR IA Fire ami CyelotK* We again announce that we represent none of the doubtful class of insurance We represent six of the rompitt»f«8 of the world, having (f thirty six million dollars for of policy holders, the old a having fttevwrr melton, f hn bcflt JM none too goofl; the bflBt is the cheap ent. Hpecial favors granfed. All losses promptly paid by D.CunninghanJ, agent, ail the latest things in ,the of job typo, * Now ftt tho time to get a piano. Sec Gitfeltsftd. Prosperity Is But if you- want the best ffftuv efiti)rer"*'Wh*at Howy riwk cota, bplt corn im*al a specialty, or mitt feed go v A. Ohefcher's tnil!. • . .,, The steamer Iris will make regular trips every Rnnjla.v ('OttimwieinR at 1 p. m., 10 <*einte» roimd trip. CoidsprinR park is opo» to She public. • Company I>. Waltzes {or pianb. TCle- giint six pty?6 composition. Price 3tK.s, For salo l>y W. A. Barnee. Dish pa» Fal^ about s*yK tivlk afeout it! But hftvp ycm kftofl tipi ptyli«h wedding juvi- tirftiB, |>ar|y car'dMhdiviatta? cards W6 are J^wtti^g <%t? TJiey'|o ppre ( style timfl y^lrtjecd'a t^ of Anting in the alnWe littes just • about no\v f We fafcye the t»oW»Bt tttfd Fateat script type. ' i.r.a ,i.. - «_ — *_ -PORCELAIN KEtTLES. Yot^nnnft have a kefctfe ot eoine for feattning fruit. This iff the on*;" any Have you -'irife, Moebs* Pro .fatlh dgara? Worth tUe'iiold for« r »c," Stamped ,Pfro Piatr ia. A crxjl, it Sold By W. A.j Cordette. Tap Your Owh.Shoes. lino of half soles, leather, wment, tacks, otr. for mendhig your own ejiiooe. Flnlf Solfs, lOc p^pr pair t Biios. Remember "Tho Royal" the ' for Her Majesty cigar. Box i .spcuialty. Any woruanJiwt fooKthat will stand over a reil hot erxik stove this ,vho'n she can gwt oho of oiir 2 fisolitio.stovw; fer &jS.5().or a three bum- :r s for IKiiOO'.. ' Positively no danger with his Bhm>/ - N Atl ention Madatue Uorard, the Oriental flexion spcnjialist, will ffivo free tr'eat- nont at her rooms, l<xi Madison St. one ;l«»r north of State street for 0130 week. She will be p]easod to meet .all that are nterestwl in the treatment of "t|* e £»kjn. liloiuifiheH of all kinds removed. ,Ughtnhifran<l Cycloitr W<? now announce to the injuring pub- licthat our recent business trip to Chi- ^iigi' resulted in pArfec.ting arri^ngementa with western nianajjers of many of the leading-Fire InsuranceCo.'« of this country: also British companies, for the transaction of fire and cyclone insurance ' oil broader principles and luore fasorable kernw than hitherto "granted any rest- dent agent in this locality.. With 25 years, experience in this line of business, w, aided by nearly 8, r {'2,(KK),(KK)'of issets for^th^jjrofcectiun of policy holders we are pr/H>ar«4 to transact business >h larger • scales "thjtit-_^ever. Ij'ossos ;irompt)> settled atid p;»i<T"~by^ residprft at D. Cunningham's Bureau,. 84. State str<;et. Jaa, V»H 7int. jxar^ssmari, -has ohnirs aud tables to rptvt for parties. Nice, large, home grown potatoes h •eivetl daily at • WATSON'S. Porcelain Kettles. You must havCfi kettle *)f some kind' for canning fruit.' This is the one/ftny Wanted at On A liinifed amount ofxobb!0 stone oe- Ijvi red txear telfctrjtj'fjight pl.tnt. cents per C. NOJJKMAN, „ Street Coiwiuittee,- Marshall, Mich. ' ft-IjaUlt^'labrju-y Association will prfetTTfoF tEe"7f>IIowTKg~iaaKa- for 18UO:' Mct^tic, Century, Harper's, fcJt. Nic,holas, Oosmopojijain, BuMlpy will tfiko Peter Loijkwood, at the Hurd niill is ^jjared to exchange ftour f^r wheat, Be handtee the Yorkyille milUn flour, pue of the beat braad» faade. i'nrraiitin Currants now rfiatiy for jelly > time to uiake it. All orders, received at 5,'i North Marehall ave., ot by po i3Upijgaana»l3.3i. MarshaH aye. , Michigan Miuiag S«h»MiI. •A high grade, state technical school. ractical wtirk. Jbll^itiVe uyetoui. Bunv- met txjwreee. .Girt>adagire«sof ^. B., E,, M. aMtfPh. 0, ^iKiratories, Bht>pe, mill, titi;., well equipped. • l (1 or euti^^ues a4 /i^ess,^. HUWadewortb, Ph. U., director Hough ton Michigan, OR. LOUI& 8. JQY WtU give MX ad Jitiou to geuwal prae tice, special atteutiou to diseases ot <i$a and ear. Fittiiiij of «lttdtte» 1 a (Spotiuil diptouMt OD *suj 4 ear, oo»9 and ibroat from Cuieago ACCIO The TICKETS, State . Owiitlity Compmy of Nfw York Qlv«» SIX MONTHS' In SI,000 for SI. To Men or Women avy , wtlle iidi«|j: wiUiloVKiUwftir aw, ttlu- r*tod Bridgt, TtoUdy or cable 'CM, ijtuwo fonr buttf Uw FOB SALE BY C. G. INGERSOLL Sale The Herndon hotel, two stores, a and lot with bam ami orchard. Terms Mareihall, Mich. Mrs. Marjfie JStts'wouM like washing to do at the htvthpf of-h^r tnother, Mrs. WaH>ridpfe, 61 .Hanover street. Call•*% tha home of K. S, t&2 W**t State street an4he wjll yrnir shoes at once. > AH work left alf Watsotffei grwery store wHl re'ceit6 at- tentiott daily, " " •» •* PJowr. At Walton's <«i c$w flfel the Albitw ., in >ouit Albion ptitent; the beet flour ftiftcfe " Granite Fruit Kettles, iuS Settle 4ftdl ftrrfMto presofv- your JOB wrtf K doiwJ at the Chronicle offlqft. •" ' -NEW «00|>S, f At 3, Cv Deu^l & do'&' Call on them oe- fore yfm biiy. a rockor, they have ail kinds, and prices to suit the time ?»t-the 0ew Hatch blwk. Com& in. ' Jonn Cu?.7.hiB has rcceivetHbroUgh H. JL/t>ay *Son a cat of" the "Hercules" teand, of Gorman Portland cement, and is prepwed. to put down th<5 best walks and guarant«»iKk to stand witjh any other cement on the market. • 001811 1 ea(» AgeDCies of America, A><-, I» HHHH, 1». II. manager. f? I\i~T Tnn,ntn, riin<i>t(t; flute (Wt»/iiK, s.Vir'Y^ii, V. V ; W,r<At»,-/t<n». l> f: tn ^<>>I>H ( ,<>, Cut; CMMfffi, /U ; tit HI In, Sfo 1 inut Jteueer ^ > . tin- ilionjA'ifi" of uooitiuBH to IMJ fillt/d wltlilti the thjxt f«w mnotbs, A>l<lrt'«i> till HpplicHlluim, la UM.JN TjtAtiiKit«. GEOR|IAN|AY]yNEl^ «rUib. KtirtarJtne. P>rt Klcinilth i, KtirtarJtne, P>rt roiitTs of tlm itl Oat tlllJUtt l.'UVK SUIT , tbo.ulil Wli»ce the rwl man loved, /ought and ilicd, t<> the •<^)O, fin* fl«hl«iK, jp-nitd Mcenery, uool weather. ivur)tx>fty K°«* ^o« wttuk with Buoalu and irtrth $1., Kroui Hariila JlSi t'or foldont f\f. rrite liihu 8(nf«U"un, foot «>U. an? «, T K. agent. Tim* t*b«c l»klug oflsrt aolr 4. «W7., « fiutt Momtntll i TJM.UDI mauut mutt. He, i«, Toledo tie. ?, 8.S5 p. . So. Ho. J* J3»«J, ........... , ............ .. 6:15*. w. All . Dirvct eoaoeflifcuia ac« n»*de jiuqliuiihU with nil K»wl* «U KM. 7>aa 8 ru». Pianos At YflBf Own Price, * a We recently purchased ITBanif- rupt Stock of PiaiiQS and Organs. It will pay you to call and examine them and ge% prices. You will sftv0 over 60 per cent, TKey are all new and high grade ?: and have always gold from $880 to §45O, Ooine and]see what they will cost you now. c « . Organs fdr $20, $30 & and $50, Sewinfe Machines from I to $25. ' i J.GILLETT. WANTS FOUND KTd puts, rpntt » wee« for oftfb not!?? ttot i? x flfrc lirira. So fti«Wf<« !«>«>» than twenty house W AflTtet>-A Mttwtlon *? wrwkfcr. Iiwiniro nl this o1«<>e. F 'OR P ATjR— Six Mwl&g maebinpjs two er It Wilnon, on» Ht«»«>r, ttne Pntntffltlc W«»fl, one Bcwa.. S 1 . OASTUNO, 48 vlniriify. fall sttotavtftt OfSen ctreefc fcn Oiaa avenrt». s " MRS. 6. ft, BROWN. T OST—On Sttttp 8trj»<rt~*Fn**aBy ?»»!» |j chlMV goJit Mrphi, WiH thirter »t Chronicle I OST- A plate fi»t» > court honfce »»fl Sunday nmraing at rhrnntoteolgQtt. lace ode*, ttetwen ttsh, o Pieaeo rpwafd SAW! For jSttrtfcnlw* ««fj«lre of j<td toy t* <o ohor<j» Apply tolTJr. Ilnhn'. „ ANTET>~.A glrf forf x'fty , I. K. STOWAHT room, fltyt fltxor ne«f1y 81 Hteen W ANTKtt— A bright, jtp'fiiiil »n«nt >o Three Opinions: "There is rib paper published in America that so nearly approaches the trite journal" isticdeal as "The CHICAGO RECORD."— "Newspaperdom" (New York). /•The CHICAGO JtECORD is a rhodel / newspaper in every kdnse of the word." — Harrisburg (Pa. "I have come io the firm &n'clu$iotj; after a long test and'after a wide cor^paristin with the journals of many cities and countries, that The CHICAGO RECORD comes as. 'near being fhejdeal daily journal as we are for some time likely to find on these mortal shores.' 1 —Prof. J. T^JUtfield it Evanston (///.) Index. ** ~ . / Sold by hcidsd^fllcrs everywhere' and subscriptions received by all^pasijiiasicrs. Address WE/CHICAGO RECORD. 1SI "BECOME I REAlWOiU«l»'TT R SHEPHERD Btud» tha formation of correct habito. DeveloB '« '»• »J I II-• llfc-llf-^^ none but , „ the formation of wrr«ct h»biU. Develof true *oraanh<Hii1. llii* is thft Him of ... AKELEY INSTITUTE .. Orapcl Ha^tm, Mi*-h HOH Lak» MithiK«-» . Tlirfce tttJildKnglj- A^l >aixl»nk iio^rurc H|»-cliU cane u( cul^inrti Hunk' full lufontmtinn. ittial\.(»iiti. «u» nv. MHMI *. wiimwis, n. u. Ur«ad tU>n., Mich. tKwf MJI» frpm to Cripple Creek, Gota.* ami Bbowa* ill Cor, Bates aud Lamed Sis., DETROIT, MrcH> Write of <»il to-*»y, f»r )lp»i-U?.ul»r«, K,S<»aerv jtwntier pepMtmeut.lQl AOiuBW 8tr«it,>Iar COLLEGE Cal! w) «r Write* iMf V tttf Scolsww TJM£ TABLE. JULY «^ ias7 aa , CMMVit . 3 Mill and KxreB*....,.^.,. ..lii.ltp, a. STEAMERS, -tOW MACKINAW •ia. « fliftl! «jatt ' only on on auttdfutf Urae wUlcii to 80 er titaa ?#fe "SOO," MAW406TTE DULUTH. " t Detroit and Cleveland Diuacctbic with EarHett Train* »r CU vela»4 fc|-«a poiulu Basil, Souik and New Steel Passenger Steamers Ua»cj-i«itlw;eu Built u>* our each. Sfcud ftw Address, Bauti BEST MEATS£ to nil pWtrt of tl»e city but wo^ puddling done. Bvery- __ tliing,ueat and «lea». You "~^—cap always gwUa cl^ftiicut at 8HEPHERD8',E Why Wo*. Educate KRUG'S Vti*e, 4 piciMfct ti| tjMt taste liquid raudkme i« »old ^t $1.0U ^pcf bot'k • fWHTfRlH!^ * «1>P% tb« gusuwBtce ul ^» ' * ^»^" . vcwt »«>Bey b*ct if Mrt bcnetlttd. Cures Rjdjiry Pi-,i j.'.c, Khe»Wi«t^m. CoBbti ustK>n iii,i ternary iKwUc* cautaa tty au- P41tc.bl00(f. - SoU J* elfil»>.s u! TtUttee Sent ci;- rtpa'.d upon r«c«ipt of pilce. Free by page pAuH.hlet "A New rairof {Cidtiey^ " r Sk>vce Btd'g, Cbio^9< Jit •ft} be bad of 1 ..... M. B. POWELL, Druggist * MABSHALL. I £irilf*<L Ifyowdeftl^r L^ClU 1 V«9 hasn't it. send -____^^^^_- $».-»5 to us ^^^Vl^r ' WILL aeND VOil POSTVAIO M>NO, SHORT and HEDlUfl LENGTH TEB MICHIGAN CORSET CO H ' c wart t<jJKtt»ft »pd *W4«ltjr lor (be Otd. Mronganri trloil home Llfft Itfarscca irf Setfr YAifk. ThJr poSHlpJf casti be» tf*p»ftrt %'U bemad* |»!ra has nesn ftonnty oiB^er or »frt'<J. No <xpr»rtenro j)e » s«per'ul,«!n([i'jtt t« slve »b*b tp Mwt Hitsory of th^r of tew which h ref- AeV<rtt ( HMilh- L U?«'f ~ t?fctji«14y altfernooB at tbp wi •goltf iiatcl) ^<1 W«ck rtM'ou foh f ifh e Ftudct ple»a« lf»«y<r with Mfttirlri' . , ftr*l door south of DivKmliey'a »n(J K SALE*— 1 be hwiatvsnd Jot known aa the Widow iJolaiROJj t'Jn'JP north Wtn cofner of *nd Mitiborrj? rtreetc. Will lie' «!kl rhf?i{>fiwifHjb, For tprniH und p»HlCiiili»TB OQ- goirt- of 11. t, Dny./ , . " IJOH HKNT-flvlok honfe On High stre< t, b<*- .l 1 twocn trtn!*- «ud Morton atroet. Apply to Ulfnton T. Cook, 1?0B BENT— Vfblet ofld cb*ir« fiir YabZant, th* V.t(ir(.-aslnan. * po I.KT--OH good security, A th?e- offlvc. iinqutre tot or man W tonf in agers, for leh l'vtm*tn nt ,ii t BH > h > I)»piiuion t ompany, Dcpf. a, Chicago ij ii-j,t>'J- 'Jftt.iiOf and chairs for parties Enquire of. J. W. Lester, Uio popular ex f TP11OLS1KK1NU, KElPAlBlJfO, CilAlH- *J cnniBfr. K< quvxte by poHtftl cards »ttou!l- i'll to, Call sonlli door; ___'__ L_^^..J. F 'y^-J? 1 ? O8 ? lJ ^ Y - W t'Qdlt'H to travel to MiclHKhii lor eatatV itsheo, rellahlo .bojitfT, Salary fTBO and ex- pvnaeA. Sti-ddy putijtitpn. Enclose retcrvuae anil self rtil(lroH*t:;l BtjilnijuMl t'nv^kipo. The Uo' minion t'omjjftiij, ,'rnin) ^Idor. Omuha liljg. ChitBgo. 1)1. / ' '~Kor w»r in Cub*, l>j t'uhao ]-.>pn.'Kn»l«tlviJ nl Wa.HttirigK.n./ Ei»Jor«t)i) by Cutmu'painots. |u A bonanza tor BRbBlB. Only $!.>>. .„_....,.._ , Kidy wun|8lUi) only euiiorHfirt, ri>iluhli-. bw>B. Uuttttii 1/cc', CtetlJ E> 1 «'». J'rclabt Bold. Jitoff nil rnifU ftr il ntst.L-$WI a model, wltlk \Vuj lu ' ' AdOrwdtod-iy. THE .NATJONIl. HOOK , ChiCftgo. • Fast^Trains To .» Bay^View Via I. L __ 3 Hummer FuBtJd iu»2oo in., aiid^, Grand 1^ City 7'.llt)|p nj.,PetoBke> 1*5 p. o^ ~ «nd Harb»> REStORES VITALITY, Man FRENCH REMEDY, riaUy »nd qw? Wy.- ail. ytoirni; *" e » *nd old m«n wflj t«fH»y«r their vigor by usfaj)g KCViyo.; > li qufcWx effects <?f stU-abwseer s li*»t Manhoetf, Lost Nightly eiwisi«BMr,' Low ^wer erf ei«b«r ssat Faihug Mewttfy, Wi*jti^ degases. Insomnia. Nei^oui|<ess. whkb unfils aie tor study, busuieis or Marriage. U not only lures by starting so. the seat of disease, bulls » <jr«8t Nerve Tonic ««l Wood-Builder uid ie«o*ei botii vitality and ^trengfJi to tlur and nervous system, bringing b^ct he .pink glow to pale cheek* and restoring the ot youth. .It word* off losMlty iWd ^.a- Accept no sabs* it«e. Insist OB bav uig REViVO. no other. It^Sai he cairisU «. ves By wail. Si.oo per tiaftkAgfe, ia plain wrapper, or «ix far is.oo, with * (KWtliv* *rtt- ton xwMwitae to cur* ur refund U>« moa»y jp every package, for trefictf MfiDiONE CO.,

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