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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
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Friday, May 26, 1961
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»O (T«a») NEWS-HERAID, Fr«ioy, May .. f L Through In Victoria Gives Ardmore A Chance ARDMORE, Okla (APS—From *n eetertainmeot and ChamlK'-r of Commerce point of view, a vjvo of excitement spread through' tins city, of 20,000 v.ith an announce- meet that professional b3s<-i»:iU moves tc town June •?. .Te.iss League directors Thursday' gave unanimous apprms! f--r Ihe Victoria Rose by di to rn<:ivt- w Ardmore. *~Th;s wili earn Ardmore Ration- is! recognition an-d bring u-hat an.ojr.'s so sn^ther small industry to our JOWR," 5.sid City Manager jlvb-ri-i C Cavics.. Th* tr:-=r_>ier. r*r said, has "crest, rf vjuhe a bit of excitement." F-;:a> USTC. heifis. made tor a Nr-i.--y iiivsr-te ticket sale' cam- f>a>sn le assure siicc-essful operainr: nf-re fr> she Rosebuds. OE(i- Elks Whip Rotary; Lions Tap Laughlin • The Elks and the Lion? took easy victories last nifJit to undefeated.'In Major Little after one week oi p'ay in the IK-'.V season. The Elks Spiktrs hammered o;;: an 11-2 victory over the Rotary Wheeiers in the opening same U-'» night at Overstreet Park. It was •& tight game throu.h tte first three innings with the Spikers picking up t\vo runs in the third. They added r>ne more in the fourth. The explosion camo in the fifth when Lhe Spikers bro'sr- loose for eight big runs ;o pu-: the game on ice. The Wheelers scored their only two runs in the top of the fifth iaiving. John Nation was the . vinnirt:? pitcher. He ?ave up..only four hU« and struck out. nine. Hereby Fernandez- had a home run and i single for the winners and Arturo Fernandez had Uvo double*. Dana Glynn hurled a thr^e-hi'. shut out as the Lions whipped th? Laughlin Flyers 36-0 in the second game last night. The Lions took command of ihe game quickly, scoring seven' ia tiie first inning. They didn i BASEBALL STANDINGS By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE V,' L Pet GB Detroit '„ 27 12 .692 — Cleveland .. 23 15 .fi'irV .-/, New York __.."___ 20 !.•> .571. 5 Baltimore I'l JS ..150 5 •• Minnesota : 19 19 .500 1' ^ Kansas City .__ 1=: IS .455 9 Washington IS 22 .450 ' 1-r _• - Uoston " 1." 20 A'XA 10 Chicago _ l^i 24 .rifts !2 : - Ltrs Angeles —._ 13 23 .361 12 1 Thursday's Results Baltimore 6, Chicago 4 New York 6. Boston 4. nish! Kansas City _i. Washington .3 Minnesota 7. Detroit 6. 11 innings Cleveland 13. Los Angeles 5 Today's Games- Kansas City (Dsley 4-5} at Cleve, land .(Hawkins :i-2>. night Chicago'{Wynn 4-1) at-New York (Turley 3-2). night Boston (Schwal! 1 0) at Baltimore'(Estrada 2-3). night .. ?.lianesotsr (Kaat 1-3) at Washir.?- :' ton (MeClain --3), night E>Stro!t n.ary 7-i, 1 at Los Angr-!.^s -{Kline 1-2i. night jcort? ar.v ;n the jt-cond, bu! boin 1 ::d C'V-: n;ne nsrw in the bouom o; ihe xhrrd. The same was called •i-!er Liushi.ii bailee in the top T-^-r.-rro Adams and Jay Kt-rr c'Pch sad "iio hit; for the «'in- nsrs. Standings Lions ,__ 2 0 Elks 2 0 Layghlin 0 2 Rofary <) 2 Ingemar Wants Listen GENEVA. Swsuerisnd sAJ') — Trrni Bs.xsr.. prc-fidem r={ Chsm- rt'jr.^lsip Sf>ns, Inc.. *.\~C--A-, York prorr-oisor: firm. - ^s> due here to- oay iO isirC "Aiui Inge mar Joharis- EfrFr ah<-ut th^ ~a here and •when of a Jcttsn.sjn.i-S'i'nay Listen fight The 1'i.nsl decision or< the site. howewr. rs-is on the outcome of ' i^xd^h m-avyv.-f!2ht's in- fome "ax ck~?. 'A-hsch is lo br d-~>- r:-J^i in MISTY;! June. 33. The United Siau-s government clssr-'.^ Ineo o'-xes about 51 tnil- iwn in ta:--i-s ior h:s three title fssMs '«;th Floyd Pa'.ierson. Johan;5'.«n c'.ssms he won't fiaht in lh* Vni^?*: S'au-i if that claim is 0>iht:r J>-i>>:h;r- <;TC5 for tne bout : -;- Mc-nireaL Toronio and >-S5>au. 'rt'th "hich the fiaht can be i-:rk-c3-t to i.he Unhe-d States. Jotiarision azrf-ed he's interested in fiiijiH--i;£ Lijion some lime in ;^i,. pr«b?.bly in September. •"I don"; ihirJc he 35. •unbeatable. I thin?: 1 csn iick hsru." Iniio said. "It '.vou'rf b<- fun to beat him after those r>I? viords from him."' ciats of the Ardmore Basebal! Association expressed hopes that the team can draw some 50.600' fans from Ardmore and its wide trade area this season. Ardmore had~ been out of pro baseball since the collapse i/f the Class D Sooner State League after the if'57 season. \Vstb the transfer of the Rosebuds. Ardmore will become the slate's second operating member c.f the Class AA' Texas League. The other is ai Tulsa. In 1058, Oklahoma City lost its Tf-xns League franchise rsow opi-rated at Rio Grande Valiev. Tex. Jn. the 1956 season, the ^ainer Stale i.cagtie drew 56,CvQ fans here'and the following year there were slightly more than -Vi.f*X>. Average attendance was about 850 fans per game. Derrcst William f" \":ctoria c:-;b reportedly lost .S500 a night and li£<fj an average nttendance of 6*>> liie first month of the league scs- son. An average'attendance-of ^0 !o 1 .OXi is needed to break even The Rosebuds will play here in a 2.500-seat park constructed in 10-Vi ?.t a cost of about Slfl0.r>oo. Since- the !os> of professional base- bai!. the park has been used by high school sand lot and other tcania S o m e alterations 2re plan.nfd to put the park in top shape for the Rosebud?. Arc more has sought to get into :hr- Trxns League since 195% and nari a representative thai "year in a meeting when Victoria, replaced ••Shrt'vejxjrt. La., in the Class AA lineup. ' Cagers For Sale, Bargain at $1,500 NEW YORK (APj -- What's the price at which an unthinking college basketball player v*ili sell his future? Based on disclosures nlade so far by Dist. Atty. Frank Hogan in his continuing investiga- tiorK^r corruption in basketball, together -with chsjfg^brought by vNorth';CarpHna authorities, thelpnce is a^butj^ljSQO.''.\.•••;;;':' 'V 4 L^IImt's ab^pt T w|ilt a graduating engineering stu'deht can .atfaecWIB his first thf^e months on the job.-' si •..<;.$' : •.';'-:^; : ' •' Some come higher. Others will permit themselves to become entangled for aa little as S75 "spending money." But to what lengths will a game fixer go to buy services to affect the outcome of a game? So far, the nevv basketball mess resulting from the Indictment of Aaron ' Wagroan and Joseph Hacken of New York has counted off alleged bribes totaling S37.T35. Offered but rejected bribes have totaled Si 3.750 more. It follows that §50,000 in bribery or attempted bribery probably was meant" to buy gamblers protection en "bets totaling at least 10 times as much, _ Thirty-nine' basketball games have been chronicled in the disclosures that engulf 28 players and 17 colleges and universities from coast- io-coasl. . • ... > ' And a spokesman in the New York district attorney's office hints "only the surface seems to . have been scratched" so far. . . The TIL WW Get You If You Dont WafchOut Villanova Favorite In IC4A Track Meet NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pc» G3 San FrarK-isco __ 22 13 .629 — Pitlsburfh _____ 20 13 .6« i .Los Angeles ____ 24 IS .6<X' ' '• • Cincinnati ______ 20 16 556 2 s ± Milwaukee __•... 15 17 .-!35 5 St. Louis _______ !3 3& .4^1 fi'> -'Chicago _______ 12 23 .34:"J -0 Philadelphia ...11 22, .324 10 1 Thursday's Results Los Angeles 1. Si. . Louis 0 Pittsburgh 2! Chtf&go posu/-:ir,.-o rain Philadelphia at Mi;v,iui:ee pos'.- poned. if in- Only games scbdf.uir-d Today's Games San Francisco (M&richai' 2-1 1 ;;i Chicago (Card-Afeii 2-2, Las Angeles (Wilii^nis 3-2( -at Milwaukee (Spahn \-Z ,. nicht Pittsburgh (Friend :>•;> «\ Si. Louis (Sun mon- i •';>. nirht yhiTadehphia (!Bu/7.har<!t 0-t •<Green l-.Ji at Cici iiin^ii 4-3), nig!;t Texas League Not Drawing Crowds S^\X .\XTONIO «AP"; — Texas Leasi:e oiflcsals have noted a 22.3-42 drop in antfndance for the first month this yc-?.r compared to last year. ix-apr.e President Dick nutier reported sht six cSubs in the circuit durir:; the firs! month .drew T3.3&i isns. cxjrnp£rc-d to 101.536 £t the same sts§e of the IKXj season. Amsrilk* wss the only team shcwirt? an increase. The club has drav-n L":.7sO tens for 15 games co.T:psrro ;<:• 9.651 for the same ; number ir» !1>50. . ' : c &n Anionio leads the league in attendance- -w-th 1S.J1S. This is aj deciine froJT: the 23.412 last j-ear. i The fiEur-:-s arc based on 1-3 | Au-^n has drawn 33.574. in 15: gamei. compared to IS.697 last i •<v-e.--f.-ri.: Rio Grande Valley. 8.993; in 14 games, arsinst 15.945 last { ;.<-zf Tr;hi ll.Z-'j for 12 names, f azain-:. IT.2.C-4 ;c 1KO, and Mcioria • r ~'-'-^ =.i '.'-, £snjf- = . compared to Major League Leaders By THE ASSOCIATED P.RESs' .' American League Batting f based on 75 or . more at bats; — Killebrew. Minnesota. .350:'Cash, Detroit. .349. Runs — Coiaviiol Detroit. 34; Cash, Detroit. 32. Runs batted in — Gentile. Baiii- more : 42: Cash. .Detroit. 34. HJU — B. -Robinson. Cahimore and Tnmple, Cleveland. 5,i; Green, ilinntsota. -17. •Doubles—Power. Cleveland. '5: Romano. Cleveland. 13. Triples — Wood. Detroit. 5: Ka- lirse. Detroit. «. Home runs—Gcnulc. • Baltimore. '12- Coiavito. Detroit • and '.KiJIe- brcw. Minnesota. Ii. • Stolen bases — Aparicio. Chicago and- Versatles, Minnesota. 13: Wood. Detroit and Howser, Kansas. City. 9. Pitching (based on 3 or more at bats) — Mossi and Resan. Detroit. 5-0. UX-O; Grant, Cleveland. •3-0. 1.000. Strikeouts — R.TIDOS and Pascuai. Minnesota, 5H: Barber. Ual- Umore. 51. ; National League Bailing (based on 75 of more at bats)—Moon. Los Angeles.. /066- Ch'jnente, Pittsburgh, .346. lluns — Boiling, Milwaukee. 20: Mays, San Francisco. 29; Runs batted in — Cepeda. S<-~n Francisco. 33; Aaron Milwaukee 32. Hits —. Wills and T. Davis. Los Angelc-.s and Clemente. Pittsburgh, 47; Moon, Los Angeles, 45. Doubles .— Coleman, Cincinnati. 10: Zimrncr. Chicago and F. A'lou. San Francisco, 9. Triples—Wills. Los Angeles, and Virdon and Stuart, Pittsburgh. 4: six tied with 3. Home runs—Cepoda, San Fnsn- cisco. 12; Robinson, Cincinnati ]!.'.Stolen bases — Pinson. Cincinnati. S; Robinson. Cincinnati. 7. Pitching "Chased on 3 or more decisions) — HadfJix. Pittsburgh and Duffalo. San Francisco. 3-0. 1/>00; Podrc-s. Los Anseies, 5-1. .SS3. Strikeouts — Drysdaie. Ltis An- !?,cics. 57; WiJIiams. Lx5s Angeles. 55. .NEW YO3K ^AP; — \-JUanova op-pas defense of its IC4A outdoor track and iseid jcj^ampionship today and itf jser>" question is how ctmvjrions "the Wildcats make iiit-ir victory. Trials in 13 of the 18 events are scheduled v-i'n all finals Saturday at Randal!; Isiar.d Stadium, site, of next month's national AAU chsrapioashjps. Vi7janova Coach Jumbo .iim EUjou was ;be first to concede that hi; lea in should win the title. "We d'd not come here lo lose."' said Eiliott. The , \Vikicats have won ihe crc-A-n three t;mes in ihe !a=t four yeajs. Opposing coaches are predictinc a bounty of 45 to 4S points for Elik'it's Senior.?. Van;. wnn->j rrsanaaod lo Lie- throne V-iiaiKiva 25 1C4A indoor : chamrion '"when" the Wildcats* r mile relay tea.13 disqualified) is concentratirjE on grabbing the runner-up spot. The 1 Wildrsis have- jwo dcfrnii- • ing cbsrp.pic-RS back. Leon Pras in the fa;5?. hurdles and .tne mile re!ay scan: «f Jo-:- Manion. Cnrl Vx'ssner. Xkk Deangciis and Bob Ksernore. Their o'hcr scorers include. Frsrik Budd In Jhe dashe?. Paul Dr2y;f»n in iho 1C«1. Raemore in ihe 440. Jon Dan.'e in ihc 830. Hubi? Whu-7 jr. ;h<:- hop. step and The New Vork Titans will play only one home icK>tba!l game at nishl cext season. They meet the Oakland Haiders on Saturday night. Nov. !l. jump and high jump and Gerry Donini in'the spot put. Classified Ads Bring Results Odessa Upholds PGA Ban ODESSA, Tev. /-APj—Memphis' refusal to release seven aoifers from its open golf tournament was upheld by the Odessa pro-amateur Friday although it means • they won'i be able to play b^rc The tournament executive committee, in an open letter, urged the seven pros—Doug Sanders. Don January. Bob Rosburs. Dave Ht!5. Ernie \Y>sslcr. Bo Wmingrr ;^nd Billy Maxwell—to play a; Memphis. •'We'sincerely feel that you as professional golfers. not only should abide by the contract between your organization and PGA- approved tournament sponsor;, but for your own best interests and the good of professional golf in general, you should actively participate in the Memphis open." said the letter. Memphis" tournament- is z PGA co-sponsored event s'/hiie Ode.-sa is not. Under the rules a player can not compete in a non-sponsored tournament that conflicts with the approved tournament ai- tho'igh he does not have to play in the latter. By HAROLD V. RATUFF Associ*t*d Press Sport* Writer This is the time of the year ••vhen high' school athletes can run afoul of the Texas Interschol- istic League : amateur rule if they jors't know the ramifications «f ihis strict tegulstion or if they think they can get away with a violation. • There have been many boys forfeit their high school eligibility for doing what the rule says they can't. . ;: The first big case, w*e th*t'...'. brought the rule into f»cu*, occurred in th* eirly forties, !t involved Jitter McK'nney, * great facihall pl»y*r «t tof- kin High School. It was all very inrtecent and neither Me- Kinnay rwr those wh« made the gift knew tHey were vio- f a ring a rule. ' ' • A group of fan? got up a fund ».o buy McKinney a suit of clothe.s. »'. occurred during the off season jnd Lufkin :tself asked for a ruling. The district committee found McK.nney ineligible. Undoubtedly most of the violations are through ignorance of the regulation. Thus, it is well that the schoolboys be warned each y?ar in the press and" that - the coaches and school officials in- -truct the athletes thoroughly on the iule. Ow of the sports that has given -na>Dr trouble is rodeo, especially iunior rodeo for boys not over ^1 years of age. The promoters uf :he rodeos persist in wanting to .|ive valuable prizes for attainment. There is the celebrated calf scramble whereby a boy who catches a calf may keep the animal. The League worked out a plan under which he can own a ?alf if he keeps ii for a year, feeds it. grooms it and shows it. The League will consider that the hoy has ea:ned the calf. The amateur rule means thai any student who receives cash or /ahiable consideration for teach- ins, officiating or participating in athletics win be considered a professional and will have to forfeit any high school eligibility he has remaining. The boy csn noi compete on an athletic team with a paid player n-or can he allow- his-name to t?e used for the promotion of any product, plan or service. The Leaaue considers these sports to te under the scope ef the amateur rule: baseball; basketball, bowling, - boxing. football, f«}f, r*rf*« tvents, tortfcaK, swim'minf and div- infV;-t*ftnit,'''track, w«i»ht lifting and wrestling. A foy can not accept anything considered valuable consideration Irom the promoters of these sport$. Jn a golf tournameot a boy can take only something of a symbolic nature, like a'cup or medal; he ca,n not take a golf bag, a set of clubs'or a batch of golf balls. Moreover, the boy can not play with a professional although he ban play against him. He can re- '.ceive instructions from a professional. . Many high school boys play summer baseball. This is all right hut he must not play on a team Swith a paid player, he can not re- !.ccivc expense money either in cash for transportalion tickets, he can [not participate in the gate-.receipts land he can not accept a collcc- hion that might be taken up p.- 1 mo'ng the- fans to reward him f^r I hitting a home run or winning Uhe game. •-'• -. Hifeh school boys can parlicipaie :in atiilttic contests but it has; to *be as amateurs. There must not -be any reward of value_ awailing i him. Favorites Make Move In American League By ED W1LKS Associated Prtis Sports Writer It be.nins to look like the preseason favorites finally are on the move in pursuit of Detroit's front- running Tigers in that American League pennant race. While the Tigers still are 15 games over .500, the second place Cleveland Indians now have won eight of their last nine, the defending champion New York Yankees have won four of five and the-Baltimore Orioles have \von four straight. The injuns walloped four home runs and whipped the Los Ansele.5 Angels 13-5 Thursday trimming Detroit's lead to 3V> games after the Tiger's lost 7-6 in 11 innings at Minnesota. New York defeated Boston 6-4. and Baltimore sent the Chicago White Sox skidding to their sixth straight Io?s 5-4. Kansas City knocked off Washington •4-3. handing winless Dick Donovan his fifth one-rim defeat. In the 'National League, a sev- enth-innins home run" by Tommy Davis hacked 'the 'three-Hi? pitching of Sandy Koufax and gave -th» Los Angeles Dodgers a 1-0 victory at St. Louis. The only other sames scheduled—Pittsburgh at -Chicago .and 'Philadelphia at Milwaukee— were rained out. • Koufax, no'.v 5-2, struck out eight u-alkcd but three and allowed nothins but sinsles. Boh Gibson (2-1) was the loser. The Yankees took a 5-0 lead in two innings against Billy MuffeU as Johnny Blanchard and Tony Kubck belted two-run homers. i Whitey Ford, gave up only five ; hits, but needed relief help from > Luis Arroyo. • The Orioles got .all six nins in : the .fir?t two innings off loser i Herb Score (1:2) and relievers \ Juan Pizarro and Frank Bau; man. Steve Barber (6-2) was the -winner, but needed reliever Hoyt • Wilheim to nai! it. Fight Results By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Los Angeles— Piilga {The Flea) Serrano. 126 Vi.. Tijuana, Mexico. outpointed Teddy Rand '-420, Los • AngcSes. 10. v , Major League Stars By THE ASSOCIATED 1 ;'^ ESS Pitch in« — Sandy . Koufax" Dodgers. blanked Cardinals on three sina'es. struck oul eigKt, and walked three in 1 0 victory^ Hitting — Jim Lemon Twins, trashed a ! \vo-run homer in fourth inning and then broke.^ug..tie with nth-inning single fot*/J-i»*.";pctory over icayue leading Tiber's. READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS '' KUP-ELEClNp INDUSTRIAL • COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL CONTRACTING . PR 5-4457-..— 207 W. Dignawily Built for Your comfort, JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST-THE HIGH COST OF DRIVING A NEW CAR. M/. N[W /Vore/co 'FLOATING-HEAD' © Classified Ads Bring 1 Results ' TEXAS LEAGUE W L Pet San Antonio _•___ 2-i \?, ..',Hi Amarillo ____ ... 2\ l<) .:».vj Rk) Grande ____ '& 30 f,i= Austin -------- . ZT> 24 .555 Tulsa ____ ._ _____ 18 22 A'A Victoria . ______ 17 K «»5 Thursday's Results Tulsa 7-6, Victoria 6-3 Amnrillo 5, San Antonio 3 Kio Grande Valley at Austin. poned,-' ratii Today's Games Amarillo at San Antonio Rio Grande Valley at Austin Tulsa at Victoria GB Sprinters Featured At Ruidoso Downs post- WANTED • IAMATOM TO M AMD Kf AMiO ML MO RADIATOR »M ft 5-4415 A f.r.c fit-id.. nf sprinters in the <i£i;r;.i5 clsfs have drawn ihs iSMl"<ih: on Friday's card at Rui- tioso tKi-Aas. S-;veri have been named to. parade fostward in this »ive and ose-haif furlong event, v-i!h tht fsvcrhe 5.- roli virtually i ios5 us. The- field includes, by post pofiliiOR Sun Fritz, (R. F". . Cu»h;x?rti<5JS. fucMrn. Arizona) Gin Ku.'nmy.. fV/iSliana A. Smitn. Hous- tr>n. Tt->. ti'i Nojjlc Kin (Ken Gas- lr <n . F'.f.^iAcJL New >]cxico) Queen TarKie. t, f*<j?ajcr Virdcn. Phoenix, a') UeMespbere (R. b, Waitcs, Phoenix. Ariz.) Midlan.-i }-Ifes^<vy. F. WitBjfp Sifirlland. T6xr VaS)<liyai& Ho^fSftarlclaD^ Farim Topeka, Kansas). ' So we!i is this field balanced Jthat it is almost impossible, to sel- 'ecl a standout in this lineup. I Friday is the first of five big :iacir.g days scheduled o.ver the | Memorial Day Weekend. Each day. •die post time will be at 1:30 p.m. j with the Daiiy Double being fej- lurtd on the first ami second : races; and qunicllas, .'on" the fiftn jand the twelfth. The Rotary Blade shaver designed to fit every facia! curve OFFICE SUPfLMES SAIE5 «^<J SEPVICf ^wJs • Art Del RJo Typewriter-Co] *1J S. M^. DM Ml BRUCE RADIO & T.V. REPAIR lk«nt*d by f.C.C.; 2-W*f HafA'n lor Fott*r 1M» Ay». S, C , „ -fit Self-sharpening Rotary ' Biades stroke off whiskers—no pinch, no pull! Adjusts automatically {o beard density. 110 ot 220 v. and free adaptor plug. ' Cleans through 'pop- open' side vents! 'ste with travel AC/ DC . J23.35 . Alio available: ........... • f*e* titterj'-oDerat.ed Sportsman 513.95 (less batteries) • Flip-top' 5:<":-ashavi.-r r •*o.-JtTs'best-selling shaver AC/DC $24.95 with case NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS COMPANY, INC. ; ICO E»it ,^2na Sl'eel. HC-M >ori 17, H. f Mcrelc& ii known as PniitSluve in Cin*aa tna (hfousnout Iht rcsl oi me tree world. 58 SOUTH TEXAS LINCOLN, MERCDRY,-4 COMET DEALERS have banded together for two weeks of high volume trading and - for South Texans only ! Lincoln, Mercury and Comet dealers all across South Texas have bonded together to show those yankee traders how to offer cars 10 South Texans. No Single Dealer'Can Trade Like Your South Texas Lincoln, Mercury and Comet Dealer, Today! . . . because he's one of 58. They've combined their efforts io sell 1125 Comet 1 ; in two weeks — ail body styles and colors. It's the volume trading that makes bi" savings possible . . . less overhead and selling cost per car. The savings arc trcmcn° dous. and the dealers arc passing them on to you in the form of biagcr, better higher trades than you thought possible. "The more they icll —the more" you .save! - ' - rfi Take a good.;:look. Comet has famous,styling that looks four times the price, luxury interiors, real beauty, and comfort. It costs-less to buy, and less to run ... up to 28 t miles per gallon. You get more for your Comet on a trade, because it now has the highest resale value of all compacts. The Ford Motor Company and your dependable South Texas dealer offer .you aa unprecedented one-year or 12,(XX) mile guarantee on your new Comet. Drive it. It's fun. "7. the good olc fashioned South Texas way! * * * * ...-,-• make your selection now! ind set the benefit of: Guaranteed Satis- * this, inventory is expected lo last only two faction with every trade; Dependable, * weeks v. . * «rff« ttpins JUNHQ, !»*?. , wtboricetf, f»c<eryrser>k« lo back every purchase you make. GERMER MOTOR COMPANY 5O9 E. GIBBS • Ft *~»,

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