The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 28, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1893
Page 2
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THE DAILY on« year^hfwuirti P. 0...»4 7S delivered. 'tO cents por BnbtorlptlQnit rccelTtS at the tfffl«? •"• n 151'statVtrtre«t, ' ' M< M. MOSES, PtibliSOJr, Bankers Distuss the Closing' of the India Mints. IMMEDIATE ACTION MUSTBE TAKEN 8. 1893, s Mayor Aid*., Phejps, meeting Common In council Monday, Jtlne Foley presiding. Absent, Beckwith. Minutes of last and approved. The mayor appointed Hiram Benls ameiw- ber of the board of building inspectors in the place of John Sanders, deceased. v -,. Request of Sanf Bean for permission to' tiuild a boat hoiise. on the city property in Perrinville wasrtfcrretl to street committee. Einanco committee reported tTie 1>ill of John Lusher without reoomm.cndafiori x By the recorder: . . '' ' RKSOLVED, That the proper officers execute a deed from the city to. Christian Kcrnpf and Anna Maria Kempf of lofc'Ko. 240, group H. in the Marshall cemetery to . raplace on imperfect deed heretofore made to John Kappis and Chriatoph Kpmpf. Adopted. .•"*' By Ald.-Noncmnn: c RESOLVED, That ntlw stone crosswalks paved three feet on each side bo built at the following places: , < On the west side°of Division street across Prospect street, on the Henry W. Cannon S«j* ft Is Impossible'iw Continue Safely tlite Coinage of Stiver,. India's Action Will Probably ttiwten an Extt-ft Session of CongrcM. ' NEW YORK, June 28.—Hdnry , Cannon," president of the jChaso National bank and one of the American delegates fo the international monetary conference, recently held in Brussels, eaid: "The closing of the mints of India against the free coinage of silver cannot fail to depress^tlie price of that metal, and the action of the Indian government should conclusively settle the" question of the repeal of our silver ptir^-. chase act. India lias for many years absorbed enormous quantities of silver. In fact, silver money is the only money used in that countryyto any extent. - "The fall in the price of silver haa Bqrietisly affected the trade between Great Britain and her dependency— Inaia—and,early last fall a committee was appointed', under Lord,, Herschellj lord high chancellor of England, care- Th<T4th. at the WofldFFftir/ ItlU * a oo 208 248 3 13 2 88 4 8( i)otrolt 4 ... ".'.'. 045 Boffalo.. ftalamaaoo Buttle Creek... Marshall, Dp.;. trW. . 4 65 1 48 8 17 888 840 1301 p.m. 1188 12 » 83 1268 285 580 a,m. 600 p.m. 706 I* 10 7 40 800 815 847 1Q4G £.1 8: a.m. 709 lass ISO 146 307 810 p.m 960 310 881 410. ?» am. wuth sidoof Green .street ncrosm Mulberry .f n iiy t S examine into India monetary street, on the .west sjde of Ixalamozoa avo. - street, on the west side of; Kalamiizoo avo- nue across Green street, on the north side of ] /Hanover street across Li Men, on the west «PP" ' side of Jefferson street across.HahovGr, ^^}. «3BS or '.; 'Adopted.; 1 • .t- .:•-•''.•'•• ' -. ;r ' ••'.. :..',v By Aid. Coleman: >'•-"'.;.,•>• RESOLVED, That Stfttc street bef ,,.~ Frank Dickey's east line nncTMr. Hoeltzel's east line be graded about six inches in the center of the toad under the supervision of the marshal. •.. . • Adopted*- -° Aid. Noneman moved that the chairman of the street committee be authorized to re let the contract for,rempving.the'dirt from State street In case Mr. Williams refuses to carry out his contract. Carried. Bond of John M, Kast .as liquc r dealer. •was received and on motion of Aid. Davis it was approved,. On motion of the recorder the bill of the Marshall Water Works Co. was laid on the table. . The 'following bills were allowed: John Lusher, work on crossings, $1.50; B. F. Sleeper, 1 three horse evener, $1.25; Ann Arbor Gas Co., tar, $35; M. C. R. R., freight, $4.95; H. Erotzer, cartage, $1; Kearney & Burrett, Medina stone and freight,i*lill.f>0; 3. V. R. Lepper oilcloth, 40 cents; R. S. Lockton, cash expenses cleaning city hall, $1.1)0; Ben Crosswhite, cleaning city, hail; $5.85; Win. Quigley. blrtcbsmithmg, §2.85; Chas. Wagner, biacksinithing, §2;-Ci. H. Watson, laying crosswalks, $17. Marshall's time roll, $131.25. , ."'•' , The following bills wer.e allowed from the lighting fund; F. B, Snyder, furniture, f 57.07; Cook Brp8.> hardware, $2.93; S. V, R, Lepper, matting, $20.50; J. L. Dobbins, §1 66; Review & Herald., journal, $10; VVestern Electric Co., wire, etc.; §30,65.,'Magnolia Metal Co., Babbitt medal, $9.1^., Adjourned for onis week, ' > .. R N S. LOCKT.ON, Recorder.. h« The tr> coinimttee DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY for the World's Pair, besides boitg in itself the moat beautiful spectacle the world has ever sc?n, will have an unsurpassed!, pro- Rrnrri of attractions, novelties, iliujiiinations. and pyrotechnics. .••••; The Michigan Central Gets there as usual, and offers,a splendid opportunity of seeing thein< at the low rate bt one fare for the round trip, with tbc addition of admission fee to tho grounds, to avoid the an* noyance of buying tickets in the crowd at the Fair gates. These tickets will be good going only on special tram of first class coaches arriving at the Terminal Statioh in tho World's Fair Grounds on the..morning of July 4th, and leaving there at 10:45 that night. - , . x Those who de?ire to st(iy longer can return within four days of date of sale of tick- eta on regular trains Nos. ?,' 8. 12 and 10, from the Chicago city stations. Mall Jay gffic Kx.t UnffXlo ^ i' «* Detroit, LT 8 15 /aoluon...11.4(1 Albion....W )S., Marshall..1243 Battlo Ct'k 1 'A 2 08 7 85 p.m Bat* a m. WOO r is 9 !M 1003 1089 1045 tl 20 410 ial.lChio a.m. 680 p.m. 115 a 10 238 855 4 15 4 47 0 K) P.M, p.m. COO 7 3t 8 15 8.88 £03 960 818 B 10 54? 605 025 7 00 U 15 i.m. p.m. 12K 910 woo 1886 1 * 146 7 K p.m 745 1045 11*1 1149 18 W 1 10 • 50 (8atni4ayR exempted *UaiIy tSuhdayji «xc«»t«d O. W. RpOOLBS,,Oen. Pass. A Ttoket igt. Uso.A JeHHBON. Freight Ajent. '..,, U. ft. OaBORN. Tlrkn AKflnt. Marshall suspended ori'account btihei international monetary conference^ at Brussels, and two of the members of the Herschell commit-, tee were delegates to that conference. World'* Colombian Jixpo»ltlon. The Michigan Central will sell tickets frpm Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of seven dollars and thirty cents Cincinnati, Jackson & Maclinai Time table taking effect June 86 1863. ,Trftln»pM8 Marshall M follows: , TKilHB OOIMO «*•*. So, SB, I'olerto Express..... ............ 70Ja» f a, Clnoiunati KxpreM.,,. ...... ......8 4« a m « M, Mall and Jfcprau ..... >.v ........ 603 pn " 87. booalFreljEht •'The peculiar position of India'to-1 for the round trip, limited to Nov. 5th, •Vooiw ASewaaaA i»w «i« I Children under 12 veara of a&:e. or 20. ward sUverAvas freely discussed *y the I Children under 12 years of age, half ers of the conference, publicly fftrer. Tickets noticed on 1, 4,19 members _ __ .. . . . . „ . fl,nd privately, and. both General Strachey and Bertram Currie, the members of the Herschell committee, were strongly in f avof of the adoption of the gold standard for India if an international agreement could not be made fixing the etatne of silver as a money metal. Therefore the report of the committee is not surprising, under the circumstances. "The importance of the action of the government in India in dropping the coinage of silver cannot be over-estimated at this time, it was the only country, with the exception of Mexico, in the world the mints of which were open to the coinage of silver without limitation. Therefore, at the present time the only countries in the world which are continuing to produce silver legal tender money are the United N^ s A. Sherman, the old reliable universal auctioneer, is prepared to attend sales of all Kinds. Ho sells anything and -everything, household goods (anus, city property, stocks of goods of all 'kinds, and makes a specialty farm sales. If you have anything sell call and see him. *" " " Of to 5tf. SB, Mall and Krpreta,. i.*...,.. ....... 1013am " a, Cincinnati A B. O. Biqtfeas ....... 8 91 p n,,-. •' 34. Jtiprosu. ........... ........... ,..18 33 am ' <• 28, Local Prolght. ..,:......... ...... vttSOaiu All traJni dally except Bunday. , Direct connection* are made at Toledo add Clnclnntlwlth all roada diverging -, '' • Trains 81 and 22 make go od ocmneatlon at, lion -\ kelth with the O R. A 1., and at Al lagan with th« 0, & W. M for Stand Rapids, Muakegoti and ail polnta north. &. B. DllAKB, Weo, M'gT. • , T. U. AL aOUlNuLEB. Qeo. Pa^. Agl O. B. MIZK, Agt., aawhaU. T^ WANTS, FQUM), ETC. _ cents a week for .each ootlca not ex ceeding Uvo Hues. No charge less than twenty oenta. . • ^.Twenty ceeding U' Don't get excitod over croup or quins> when Lavender Ointment will relieve you within ten minutes if used as directed. 25 and 50 cents. off the walj i so at thmr I and save trouble. I PETEB HOWE, Marshal AN EXTRA SESSION. India.'? Actlpu pu Silver Will Probably ifa&rep it. ^ASfliNGjTON, June 28.—One effect of the action of the government of India has been to renew the demand for an early session of congress v ;aiad this view of the situation was presented to Secrer tary Carlisle by inaay of his cpngres- oional callers and by numerous telegrams from all secj|ojis of the country* Before going to tfie cabiuej meeting Secretary Carlisle received ^'cablegram from London announcing a further decline in ihe-price,pf "silver to 85 pence. At this price the silver dollar is worth 68 8-4 cents. Notice to Cyclists. The practice of riding bicycles on the sida walks must be'stopped at once. States and Mexico, and it must be clear ^.py persons violating the law j'n this even to a casual observer that it is im- reaoeot ^ n an „, , h «ir own nhril Kn«n possible for the United States safely to j ^"®° continue the coinage of silver or the issuance of money against bullion purchases. "In all Europe silver is dishonored and; gold is fast becoming the only money of full debt paying power. The course of the United States is clear. We must immediately stop the further purchase of silver legal tender money, If this course is pursued, there is very little doubt that the other nations will be brought to a realizing sense of the condition of monetary affairs and the place of silver as a money metal throughout the world "will be settled within a reasonable time. Our government is pledged to maintain all our wpney on a gold basis! and some action should be taken at once to remove any feeling of distrust and discomfort. T^OJl SALE—A iiew Slnger'sewlng machine. Will be gold at a bargain. Hoeltzel at stone barn. Enquire of O. A. W ANTED—Situation wanted by a competent lady as vegetable cock or duh wither in a hotel or restaurant. Please enquire at No. XOU State street. : ' F OUND—A lady's gold watch. Owner can ob- tlan same by proving property and paying charge*. Call at Coihcarvs Jewelry atora. L OST—Friday at the BWimmlne hole, a gold baud ring. The finder will be suitably re- Warded by returning the«amo tOvO. D. Brewer at Bruwer's store. A 'GOLD STANDARD. HALE CHEAP— Two desirable buildlnic J? lots, West Uanovor street. For terms ap- 4,1 y to Ueo. 11. White. MH8. A. J. TA1MADQE. IMMEDIATE ACTION, ' on tbo , *eiiver .a i B. Kvuu» Given Silver . CHICAGO". Jaa^gS.— Won brought to sach by stopping th$ free coinag^ of continues" to agitate ib.6 butdiie-ssmen of Chicago. Clintftn B. ^Evafls, editor of says": India's Viceroy Says He Hopes the Action . Will Secure That. SIMLA, June 28.—In explaining to the India council the bill providing for the. stoppage of the free coinage of silver «fod other .monetary m^asnre«,.the, adoption of which was announced, • the •Marquis of Lansdowne, vicerojK; of India, said he hoped the government would not be criticised fojr disposing; of the important question at a single sit- 'tine. The keynote of the. scheme was rather to prevent 4 further* fall in exchange than to taise the value of the rupee.. The fixing of, the provisional rate of exchange" a,t Is 44 provided an automatic meana of preventjiig the, closiiig of tbg mints ana the violent disturbing of exchange rates, 'ifha fate of exchange had been fixed Mgh enough to relieve the government of its most pressing necesaities,,while it wasw£ll within the limits d| tfee recent fluctua- A Surgical Oper»tl«M. For the cure of Piles is always painful! often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand, there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, givee instant relief and permanent cure and coats but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure. It ia a mure certain cure than,a surgical operation, without any of the intense pam, expense adcl danger of .an operation. Any druggist will get it for you. ' Just as sure as hot weather comes there will be more or less bowel complaint in this vicinity, livery person, and especially families, ought to have some reliable medicine at hand for instant • use in case it is'needed. A; 25 or 60 cent bottle of 6hBmberlain'e Cphe, Cholera and piarrhcea Eeniedy JbB just what you ought' to have and all that you would need, even for the- most severe and dangerous cases. It ia the best, the mjpt reliable .and moat auccessf t^lJrestmeQt'known and ispleasant to take. For sale at Grejene'a drug store. ' '"*" A YOUNG MAN wants work. Writln* or any light work. Salary no object. Address, Uju P, O, box 1060, Jtarahall,JJich. L^ OH S ALB—House and two to U on east Green JD street, inqulru'ol Mrs, Delnney. dJSO L OST-Siugl* bridle, between Marshall and Battle Urcck. Kuw.rd of 60 cent*. Y Finder please Jeave at billiard hall of j. Jtaub ao4 le - ceive reward. djitt KOi^LlK WINHGAB. TVTANTKD TOKfiNT-Twoor;inore furnished TV rooniB or house near cycle factory for light AddreuK loot box W, Mar»a»ll, housekeeping. Mich, W — A good, smart boy, 16 or 17 years 'of ago. Apply 10 Oeo. H. White. W ANTEU-A girl for ganeral housework Apply to Airs. A. A, Holmes, corner M»a eiou and brand etnteta. —^.JE—About 30,000, second handbricK. *.'»• Euqiilraof Beala.JtMann. \ L OST—Tuesday, May 30, between the resl- 'Ceuce o| Henry Walkinahuw ia Cpnyls and 2S wehftll city, a- new pocket- boot;: oontaintug $10. A soitablo reward wfll be--paid for its return ° to the P'-—'-'- -«•--• -* •• • . •••-- The best Perfumes always ia stock at G. H. roene's $rug store Indies are invited to test them 1T«OR SALE CUEtP—All size* of hogsheads, JT good for cisterns and water tanks. In- quiieat Jos. Qramer'a Eagle Brewery. • • TX7JPF pay rent _when you can buy JlanUi and Hatch 1 * addition anif have a house built to suit you, aui pay for it in amaU mouthly paymeau. for iufiprnimtion call at office of J. M. Hatch, over Wm. Mariia't store. "'•'" : ' ' VITASTED-Fftlthful gentleman or "•¥»., Aist in offlce.v—PosHion : p,, _,._.. Baiiway fare "aivanced here if engaged. Bnclow reference aad teltaddr^awid stamped envelope THE MAT1QNIL, 8 UL OOE tiALE-A cwnpiete set at -P' tory of the wojfla,. t«««im mistake, the J* There «bjatiJ4t$ by tihe r- zeeent yeaj*. <• Jt m«Q^O>ieflLtt ,WiP'! and at r^aponable ,„, ,

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