The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 5, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1892
Page 3
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5.18!»2. riff- . Lpeal meteorological report tai«n oy 3, H. firftwi*. *fld*$ afeGwjMWs dfog store..» .*, . « M ..*:; .A- .. I.. F. P*ee went; fcr Chicago yesterday. ' Register before eight o'clock tonight, it you have not already registered ; 0r. C. H.'Etfgleaton was ca'll&a to J-ttebfleld, Mich., yesterday on accoun of Jhe< death of ht» mother. He re: turned home today,-, ; „--. ^ . ' Wh»« the copious rains of thU week "are u^plessant- to , the workers in the ttsld 'of politics, they lite necessary, for a large crop next season . ' > his grand ^concert' ' compsdy—remember that lid opens the Star lecturfr .course Not. 18. Course tickets $1. At the meeting of the state board 6f pharmacists, hel<Hn Lansing Novera her 1 and 3, forty-nine applicants were- granted certipoatea as registered f pharmacists/ We understand 1 that the polls "will, be' opened at seven o'clock'A uesday moru-, tog in order' to dive the railroadmen who leave the city on the jearly jtrafps>a chance to vote. , J ? , ' Sunday evening at Grace church. Universally, Rev. Getchell will -aive a sermon on JobpU. Wnittler, ; "His life, his , religion, his influence," Mourning *er»on,'"Xhe ftlory of lllfe." ' : \ The place foe I tie campaign supper next Monday evening 'has' necessarily been changed to the vacant store, formerly occupied by Butler k the sheei dealer, next to'Elstoa's drug storn. ; When sand gets in a machine it usn- ally stops running. It is different, however, wtyh the political .machine, for it. takes sand to make it run well. Soap is also a very good lubrication. There w.ii oe a union praise service at the. Presbyterian 1 " c&flrch Suaday evening. F. L. fcttit. cf the Chicago convention aud concert compauy,.will be prudent ami assist in eouiluctititi tn»i s«rvice. ' , •'. if any laboring man has an idea tuul lie la .mi uoknoivn quantity In politic?, , h* Should attend soniB of the speeches luaUu uu all side^'a! the question, wh«n •he will fitid thjHijif i» a urftat^t with all parties, who an* ulaji^a to do every thing ia ihe ffdrld for Itiln—Ixjfuru The three stores and all the office* -5 ft the Southworth-Houston are rented, flowd $ Brooks will qeoupy the cast itor«, W» T, Drake, the centtw dnft.^nd^ a new firm the other. f Stdart'.Mackibbin' went tq \ Charlotte today to deliver an address before 'the Eaton county 'teacher's Association, His subject was "Educational Value of History, ' • ^ A; R. Lewi* and Fhil S. Joj • nave made arrangements to receive election returns at 0 th,e opera house Tuesday evening. An instrument\wil'l be put in the building and--the dispatches taken off tbera. An admission" fe¥of &5 cents will be charged to defray expenses 61 the hall afed bulletins. The returns will be furnished -by the Postal Tel« graph Co. „ • ^ Albion Mirror; "ftanhall is fast be- 1 coming modernized. The latest evidence of it is a bichloride of gold itis'.i-' tute concern, the ladies.of the W. C. T. U. subscribed- for some of the stock and will contribute their dividends to the treatment of iudigent .patient?. There are t plenty of subjects 'in the city and the concern wilt certainly rub un der a high pressure forthanext year." The promoters of the sjhemef nre ani iocsly waltitigfor the high pressure business to commence. The voters af Marshall should :not forget that the democratic candidate for. representative in' the legislature, Hon. Marvin Ferguson, is a resident of this cjty and they shoulil take pr.'de In sly- tn'g him a very larae vote. Mr. Ferguson if a representative citizen and jusV the kind of a man the people waht in. the legislature. He is th"or>uge{y hon* e&t, a man of good judgment, anil a hard Worker, .His work in the last legislature will' compare favorably With, any representative the county ever had. While he is a practical farmer, he is also interested largely in the business interests of <th'i* city. Ue^U a stock holder iu two manufacturing Vnter- prlses. which are a credit to the city and in the establishment of which he was a prominent llgure. The city's interests are his interest*• and should any leglsin tlon be ueedfii for the bune&t of Marshall we cap be much better assured of success if the \epresentruive Hve.n htie than we could If te lived~l«r another parf of the couotV Wbun Mr. Fef«u son was it member\f thticouncil liu vy«: alway..i~fi>un«l on UieVi^ln iiJe ^l«4e of every qvieauon.aud h«\an alwa^^ b*(u« peuded ii^o if relumeJ\tp the legislu .tnre. Of dato for reprtuieiitaUvti Ims* fM<en nice V(»ltr by the people, irrutoecllv.- >«t g- j f ^ r (• ^ "" T ™~'" ~ T " W "^ large v«»Jk «nst fi»r Mr., Fenju»iitj next I know that I am a little /ar _—4— ' • ' the East end but as our city is ,t i, € e — ing we must spreaAnut, we all 1 V \ * ' ' r * Anyone desiring infurioiatiou *a» to the* manner of voting under th« new 4aw are invited to call at the McHifgh store |his evening, Monday or Monday evening where information will bin Jree^ ly'furnished to all peouie of all parties as to the method of vojiitg .with the new .ballots. - -." «, At the campaign supper next Monday ev,eniqg there wijl b« three- ufrtu*s re> rtsented,-democrat, repoblicVa^tind prohibition. A table tor each, ornamented with t* plctu*r of ike respective candidates and ierved by waiters gl like itlca. Rveryone should attendant have a goi>'' 'Jine. In Butler's old sh«e store, naxl Mt u'r t» Alston's drug store. .Sap- 'per from 5 to?8 o'clock. . , The fcanjpaigu Is closed and (he candidate! are making a final bustle, The democrats feel cdutident of electing the national ticket, while the republicans are 'confident the state and county will go their way. The campaign has been inch a quiet^>ae that even lue knowing "' To anyone w-iio will fe«i>ur^ fix for MBS. IDA VYiuCEs ,BKOWN. consuUitiou c»U^ Herntton SMOTHERS .. part wSt|v your ilar- Una babies iu sickness, or call on your drugei*! foi Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender Qio » eol tad Astbmitto Balsam, mediein , lift nave lives 'when doctors fail in Mew brnnous Croup. Inflammation rf tli iiuntca, Luntjirever and 'fyphot - Pneu monia, also quickly 'rfilieves^a cuff Croup, Scarlet • Fever, W onpta? Cou IP, ',7 BOH di, Sore e Throat, Burns, - x>ne8 h"»ve'no definit^ knowledge will .warrant any pr«Jiipty>gt ; tB%t is\at liabJte to l^e correct. There arc liable bti some surprises for both sides next • J E|« < tai»traotions ««r voting ar« simple »o4 should 'apt bother anyone. G*t ballot trpm injpeotor of eleotion. Take it to the _bpotk and mark a cross in the little ftfttartat the head of-tha ticket g similar afQiotfom. , 38 and $U cents «r by mail? Da £L SHAKPBTEH^, Fropri •U*r, Harshall. MicbUwn V.«nr Js.tlie uatne pf a little book ju&t telling all about ,Ne4o- b«c, the wonderful harmless guaranteed • care for chewing smo,k>nf , cigsrettB habit or finuff Kp-to-bao is tha oaly guarantewi .tobacco habit ctre in th» world/ Sold by druggiat* Mention t4us paper. Th« Stefi.iotf Co., 46 Ban^olph St:, tJbicagi? or il We for the -C^ H agency - -- ve the safe of made ft*oin thtese 1 popii* lar goods, and we will sell then! at very' lo^ prices to get them in-; troduced here. ^ ^t Every garment wa^- ranted ; $. V. ft 1EPPEB. not do business in the center^ but ' - * "\. ' " "' it will pay you if in want of anjr Haiidwarie to give me a call. I . - ''•''"-,• . • * * * *• ' have two carloads of Acorn Cooking & Heating Stoves to '«'•*>•' •* * Over One Million of these stoves now in use. Every body ls^ invited to call ait my Salesroom/and to- . . •; / ' i .<-—•» «»•«.«. spect my new )ine of goo&s, \ \ * _ ^^ •>'••* ( , r *•** / • '•.,. --., _ . JOHN W H ALEN East^ State Street^ MARTIN OF WHLUNERY GOODS FOB THE NEXT I Will Sell 1 at Cost for Cash a}l , i-, ••' Trimmed-Hats and Bonnets,' ^Jl Untrimmed Uoods, : ."• feathers,. Fancy Feathers, '-\Ribbons, Flowers, Laces, In fact EVERYTHW TOR THE NEXT THIRTY tDAYS. ' • „„ . _, _^ • —•. . t MISS HANNA, is in Charge DHnrWwk Room She is lately from the-wh.olcsalB buu&e of 1'ol.locw, Pettibouo & -Ch>pmau and having had ^large experience cau giv« yuu saiji-faCiUwu ami ou sfhprt-i Now is the time tfnd tlineral; Sprios* mailed free. lad., and! get a book Fresh oyst«r^ at you wish |o vote/ If y?n wisU U> cut your ticket in any way put a mark through tit* names you wish to cut and »arj( f pross ia the sa.wt in front - pf I tfc» 9MO» you wish |r v«te-jferr. Fold I ihf ballot 19 that thejctteri wrltteu on * W th« tae, of ail ta*t l§ Bwjwsary in ordtr tbe |MnfJJHMEHf^«teaB, a. S.teJ»3tetel* U JP l<aa««Mrti^w. f*wt»« rt&'C.mfrty T j »$^JES,9 ? t,Wj^it^'|. . , jp ./. doors west of P. O. Is tjie pliace. 2 Stores 2 Stores. ttnjy lliUJ SEC THE RED F AC «: '•»

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