The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 28, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1893
Page 1
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VOLX1Y-N(U66 MARSHALL, MICB.,JMMMDAY, JUNE 28, 1893. * At » t PRICE TWO CEtf IS Pure v A cream of tartar baking-powder Highestof all in leavening strength ~ Latest U. S 1 Government Food Report.' 'ROYAL BAKINGQPOWDEEco 106 Wall Street, N. Y ^HUMPHREYS' for Howes, Cattle, Sheepdogs, Hogs, „ . AND FOtTLTAx. ~ tment of Animals at Free* Three Children Dead and the Mother Dying. HIS SISTER'S WEOSG, jxio BA»*.U» ctnuui ( FeYerfe,C»ntertton« jnfliiiiMimtlon . A. I Spinal MenlngltU, Milk *«ver. trnln>, Lamene.Hfl. HhenmatUm. -isteniper, NoBBl»l»charge»i. .—Bot» or <3rub», Wfflirm*. , , Hfliavei, Pneumonia* Gripe., Bellyache. ».Oi— Ml»caTrf»tcc, emo I.B.-^Urlnary and Kidney .1.— Eruptive DUeases, Manue. i [VK.--insea»e» ol WlgeiiHon, Paralyrf*. Stagte Bottle (over 80 doses), - « *6O- Case, with Specifics, UttoaO, Floyd Hftlnei Arrested After a "Long Chase^Th* Three pefendants In tli* Molltofr Muffle* to' Be Tried Togettier. A Chicago ibrummef Badljr U«ed. SAQINAMT, Jtine 28.—As the result of a fire Tuesday evening three children are already, dead,, and Mrs. Catherine Newmann is feo,. badly burned ithat she can no.t live. . .' The fire was discovered about 10 o'clock in a 2-story ffaine building occupied as a' millinery store by Mrs. TSewmann. The family, consisting of mother, thr^e daughtets and two sons, lived upstairs. , "When the fire was discovered the fir,st floor was in flames and escape by the stairs cut off; the oldest " -^ , . _ ^. _ *3 _. U _~T.X.4*B ft+*f*t\rtnr\fMn SM Afl_ Bonancl one 'daughter succeeded in caping by another way. • Mrs. Neumann was found near the front window so frightfully burned that death is almost certain. When the ftremen gaine<Tentrance to the rear room three cnildren were found, Tiuta, aged 30, Lena, 15, and Frank, 12. The boy was dead, and the girls lived but a few minutes. The loss on building ana contents will be about $8,500. I cue rigac oi^w 'peremptory cuauengea ' of jurors, on'each case, thus catting the permeptory challenges by the defense down to 80 in all. An order was made by Judge Kelley to this',effect and the' trial commenced. There will be considerable trouble \ti securing a .jury and another special panel of 24 was ordered drawn. Attorneys Atkinson andEmerick have apparently withdrawn from the defense, leaving Attorney Burnham alone to oppose Attorney General. Ellis*: Mr. Me> Namara and Mr* Malone;y for the prosecution. The general opinion is that this fact will work to the advantage of the accused, as iti will arouse sympathy \n their behalf.' ", , Another mine Clones. ' IsHPEMiNd, June 28.—Orders have been received to pull up the primps from the Champion mine and aljow the 7 .workings to fill with water. The mine has been practically idle for the past 15 months, and only 100 men will Be thrown out pf employment. Stopping the pumps' Ifi regarded as nexpto the. „ The.Mill. Wheu anything you w:«jt to buv» " * Just call at Chesher's mill and try", His cash prices vyfll mroly suit y;>n, Whpn »my feed jou tloTwani ground, Call at CbesberV'mill, .he h always around, '•< - • And he will try to please you. W*te btiy for cash and ipltfor cash, And that's what keeps us in o'ur hash. If you want the host refrigerator on. earth for the leastmoney BO to Boslej's. Buy the genuine PhiiiuleU>hia mower nt Boslwy's. 7 Lawn . as it a; to un.__ Cham- argeat and district in mowers paired at Bosley'a. sharpened and r'c- aary. JmTVeterlnartCnreOll 1.00 •» wwlpt BlIirHMTB'WP. CO., IH * »t WllllMt St.. ft ft HOMEOPATHIC In UM 30 yewi! The only •uopeMfnl remedy for Uewous Debility, fa Weate ' m. from owr-work or other cuuej. irtStaand largo vi«l powd«.for»k l"*! °' •«"' p«*tp«ldan receipt of prlcfc . state of the BjBtoffl, «uoli M tbitieMi'<*rter i •'^L.H» OQIOa HEAD tcalcsB to those wao TO AVENGE A SISTERS Caused Floyd Halnes to Hit James O'Ucrn With a Ball Bat. GRAND RAPIDS, June 28.—Floyd Haines, who made a murderous attack on James O'flern at Harvard Sunday after a game of ball, was arrested near Sparta Tuesday. The cause .of the trouble was as follows: O'Hern five years ago was engaged to marry Haines' sister and under promise of marriage seduced her. A day was set for their wedding and the guests assembled at her home, but O'Hern din not show up. He ran away the mgbt before and went to the upper peninsula, not returning for three years. During the game Sunday O'Hern made'some remarks referringto Haine's sister in the latter's hearing and repeated them later. Hainea grasped a club hit him over the head with it and then hit him several times more. Ihe injured man is considered fatally hurt. The neighbors were greatly excited by the affray and pursued Haines with ins and pitch forksi but he escaped at _jat time and has been hunted ever since'. '• ' Deptity 'Sheriffs Brinkman of this city, Walker of Cedar Springs and John Cole of Sparta traced him to the house of a friend near .Sparta, but he escaped through an upper window and took to the "WOods. In'the night he returned to I the b&rn to rest, and was captured after a slight resistance. O'Hern, his victim, the-point of death. FpR. TRIAU Sirs. JohiistoB ISovjtd Over to the Circuit Court. ,. s • •»., WAYNE, June 38.—Mrs. . Thomas Johnston, charged with assault with'in- tent to do great bodily harm upon Myrtle, her l&yjaatpld adopted daughter, had a preliminary hearing and was held for trial in the Wayne,, circuit court in bonds of $800. The examin/itioji was held & Mrs. leave her room, -and lay in bed while the testimony wa* takeg,.'. Sands F. Moore, aswstaut prosecuting attorney* appeared for the people, ana J. Fs Col* t i..* CTT*,. ^=^_ « -_«*•• M *M»iiS«*M ^ "*• ' "final abandonment of the will require six months to a water it, when once filled. 1 pion. has-been among the, most profitable mines of the past. •\VhIsky'Mod« Life^abearable. JACKSON, June 28. —, Philander E. pierce, an old resident of this city, at: texripted suicide by taking morphine. : He was'found in his room unconscious. Physicians worked upon him for several hours and his condition was somewhat improved. • It is belieVed he will recover. Before taking the morphine he wrote a long~letter bidding-mrfamily TgotHiby mwf stating that whisky was the cause of his trouble. His family had deserted him on account of drink 'and he wanted to end his troubles. A Cripple For Life. ADRIAN, June 28.—W. A. Stevens, a Chicago drummer, was held up in the Lawrence House Monday night by Cbjrles' Beyer and Thomas Ryan, 18- T have removed ruy office to Eagie block in "the rooms - formerly occupied by Dr, Houston. ' '•» KUAS Get youf tin warn nn-inlt'U at'Sohellyis tin shop. Gasoline stoves cleuni-d untt- repaired " , Get your wall' papiir and paifits u Geo Bfiuglitou's uew store. SfOCKIAKTED TO PASTDRE Terms cheap, see or adilress, A. Bv'KING, Marshall, \^U£l)l ICO' JJUJJ c* «***v» *. **•"**•*•" T —" year-old lads of/this city. They relieved him of a gold watch and $110 in money and left him with a broken nose and dislocated knee. They have fled and are still at liberty. The victim will be a cripple for life. The three .had been out together during the evening doing the town. Monument to Be Dedicated. LAWTON, Jntfe 28.—General Russell A. Alger will make the principal oration at the dedication of Lawton's new soldiers' monument on the Fourth of July. Congressman Burrows and other prominent speakers will also deliver ad- dreaees, and Van Buren county battalion, Grand Army of the Republic, Sufferers from Piles should know that tli Pyramid Pilo Cure will promptly and ef. fectuully remove every trace of them. .A 11 / druggist w'11 get it for you. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorl*. $100 for a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Ner- vousueaa and Sleeplessness tha» Vegetable Cure will not cure. Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Coughs, LaOrippe and its after effects' Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Erysipelas and Constipation. 12 oz. $1.00. DR. SHARPSTEEN. "Uoy»l Kuby" Kve Whisky is "a Bye as is a Rye," naturally ripened and free from. all forcigu flavor and adulterants, guaranteed pure and over eleven a Army ot win jw^uyuy, years olatfe, recommended to the eonnpia annual reunion here on the j seii* as a meritorious article worthy pf tht "" :; -— — — *• —vi _!.—«-• con fi£ienoe of invalids, convalescents and the aged. Sold only by F. O. Seaman & Co. Druggists.. same day. The monument, which was erectedby the .united efforts of L, O. Woodman Post Grand Army of the Re- E jblic WwJ the Woman's Relief corps, of granite, 17 feet in height and supports a handsome statue of a private •oldier at parade rest. • He Took ths Kinety Days. GRAND RAPIDS, June 28.—Asa Alspn, B, Swede, has been amwying, following and accosting young girls on the street for some time. He was finally caught in the act by the officers • and captured after a lively chas& and free use of a club in reducing him to subjection. In court he t?led to bluff the girls, but their innocent stories dqwmed him and he was fined |50 or 90 days, and he took the 90 days. to Queer Business. ~ GKAND RAPIDS, June 28.—Mondav A the police captured a man named p,tfr in the act of climbing into a restaurant by the tflans^m over a door. Be perched on Ws companiOM, one of, whom proves to, be. Charles Clark, m* «dndom>« large jwe^y houw h^e. aad weU Bought pi young . Dr. O, E./Bennet* of the cowafe? asy* the claw *fter b.o<»ten 4 win tba Blari aii Pool M. Billiard hall and pool ropm and 15 ball pigeon hole table, 173 East State street, opposite the Herndon hotel. Fine cigars kept. • J . BAUB, Prop/ The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure of Pilei in every form. Every druggist baa it. Screen doors and windows all sizes at Boslej's „ ' Children Cry fot Pitcher's Castorla. in- th4 ________ _ ______ ... . Muwhall, Oaa« Ucket^.to att , '93. .Canada . now on sale at-Micolgau ffenUal .•« . " *«JC« another B J y Co., wp sell ar betiseen ai| poiat^ 'at, rute of ? ofte ttrst class fare for the roxiud aud Sp?oe»A,e

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