Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 25, 1961 · Page 5
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 5

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1961
Page 5
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•-ML RIO (Texas) NEWS-HMAlD, Thurtdoy, May 25, 1961 Conventions Bring Dallas $70.5 Million Per Year Dallas finds conventions and trade shows a lucrative and challenging business, according to a recent editorial in the Dallas Times-HrrnH. The editorial reports convcnlion- ers spent $70.5 million in the city Jb*t year and ciles studies this money cbancts hands six and nno-half times alter it is intro- ducc-d *o the- area -:> economy. Because of growing interest in Del Rio in the development of the convention and lourist industry. NEWS BRIEFS FROM MEXICO TO ESTABLISH TIES MEXICO CITY (AF'j— The For- C!£n Office says diplomatic relations v.iil he- established soon between Mexico and Tunisia, Noroc- co. Senegal, Guinea. Liberia, Nigeria. Sudan and Malsache. ; GOING TO CANNES MEXICO C!tY iAP>— Mexican ! movie star Pedro Armenciariz is going -if' the Cannes film festival both zs a Mexican deieqate and as z rc-presi-rnativc of the annual — rt- 1 . iew ai film festivals. _ ; f 4. c i : HEADS FINANCIERA MEXICO CITY (AP) -— Oscar Fraustro. an accountant. has been ; named director general, of .Vation- al Financicra. ihe government financing agency. He succeeds Carlos Robles, kilie-d last week in an airplane crash. « » r f TRIES TO StE BSiDEGROOM : MEXICO CITY (AP)— A young Mexican bride has fiown U> Ha- i vans to try to sec her newly wed husband captured in the abortive ; invasion. Cecilia Castilio -Castro, t 22. said she and Oscar Castro, a- commander in the anti-Castro ; rebel forces, were married six i months ago. i *~ ~ * * } USED CAR PRICES SOAR ! MEXICO CITY (API— the Xa- i tiona! Association of Automobile '] Distributor? said today - Mexico's j bsn or. high priced cars has : pushed Ihe sale price of many \ second hand models higher than ; new ones. • The government has banned the imports or sale of any cars costing more than 55.000 pesos ' this informative editorial is reprinted here in full: "Money spent in Dallas by visitors attending conventions and trade shows is becoming an increasingly bigger item in our economy. "It is well for every citizen r,> rcccisni/e this, for individual action 1 .>s well as that of city govern- j inent ' and civic groups is te- >quired'to k^cp this a flourishing I industry. ! "Richard Ingram, manager if jlhe Dallas Chamber of Commerce [Convention Bureau, noted thix 'week in 19GO some 521.0% conven :tioneers spent $70.5 million hore. j "Dallas now ranks among Die- top 10 convention cities in UK- .iiUion v but competition is twice .is stiff as it was two decades ac~». said the Chamber official. In thai period the number of convention bureaus over the U.S. has "m- creased from 30 to more than 6 r > '•Studies show ihat the conventioneer's dol'ar i> spent here six and one-half different limes before • ii leaves the area. The impact o- ; ; our prosperity is considerable. ''. "Dallas leaders have Ion" been aware of the gold to be mined by causing organizations fo wish "o hold i heir meetings here. leaders have supported moves lor adequate hotel, auditorium, es*- ins. ciitertaimneni and ottiL-r '.»• • eiliiies. Today Dallas is xv-.-li ••••q u in pod to iiandlo such main moth •-on vent ions as that nf the ,\:n-r- icart Logiitn, sch-ilulrd !'i Ijrin.; . "."i.'Wi visitors- hei'c in 1'.!;>> : "Dal!r-s citizt.'iis Jiave doiie their j.nrt by s'Otin" lionds for our m:i.;- rjificent Memorial AiuiiUrriui:i. !iy .supporting oni>i«jndins . cuifuru} and entertain.'ni'ni which help l;ire >. isilors. ;unl !>\ assisting in inaiij oiiirr way^. ',\ is no exatfut-raiion in say l!i;il \'-\: convention snd trafio slmw hi!>;- nej> b-Ticfilt; every citi/e'n of J):il!as, directly or indirt.-<.tly. : ''Our ("haivibcr ha 1 -' b-'t-n iln:.;u ; a fine job'of iU'tti'i.a r.rg;in:.- < ;ii!-'-\ , ieatfers" Kt s:.!.jii u<> i:>r D;-.!]JS T)u- -' : i jiiht one. rc;i>:>ii why thi- O::.;-:- .;er merits broad siippur!. .\i.'. Inyrun; d'ie? \\e)f to [(-n-ind uy «..! ' iturc cballcr.iie t; 1 i!:t-r-; :i;i ' Jury Rules Woman Of Unsound Mind When Signing Will HOUSTON (AP)—A jury decided Wednesday that. Mrs. Lucy Haden was of unsound mind and influenced unduly by a son, Ed- X;\r, when she signed a will disposing of a $4.7 million estate. Mrs. iladen was 84. when she died in 1058; It was the second time for the e.;.i5v tn r-->ach a district court jury . siive probnle Judge Clem Me- Ck-Hami in 1549 set aside the will, duiilenget! by five other heirs. A •ir!--.l hist June ended with a hung jury. Harh-n appealed to district court .aj'ier McClellaiMl ruled in favor of • hi! chisUonge filed by another son, G-t-il; a daughter, Mrs. Lila Ha<!<>n iirandon. bo!h of Houston: and thr. P qraruidaughtcrs, Mrs. Edna '.!'iri<iy Summers of San Antonio. Mr.i. Virginia Bloody DieUman of Fi«!'i.<tun am! .Mason O'Kieff of Bar Plans New Advertising AUSTI.V <SpI> — Institutional; advcrtisinc will figure prominently in future public relations programs of the organized Bar. an official of the State Bar of Texas said here Thursday. William J. Rochelle Jr. of Dallas, public relations committee- chairman, said institutional advertising appears to be the best way to inform and correct public- misconceptions about the duties and services of lawyers, the legal profession, the courts and the Bar. • ; -The State Bar will share the cost with local bar associations, he said. Jn addition to paying part of the cost of space, he said his ( : "<'S-r ihe will. Kdsar Hadcn wiisJfl ha\e received an undivided' cr\<: -filth interest in the eslale and ihe other four-fifths equally'•-."<: iv- other heirs. Testimony ijv:jo;*Ieci (his would have given !!!•:! >I ."i mil-ion, compared to ><>_7 I'M) fur ilie other heirs. if IN* verdict stands: eacn par!k >f<;tfil 'in rise case and two other '••••.r- v. HO did nnl participate. ; v.f>uM receive about $783.000 each. i'••-.- '>'.;KI f,\'<\ nnt op.rticipate are- M;-.~ i.'H-j- r.Jeen iiadcn McDow , ::::•: \>-lJ:2m Moodv I\ : . - • ; Ki'iiar Hjidc-n's 'lawyer said he ; '- i : . ii:u: c;i lain whether he will ap- i TeeMgen Set Off trawl Kitting Five PACHUCA, Mcx. (AP) — A drunken brawl touched off by two teen-age brothers ended in five deaths and three injuries in nearby Metepcc Wednesday. Both brothers ; were killed, along with two policemen and a fifth man. Police said the brothers, J, Remedios and Jc-sus Sbsa Perea, 16 and 19, had been drinking steadily for 24 hours and started a fight. Sandra Dee Expecting HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Actress Sandra Dec, 19, and"actor-singer , Bcbby Darin, 25, disclosed on i Wednesday lhai they expect their first ' child in ~ December. They • eloped last December. i Refrigerator cookie' dough call- ling for granulated sugar and flavored with vanilla may be varied by omitting the vanilla and adding l tables[>oon each lemon J juice and grated lemon rind. OUT AND MOSAIC WITH A MISSION—"The Return of Christ," a 39- fooWong mosaic, is displayed in .Munich, West Germany, prior to its shipment to Japan. Created by Prof. Karl Knappe, the mosaic is destined for the World Peace Church in Hiroshima. It is a gift to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hiroshima from German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Classified Ads Bring Results - Advertise SERVE WITH PRIDE COMET THE MODERN V1TAFIED WITH VITAMIN B, -T^ COMET RICE NEPTUNE • , Approximate cost — 89^ 1 cup uneookod Coinet Rice 1 Ib. pooled <!e-vt;ir»cd shrimp ' J A cup shortening Vt cup (lour 1 small onion, cliopped I can (8 o/..) tomato sauce !ia small chopped greon pepper Ccxil: the Comet Rice following easy directions ot» the package. In the meantime, melt shortcninj; and blond in the Sour. Gradually add the Dish Meal Serves 4. 1 slice Icinoo (nr 1 L-;p. juice) 4. cloves <li(.i!d garlic (optional) Vi cup chopped parsley IVs Isp. s;>!t % t^p. tiiymc 1 cup hot water Dash of black pepper water, stirring until.smooth. Add remaining ingredients, cover, and simmer 20 minutes. Stir in the cooked Cornet Iticc, aiul ierv-e hoc BECOMES A HA3IT MEXICO CITY (AP)— Robbing the home of Miguel Monlalban hsn become a habit with Andres Lopez. police said Tuesday, when they captured him. after he had broken Into the place for the fifth lime. ' . REQUIREMENTS STRICT MKXiCO CITY (AP)— Mexico's requirements are so "strict that only 32.077 forei^nc-rs have been granted .Mexican citizenship in 131 years, says the statistics bureau. • v «• * CADETS GOING TO VENEZUELA MEXICO CITY (AP)— Mexican cadets wll! flv lo Venezuela next month lo participate in that country's indc-pt-ndpr.ce celebration. AUTO "BLACK MARKET?" MEXICO CITY (AP) — The newspaper Ultimas Xoticias said today there is a growing black market in automobiles "in frank rebellion to the Ministry of Indus- !ry End Comm'.Tfe" which ha> frozen prices and quotas. * * » » FLY OUT PRIESTS, NUNS MEXICO CITY < APi— Mexican? Airliners said today it is puttine on irx-csa* Hisht? to Havana tr enable priest?, nuns and other- to leave. Cuba. . « I « X THREE WOMEN KILLED TEPiC. Mex./APi - A statior wijr,r; c^rryir-.g a pr'iesl to thr West Co=bi city overturned Tuesday. Killing thrftf: women. » r • • GUEST LECTURER MF.X'CO CITY fAP)_ The med ie-! society of the general hospita has iiiv;j*d Dr. Benjamin Felsor of Umvr-rsiu of Cincinnati to visit icico '-in ' Octobtr. He %vill be f lecturer. PRINTING! Quality Materials and Workmanship at Reasonable Prices Office Supplies A balanced stock to serve the rerir1ory at established retail prices, Printmc| Nazi Persecution i Survivors Throw Trial Into Turmoil JERUSALEM. Israel (Al'i — Two -lewish survivors of the Nazi pogroms lost their control ciiirins the Eichmann trial today'.ami shouted wild threats. ' throw »>g (he courtroom into turmoil. Presiding Justice .Moshc Landau suspended the trial for 20 minules." The disturbance came ai tbc height of emotion-packed testimony by acini: Pinas Freudicer. a leader of the prewar Jewish community in Hungary, who fought back tears and sobs as he told of the persecution of his -people. " Freudiger was cool and collected only when lie identified .Adolf Sichmann. '.sitting in the glass-enclosed dock, as the Gestapo officer who directed the deportation 'if 600. WX) Hun^ajian Jev.s !o lealii camps. Suddenly a hroad-shotilderen- 'ew wearing a cap jumped up in 'he .audience, waved wildly at _~reudincer and screamed: "You 'iave saved your, family! Mine' vas sent to death!" Tile courtroom audience of 75<'i. many of them survivors - of 'hf TOgrom. burst into ' exeitemc'iU Guards n'shed to the man and lastiiy bundled him out. The crowd settled down. Jus' 'B. "noment later a bearded old man n fie balconv. an orthodox Jew lamed Avrah-am Cassirer. -rnse t;> is feol. .pointed zi Eichmann'ar.ri houled: "You murderer — yrvi "ast of prey'— there ar". -Mil 'C-A'S who have not been exlerm- latefi snd they will see to your iownfall."' Me. too. wss ejected snri the •residing iudze adjourned the ession. All three judges retired 'rom the courtroom. ; ciifiimnu-e u'ili prnd:;rc n^u il- iusiraied iids iii.ffifi<'-ni. for a '^\week seru-» r.rid Turni.sii tneni free to locai Bar.-*. Amoni.; ^rea> of p^lilic mis-' c-onception liit 1 Bar hopes to cor- ; reel is that concerning' the Sawyer's roit- as an'arivocatt' in an adversary sysu-m. wht-re lawyers ar'. 1 someisme criticized fcr de- feriding an accUsed per<on. ••\Vlu.-n a • lawyer defends an unpopular defendant, he i'» simply fuiiill-; ing his obligalifin pro-, icled in ihe Sixth Amendment" to the United Slates Consiiuition." Koche'ie declared. The ainc-ndnieni. included if. ihe L". S. r.i!! of Kishis. ?ives a person accusc-d of crime the right of a speedy ano pjblic trial by an impsriia! jury and in !ia\ : e die asststasK't: oi counjei for his defense. . Rocnelle- re-called ihat surveys •fc« Tic-cs\veet Frozen. 6-oz. can ~ || ORANGE JUICE 21c Si BL-dsye Froz-n FISH STICKS pkg. ___ 39c Birdsyc Frozen | BABY LIMAS'pkg. ___ 29c L-bby's Frozen SPINACH 'plig. IDc PET RITZ FROZEN—APPLE, PEACH or CHERRY of pubiic cwiducteti 'by the Texas Bar and the American iiar Associ.-UK-ii rove;;! ih;u an uninforniec! si-^riu-n'. i;f the public i? feaniij •.•! iav.yer f (••<.•=. ' '" There . is no' niysury in the charges of: a lawyer, sinco it CO.MK noihin^- to find <Jiii hov. iritirn <;ot:nsvi v/iil cost." Thro'.i^li- iin'ii<it:«ii.''! ;i';-. crtis- ; my. liocliclU. 1 saiti Ui'o I-ar will: or\piain the b;r^i:- {>f fe:-s arji thai "it costs notkinc; lo find- m:! how much it COM;.." lie said criii>'5 sonioiimr charge 1 lawyers uilii irri-'iru; ;i"i'. iint.i-^.- of • ••|oof>l:rt}fs" r«n(i ••IvchJiic.-Hiiii::-" in n case. 'These rriUc.; .<ln not ¥lr>n to Ihiril:." 1 Rorhellr . nssorrccJ. "iiia! if we (if, i.(,i txcrcise i.-'xcry ii!j,'i- l.innie t-fior! in n;ir clien! '? i)'--- hjif. ttioii •.vi; iiic i..-: i ir,'iyir)L r it sacred ;ru?', ; "They do rji.I seen; to understand thai ar,_-(,r!:ph<!i:r';cnr of ini- ; par;i.-il j;i>i:<;f i.-s !i;c !:(;i':?:cn. of; the judge and t!'*..- u-rv. an.:! ih.i! our sv.orn 'iuly is to poriray our clk'.'i';':-! ca.-:.- in it.s iav'iraljie : The- JJ;ir j-'i.'if:.- to jl;ir'. li;'j ;.aid. Del 5Iontc-No. - can. I'licapplc JUICE __ ___ __„ 2 cans 29c Or! .Stontc. Pincapplc- r;r;i!»rfr!iil J UIC K _•__._ J G-t>z. can 2»c Kimltell's N'o. oO.T can APPLE SAUCE _________ •_. 17c Ilnrit's P'EACJIES Xn. 2 J /i can 2!)c Tic-! Monle, No. 3fi:: can FRUFT COCKTAIL __ 25c Drl .'Monte- rEAS Xo. 303 can 2k: No. 3d3 can ' • French Style GREEN 7 BEAN'S __ _ 25c i>cl Monlc. ClolfJcn Crca-in -Stvle CORN' No. 303 can ____ Have you tried shopping in our complete Food Market Lately? 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