The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 5, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1892
Page 1
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\' \ MARSHALL, MICH., SATURDAY tfOVBMBKB r».1892 FKICRTW0CKNT* POWDER Absolutely pure. , , t, . , ^ ' ,'A creiim of tartar baking |>owtlt>r Higlteatof all in-lcaveniiip streqffth latest U. £* Government food /?«• for/. » '' ' .. ', ROYAL BAKING P6^i>ER (3O ., • IOC Wall Street,^,Y/ t rf ""*" $500 REWARD! We will pay tUe above reward tor any ca»a o Wtor OompUInt, DyapepAla. Hick Headaota, t u <Ug«ltlon, ; CoQatipattoQ or Oontlveiiesi we can aot ; cure With weat'a Vegetable Liver Ptlls When the dlractiana are utrlotly compiled with, 'f b«y are purely Vega tab! a atid never fall to glye TIED UP THE CITY. Li , 3-^. J Union Labor. at New Orleans Quits Work. , •-j& GREAT STRIKE ORDERED TODAY. loo 1 , Sugar coated, ''Large boxea con- 'D'plllB. SB cent*. BuwRre o< counter- .Imitation'*, The E8BU.Ine manufactured OT THE JOHN C. WSaSlJastt > AJ»y, Oolcaco, in, For aale tij A. O. Hyde, Marshall, Jllch. A Utjata^UedCure for Mia* of what Mad or lagra*—Extattial, Internal, Blind or .Bleeding, Itching, Chronic, Recent, or Hereditary. TbTs .nOTedy^iaa'yMltiy'ely nerprbeonkaown (o fall. paid on receTptol price. A w'ritlan Guarantee positivelygiven to each purchaser of 6 " Health is. Wealth. $&i^i$*y(>\ iSLst nff/aCS^^aza \ac_2k" AUuut Kvery Industry In the City Now luvoVTwd and the Street Car Men Ma/jBe Ordered to St6p—All tha ElectrtcMelit . Men Out and the City In fotal Darkneit at. Night—M«srch»ut» liutidcdt together tV»R«tl*t the Striker*. '"•*'•'•::""•' ,.' NEW OnUiANS, N'ov.- 6.—The general stdke of labor in this city vras ordered l>y the amalgamated council of the federation of Labor at ntidnight^last night for noon today, tend th'e entire city ,wa<» tied tip after 12 o'clock. ' The ^recommendation f«f the action wa* signed Ky / f6rty-six • unions. There fcfe fee^rs that ijoten^will result. Cine of the mosfe injliortant features of yesterday's proceedlrig» was the at-tioh taken by "_ _ ;>hicaj tmipji No, 17. iWet the agreement'of Thiirwlay night the presidents pf 'the- respective labor onions were Instructed to meet at noon yesterday to take action. " ' ' > Typ«« Indttnie tha Strlka. ' • "All the unions; nare the typpgr4pbica,l, ndorsedthd action of, the Amajgama council in onleriug the atrike. These to the number of fifty odd, .quit work today at noon, and unless the business com/ munity agrees to employ none but union men they will remain out. The Typograph- cal union decided by a vote of 91 to Sfnot to strike, but resolutions -expressing/their mpathy were adopted. Tonight tie city ew-Orleans will be in total darkness. he Other Side Determined. g-the unions which will strike are ;he, GasworkeM 1 and the Klettric Light rrimmers', both strong organization*; and it is difficult to see hpwthe gas and electric light companies will, be able to fill their ilaces. The merchants t ook no move at aU reaterday, and art* tleterndtitd tp stauU by ,h*ir decision u«t to be ilictated vtp by uu- .oiisaa to whom they employ. It wait reported la*l night that vMaynr Htzpatrick s out pf tjbe city to «vadd rei»poasl,bHl^ ' ;he premlttfla. The merchants b4Ye applli'd to the-municipal authoritlea aakiug u comuii^ioua be gireu to a number of cii i- zens who Will act ana special IH>lic« force during the strike. . . ittupd^Off t^y * ty«vo|v*rJ day afterngou a> driver of a lloat | for a commission houae was popped bv a • crowd'of Vh'ite an«J .Colored'str%ers who threatened to pullWui off the vshide if he did not lpa,v«. Jfe d»>v.itrevolver and defied them and kept thwu <tt bay untjl the arrival of the jwlice, wheu ffiur arrests were made. Hhould tha hybor councirde- 0id« to call out the car 'drivers the peaple wilt walk today. . 0. W«8T'8 NBBVB AHD Biuts TRKIT- NT, s Kuaranteed 0Paciflp ior Hysterift, Cenvulglona, tits, Nervous ^.^ache, Nerraus Proatratlon caused by the alcohol or ,tobaoco, VTakefulfcewi, Mental Depression, _aoftpnini5 of the Braia-te«ultlng In la- §mitv v»dleaduvc to Mlaeryi decay, a»o death, Piematt)Uf«.OJd Aao, Bari«ne»|, £psa of power is • either Hcx^'lnvoluntary Losses and Spcrmator - • - "•— >eieitionpr the bralft self . Bach box contaiba one J.UQ a r bo«, <>r llJi^hpies tor $3:i'. --ant by mftil prepaid on receljit of price . We aUARANTEE SIX BOXES To cure « iT«ssa» •Wltb«»ob onjat received by u« tor al& boxes, aooountcd witb'fS.OO, we wu stfnd U» puxchaaer par written guarantee, to re fund the nioney If th;p treatment does not effec a core. Guar«Qteeaissned,o«Iy by A. O. Hy<l« Druggist sad sole Agent Marshall. Mich rhoaa cHnsed by over-exe .'abuse ;r ; et.laojilganpe. rnobtfe • 'raatmeat.. W. 1 PR. HEB.RA'8 VIOLA CREAM EWOOTM - Molw. the * w. tp its ual bortmeas. producing * T.I..I- a«d healthy' SOAP ij^mt Fertumes in stock at Q; H. Greene's Drug sto?e Ladies J ar© tn^t^d to wonld"re.tutii to work by Monday! X good d«U of the dift'tariafaction Weuns to rest iti the fact that thV large fttnft promised from Chicago failed K«>* Sri I lug Ol«?oiH>.rgai'Jne. PltT9Bl!r5tt, Ntyv? 5 -*j,m»t term of c-ourt, W <' Staving and Albert Brauu pleaded (julltyto selling oleomargarine, arid^swu- tencetvaH suspended with llu- dfttinctun- dflratandlng that they were not to sell any dior* Bogus -batter* pending llif declsidiu."' th& question' -In tb«» .ifiigrvtiiP «>uf't Frrtjtn that titricK tiUv'howjp : ver;'~'th«'se two defendants vioiat&l their prbthtae. ami sold ' \ f KIRKS DUSKY they Were "jTOtix .brQiighl '', U>' tlwi liar for Jndguieu^ fined iftKl each Inn/ sent fitted to ten day* fu jail. ' ; . ,-^. - —-/— t , Caught Tlu\t Tritiii.]>. \, $Us<nuTAH, Ills., Xov/ fi.~The .tramp /who H»«aultfd Miss Mary Pollock, the daughter of u farmed n>Hi<(fng near Mads»a- was captured l#te Thursday liightby a sheriff's po»xe. beet Montreal. Miss Pollock 1» still in. a pveca- rious condWon and her recovery is -consid ered ''' Slan and Wife .^ WICHITA, Kan., Nov.' 5.'— Mr. and Mm. Fred/ Taake, living ttiree miles from" Qkarche, 1 T., were found d<*«d inside thtir house yesterday. Both liad bi-eu murdered. Itf te mippufc-wl .to* Imve heeu the work of - ' ' HalHiii«Uer» <J , ';, >*6vv 5.— (Aiieriii Uyreii- furthaiul hiw party leffWashiujtcJon yeh- terday for some rainless region.iu -Texas.or New Mexico, where htv says a; thoroughly soient itlr test will be ini«lep ,/ No y>rd[et In th* PlTTsBi'HK, 5fo\> ,1— the lams casu-vyau given to the' jury yesterday, but aTnTTd?' wait learned that u<>- verdict had been reached, nor would bi< Uuviug the ; ~ FOR A TDAY of THANKSGIVING. Ap- ha* The situation is that thef merchants aud other employers are iua strqggle against the den >and» of labor, which are "No non-uu- io^ynek. All the laber unions are allied m the nghtrr^lfedera|ion, l{oight» .of Labor/ anil similar drgaBizatinns— and nil the men whio employ ; awiiJlied oa th^otiher sid«> Attempts at BrbitratioB have failed, and uow it Ipoka lik« a fight to tb« flni»h and and the total paralysS at Tim t>r««l<leiit I**ii«a a pointing Nov. 34 WjUBH.XGTOX, N'oy. .J.—TU« issued his* annual Tlianksgi vittg tlon »•» follows: "By therfiresident of the Ignited S America. . "A. proclamation. , "The gifts* of ftotj to. our people durju« 1 lie fiast year have been t>o abundant and 30 special that t lie.spirit of devout thanksgiving awaits not a call, but only the ap- of a day when it iixa,\ ha* e a common e*pro<f,ion. He ha-* played the jSesrilence at our <loiy; U« has given us more lovp for the free civil institutions In th?creation of which His tHmfingprovi- ilenco was so conspicuous! He ha* awalc- —' • • —'forHrt; '""— UNION, '. THE Wh»t fll. W- H»rr«»t, c»f Qhicagn, .' J A bout th» Matter. ' „. 8T; Louis, Nian 5,-^iI. W.- Barrett,- of Chicago, second vice graud master of th4 Switahmen's Mutual Aid association, ,»rr riyed in St. Loii^j yesterday fromSt, Joseph to *ettt*.a.mim&br of 'grievances that have existed fttJ*the Various lodges of the S. M. '&,' A. in this^Uy- and East.St. Ixmis. Mr. Barrett/said, in regard 40 Ah* reported jfed- erajtipu 'of raljway rorgnni^tionp: '''It is stated;?see, that W. Sr tyessjmer, of St. Joseph, grind chief of iu« Brotherhood of Railway Carm«a J4 is in Chicago for the pur- Mr. Mewimer V visit to CJhicago is-far-from attej«ptin|tJto raorgjuiw* th*, old prgauiza- tioo,ajMiolie of the fraud piuef are thero M^ifBT all I know. I know q«md Chirf -John E. Wilson is not thew, an.d I have aot been notified of such »U, Kov. £,—Tlie muttei'iujgs qf a break in the ranks of the strikers ia becoming more ominous and there is a strong prospect <*f a atampedf oxjcurriug the locked atit jnftn.of the mechanical de- partniept before Iwg. Kvwy effoi-t isbe- ing exerted to keep the rank* unbroken, Thes* workmen are not meiabwf .of the tost ' c«me culi iu pyjwpat-by- tt *n»ployei «t tiw* widened J ot»r^H!lanlhropliy J'> ft«all cor t h>. jj i»1 retjji iu oilu»r la riilH:tl*i has blessed aur s^lu)<)Is,aii(l is bilnghig^jfjtrwanj, a patriotic and (iod-feanu)£ yeH.evKtioii t» o*u- eute His dreat 'and In-'iievolent dc.sinu.s for " *f^ •«.'.'••-. "of I.Q in material v, ati(| a yi'iije coiiK'ntnieat and corofort iu the our people: lie hog givetn His {cra sorrowing. , |.ili|iuj*nniu l|iHTi»?i?u.,. president nf the Uiified 'States., do call iipbii all IQ observe, ^ as >ve have been wpul, TJiursduy, theiMtUday of this month of Novembdr,4i9 a daj&i u£ tluink*giving to for 'Hist 'luercie^/vud of siippllciition for His coul nmed i^i-e aud gm<'*. iln tes' timony whe(nof I hav« hereunto set ray haud.juid cauwd the seal, of < he United S t» ten ty be affixed, ' at the city f of ^astjingtou this ^,i day of Novei'toer, one thousand eight "h o, and e atid uerrut'eeuth. Jjy tWpnbsif'in*: Joiis W. .. ;, Secretary Wan r«»-y. CJood . Ala., a siua.ll fining iowu ucar )je} ' Joe , Karly^ Bichard Thomii*: AJ1 three wili dicT*. Xlurphy ' J«wv«t All S«ul»' May. i'i ....-TIMOBE, Nor. a.~*l^icli vsti of ih? several hundred graves in the cenjeCery of the Most Holy Redeemer as decked with yowen* and lighted witb caijdles duriti _ two nights by tha Roman Catholic chui-cbi*.s that use the tiematary ia houornf ,\1 fowl's d*» For. Jjjra'4«ys 4«t«, aAd eUitU'eu Ver^icomiusp and *«i"4>. wbili toany carried luuche* with Uiwu aud m»m tUe whol» diiy with th» de^id. At night- fa.ll the ctuidl*' s««t. up a. pale fluWer wf wound, ; , Agreeable, Cleansing, Cures Ohappad Hands, 'Wounde, Burns, Kto. Bamores and Prevaata Baodrxitf, UIEMOAN FAMILY SOIP, Best for General Household .Use, ,— LJ. — ju 1-1 . MlOHIGAK fTENTOAL " Thi Niagara falls Routt." TIME TA i_fc, JUNE 12. tt TRAIN! Kx.t . , !>> . Oelmlt a.m. <i CO 4 1)5 241 » 14 H 45 Kal AV*! B'ff , 'iHR't- "Ext Hix.»liftl»;WaU;Ji».t ————" i J£..tV 1 ; 1 ._ 10 Irt 387 4 'J5 H tHl ) <tt $1 ^ (Gi ! 4* j^' 47: S :» a.m. r-jn 7. 55 it_r_:]«±_ V. so. a «a rvw. A O.'| t OS » <• 9 ((U I'! W, I At' ' -' - •• Ittt 115' C iJS p. m. i>. m i«'. 1U U: «, o. . 51 W' 4 »5" ii w< 5' 10 ' !*• "'• WIST, -tT.Tinv«~ May-,OJ»IC- Kal. C'lllfl h»i «4TIOK«. Mai , B ,.Vi; X- . Ex.+ Jip',* Kx.' %. n<. ». IK ic .i.m t« *• am ).. Hi ii. in. a Ur«tr<iit,L» »':" - '" ' " ' ' V, " "IS. 5 7 40 1 >JU 4 46; S 15, 3 IT 7 I& ..Ii mile 0- 8 45 7 W ..W Sl'lO *» 4 UJ ','. i .if,:ID 43 4 BII >5B-A (5 3 ,5J M OU \ (*ili bl 4 -.•? ia.'« 4,41 1255! 4 i>» 1 iU' i 'la, i' i 755 1 H : •inn. A loa.s»Bis, Freight TRUSSED A fall assorimeut ol siz^ r Th^ best kiijd and at feasioxiable rat^s ' ' '•-.. "- o • • Trtises ^ttecl wittioiit charge for fifctaDg at . . - -. • -' ' •'.-•>•• -- ^- • .;• •;..••-.-..;" . •:,-' 2S2 WQSt State MARSH ALL, MICH. You can always fl,nd tbe best Qigars at rreei^e^ Drug jitore, v Call aad try thtem. -at*logHe ib»f ^ ill «pen to yep «j 6sucuti'and fortune. University M EN WAUT80-8aJ»rya94.e*peniice.-. p«r'" f ujiaucnt place. Apply ««>*. pnlyjiroww* of nwaer/stock tin hptJi Anierican and I »oil». Har»]y Tari.e!ie» ! ourKt ' - . N'mjjcrymen, x U, isTILLOTSON N 4UST1<3E OF THE PEACE AND , N CONVEYANCER . All Dusineai^ attended to proBJj»tij and careiuHy^. Has a safe to keep ja,d«. went docket au$s0ther valuable paaers . i* " \ ' IV-

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