The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 27, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1893
Page 3
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^ ,' - ' " 7 \, , '" I DAILY CHRONICLE 1 li 'sS^aS a <&&&£( Visitors to thi World's W ,.wiH find the CBHONiCLfi ott sate^t Geo. S 1 . ^r- «m's1»wa and eteiar stand ift the Michigan building. Arbor. BREVITIES. H. Artoes returned to Chicago today '£'ield£af. at'Battle Creek tomorrow Mrs. G. 8. Wright W(|nt to Niles to -day. " ; '-. ; ./; .,'' • •• ' •: Miss Ruth ;Lacey hks' rttnYned from "Chicago: 1 i; -Mrs; .Ben^ -Drake wenj to ^Battle ' * Mr. aild fikrs. S. F. Dobbins are °tak ing in the world's fair this week. J; ft. Sfcrgtiitpn iwent to Chicago today for'a visit with his flon, George H. For guson. . : Mr. .andi MtS, .1 S..,Weatherby, o Cincinnati, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. tt. Watts, of this city. The E, U.-L.'S; willbqld a picnic a the home of Mr. H. M, Albertson Jul 4th.;A^oUjr good timers expected, • James'Flanders^;Jr., who has been visiting at J. S^Hinkle's for the past week, returned to his hwne in Toledo yesterday. ,It has'been definitely' ./.decided by the business committee ol the State ^g •' rlcnltural society not to hof/i a state ' fair this year. . Mrs. S. T. Palmer went'to Ann Arbor |diS9 Hva Dibble is at W. jl Dibble'e. ' C. T. Cook spent the day in Ana j this S. A/ Flint, of Clarendoo, was in ity today. Judge Judkins, of Herstey, was iu this ity today. ° , Mies Cbarlottft Phelps has returned rora Buffalo. Mjrs. C. K. Gbthana returned from Buffalo Monday. Wiu. 0; .Howard, a prominent attor of Kaiamazob, Was in this city today. E. E. Haaklns, of Cadillac, was In attendance at the circuit court today. Miss Josie Fletcher went to Battle Creek this afternoon for a' visit with Miss Anna Grandine. A. li iGeddes, of Battle Creek, was in Motlcct The ^ordinance relative Jo pasturing cows in tbe street will be strictly en forced. No cattle -will be allowed to be pastured in any street, whether they are tied or not, and all cattle found at large in tbe.street, whether lied or otherwise, will be takoti care of. No ex. ception will be tuade to this rnle for anyone. i PE* Eft HOWE, •\. City Marshal. New potatoes at Cunningham'Si Red del Ion Sale »f Plant*.—Now U Hi Time to Buy. Td,close put my stock of plants 1 now offer the entire lot fat about the cost of grow ing them. • .* ' . fiOff pansies »t 25 cents per dozen; 500 Eng- glish daisies, 26 cents per dozen; 100" verbenas, 30 cents per dozen; 100 geraniums, thii'cUy today and was warmly greeted ^Je^vearelnbud andbloom and ready by liia numerous friends. to pfoduce ftn immediate effect in the gar. There will be a special meeting of the den. tiro department Wednesday eveningtj 100 aster<£ 10. cents per dozen; 100 petu- Juno28, at eight o'clock, by order of | nias, 10 cents per dozen; 200 phlox 10cents Chief Ehinan. Thfe second of the series of piano recitals given by the pupils of Miss Mar* garet .White occurred last evening. It was voted a very great success by those in attendance. • The properties belonging to the Penman Thompson Co., which were stored in this city, have been shipped to Chi cago, where the company opens July per dozen; 200 celery, 10 cents per, dozen; 100 egg plants, 20 cents pbr dozen; 100 pep- *• , , , f Good summer wood at $1.75 per cord at C. T. Grant's, " T^_oV - ' • -••' ----Fur the accommodation of people tfv ing in the West end Ai Watson.'vill sell Keucblo's bread and cakes fresh, at 10 o'clock every morning. ' ...* -!' Some of the Grand Army bo?S may bs in Jereat^d in the following from Alex. B. A.-D. C,, XJommaridel 1 Dept. Tenm and. Ga. He aaySift "We have had an' epidemic o£ whcdping cough hero (Stewart, Tenn.,) and Chambe|lain's Cough Remedy has been the only medicine ,thnt has done any good." There ifrjnd danger f rotn whooping cough when this remedy is freely given; It completely", controls'the disease. 50 cent, bottles for sale nl Greeiie'B drug .street. ' Smith, tlte Plvwtoijrapher. Has somff nioe\ Frames for Cabinets anil other sizes, just receiv.tcl. Call phil see them. Fine stationery at the bazar stot«> A complete assortment always on hand. If you are lingering from fevers, lung, lagnppe, catarrh, eonsunrption, cough or' bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, , »> .^ v > M f w-S * Vffeft •Y^f-M -t .. M && ' \'^i * if 1 - *& ,*$ , •*><! %^ : ortment. including nias,. etc, 26 per cent off. Gall at Goo. Colemtm's stora street orat 59 E. Green street. on be go State I CLIFTON B, RAWLINSON. today to attentt* the University com mencernept exoro'ses. Her niece, Miss Cartie Watson, will graduate. Tbero will bo an ice cream social a 'theChristian church Wednesday even ing, the 28th. Como and help- rnatfe it a success. , Spring chickens are beginning to come in. James Court & Son have a market for all they can get. They nave paid as high as 25 coots per pound live weight for them. The Maocabee excursion Sunday was hugely attended. 503 tickets being sold at the stations this side of Yorkville There was also a large attendance from the Allegan end of the road. A reader of toe Boston Herald recent ly took that paper to task in a very sar castio letter fer devoting so much of it apace to news of the pnz>- riiwr. The Her: Id significantly replied that the people want that class of news, and it was their business as a newspaper to furnish it About forty friends gathered at the residence of Mr, and Mrs. J. C. Keuohle Monday evening and tendered a sur prise to Mr. K's, father, the occauionbe ing his 79th birthday. A large number of presents weje received, among them | scaly skin, constipation or piles < Dr.. Snarpstcen for his vegetable cure, A Hew^CerUln Cuto for Pile*. 1 f 'Ve dot intend to-endorse any except aril- clss of genuine moritj ,we therefore, take 1st'at McVicker's Theatre.. Saginaw liquor dealers have decided o use all their, influence in keeping sa- oons closed on Sunday, but they are rying to run open house on July 4, say- ng that It is a day of recieation and not of rest. - , Governor Rich settled the fate of the numerous individuals who have for sev eral weeks been seeking the position of state diary and food commissioner, ere ated by the last legislature, by appointing Charles £. Storrs, of Mnskegon, to that office Monday. A certain police officer made quite a disturbance on the streets Saturday, because a saloon keeper would not give him anything to drink after he bad got full in another place. T&e officer made ao much noise that he had to be put out of the saloon. Marriage licenses issued Jtfne 26: C. E. Martin, of Marion, Ohio, and PI ai i M, Poole, of Battle Creek. Juno 27: Win. A. Wattles and Martha E. 'Markham, both of Battle Creek; Ernest (Jtu>e and Mabel Brmmslool, both of Battle Creek. The Quaker doctor removed from Mrs. George Perry of Ne. 324 West Ihestnut street, Albion, Mich., a i 1 n i.m»»«••n^ii i - i - - I ijfDO WJ. j^wuiw***** •*»^»«—j j » — -•>— — f - f For Sale—Agency Detroit Evening pleasure in recommending to sufferers from News. Good thing for right party. I Piles in any form, a prompt and permanent; Enquire of F.S. DEOKL. |cure. The following letters speak far thonu Hon. W. V. Lucas, ex-State Auditor of Iowa, says: "I have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my family hesitation in saying it is an excellent remedy. I believe all that is claimed ifor it. Pers9ns afflicted by a cough or cold will find it a friend." There is no danger from whooping cough when this remedy is frCely given. 2^ and 60 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. Carter'* Strictly Pure White te«d,-W»r- ran ted. Do you know where to find it? Lynn will show- you: Also the be°t standard lead in, white or in colors, sold at a mar velously low price to reduce stock on Saturday, June 17,1903 This day only. Come and see. No. 53 North Eagle St. cure, selves: Mrs. Mary G. Tyler, of Heppncr,-0rc., writes, One pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely cured me of Piles from which I have iffered.for years, and 1 nape never haJ lhe ightesfe return of them since. Mr.E. O'Brien, Rock Bluffs, Neb., says- The pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely removed eVery trace of itching pilee. I can* not thank you enough for it. The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new, certain, painless cure for every form of Piles. It is safe, cure and cheap. Any druggist will get 1 itfor you if you ask him. Chafes on babies, sore nipples and in flammation of the breast instantly relieved with Lavcndar Ointment. The new Lavette safety mailing envelopes at Smith's studio. •, ^_ Wft J*i VHVM w»* " **W^ * w-w—- ---_»-• • • ^ r JT being a ha.ndsome easy chair. At about 11 o'clocfc v a bountiful supper was served and at a late hour the friends separated, ail wishing that Mr, Keucbile might, en joy many similar occasions. "* , gattle Creek^Jourflal. 26th: C. W. Brainard received yesterday a brook trout, the weight of wnicb was three and a half pounds, a,nd measured 19 inches in Veagth. The trout was ca,tight by'Mj& B'a father in a small brook near Vicksburit.- A n»niDer of citizens, in "" , eluding a representative:^the Journal, saw the trout ajpd can vouch for the fact that the sifijr a*ul weight are not over 8t»ted. Elmer Me Arthur, alias O- E. Small, was fouud guilty Saturday bv-a jury in the United States district court on the arge of impf rsona.tiug a United St&te^ Judg^-Swan gaw him two months ,OQ that and seventeen mpnihj tot fradulent use of. tbe'mails, m»Sjpg .over- four yean in 'all. Mr> MoArtliuf foriaeriy ffired at monster tape worm, male and female, with two heads and two bodies. The work was done In cne hour and a half with out causing any. pain or sickness. From all sides comes a growl about mosquitoes, sand flies and other peats of the woods, .the unanimous verdict being that they have not been so bad before in many years. The wet spring, followed by sudden and excessively warm weather, seems to be responsible. The work of finishing off the rooms iu the third story of the Herndon is oearing completion. When-Jfiniihed they will add greatly to the baotel's accommodations, being all outside rooms, well lighted and ventilated. Tb«> fourth We have an immense line of Jersey Suits we will close out immediately We had the option to tmy these at a very low price or return the coW not resist the temptation, so pw^ 8 ^. and now we give our customers ' fc *" likewise. We can Suit. Age 4 to 8 at a lesell $2.25. A fine Jersey suit, fancy trimmed, IB at ' - - - • *"' " *" * An elegant Jersey suit, fancy trte 4 to 8 at A Beauty, fiine fancy 3,00^ 3.50 4.00 stotj; will be finished as.soon .as the de mands Qf the botel o warrant it.. Jackson Patriot: A large, force of close fine |ilt suits 3 close them atthis price Fargj Shoe oomjpauy., Warden J yertise and Qhamperlain la negotiating with^ large shirt, manaf4pturjer' of New Yorkjjrela- to establishiijg & factory r at' toe iarge The finest Jersey suit made, elaborat- ly trimmed, worth $7*00, our price now to " '- . i ' . / ' • away down. We we have other goods off. .^rill soon ad- hitlng f woakey *nd a in Hower,

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