The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 9, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 9, 1897
Page 4
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Mlrf A WIST "•».' 1891 Pleasant, Safe, Reliable OR. LANE'S COMPOUND THE GREAT Stomach, ( J Liver and Kidneys, Kola Compound m'es Pjspepsift ftud all <1p of tlw Sf<vtiiacll. Kola Compound •Cures »Sifk""Htfulnehp, Torpid Liver and Biliouswus. Kola Compound i - Cnivs fjonbtipation. 1^ a Brain and Ntrve Tonic and Blood Purifier.' Kola CVrtnpound in thtf-poer of nil Kola Compound . Onres Backache 'anil Kidney Troubles. Kola Compound It ta nUvavs sratifAinE §?> recH.i ,,-«.S pr rt loni.iwfot OK.vmfoflrlalnV Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea rcmf-dy, and whon _the from ft fhysk-ian ifjp eis- «w». ' Thow fa no satisfactory or rpmwly than Chntoborlfon'fl Colic. Ghotora and Diarrhoea remedy," B Kolwy, physician fffid !nf*V T MiX-r aitd- as ho has nsrd the re-wly in h'*> <wn familj and wild it in hia drtta; store for HIV: jfcafs, he should cortfwuly knnw. Kor eftlo at __ c « - * f 0 CORE KERY8US DYSPEPSIA, « Oftln wJmt* Appi-mu ft«irt Omtrf tnattn, make « tJrlrtl «f Plwarl'* -, ' -- "I lift «4»M**»!H>« *» yo trouble ntwWoot thfta ncrjptts pie imvinR it jUiink t$W tnmr Mame and Hro ftttirftrt^ed that they are not cured 8iST5eTtrT*mfrrtn«i *ml b|»titi« remedies; the *eai <*>«* of the mischief; is Jois Bttfhftof; the stomach » we organ fo be looked after. tfm row dyspeptics ofk'h do fiat have Jtuy pam whatever iii tho ptotaasfauja* 'perhap* Auy bt ttfi? uisust symptom* of stomach wenk^&w. TfcnrtW** dyspep*!* «1»ows itself tie* ttt the stomach to much ft* t» nearly oveiy «Wi«*tt*g8a;iB9«itoftt;<»<«* the heart •pilptfSfcw ami w itrt^tsn TO otter* the Kidfi^R are affected; »6 ofcheiwHhff bowel* arc eoljEftipated, wxth h6miftoftn;.«ttfl tfth&ttt are troubled .with liwaof ftesh aaxt «ppfi|ttie,< VtUiaticwnuiattott ipf ««s, «ouj risings alia heart, b«rn. ' olkLf/A. W. Sharper ot No 61 Prospect Si, la<fitawt»o1t!*,lBa,, writes *w follow* "A motive at pure uratittfde primps me to -write these fev Hnen regrftrainK the newand, valuable medk-ine, Stuart's Dvspepuia Tab-' fete. 1 ha* ft been ft suffering fronl nervous dyspepsia ff r tb4 iwfc'fpur yeans; nave ti»ed various patent medicines and othor edtes yfithout any favorable result. '' enacts of the medicine wore off. I attributed this fo my wdentarp habite, be»aji a boodkoaper with little phjmeal oieroiao, b»t I ai(> Kl«d to state that, the tnblft* have overcome »U thePO obstacle"? for I gained in flcrfi, sleep better, and am butter in pvers way. 1'h<B abore i»written not for fcotofjety, but ia based on actual faot.*' ItespeokfuUj' yours. / „ A. W. SHARPER, »J1 Prospect Si , Imiianapoltvina. 1« H wife to any that Stuart's Dy«pep»ia TablKf» will euro any siofnabh waa1tne«s or disease except «iflc*t of stomach. They O/rc soar Btomach, gas, loss of fle»h ^ ni » appotitc, nlecplesaneec, palpitation, heart burn, constipation and h«wlach«*. Sond for v«hta*>le littlt boot on Htomach aiseases by addre'wing Stuart Co,» Matshalr. Mich. All drugitiBts sell full sized packages at 50 cents. af.n t iing.m a fire nro ro- queeted to stftj niur the alarm l>ox ubtil tho department sirmes w> aa to pive in- formutioft ah U> the exact location of the flro/ K. MAKTfs, (,'hiof. Is natures i jet hnnnleeiH. iMoues ami \ithli/,Ca the ]>ftiin, nervon, and Btoiiiach, hi Ijrii'f /tfjnveiwtinjj; and buikliuii ujj tlio entire sy^- t«^ij^-t'Jii'icliing the blootL ?yrtf iiupftifiii^ to the wholft* /body tlh» fioshiKba and / \i(^t>t of yi)uth. _{ 1<ola Compound^ Ls <-f)tupt)Spd of life giving, building, Herbal find *l)le J 1 ^ tracts, and h-> nothing inj»'rion8 it) tht uioijt dflienk' ooiiBti- tutiuit. ^ Kola Compound / Is indoraoH by l > hyai<'irtn» «.na- Belize T ! KOLA tlomgOBBg Cores ^V * If you are ^ufferiog tioy d§ra,0gt»weiit of i'h, | iver oj or Nervotta B * ^v, Ol Pr. Lft^'s Kola Com- ptjujtttl» tt will not disap* jjoiut yiiu Price 50 and SI per Wttte, Kola fiijd be M |iin office i in Block, mruer St* btr^ett), wh<j| will 'to JF qirnibh »ny- womtatial Or. Lane thta been pqgaged in active practice of medicine for 35 yeans. Tbe labt 23 devoted largely to the study, treaimeot and eorfc of ciiroja- a ad diseaaes o) system- male and jfemalb. Co tioit aad Advice at office FREE A limited uoiaber <jf calw io 'towa and couuiy will r«>ceive prompt attention H^-sidence: NovtUtast Coruei Mulberry St*. For Siih» or KenM/heap. \ x $f he Montgomery homestead on Mar- ihiill (identic; Jilso w>mf eiwi«'0 lots on MftrnlnH .ivpnue- arid Lilwrty Ifnntgoiuerj's addition. Inquire of SOUTH DAKOTA. What A Man Can Mo With St,<MH). Ae cHn t'Jiy I' 1 *' ncres of good latul for Sl.UJO. .i'ay $<BX) down; bnlanco in tlireo >aym'«htH due iu S, 4, and 5>eara at T pei- •utii.. He pan al«o buy.lOp: choice owe» for >.'f > and 16 Kood cnwa tor $.*)(). The milk mid batU>r from thaeoVs \yill' pay nil farto ind family »!Xpeii(se«i. Tbe.iofiroiwe'.of sheep iTid wool wilt p»y otJ the iiM^rtgagc before it a'due; Iu iive yoara ho will ,ha*o a .•farm all paid for-and well striked Fordesorip i« hstA and \>Tice*t adurt MM H. F. Hunter, iniurat luuf Agt»it fur SouTrKDakotH, ift :K'arbori( fctfeot, Chitauo, 111. \ ' One Thousand for One <Trad« Mark*) ACCIDENT TICKETS. T«! INTER STATE Casualty Compauy of K&w York gives TflEEE MONTHS' 'insurance for to Men, of irt«i,u,w3rt '16 a«a iii) yt^arti of »««, ajfl t* a fool, <»f u« BlcyUw, tlonitw., WJIJBHI*, tartt, Jtajiruad inr«, Kit^ wnd I'ubltMtn-i-. i»tt-iMu»hiiwi, C. G. INGERSOLL, TIME TA0Ut. JULY 4, dfepfcTt frow M»rfJiall «(fclUow»- Stt, T Nigbt So * WftiiftUd K*pr«H4. S« S^ ilo . - •»•*! p m. ,.t*K* m AU trati.8 roii on Bi&ndimt lime wWth i «*> uiluut** alowtr tbaif lousu lime .; O, W. KC*»Ut*«, UaQ, *w*. Jc Ticket. AgU u«o. A. J OBN*O», FtKijtljl Aa*ut. C, S. tiij«»^w> TSckot Atftnt. CmciiiMti, Jatoa & Maclinai. Tluit t»l>iB t»Uug a»6ct Jtaiy 4, IW«. Trttluu p»M MwuikaH MI foliowi». . So I ( aad . --15-0. m So. *». Wai! and Kxprtwa . .......... 6.90 p. m So. 8. KSBWaa IJiUp, m .... .' ».'»•-ffl 'i'ulvdu All Dil-ect ooantJcUiinn »re uuula Jluciaoati with «U ron4«i 4>*ei> BAKtita&. MVr. TT5~aL BCHIKDtitii ' Englishman with an Internatfonal Reputation on the Subject Gives His Views. WHITE METJAL lr« V«tt» iyeponi1« «in JSnfllw. A^f oral tt|T t* Authority, »«t It* 1 ow I'l-icc U lit of K»l»* tlttjr rotnt— |<»h ol n Mfiiipjin ManUor — Nut li»K Slny Ifern^nnpnt I os*. 6t t o\iH AUK 9 —A Bpfoiat to Tlu> lobc-Uemoorat Iron) Qltif of >t*>x;ico, >, say?. The r*t>{8 iffeeHn* In th<» VtvitSo<i mucft. s aha price of preltfnst nl t'irch»s. The upon ptettiiimttn pold wasr who ha 1 * reftJrt^d i« thlfl Capital for many yea^s. artd Xvht* h&^ ttn UUi-t - r«DUtatt0ft for the many «f- iclea fa<" has writtc-n oil tb? silver tlon. In -aft rntprvtew «n tM aoys: "My o^tuiofn 3? that Hie pried of allvpr is entirely KQVfmsrt by the taw of ijueply a»3^ d&ifimicT & indfn, In or*circumstance? take*? fl, lfl«gp pro- poi tlon" <!»f the aurplu* ptotlut-tlon of thu j=ilH-*r, and it 1s only naturnl r pilv^r mnt-l^C ^houijil b<? af^ Conilitlon of India and Uu v off in Mio demanil for -silver. IVfcp l>epwn<lc»li 61) Inofo. Thi» pr<»s(int low price o< silver will only <-ont}nu<- as long ' condition of affairs In "r, TJ jXttot must tKv'r t 'acht < (J. tf i »ilv<;i t continues to fall, ,*£>onei or laUr -^t which It wul be 'ion ml Imjpo^^blr tr> mine silver 1 piffl^tably In t*(»ur\tcie9Whtr«»- ;he poW hta.ndtu^ ii» 'n U'SP, Therefoii, the suppIy^^wHi-n that point 1st will bWJttfie' much rfstrioteUv and meqiientiy will jegaln sninptlwn a. nonnal ievel. Th«j tffect of the en* fall will undoubtedly' stimulate' ;the Sroductloit- of here -^or :exoort, »nd th,« lefbre xvill he 4 bencll? to Mex- !io to a far itwct t (HiplUorabln. pxtt nt- than the prejudice that in*y reJiuH to the'gqyernmfnt and railway -companies oti 'a'cooilnt^of the- pf toe of wages hvfti. l»on It U'irtjUl K« Si-riotii to Mexico. But I have- no~'rt)nson 'to nntlrlpsttP trhl°, t\i long before suoFra. j>oint rouI4 he reached tht 'production ur silver Ve ceased >/o IM> po^siblf In tries whert ivapes are paid in gold. At- tht*.';.preaent rate of ext'hnn.nt" htKhf-r icpi may havo to be paid Tf>r int« r« st abrmid 'f$t& arKutnt v nt<» I wiado to rny Will sell strictly ptire Wright & Lawther Oil, raw, 30c, boiled, S^pypergal. Lead at $5.50 per httijdred ibs. Varnishes, Hai^ Oil, Oalsoin govcrnmciit four years ago on the rt- suVts that miKht happen to Mi-jslf), owing to a fall in silver, still hold good, this ' addition— that It might bfe a to tbis (rDiifitry. If silver fell so far as !•> cfft'tt 11!S per tent premium " , Opliiltm offi M«TU-ini llanki-''. !H. C. WMi-rrfj 'manager of the 'Hanro de JXf «'*5dr«')? > the largest banking ts- irnit in thisi t^public. said that -lie dl not Qllevf th>" pro=tt.nt fall in -?iKfr' rtfft?otNVIcVit;o. The loss .occurring tu lh«' tiuvprnm^nt, (,-vtp^ at tht< prt^dil rate of i>,ichan£«, rvully -^iniinints to Very littlt-. he salij,'''Hnd the gciv«rnnient could i i.sil> itund, It V>It Ivli^rd th»l, if. si.lvfri sold, rhurh Idw^r th'j; rv-pubHc •\v.fuili.l_soiin tiave a; monopoly of mining it, and <:»>untrit;s li'k*> the .Iwt'fd ^tuteb Au»tra'u •'tf , iv^ultl «x»ffn thx inw-t IK bt-h^xtd tin f<Ul would t'tify tttHl'**- > i'ffict tti\lli tjtr* Jl tnl^'ht >u\«' pinmiront ».ft(it on ttrtaln cla^^i<? uf ; •fn'rvlfiji nu-ic'haiidii*(.', but it would ertainly- stimulate nil native, in.dusfri^ > and would tend to .attract 'capital, ^IfKirti .WnuItl.Not 'l^utu^. * Tfte.ral!.\va.ys would Jlnd'a tremendous (.na>« in4*»''l trallli, whit h \vouid evi-ntuu,lly 'iiff»«t tl'n-ir -IvtRa on. foreign tf '1 jH.« tiu n-«isi.n 'to antUi- tj pi-rinan»'i t IO^H to >Tt-vuo \>y the fail^lR wilver, ratbtT th« upposite," ?aid til< bahKtT in' mnt lusj<.n H" K iii, girt-i«tl JDitnagrr i>f tin- Ccji- tiai 44uiinAji. - tht .Urgcit lorpopatiun in Iht icpubiK. r«fu<«'d to t<*ik on yii- vt-r gciifrallv Ht i.aid, how'\ir that a\t pr*>j*nr s>ljj'*tr hasla and pun homing its! &upt4ies» on a ^«I<1 basi r -» and th£ re- aull war* 'inost. deti inimical to the ir'i- of the roud. the UTurraut III*,. AUK V— A*»ai»aut of 'Orw H«,vW, Ute i fliar glag *nm with erubezal^mtnl. aer and Allege^ tbwi a Ve«f at invest),*of ttw ijooks ancl amounts of e«- H^vill dh»i<lobet} a hte'rt.iffe in the f IS.ulS. Havil> ^ft hw'honi^ wh raabouts cannot Tue Idle » Mob «T O4« If U« r*ii. B'<atis Wic^., Au$r 8. -The bet- ulMl that ter uf m the no- of courtned 1« a «tci-l "cage and is "S|iml£8»n • as ttte fe**P'« J T).oi ta Att hastily, lit* b« vtiti d«ii tvitti the pj;is>Jiu:r / tf h* has a lavuiabit- Aug 9 —Tht- £$uo foaxi has mad« 4k rate of Jlt> ,w Uurtaio &nti return fcsr this O „ A flt *tu uotpo^cnt Thii vviU uudubttclly U-»d to 4 ^neidl < ,iJT?ivil tit cutting, as ihe salt- of made *^tt*e tune a&u t>y the Uin- ttitd Bt, Louis road wag suf- lo foLim witc tht. Si i<*m*5. - sur- Washington, Aug. 9.— As au . of- th* interest in jtlie an official of'tbe coual 4iid vey ijaya that, ail of - the supply iu*i&. which wtta expected to i.ast (or cix uioutiia, was eihausti-d tejt ;da first uewa of the Klondyke publish-ed. Suirendorud M.ew|>bi» lit 1SO3, Tenn., Aug, 8.7-John Park. ,«lx Ume« ovayar, ol Mi.-niplila, died Saturday xiight, ajjted S5 yeare. He surrendered th'£ city to ti)« tbderato in i* Mr. Far^E wfea born in County Tyrone, $100.00 rsward will.l>e pfiul for'ttio arrest arid cotivictioti <>f any-one detected r^lVlling -ovir botlles. W.;L. OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, Black Board lating, ' ' ' ' ' • , ^ TRAD£ MARKS, j DESIGN PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS* etc.' / • ^-. . .- . • ; : '- - . ' ' We abstain firorn using: inferior qualities .01 mix6d faints, being" able. to. mix our own colors fron^pure lead« and other substances^ ••'- THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE. sweet satisfying snoke that leaves a grateful r^ememberanqe. / Sold by all tJ^altM.-, lOo Htraiyiit and 0 fo?2«~)Oi MuttirfncttHHwl by CIO. MOEBS & CO., Detroit- 9-oo DROPS' SEE"'.'. I THE FACSIMILE SIGNATURE iNFAN 1H <..HltDKKN MxJauui * A perfect Remedy for Constipation . Sour Stomach. Utanlwea, Won»$jConvulsbfts Feverish* 0£i>s and LOSS OF SLEEP. FacSmuk- of \M.» illili tXACT COPY OF WRAPPER j\p pTfppY fH V/X ift ¥ _fj f. V n|n BOTTUE OF ICASTORI Castoria is pnt up ia »»«•«!«« i)ow!«: «aJy; I* Ija. fttt aaid is* balk. iD,<us't silow .snjfcSi) tj Mill jyoa ini/liii>g els«. on the plus or pricsis* tfcat.ii' in ''just M. good" and "will iuu(wer «?«ry pw- po»e;" «i-lc« tiwt jou got (MUS-T-0-i,-I-A. " .• - + • ~ • • •' >... «<—* , \ •/ • I nrf("-t olrnitjitloti tit nny*!orl(;nt!:i1<T p»iv>r ln/th« . • v>ii'«t. ••'raU'ii; N<> i«t4'Hi*ff-nl r;mu t-hnul-l i«« tvi(ti.ntil.-I(. Wecklr, KCI.OOa yr .'. hti.riiini-ic'iiti.niiM; A.ldti~M; MIJ^NT. St OO_ ' !'t :-..t>.Hiu:a. .Ittl ilruaihvuy, ^t-iv yuricClty* \' / B JJ im 9 « FOlV EITIIEK SB'S, Oniirt O/TliiM rcihcdy heinff 1»- rjct'ted directly to the went of th«HO dioeaiteD . ' of' tli» ««<-MHo-Urlnnry ,reuulroH uo .-.,„..„„ of diet. Cure I jtuavnn<c«Ml In 1 to 3 :da.TM. Kmail plain pack- I'ase. by mnU, »1.OU ' Mold only by A.O.HYDE. G&G CO- YM OR. FELIX LEBRUH'S Steel | Pennyroyal Treatment )Bith(> iriciiml insloniy F fiafa jiwl rBliabla.ctiEti.iiii Uia.mar» •k«t. • 1'ricft, Jl.fiO; sent Ci'iJiiiirm Hold only h RexTablets under ^ positivy guarjtnte*: tocuie or rehind the mofiey, and *ft; ijtand"by our guarahtecr.' C Ui>-Kb all Nervous JJiseases. Impotence, Yarkocele, Lost Vitality 'in old or young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and ait ttffqcts ot self- atiust;or cxfe^aes, Jjlo^s dajigeroui drains. 'A genatne fitrA'e tonic." iSaowSlmniedi,- ate Improvcrd^nt.^ The grandest'remedy 'of modern times. ' I>o^H>,btjy tmita^ious. (iet REX TABLETS, Pjrice 50 cents, pf by mail, m plain package, on receipt bi * •n* ! < fat m'ui ^t , »y A. O. OR, C. C. WE&T'S AND TREAFMENT L, AU OiHERS IMITATIONS, ik i*iit tiuf.i. a «jf«iita ouly, t« OOJBI Weak M«tinMrir,, Woki'fuijitua, FiW, Hy»ter«i. Quicfc- < ->s, iii^lif Ltjaw-b, Evil i-'rutoaa, Xiu.k i>f t'unfi- lauet. N* rvuidiuni,!!. JU»«aitmJ t .. all Pr&>w L VimUi ul ijroriK ur IljW{a»ivo D»B af tubacou, (jpiuaj. » JflMHP^ MlMW»l« iOity utttf I>ti4tfa. At ^ *ix f..>r J5; witii « rt e or rcruud ututiet. MlMW»l« . coujwning AV« dai*" traaUBaut, WJ 1 aw* • Extra Fto ltD.|>° r. Wei lurility w l * bo?; eix lor \eimaEw Ft>r«0eby j^.O*. .acJU»J

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