The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 4, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1892
Page 3
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THE\DAlLY CHRONiCtE, ^bVEMBER A. «J»2, MtTtOROLOQtCAL ' Lo«al meeeorologteal report taken by '. H> firfiWJft todn$ Et tJreene's drug ' TIM. T if 28.900 39000' »<j,ora _ ^44, lowest: St. ' ° ' By registering tnermometer. for t,h& lart,&4 hours. Regular meeting of St. Albans lodge tonight. , " . ' -> ' ' ; Dr. L. C. Snifth Returned frdtti 8t. 'Paul this morning,.' „ W> Ja. FnllerTeft night b>ifore la»t for,- Rpckesferj N, Y., on business. > 6 The election booths are being placed in position for nte next Tuesday. i ** » * Mrft, J. D, Porter entertained her niece, Vinnia Weldon, of Waylund, a law days this week. „ The meeting of the Calhoun county teachers' association annonuped to be held In this city No*. "5, has been postponed. ~ k ' * -- A nwmber 'of supervisors ot the county were in this pity today getting their election tickets. .The ballots are about the size' of one tytgo of the CHRONICLE rt ', *" !'•",-_ If you Want to knoW a man^ politics attend the campaign supper Monday wrening, in the store f of therly, ojocupied .by John Butler. Supper only ificenln, with oysters, 25 tents. ^ -" " / ' The Fisk Jubilee SfoKers'gaye a very tiue concert at the opera bowse list even ing to a crowded bouse. The Epworth league, under whose auapiedes the concert wfti given, netted about f 25. - •> The Ladies Aid Society,, of ConvU, will .furnish warm meals election day at tho residence of Mrs. >E. fl. Rrown. • Meals served from 11:30 a, ni, to 4 p. m. Bill 95 cents. All member* of. the society are expected to contribute. . The tram'p* aie now making their an- nual'*pilgtim.age to their winter quarter in the cities and aie begging and stealing along the way. Keep, a lookout for ' them aud don't encourage them in their indolence , by giving them gratuitous '• "band-outs." Ihe Ohio Farmer*' In*. Co. have re iusured their Michigan risks <a the ttocklord of UlhioiH, U. C. Haskell ' transfer* hi* agency to-thn Kookford, and will bu, i>Jetui«d4o .renew the O: F. risks in fha' cwtnpjwy., . f . Duuug th*«e -"'days where /"two or saf«l> thtittlibj ttuv^so tissem 4. * Tite firatTnieetirig.of the Monday' club lie held at the home of Mrs. C. 'D. Brewar Xor. 7. . * • : Mrs. tflixa Ne wtoo, an old- resident of ofvLe*, dfed Thursday evening. fhe'funeral will be^held'al the Kihlep. school house Sunday at two pvmu - ' Battle. Creek Moon;' Nearly-All the candidate. f*r county offices are circulating around Battle Croek And vicinity ndw, to tlie'exclusion 01 the balance of the county. They realize that this 'Jo cality is the key- to the sltuatibn. At this season housekeepers desirejo restore tlte'bright new.lookup the nick el plate on their -stoves. An excellent receipt Is to moisten a flannel clbth. Vitb ammonia, diluted ,w4h water,, then dip into the tine-ashes, which accumulate in the pipe of the coal stove, and apply to the damaged nickel. The br&wn will readily remove and the nickqj appear new.. The.premium list of the county fair at printed gave second pfemann for stallion j>f any age wltli'get of'live colts to Evergreen r Hill stock, farm,, This •was a mistake in making up tho list t as first premium r w*s awarded/ the horsn being the noted pacing stallion, Bpmv- ventura. £. W. Butler informs us that the hors« will hereafter be kept in this Prosecuting Attoiney -Foley is be- tw««n, two tires, at Athens and Tekoniuba for performingchisdutiea^s 'public prosecutor. In Athens some of Mr. liobin- aon'8 y friends a^e 6 off«nded becaUsa Mr, We Jia^ve the agency^ •fbr^the sale~ of CijpAKS made Irom, these popub lar goods, and we will seTTthem at very ow ; prices to get them in-i ( troducfed here, - Every garment S.V.R. I know that,;! ^m a little far ui „ * ' * * \ 9 the East end but as put* city is grow-: ing we must spread out, we all can^ Foley did his duty and' prosecuted the case, -while the opponents.of Mr, Robin •on blame the prpsector because he is not sentenoed. la Ptikonshtv J C. Blake'i friend* are against ihe-proie- cvtor because Mr. Biak« was arrested for selling liquor without' a lici-uac, while the prohibition people are mud because the case i» not tried. In neither case has Mr. Foley done anything but what should meet with the approval of all good citizens. In the Athuus cast) the defendant is waging sentence, pending a motion for a new trial < rsonu- thing similar, aud is out on bail. As the judge does the se tenulng, tho prosecutor is in no way to blame for the de lay. In Tekonatm the Iilak« pcoflu; spirited a way. the prinoipar-tritnBSneirJrr that the- cnae cuunoi be trit-4, hut it i. throwgu uofitulfbf Mr Fuley' ' jriy haa done lii-» wurk well and reelection , , "• j * not do business in the center, but] *' '•" • - •" • *, '•<.', " '' '•• "'•.••' .' -'• * .• ' / it will pay you if in want if any Hardware to give Sne a eallr X •' -..'•' '• ' t •'•'•'• • • T' ''''":. '"'"' '....' - '• '- p have two parloads df Acorn 00pk- ing & Heating Stoves to pick from Over One Million; of thefce stoves * ... '',..'.! ' I ;/ •> now in use. Every body is invitf d to call at my Salesroom and spect my new line of goods. JOHN l&HALEN last State Street bfed «Uh<jt'iu^tlie. nume of Grover CUvolnBd or HKiijnmiu nafely.' wagelTyour' bottom dollar that • they are talking''i^Ktics, especially. if • wre -ia Seaman's <ku^ store. Ruynecv ^lUtsul 4auJtUxer of M. A f Wing, of thjs city, dledfla^t a)ght at her home to Battle Creek.' The luu- ar«tl will b<i held Sunday aftuiuoon'at , three o'clock at the residence of MM. M. V. Wagner. iThe deceased was it ? Bitter of Mrs. M. V. Wagner, Mrs, A-; ,j'A, Holmea *ud Mrs. Thbs. Johnstou, Her e-trly days were'spent iu this city. The new election law prevents bribery M the i> ^Hs, and the only way in which voles « ir be purchased is to bipe,per- sons to remain away from the booths "If» politician approaches you \o stay away have him. arrested' and prpsecute. htm vigorously. The new ejection law wa^ framed especially to p/event cor- . ruption, and it provides adequate punishment for all wh,o would viol»t« it. •„, The Albion Becoj'4^ i «rf -taat weeS contained an article relative to Judge ^logersol, ^which-. ; wafl credited to_tb|L pHRONkci-K.' Had the article appeared " 1i tWa[ P»P»f ft wuld .b^ve f t»ted the lettej ,froi» Judge Douglas . written four ye^ars ago and not a'Aempt- ed to make the people think that it was aometbinj^ of 'recent dfte. No doubt - <]Tudge Ingeraol' w competent to fill the ,offioe, but probably »o more e6 than hi» • The original patent for the telephone expires on the.7th dayol next March, It was granted to Alexander Graham Bell, of Balem, Maas, on Mwqh 7Lh, 1875, It a few months anyone can set up theftiBlB»iief manufacturing appar i»dc»n cpQstroct lioea where he E»tttt^of Churls H. nor; UftViit Quimiughaii gTlardiau. Bond of $SOl/!»piH-uvc.i letter* issued. " ' ' Ir., mi- MARTIN BLOCK. ot Sul'len errt, -Honi-y- A. • Whnm-y guardian. Bond of |9flU up^ir(*yVd " ' . ipwe l«ter Improved device* wilj term efffi^* b« cohered, JW macb Icuger of ti»« lyatew wli: uod«r ^o*trol oj. A. Wupi«- tltion for liceu&e to jvali c^ntt'., Ordt-r for Bearing Nov. 38. o . ' ' ' • ', fe«tale of Eliza Carpent«r r ^leceiw»;d . report oJf sale of real.BStale tilpd by ad~ minister and order entered .continuing sale to Ellen fi^. Muucheater for 1^,000. - OF MILLINERY GOODS FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS. eost for Cash B»r»ou *dtMl Moffett, John B. fl«rringU». Mr». . TA obUia »bo»« Applicant* thauld c»II l»r ad- wtlMd Ultera »jnd «t*te due of tfVt. ' b« cliarsed fur * Otftfoeot PMtAfe will ««Y*rtui«l &««$. / , »» your nMdrt«dr«*» yo S^ F. BJi fDlfo, ^ »ioknea«, or c«U on-jro Dr. Sbarpsteen's Lavender m you • part our^dar bie« IB {or n Grou ' L ' ' Trimmed Hats and BonnetSi ; ; :, All :TJntrimmed GroodSr • Feathers, fanfcy Featters, ' "* **" • \ ' r U* • ^w * RiPps, Flawers, Laces, ; •• Vr In fact EVERYTHING FOR THE NEXJ THIRTY IDAYS. MISS HAtfNA, 0 4O^ $Mp ^ my WocVBopm 4t »»* •• 'ft"-""* *' * " ** "V She is latflyifoni the wTiolesui^'hauso^tif PQUoak'idr^tUboao & 'Cnapnmti and .** r F ' - _ ''* .-,*•-• t - •" bav.iqg bad*4 'largo experieuce cuu giv.^ you ^a^i.sfHction uuil on Mhort patice. .: * l^owistlieiime'a.nd' , .» tJoors west of P. O, , ' Typhoi >T-^T»i?*T;*^» "•"-T''^~WW •- i" - ~.- ""*"»• ^^* * ojionia, also quickly relieves » Croup, ^oarlet Fever,. W _ , , Wore Throat, Burtu, 8 '»14i a^t r afflloUonfc., 38 and &U cents or by mail? Da. tt Bs^ftPsrjeEUt Propri- la the uama of »litUe book ju*t teUiojj «U about M«-to-'bac, the, guaranteed cure lor habit or aauff Wp-to-bac i« th« oaljr auftranteed l«tbtt cvre iii the world. Sold by "druggist*. Section thiapweer. TfaeStjerUaj,: Co., ^ B*ft4plph St., CWftfto or • •WP 1^^^^ ^f ^W- ^i^^P 1 W SEE THE REP FLAP ! -*' r"~ '-

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