The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 27, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1893
Page 2
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"fc 27,1893 THE 1UILY CHRONICL on* y«Mt-ttirotiffh P. e...»4 75 baity, delivered. 1O cent* p«r <tfe«K ' * imb dtlen Id 8Ut« street. Pub!iab»r« JFieJderi, Schwab and Neebe Are -Liberated; BY QOTONOS AlflGELD'S < *h«y Were SenJ-enceil to-We Hanged With the Other FlvSb But their Sentence W*» Commuted to ImprUonrttent the Might Before They WerVto-Be Executed. SPRINGFIELD, IHs\Jnne 2 l 7.-*-The governor has pardoneo\ the anarchists, Fielden, Neebe and Schwab. Micoael Schwab and Samuel Fietden were convicted of murder in the\ Chicago anarchist -cases and finally sentenced to ce hanged with Albert L*. Parsons, -Louis Lingg, August SpfosVAdolph ' Fischer and George Engel, on l^ov.' 11, 1887. They had taken part in the Haymarket massacre bf May 6, 1886, but had their-sentenced commuted toNufe , imprisonment-by the governor of IHli- nois on the evening of Nov. 10, tho night before the day set for their exe\ CXl1»iOtl* '• •••- - ' • • "~ / • Neebe had been convicted of a lower grade of crime and was given a 15-year sentence by the jury. Ever since they •were ^sent to prison there has been a movement on foot to secure their re-r lease, and at one time it was report*! that Governor Fifer wiis on the verge Of making the order releasing Schwab and Fie'den, or at least, reducing their sentences. This never came about. Schwab was a German and Fielden an Englishman.. Their sentences were commuted from the death penalty because it was shown that they had not been'so bloodthirsty in their attack as he other advocates of the anarchist propaganda. GOVERNOR ALTGELD'S STATEMENT tnftt tne ittagep, magazine article recently published although written near- ty 5 six yeare after the trial ^ifl .full of venom; 'teat, pretending to jiimply review his case, he had to drag into hi6 article a letter written by an excited wbman to a newspaper after the trial wag'over, nnd which therefore had nothing whatever to do with .the .case and was put intd .• the Article simply-to* create it preftidice" against the woman, as-well ns figafixst tUtfueSdr ftttd Hying; anil that, not content with ^this, he a in the same iittiefe uiakes an insinuating- attack on one of;the lawyers for.tho •defense not fotT;-»nytmtjg , d&ne at tutorial, but been*** wojje than & year afte? thtf trial when^spiae of the dofemltititfl had been liimgM,we ven* tured to express a few kind; if erroneous, sentiments over the grrtves^of his dend'QjliontB. whom he at least believed . to be iiiljotjon t. It is urged that Such a stibsevvfettcv is without ft parallel^ all history; thrit even Jeffries ifr England contented himself with hangtnghis victims and did . not atop to berate them •after they were (load. : ''1 These clinrges : of n personal character '- < tii. ";. '• Cesg pools and-privy vaults Vleahed nnd dislhfected itl good shape vat reasonable priced by ' JUNE 1$ 1803* *• " -' ••- *- . •" ' TRAINS 8AST. The 4th. nt 'tHe Worlds Fait. Isckaon. Datrolt MISS THE OPPOttTUNITY for the World's Fait, besides beir.g in itself the most beautiful spectacle the world has over scon, will ham an unsurpassed pro-1 Buffalo, grani of attractions, novelties, ilium{nations and pyrotechnics. The Michigan Central Gets there usual, and otters a splendid opportunity 'a.m. ... »00 uttinaaoo.j ....2 08 BottloCr^k.... 84? Albion.. .......-S88 -.4 80 ,ii..6 45 ... 865 Kftl a. IB. Tin 748 BIT 888 94C 190} P.:"?. AtNJ E*i*i i. in. T80 11 88 1310 138-2 18 58 385 520 a.m 600 p.m. N.T. 7 40 8 oo 8,15 sir 1045 a,m. 836 a.m. 180 145 000 p.* 845 8 10 S81 4 10 718 TBAIftB WB8T. Mft ,j and'while they aeein to bo austainedby I of seeing them at the low rate of one fare the record of the trial and the papers "' " -^ ^- -.•> before find \ent\ to ;show that the trial was not fa}r, 1 don't cure to discuss this feature of the case any further, because jt is not necesnary. I am convi^ed that it is my duty to act in this case&Hr the reasons already give,n and therefore grant an 'absolute pardon to Samuel Fielden, Oscar Neebe and Michael Schwab, this 86th day of^Juge, 1803. Mlclilfjnn Penalonera. 'WASJUNQTON, June 27.>rrMichigan pensiotis: Increase—James Parkill. Jleis8ue--John C. Seigler, Original, widows, ete.-'Mary G. Dixon, minor of Jame» Smith, Ellen Hall, Caroline Ramsey, Mitry Evans. v C. E. Jeffries, piano tuner of Albion i^\in this city, prepared to tune, clean, and. repair pianos and organ? in a satisfactory manner. Leave orders at the ; office. for the round trip, with tho addition of admission fee to tho grounds, to avoid the an-' noynnce of buying tickets in the crowd nt the Fair gates. , Tfiese\ickcts will'bo good going only oil Special train of first class conobes arriving I at tho TermiBtal Station in tho WorWVF Ground? on. the morning of July 4th, and leaving there at lG:4!Hhat night. Those who desire to stay'longer can return within, four days of date of sale of tick- ] ots on regular trains Nos. 2, 8, 12 and 16, from the Chieago city stations. World's Coloniibliin Exposition. The^MJcbJgan Central will sell tickets froro Marshall to Chicago and return at; rate of seven, dollars and thirty cents for the round trip, limited to Nov. 5th. Children under 13 years of ago, half fare. Tickets not «ood on 1, 4,19 or 20. Detroit, Lv, 8 15 )ockBon...lH" Albion ...,ia3!i Battle Cf'k 1 a iCaUmaztx) 3 08 CblCft|ro,Ar 7 8!) p.m Day tx.t am. WOO T 15 9 28 10'UH 1083 10 45 11 20 410 p,m Jhlc ««.*. KiU.IChlo Ex.+|8p'l* a.m. 8801 p.m. 1 15 S 10 S 8 55 4 IS 44? 9 10 p.m R.m 745 1045 1181 1140 181* 1 10 • 50 *.ia. s oxceptert > U»lly f Sundarp «xoe»ted O. W. RUtlOLBS, Gob. PJ»M. * Tlolttt Sgt. A JfoHsaciM. Freight A^ent, • C. K. O&BORX. T1--kH Ajtont. p.m. 5 00 73t 8 15 888 9 03 9150 p'.'m a. m 8 15 5 10 547 605 685 700 11 15 a.m. P»c Kz.< >.ou fast 910 1300 1388 108 145 885 Ng't Bz.t. a.m Cincinnati, Mm & Mactoai Time. tft1)le Uklng effect June 98 18W. Tralna paaa Huraball aa follows: TJU1HB QOW« >ABT. Mo. S3, Toledo Kxprtaa 7 OS a •> " a,.cinolnnatlExpree8.....>>.........o «» m S.OOOspring. and summer samples have arrived. Call and select yom summer suit or pants. Better jcbo-ce than piece goods. Call and oxum'«e before buying. Quality and price suit at \ \ TED'S, the tailor, Fletcher's store. to HIa Beaaopa For Pardoning the Iinprla- oned Anarchlata. SPBINQFIELD, His., June 27.—Govern- .pr Altgeld's statement accompanying his pardon of the imprisoned anarchists contains 1,7,000 words. The governor reviews the history of the Haymarket meeting on May 4, 1886, in detail and says the basis of the appeal for pardon was the petition signed by several thousand merchants, bankers, judges, lawyers and other prominent citizens of Chicago which, assuming the prisoners to be guilty, stated the belief that the prisoners have been punished enough, but a number / of them who have eir amined the case more carefully base their appeal on entirely different grounds and assert: Firsts-That the jury; ^?hich tried the case was a packed jury selected to eon- vict. Sefcond—That according to the law as laid down by the supreme court both prior to -«nd again since the trial of this case, the jurors according to their own answers, were not competent jurors and the trial was therefore! not a legal trial. i Third—That, the defendants were, not • proven to be guilty of the crime charged In the indictment. * '• ••-• , Fourth—That as to the defendant • Neebe the state's attorney had declared at the close of the evidence that there vrut no case against him and yet he has been kept in prison all these years. Fifth—^ThjSt the trial judge was either BO prejudiced against the defendants or else so determined to win the applause. of a, certain class in the community * that he could not and did' not grant a fafrtrial. , .. The governor's statement sustains the, five specified points in the appeal re* ferred to and says that the facts tend to show that the bomb was thrown as an ' act of personal revenge and that the prosecution - never .j^scover°ed who* threw it. " l - 8peakin.g of Judge 43-ary he gays.: "It fc further ehargea wjth much bitterness by those who speak for the prison- erf that the record of the case shows 1 that the judge conducted the trial .with All persons ore notified not to dump any more garbage in Ihe streets. PETEB Hows, Marshal. Wall Paner The liaTgest'Stock the lowest prices HYDE'S Drugstore " 27. LocalFreljtht. .... ............ ..w. TBAIItB OQIR» WVBT. So. 38, Mall and KxprenL.... ......... ,,.10 48 am " 2, Oinolnnatl A B. 0. Expreu . . . . . ..6 3i p m " 84, Kxprewi ........ ...... . ..... ...... 18 3»«i» » 28. Uioal Freight. ..... ... ........ ....080 alb All trains daily except Sunday. , Direct connections are mada at Toledo and Cincin&ti wlta all roada diverging. Trains 31 and2a taake go od conneutlon at Mon telth with the O R. A 1., and at AlUgaa with Ui* C, & W. M for Grand ftapldB, Mtukegon and aU lints north. T. U. M. bOUINULKR. Ben. Paaa. Agt D. MIZK, Agt., Marshall. . WANTS, FOUNJ), ETC. ^Twenty cents a week for each notica not ex ceedlng ATO linea. No charge leis than twenty ounta. When you want a whisky for medicinal use you-want it pure, "Royal Euby" Rye is guaranteed pure jn every particular^ and recommended for the invalid and the convalescent. (Bottled at diatillery.) ROYAL WINE CO., CHICAGO. .For sale by K G Seaman & Co.. druggists. If you want a house built in short order call on \Vm. Shipley as he is prepared i& pu| you up a? house ready for plastering in ten day-time. Shop op Eagle street over-.Lynn's.. 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