The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 9, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 9, 1897
Page 3
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THE DAILY CHRONICLE: 4UGIJST 9, 1897. THE FISIC IHTHPI-AY - - OF- CALIFORNIA FRUITS FKlSfttf, HOW 15 .gpjl \ •" D © I IT I© S • . f HITS tf fiKK ««atn five wwks from totk city, Is at A fine rain School today. Jobn Mcff ftfeh, the Kojal. TJ, T. Hulett spent Sunday with Marshall friends Shwm'BfriWWftm t<3 Bsrtttr -ere pfe this ttiornin??, M. E. Brown of the Battle Creek I^foon, in this city today, , Attorney Locktoa, of Bat « v ae intown today, Bernard MeC1ary»of JackS«n haflftj)0- aii ion with James F, Martin, x_. «• Soldiers'Reunion fare to Athens and > Return, 35 cents, * August 11 and 12. they Are Here! Could Not .Weaken ..Sn«h Testimony w This. Arthur McKihstf ifiat 5,000 pw»pte at Albion eajuft -« Edward, Con^av* »f Octroi? ha* r H vfeit in fiuicag!*, / •• Cottft 1<»ft Saturday for a visit and MKJ, tkjotgo K-fJr-arl ThhirB«d' at A tiyoii/toke W. J, 0TT)ble IM home trip, ' ° Oo. HI. WilfpttB, of Albion efty toda> . ; , . ' s< Mt. Jjunes M. Ked«(>ld ia hpre from Ne^York. ' Walter Johnson, of Kalatnazoo, sprtit H«nday hero. Mre. TSHran Allen and chdilren visited at A then?' bet week. Mrs, E. J. Marshall dro\e to Bollovue Sat nf day, returinna; yepfenlay. Mia. T'helps, Mi* 1 * M.ibt-1 Phelps and Miss Thera C\»x went to (lull Uk«*to"day for a week' 1 ? BU> . Mrs. Charles W. K'.bm«<m bfi'* been nt L>onlakt'forthep.KffXM) weeks. 1 Bhe will remain another week. Tho pension roll of the United Htuteu has almost reached the" joilhon mark ft83,.VJ8, *n increast of lll.Sr-l for the past A, iftlPSTrard" traft rw(«ived 4 horo today «f Thomas Orrjrki* jear. _ ,„,.. Hpoh<f n day antho bluff" of tK?lh. .A ttfevSWtt h with t>(6 o varsion Far «* sound trip. 5kL7t>. • ' , In fhe rtM^Mwyfhflod-of ton dollars 'fcHKl aMho WH*iftlgi*gn nt Mre. John .WiReniaii'fl Baturdav e\ cning. Mrs, ft, Cutler loft this morning for Kankrtkw, 111., boing called "there bj the " death «f her niece," &hB& M.'lj Wolrh. AJ} Gnod. Trtmplart who havo taken tli* district dt'fjrw and who wi«b to' at* hartley left Saturday for a "V. * 1 Washlnjjfo'n, IX 0i, the grand an k inviloil lo do Old il£( and disease are. however, ; a inm.ut into the h'-ta. Itis rttpoH<>d tbit S"Uth Bond withbe uiadc a illusion pom tier freight twins instead of Battle Cyeek, and inanj f»m ilVf> may rnnoyXto Soutli Bmid from tho latter jvlojx^ Auioiij,' tHa Clouds, Mt Washington, Aug. -J'/F. A. Stuart of Maiwhail, Mwh., proprjMHorof Stunit's dy^pepni.i JabMfl, tsa^gueat of tht-Sid'imit House, having jmmiil on Mount Washington lait men A'diHpatch front: Columbus, Ohio, saya tiu'-.'Ciiu-innati Northern 'in.totmannexed to tU«\u'Ke fcrio ty 'We-stern; Fn>ni th(; ' Hauie source'ootneB tin: information, that. Frank B. brake is to btrfitumral ruaiwtfe'r of liotli linos. Ex.: Tlu;-re arc AXUm. woroH,.irr'fhf .Englishlanguage and luiJhtwMnoiu'were •usi'd'on .Sunday by^a.-^vomao who discovered^*iH"i»i'K out of chunrh that lu'r braiwHiow li;it wiw adorned, with a whicli w.w^'written: "Hwhiced 'to A•. teleirrain wa« reeeiveit'thiB morning tlje' drath of Joe Bi'an._at m, 111.. -.Va-st iii^'ht.; A letter was received' this'iiiioruiij); Bayinj; that he was-betttr, and its u sliort time the tele.-' jjralH announcing liis 'U'atli. Mr^Utan ia e*pi;cU"d to arrive' > ith'«, body to, night. ,.- ' : .'.' ' • '"'•'. '.'•'. ' The 'Sai;!navy Cuttnnr-Hi-raJd'sayg "It. TijjiVen out. froui LansiiVi^th'ut the 'talk of' Colonel'John Atkin?<..>n'for the-1'in- gret' cftudidate to,wiii m (> S«-iiut<>r Bur>(>«»» w a mere Ulntl, but ,d the proper tutat) Hon. James O 'Doniu-ll, of Jackaou will b(M»1eovefed fts ill- IU.HI x«1io will be pushed for Mr. UU«O\\M' i>l«ee in th» •senate." ' r At -t o'clock &jnd.i> -sifteruoon - aa and Mora MrAuhtte 'w r« towar> Albion oit Uu' Ala.rtilt*Vl , two miles fioiu Mbion, tlieir rig i struck \)) CJie New* York -*j«€t-ijtl ok •*> A spfvia} mooting will bf called Aug. II at 1. 0: G. T. hall at 8 oVlock p. m. tor thl>- purpose' of procuring the current pass. They are all sroh« in the evcursion to Bt. Joseph and Benton Thursday, Aug. 2*Uh viaM. C. R. Ji. and K.ilaiua 2iX>. Mr. and \\T», Xate Dunn aud Misy \ttie Talent t, of Chicago, are mief-t« at Nathan Benedict's. The went b> bosili to Kt ( .lot) and from thenr< here on their .w heels. Mr and Mr*). R. F. Bnn^ett, of Lanr, in«, Mr. and Mis Cieo Mu^'ett and iMr. and Mrs. Geo. Briiekett, of .Charlotte; ^r. and Mrs. Owight -Briicljett, of Bollw- , :*tid K/.ra- Bracket!, of A llegan nt- tended tlio funoral'-of Koiiert .'Ward' yos- Mrs* J. & Webbm ar^ camj(in|t«t Ltn tfomw and Hiil«dalf base iwll clulxj will cr<sfiL8 n bal« at llo?ner lomortofr. J^Ir. and Mrd. Albert Buck, of Battto Creek, werfe the gueet of Mr. and Mm. C, B, Girford, jwtvrdny. Bvpr>liody invited to the gn;5it Maoen- bee excursion to Ht. Jwcph and Benton Harbor Thursday. AUK- 20, TTrain leaves M. C. dpjwrt «:4*) '«•. m. Grand Military parade, boat ridos, band concerts. Fare ?1.7,"> rouud trip, children " alf fare. «. " ' The Grand JfSpUlfl Democrat of July 31, contained the follc>w ing, E. W. FifMu ofBayCil),J. H. BntteHieUl of Lansing, members of tlw bus-iinopRrotnniittee of the Stntft \sncultural S.ooiety, raet with Secretary Fr.iHck vesterday. Tl»p committee passed upon a very important matter yesterday, giving warning to all exhibitors thn"t exhibits must be exactly «'hat they are represented tobe. A long, votition.wus roceivo'd from 8t<x:k from ten diiferent Btatwvarta^ comjirisiiiK the loadjii^-rt ook raiser * of the rquntry, protosthff? against the adi n«sion of the stock of Job-j Milton of Marshall. by these men that at tho - thzJtalamnzfKt The following; flntement is one of inferest to tnanv a e(ti-/t rt of K And ft man TW "Mil known iw Mr should carry nroro thnn tmllMrt" woiglu with our rwtder^i 4lpr? it j'i aq takeu wn by #nr rfprgsenf,ativc • " My name Is John A. Wallace T am motlroor oT the firm of J. A. Wallaw <fe o., doing busincs-" «H tinneri, «(c , at 106 l&tTOT RttWt, Kahwwa/oo, in Which citf I also reuide For t\ic pn^ nine or tiMi bioutlia I hntve t'cen having a,\t(w;ks of kidney <H>in plaint, the pain in «ny baek Over my hipr. was very severe at times, nij urinary sya" was '»!#» hi » hafljjrtftt-^of <frmngc- s the urftto was (scanty cn ft n « ,j f)t l)i<s>JD> Kidney ('iit'' at ?j time, |«tt 1 •*>«<» i^oii)^: t<» M wk, wardjpil oft an MtiM'k. t^nd J Wry mutili IH'ttcr !«.'» regained a terrifie pain & my oU ?f ««i> con- ffnnfng the qse <ff l$>m f b Kirlncy * > iH« Milt p* 3 ^*'^ f^ftUag tlftit^Jey will ejjfei . on me % permanent and Ttoew^ *UK> ' J have nhb<)unilpd fonfiitew^ m I>6an Kidney "PiHs as^a renwfry ftwx J kidnt'j , haw good r&noK to 8LWflittelPCar mo," , ask any more that) this,! Iman Old IV Slmnp's ole^ant lino of Fall ami Winter •. All the IjfitoKi Styles m bltio mid black Motgos, Cheviots, bltif ami Wade Wt>rst«l, in olay nttd Worfltwt -all jtlix^, latest"ilorHtiff, irr hrown and j, .. , u1j?o an ( k-gfmt lino <>f Tron»orings at pri^s to mntch. Flftaso call and~WftfftfrSP iK'fnru ymfpia^e' yuttc onler '° rW1 J. J. DESHANE, T*»ik»r. COME TO THE 'SALE AND kil SEE THE ? Motalay^Attgnat ,we will o,iohp oat. mir burdens t»(^ have been forced to be;i kUiwys th»n*fl othnr nwaim , ;'*t > «4er still, tkey. are <^»ms? ms 4tight lu^twhtcap. Ask any rtirc has^ver tak«n theiahttod see- what tlmj " will say. . ,' Poan's iCidftey Pills for sale by a crt, price, 50 cents. Mailed by Foster^ Mflburti Oo.-j Buffato, N. Y., sole agents for ttoll. 8 '.Itenrember the natue, ' UK) take no other- _ At Half Price. Fine Dross Patterns inclndett We will put in this ^ale, 80 dozen LADIES WBAB, Yosts aiul Panto, worth 50c a pif'ro for 2oc greatest bargain «ver offor<?d,in HIIH city. Standard Sheeting for $1.00 Stew Kettles. Klqt. sraniteor iron fltew kettles for Thin UNDER« <wtaf »ly Granite truit Kettles. • \Ve sell you tho bent fjranite Pr« vrv- in« kettle for 40c. BOSI.BV f s. ^ at' the.,-ChriHtiiin . Sunday evening uudi.-.r tl^e direction of the temperanee'conunitteo of. the United Brotherhood was a Bervice loitg lo be remembered on account of the many beautiful and instructive thoughts), brought •;>ut by tho Hpeakerlie.v, Wesley MeRoy noldi*. The largo iiittendanee and tfiu GEORGE INCERSOLL, GENERAL tor tor lor fair last ywir Milton entered sbpup of the "Hainpshiro Downs" brt'etl, and repr resented thorii N to bo. of hie own breeding, wheretiB they vver^-iuiported stoek-t They were tliuvntock but t-he committee wil\* not submit txj-misrepre^ntatiotm for any oituiMv and so ,on the protest ruled Mr. 'Milton out. . , •'; \ Is your time worth TiOc a day r\ Then that disabling hwulacho is attention the ffpeaker/ more than proved the apnreciatioii ..of the ad- dreuttou ttui "ttoiiu* or Ha'loonI which, 1 ?" -Battle Creek dispatch .til the Detroit Tribune: . .Prosecutor lAn-'kton and Mayor riot agree ou the oau.sp of. tho pollution of C5oguai.:«litUe. The fortiierTefusioe to prose(iute tin •bath'e there,' and the latter to'dos.>. His honor recently went to Bay View to see Judye Siu'itti. of this feirouit to get liijii to appoint an ikaHistunt pn^ecutor to taljce up tl»« jau»o nut the judge, told him he would IMVI- to tfet 1 nMerutor Loekton'w touw«it lirbt. Ixwktou »». having conyidnn.ilAo ijuft t fun "Blue Streak" will euro it for. a quarter^ Mrs. Delia'• BurRfias is prepared to'do manicuring and 8ha,iu|)0oing for the ladies at their homos. Price fyr manicuring TJ5 cents, for. shiiinpooing J50-. ce.nte. OrdorH niay be left at Misw K*. E. Bil- ttng^ur'nt :rwidencrV with Mi-fc.-Mn*y Diek«y', opptisite Presbyter'uuiohurelK Havine bud *'iirhtocn yo»r« experience .. Judge of 1'rnbBttt will aiva fpect*) ftUontlon to i>rHclir.e Hi Prohatu Court*. , . . Parties hivtac b!»«ir)e«» >n nrtth»te courts may Slid (t to thslr fiitureat t« consult Him. ' , . WILLS, Deeds, Mortgage&X and " Other Legal Papers Carefully Drawn. TillCf* to : K«-aI. Kstttte Examined, ,69 ,99 1.29 47 for -.69 for .85^ f Ladies' ..IVIiteliii lender wear Garments—Ouiwt Covers, downs ami Skirts at vm- low prices. It Vonld be impossible to give prices on everything, but wo yon that %\e rne-nl biiSluestf ami that p_ricc>H _\vU[ bb rondo to suit yon on all goods. Table Linens, Napkins, Crashes, Laxje Curtains Mattings, Carpets,,Black and Colored Staple and Fa ncy Dress Goods, Ladies' Hosiery In all prices -Lf>wi« Herrnsdorf's fant black. The goikls will-; bo sold t'luHn'i,' this sale cheapei- tljan anybody alive will ever see them agaiii. -\Ve ar«i"l-oTni>eHiHU-to:.infike tins ,Malo in ordor to inako .roonX for now; 'goods. Our sttmyis so 'very small and . ,^ . ; , : ' ' ' . OurStock of Fall and Winter x wiu to ttir. ifiir«hai.«i'-/,«o |1 ri " 11 . , catats. paymBiit of UIOK, eto. Loans on., real ~'~'~'~" 'or BRttoA line Of Life *nd Lit* Insur anre ooiiipauien. OFFICKat ' ' Cutuo. Marslirtll, Midi. Ofiipes and Gloaks .'.''• . •'.••' • .- • • • .•-••".'*-. '' Which will arrive n4'xt week, is-so'large it will take up all the We carry the W. R CORSETS, alwap ptit^ct fit'tMg. 1 . 'I. P. HAYES SALK. W. T. Drake's stock of Wall 5,000 rolls, all grades of paptsrs," wHl sold regardTees of i;oet. This stock must Ij«).cl6sed out atimcc.' These prices will '' ' it:-. The following dispatch- from \lbiou, thrown through the feutw aiui ih*^ horae ^was mefawtly killed, »> M hou^h tl>e buggy » the u r.ial.!..^ cf>««ty uaablt* hardest ha* I Itia f«-uV*. girl for jUar . eat bantld ^ Cal»MM't Plfc three on « gJroniidii tlirei* ujil^ wt*t of tbw is prarkv4 **J'- Dr, L, K. Fteke Ixad flearty Hnished eeraxwit H stopped ML "ht>adkiug i fabler CiraUaaj, Dr. Fiske waa i <implete- by >... ,. %' puf .roll. lo |t»-r jd k- p«»r roll -V ..... ' <»< ..... Id " " . li whites hlanks^.ly paperjj om<ir to iu,vU'h . , A 11 <!< All 7 All lye Alll^e AllJSo " . *«« " " br rilt-r . :tand ic per jd yourpap^r whilV|H« fltocfe laeta." lOr cigar for 5c; none stamped i*ro Butrui. A, aud lasting amolw. A Co., jtoantifatt _,.,...- , .n- .„.,., ..... _ j-r-r- Xotk*. to at their ordera at Clark'e faart»OT etw^f, For our fall stock, which is now Arriving, we will " »*•* ' -*—*.! >-v.,.-.,-|i- T J- T'ru Patna, nu copl, FOR s}k«Jnfe of WgtH' witK i < l«ata«'r tin for at jour o ht>ur i* oiiuck'iw ifeu Thwe hour*"' , reel ^ at' aoou t, CUllie dlL" I 'l^tierw wilt bu n the stole fcu* tbie j tar *-'f lor (show aud thw uuo fuatttrtd* nt JEfa* the a tv a be Ukeii Th« ' to a will iutv« an to a t n^t ft >»u August 31,. wiicu Uw it is Of j' will ptay st'V« i ral -pi^ws in C10J4 Will the oomjmsttd 'uf, 111 will «>iii« 'row all part* ol the l!ir«estat«3 to tatg part in tW rfuniim, ' as tJbey have l»ea pt«w;ticing fox eai tteefc pifcuea aeot ont Prof. &MJ**, fcii* u»u|it»l ' Watupn still tell* tb* f«nuj«w efiffee or Mountain Java it u> the finest ON1B BBGENNING / and .ChiWreir's 1Twtli!*7^l^^ day to tbe Fuet ulasb jt*b »o» js at " dona that tiie iweuibt'ra of tbat tto/ caunot atfurd .to. for-ahow purpoaaa. dS6*u!,uttioji, it u. expected that ttu* uni- bori plavtng will 'b« » ^raad atf^ir Mi-iet) K, Towuat-nd u» pi»«ideirt of the atisoj:iat»t>u *Hd Cot: «kitn B. Tyrrell, An elcgaat Ha^ wf twite, i»t«&t lowfoat pric««i, at tlulttt of a yaw »ufferiag - tet jbl«s "J yma run. u vtir by a lauibtr w«goa. IJid Bftteipect toti¥ : e, W>» tttrribly bloated. My frieasUi baihad -ine witti Or. Tlujiaas' Eclectric Oil, wttd 1 'was cured. We havo srwttjfufcli taTbtn«a»'Ett{«w<incOiI." Mr,-. Wtu. F. Baboock, i^arvoUi Jiuriwon Co , Midi. " MuU-I A flue shoe dj:v*»»iK 6w tiu and Fi>r taije by Misa iL- K. Bole ageut, Delia Burg*siie. M, J, Gillett and Ladies' Blaok and Tan OXFORM ut Biuikrupfc sale of fiaoos Bee his Get it iw>w your for Ut) Seven Dollars Buys a lUeowird dUsaoable large for a fefuily ol HJI B««. J Juat wliai you u«wd for luuohbou OB Bally Itoy,"*t • J. Cunniughan 7 B. Regardless of Cost. 411 Greatly Reduced prices d ing this Sale. i

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