The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 4, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1892
Page 2
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TJ*v , T ^ * WE NOVEMBER 15 ' ' TO get the* discounts on and we are botiiici contract J We claim them the best in the market and to Advertise them thoroughly we Will until NOV. 15 LJU1^___ SFII THFM AT AS Our own make; heavily lined. AV Pit r VJI-l-L. .IIll-lHl " fl 1 TTV* ' K ZOM.Panb' 11 x Cpats to match at same i>Hce. 1 pair-to a custom ar f *-U« ' , ' _ ' ' Ho such lining ia. any Pants on J the market at any pri<jo. A bar- Jd. at a dollar In tbw pale ' . _* " ON.E PAIB TO A CUSTOMER. , , ; But Our Great Slaughter will be in Kvei/Suit in -the house from age 4 [to 4U bust •-slko.'ghtered in .this sale;; \Vd luive a .'special lot of. «h : rts, no drawers match, . will close tttem "out in this sale at aS'qents. Fine vyhtte man's .Underweur very tea vy; worth ?/• eenVs'; in this ealenfct£4'3 cents,. ° K'xfra heav drawers match. . We.-. , grey ' doable chest and back 45 cents'each. Gloves and Mitten? way down. KMaz.&n men's wool, oYershirts, regular price §1-25, until Nov, 15'at 7j5 . • ' ,. wotSt A better one wo*tn'Jl.75, in this eale* at $1.00. . . " J -',•.-"' --. Reinember we wiirgive you a th.roe fourths Hf& . , - " >'• '".'." • T.Shanahaii, Marshall; Mich. m I 1 A 1 1 V f-1] I ' (\\ ] C] l ..,.,., r'^il 4. A Jll,Ul>lV<l,t lte»td«M»f outeldo arc lauJi», 2,000 eaudte fowtf *«ati, in utd until 10 p, in. eCandard. '' Wn»rj» onu lamp only •& i.wxJ. $5 per. month, f 60 per auuuui. Wberfc more than' «M lump 4» used by the«ame pers> u in the /guns locality tbe additional JUunpa will be ohtrgwl for at ft per month or .$40 per an- ira». -' , • That* lamps will be placed in position ferw of chftrgtt t. ; > the tuor other than above, Al night lamp* or other special service at be added to ^iils nut {mid \ Kt , w - uiil)U -_ ttiU - tt& . ltUowe a lo u-Jou 'cept under i'|i& itirrctun- »•! Uit cii> vrbere ligbtiuji ccmtrai-U ar'- iiiiiuy/ All insunxJcNceut latui) ruucwal-*- un.^l made by thti cousuaii-r jt Irs u»u .I- but the city >f,>ll until furtn«-V u«'l"«- o lamjji at otipt % * Ordinary open, caul «in»^' *<h,J-i- of jj vvjli (if t)io c All. ;Wir.Jl!jJ Wlli be doUe U,lulu t\W IriU'af rules of tbe ikebiawo losurauctf'lJouJiXi. . u Ail ajii»licatwpiitfvr*iitcaiule! .will be Ucci-(.)ted.iri the ol'dt'i'wf tLi-11 a«d tutho i»?r«uUf ui'plj'ui^; f/^r t!u-ijfkt auips U> Le ij'iiceii mposition Of charge, all «t her la-uijis OF aocktftii al cost, 'Tbe above lighting {•«$« are 'based en an, t-6ti tuute of the ^o&t <jf -operat&n of th6juWni $d whfl 1 ?. they.. y. ft n"^ lY iT"'ii b.m^-li-lia.p VUl^l IKW1B. j (, AJl damage to the lamp or Viring by the iorJ Tb« QKr BO case be allowed, to ^p4dl« «i«h or rwne»e either lamp or wiring Wk& if any fshaage is posjtipn or replac- it will, ' ^ roady for r lte«rt»tM6-10opw&cent per hyur"per ip for either : etores or ««D 9 bf tba mtyjit |M|UkdeMeDt lighting, Ugj HjMtf^nr pl»i»d i» aemee whepe less than Ugbta»reinuM, For all ordinary ser r > wh«r» msters are not uaed foUowiog MM SteotM and bminami places 50 cents moath par U eandla ; power 01 lamps, w.bether one *md oflJoea, eto^ 35 cents ff Ci«flt PQW»r lawp per month, where |M« « lW»' >u>P« «r» uW' Where more %p« towr-lami* are ia plaoa for the aame MB* loomlity- & cents per fwr each addiUpotl lamp » «f too P«r otet wUl be made fox rwiid^Bce Ught- the sau.e quality and •'•*'* ijB,pther iilaeug^sfibuld it l>c found 'to make ij^rlsuuatitm in^rice, the xai-es^will be jij»rt;rcd -and all gojtjf racts now entjtled to-the benefit of auj; m..>de hereafter uiadu, frpin and after date 1 of tbe reduction. • Application niusjr be made ro the recorder or eitber of the commissioner?.. most svoadeifW medicine that 1 huve ever fcet with is .fcfaawberla^n'i^olit:, Cholera .and Diarrhqfiji Ilvmedy, - In cases' of colic it gives' speedy, relief. On hunting brtps I have ftjuad it indib|)eu!jabi6,* «Fut 10 jflkaU. water it impacts a pleasant taste apd prevents the piuuf ul diarrhwa whioh aitali Crater p'roduets. I could not feel aafy witfi- outit in my house.' 3, f. S*itji,^ort Abej:-. crqmbip, 2J. D. Fo.r sale at Oteeaels drug IS And a good-lamp must be simple; .• when it \s cot Dimple it f not gopd. Simply -Beautiful, Gwf—^ihes words mean much, but to see*'The Rochester" ill. impress the 4«4th more forcibly. 'AU metal, tough;\nd seamlessi and miijde in three pieces onlj it is abstfuttly safewA unbreakable. Like Aladdin's of told, it IsMleed a « f wpn4erfiil lamp.," for its .mar> velo^slighYis purer and^righter thin gas Ijght, _ softer than dectric.light and tabre cheerful than either. OCBBSTBS, tijt^C'i^np^cs^rlwitt'ttlie ftonQliio want, send to us for our ^ew illustrated catalogue, - -~r safely by eipress^youf choice of ov^r 2.OOO -' - .^ fo^ ;; - . rr- i P«rk Place, New Yorlt Cl«f f "The Rochester." tool; fqrih^s^tamp—TB$ Roetiesterrawi jtbe stv}«--y( and we will send you a. . S. WHITE & CO Uoyrts Irom the eniyiv^s <if Japan, [ * Rlna, ludia, Tiirljtjj- and Persia... u BnconuAendod for O>^ tart, SMpport anaTin* i'orai, (ind combines th» beat features of Qor*st •~ 1st. Ww , our s^Wj-wHfttews. S«lec| choice before the stock is brottn. Soap list this *£eek -, iuipurial, 10 bars ' ' JACKSON FAVORITE 0,0,0. WAIST 23conts; !->av^n,'(i b'ars 25 cents; Old country, 6 r>ar3. ^eents-, Qut en 'Aune^ 0 b,8rs 25 cents^ (JffJiwiraf^ 21 cenl^i iril,* 3 ca^es, 50 cents; wlu^ea'stile, 10cents; i ^ br'ojvn e/^ld ^reani and glycerine, 10} cents. " ' "• - • ' . u J, S, WHITE &fiO. SALE— A foul stove cbeafi Enauire at B. Sutler's store.' dn6 ^ ' •• HAVE you CEOLDREIT v *r** ' ' - 1 w in the form of a largw sized lilbo- grapb, in eight colors, vitb J^ej to sawe,' can be had by Sending your addrtes witb tweply cents in' pogtage staqipa to Geo. H. Heaffords G. J.». A-.',-CoJea|to7 & St. P*ulR'y, Chicago, IJ1 the supply ja liroited, appJieatioa be made emly. Should the supply becoice exba&steql ibe postage • stamps will fee returned tq E.DUCATR FOB A. Uiorou|li, rtilialjlo .and progresblvtinaiitutiga, Jauuiireda of yoanj; mju ^pd women received UudratarUu uririu the K. "8. O. To farmers boj-s and girls tfaia court $ of prfttlleul inafru? tton Qaocoi beovtr-fcgiiniftted.. B\»jiu be pleaded to aav* you* w^U al and nuases nnabW to l>ear a rigorous B»innent betiutt- fulij made, \Vamwoted. Equal to any «L9S vai»t. 530MJM —WUW, _^ that i.t.vnU prwaptlygyre-aaycase o es. xr, Protrodlajr <M !*£«*»?. »* itfttT^ TRIALVACMSE «^rto-*-/ aa u>cover postage & address ' as &

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