Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 25, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1961
Page 2
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2-DEl RIO (Texas) NEWS-HEftAlD, Thursday. May 25, 1961 JFK Asks Funds Continued from ft** \ '"both minima! and crucial." Kennedy said. His 5,000 wo'rd message ca'k-d •a\-ti for, a step-up in the Voice of America and related programs, bringing the U.S. Information Agency budget to more than S12I •»n forIhe ft<ca! year starting !. - Thr now funds would be devou-ri •> additional radio and tek-vision in Latin America and A <f 4 "!o tell Zl-r'.T, isf <Kr confidence in freedom." Ki-n- nody'ssia. HP gave notice, also, that he v-i)' isifr submit requests for £ '!-->pp<>d-up shc-lie-r program to r-ririf-d the civilian population from radioactive fallout in event of a massive ntsclear attack Thi? will mesn that approprja- Around Town... f Continued From 1'sge It HE R M A N AND -B-E-C K Y Snarks. former residents of Dei Kin. -sre visiting here from -he:r h<,;ne 'near Los Angeles. California. MARY EVERETT AND ADRf- ana MaSdonado of Del Rio are randfnates for bachelor of sac-im-: d-"?rf*'s at Texss Woman's' University in Denton at the graduation exercises Sunday. .May 2S.. The Baecais'iresip service :«••;]» .bcgir- at 8:30 a.m.. with eo:?- inencffnen! at 10:30 that ™<~rn ins in »he main afidftoriurrv .;?f tn-r- tt-r of Mrs. Gladys Evert? t of :>.£ North Main Street, is z candidate for a bachelor of science dotrrec- in health, physic-si education ar.d recreation: Mis? Ms<- tionado. 'daughter of Mr: and Mrs. Je-us .Maldonado of 305 V.V^; Martin Street, is "a speech therapy m a for. * "• f » COMMANDER AND MRS. r. C. Wiseman and their chiklrr-r ^jrw, Frank ar»d Bobby >pvn; 'I»e night in Del Tlio as SL:C~«~ v'' "Mr. ond Mrs. Lee Roy Wocj fhey were en rome f rosn_ the Corpus Chrtsti Naval Base io Sin Francisco. wrhere they"! fail f- r ih<= Philippines in June. He':i J>P .executive officer 'a! hi? ne-.v ba,-c. Loe- Roy and. the commander are " friends of fon-g standing, having known .one another years aeo ?.*, boys in Fls'onia. Until last year. ; lions, for civil defense will in "all ^likelihood bo- more than iriple the ; pending foudeet requesls, and they : VM!! increase sharply in sitbse- quoin years." Kenneth- sail!. The !>»-ndiri? budget- request of ihe Of" ficfi of Civil and Defense Mohilizatiuf: is SHU miliion. Tfritter his reorganization powers Kennedy announced, ilit- responsibility for civil defense will 1 f-f aliened to Secretary, of De- fence Kobert S. MeXamara. The presvn! OCDM will be . reshaped t.iui "a small staff agency" sorv- ins the While House antl iis title v.iU bo changed to Ihe ••Office of r~m-;rpc-ney Plannine." The F' re? id en I told ihe Congress that his coming conversations u-jth Sovie! Premier Khrushchev wifl be only "a personal exchange of view?" with no attempt to bargain over ihe differences between i:if- tv.o cres* powers. "A wec-iina in Vienna n«xt mi/nth turned (Hit (o be convenient for ii< )>c.ih: and ihp. Austrian <n>v- rrrtrncni has kindly made 'tis welcome," Kennedy said. " npr; n*> r.-'-aotiaiion's will he 1 uniior- ••iiT-t --vc will make clear that. AmPTsca'c t-ndiirins? concern i; for r>''h frofdom and peace—that we ar" anxioi;* to jjve in harmony 'Alt 1 ! ;he Ru.?.«i3n people—thai we ••oc-k r:i> conqiie^ij.. no 5-atollites. r>rt rJc'hr-.s—and that we seel:.- only 'he riiy when 'nation shall not -Vft 1 ;;p ?word ssain-1 nation. ne-Uh- vr sHr.ll shey' learn v. : ar ar.v-- (dernonsfrated our aims, or in! spin-d and supported tbe. necessary spirit of local reform to help l!ie?e new revolutions Jin;! success i r in constructive pursuits. i • "Tot* often we have accepted a i • merely defensive ro!e. Too often we have lot ourselves appear as • friends of the status quo—and the-. : slslus quo may be $50 a year I , tindi 1 . idual income). 1 "Meanwhile the pressure? of the I totalitarian conspiracy mount ! higher every 'jay as one naiinn after anothc-r. 'by interns! more; often tiian external means, finds '. its freedom under atisok.^ ' Since no =inu!e sisnple policy : can 'meet such a challenge. Ken' ' nedy said, the nation sboukl rein- l force its efforts v.iih the package j of varied measures submitted bv him today. -•Taken loai-thc-r they u-ili h?!p I ad \ a nee O'ir own prepress, •-•n- U-ourape our friend?, and stren^ih- j on ihe opportunities Kir freedom land peace." Kc-nnsrfy said. i Although -hj> fir^i specific rec- fom mend at ion "was for the- cr-. ftear Abby . . . SHE'S A RAR€ ONE! By Abigail Van Buren Blakley Gains More Support rc-- anr" ov- -U aid In arrriner section of the .ad- drf.i-c Kfnnf-dv dfrelared ihe ns- jrjrrT!. T'sc' wnanons of t'le United i^t'j'rs fifi not prepare for war. he ?a:d; ' 'Y/V sro efforts tn dis.cosir- s?.-- finn re'i'it the- adventures of '.•'''•"r* '"3t co"!'! •-•nd in war." D'"'?njt': jh<'' failure of Soviet ne- •Tftrasors at Geneva to respond to A-n-'-rK-pn prorKisnls for a safe' 7 -r_-r''! cff•-•<-!ivf nuclear t°st hsri treatv. be said, "we intor^i to Kr-RTT'-dv anrouncod that hvr- snnn _•.>;» *r-r\r\ f.'nn«rre c > a measure to ;''->ii!y!i^h ;s sironeor and larer-r ?ovr-rr:mfril sor-ncy to sludv :!is- &rrr-amt>nt pro!)!pms-. ••\Vr- aro determined to keen disarm a nrsent hish on our agenda—to rrske sn- int.on^ified effort to develop ac'ceptah'e polilical and U j <:hn:f-r-1 sllernatives to the pres- cr. i arm? ra^e.'' ho added. Jr, f »!nc'u>;rin thr : Prt-sid'jnt -an!: "i i-7'M- no! asked for a >in- n^ent training program. : ~ io irain several huncfred ihons workers displaced by smoms and industrial shifts, bom^-f- problems and propossis were orshadnived in the. address f»y space, military and foreisa recommends lions. "Measures to aid <he un ployed, and to employ our »ob youth 'usefully, -fin be subrni: ; .further measr.res should he *aV- en. '.o abate joblessne--?. ac-ce'er- ate economic gro-sih. prornole hoosine. and r«duce :nterc-s? rs'es further. Kennedy said, bui his specific recommendsJforss ;«iay ,j;d not .sro far. Thi.s confirmvd v-has had b»»en reported previously—thsi ih» obvious improvem'Trn' in business had persuaded th« White House to ?o slowly on prf-vic'-Jriv considered programs of public works and other emer«?r-n'rv rripasyre-. Kennedy said: "Th» r^cessTfn has bt>pn ha!tr.-<i. recovery- L- under way." His miiiJary were DEAR ADBY: I am a divorcee who . is keeping company with H b'ach'e!«jf. H* lives in an apartment -.vith a woman he calls his "housekeeper." 1 have seen fu-r ar.d she doc-sa't look like a housekeeper to me. " ' • He claim? there is nothing between them, yet when :ie comes to see rne, he has to gr; home er.rly or else she will. "worry. • 3 i'-cr. !i';; to -.vea' makeup o,- -pcr'fiimo. .to." fo;'r she will detect it o ; -j him. He sr«y>- (kiddingly > she is very "jenkuis." I have never before heard of a housekeeper iic'.ing liiie she p.vns the man srifr works fru'. My hoy friend seems 'to bc- «:'!• (« her. I told him I would ko?v= rjOuse for him, but he likes thit arr.'ingprnoiu :.nd refuses to change.. Do you think I am being n fool? Why, when I offer to ke-.:-^ h"U = e for him. does he .iced her? GREEN EYES DKAR OREtfX: Whatever lie "needs her for." she is filling the bill. With his setup. I can't figure out why he needs VOl": DEAR ABBY: My wife SP.VC-? bottles, b-';x- fi'. bags and rugs, and also toys. I giiv-e s-0!|-je n: her toys to an 8-year-old girl in our neighborhood, and my wife" cation the girl's mother tmd asked for the toys back. V,> have no children. Mv \vife~ is 43. Js ?r-i fiil !her2? "••'••! WOXDER" OEAK "I WONDER:" If I were you. I would stop \i-ondering: and get a doctor's opinion. , ^ ? j o ;i DEAR ABEY: I have boon married o;:'v >, shor'. time- und already I am ar-tiir-.u a;:noyeci v.'iih my husbanci'3 mother. I v.-ork. nj=-i the mintitt- 1 jget home, rny telephone st.-»rss ringing. She calls me every blessed fir«y" •;»! this hour and asks a million 'ques- tio;:s. Sho i;ilks-from 30 to 40 minutes about gt-', for .. . •.•.. ! ) T .'-:P ifi start my dinner as soon ns I i •.I.:-: c- so thjit. ! can have dinner ready P:: h.:?b-.=nd when ' he gets home, but ;:;:•(:•:•; hoidit rne up. !t dues no good to ••Soint'ihi.-ig is •' burninj! on the stox'e." ' 5-jy.r;, "Go "turn it clown and come :."" - • -Shoukt I c->" in plain to my htisbnnd and hjrj-! ',>' :ei! his mother not to call me !Hi- Jv.r-i:: •': 1 haven't the nerve to tell-her " . . YOUNG BRIDE IJKAR VOrxG: One of the worst mis- l.'skrs a young bricli- can make 5s to cbm- j>l.ijn to her husband about his mother. Gather your courage and usk your mother- iii-fa\\ Jiict-Iy to. please wait until after dinner tf*ru- itt call you. And tell her why. If yotii phone rin^s while you arc preparing dinner — Jet it ring:. CONFIDENTML TO XORMAX E.: Your lett'-r was one of Ihe finest I have ever received. TMeasf- send -me your address. by v.-ili answer your letter per,-.-, v.-nt>i- to ABBY, Box 3365, 5. C.-'lif., snd <3ncJose-a stamped, i: envelope. ^ " 5 ir.irrried? For Abby's booklet, -.v A Lovely Wedf'mg/' send 50c ox 3363", Beverly Hills, Caiif. by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.} •-c A 3 3'' j PORT ARTHUR (AP) — Sen. j William BJakley picked up the [ help of morc Democrats during (his campaign in the Gulf coast ! industrial. area Wednesday. ! Rep. Jack Brooks of-Beaumont' I introduced the. senator'-during a- j television program at Port ArihUr. ; Help also came from former state Rep. Mruiry Maverick Jr. San .Antonio liberal, who said lie ris 'backing BJakley, an avowed • conservaiive. ( Maverick telegraphed Edgar i Berlin. Jefferson 'County cam- ; paign manager for Blakley: . [ ''Out of loyalty to the Demo- Juanita Vasquez i Rites Held Today ' Juanita Vasquez. four-month: o!d daughter of Mrs. Juiia Vas' fjuez. died in .a local hospitai Wednesday afternoon. _ Funeral services .were hold Thursday at 2 p.m. in the Dia/. and Gaerra Chapel with burial in San Fc-iipc Cemetery under the : direction of the Diaz and Guerra Funeral Home. The mother survives. • cratie party, of which I am an official as a slate commitleeman, 1 will vote next Saturday for Hill : Blakley, the only candidate in the., runoff '.vho -sit.vs. lie is a Derr,o- erat." _ • Refure coining to Port Ai.huv for a reception and a televised speech, Ulsictey •.vc-nt handshafcnt^ in shopping centers at Bcati'nont, Orange and Bridge City. ; Blaklcy said that as a me in her •of the Senate's Judiciary An-.i- trisst suhcomiriitlee he will use his influence to protect housewives and farmers -• from any illegal price fixins;. He said this ple<i|T(! was prompt'•(! by Site findings of_a investipa- tor 'sst week in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, where growers said tomatoes they arc able to sf-H for only 2 cents- a pound br'n» \\p to 3D cents u pound in retail markets. BlaJ:k-y said a probe- continues to determine wlic-ther price fixina has affected the tomato market.- Blakley piannrd U> fly today to Piiinpa. I'orcfr, Anjar!!!o arid Ltihbock. House Gets A no T hc that: I. H,« is direct*n? the IV^a^on to undertake a comp^e-P ^,;r« n . ization and mod»rniza"iion "nf'Th^ Army's cllvisionaj stracture V 0 ' in " Cr6a ' - convenliona] ftrfr ihfir gear and stop every t:—i- They see a likely water hole Fro~ Dei Rio they went on to ihe B;; Kf-nd for a visit before resumi;-,: .their travels to San-FJ-snchc*-. • » * » MILDRED LEWIS LEF"! Thursday for Coiiece Station where her son. Wiley Human. -••;' : i,e graduated frcm A arsi x ; .College Saturaay. Aitc-r c^.™:- mencemehl, . thty wijl 30 «»rj tc ^.AmariJio. where Mihir'ed's <Ja>j£h- ><-r, Roslyn Watson: is. ili.o: pr^-j- = REYES LOPEZ ORTIZ JR. OF ,Tj'.-l Rio is a candidate for zrzn uaiioa from Schreiner Institute 3n Kerrville at the 3SUi commence- .•menr s_eason beginninE Saturday and continuing through Monosv. Thf , Ba.ccalaureate service v.- : !i In: held Sunday zi 11 a.m. and commencement Monday 21 • 10 a.m. Rev. Walter C. Giiis. pastor of the First.'. Presbyterian Church in Del Rio. will ~aVu=r : c! the meeting of the board of trustees -of "Schreiner Monday after .noon, the annua! commeKcer"&r- t of the session ?im r.o l > h Americans some incon- or =on;i_- hardship, or ificp. •v have responded—you -- have responded—and fidont in -askinsr - lodav i!ar response 10 these trzr-r demand*. •ancnins to know, as I irosd th.-)J otir counlrv in its cornmilmc-nt. io ready do its H<-nne<iv laid strong ' stress on 'he ibeme that American foreign a;'j <viforts .are not primarily to serve- shls country's political and ns'icna! s'-curiiv- nerds, hut lo pTt-ren'c- the" independence and f'iaJjlv c-* nations and hrine ah-o-jt world peace under law. A?so'-is:ir:? the United States vi'.h the aspirations of "the new . na*ior-s of A^ia and Africa. Kc-n' r<--dy ?«i'J: "We stand for the:dem- ocratir- revolution of social proff- rf-=s. We stand for diversity, hon' (:;• rtisarreeinents. and mutual re- Fp-'Ct. "Brn'thc- fact? of the matter are '.hat we in the West have not suf- f:c-i-?r>:ly . mohilizr-fj our resources. Thru Saturday HUDSON JAMES DEAN TONIGHT IS RUCK NIGHT - A CAILOAD FOR $1.00 •ttRTY , FROM? •^PV^I • r'"-- ' »mtf mm ? ^"••^•^ ,A ft ' MtLlj ,VUMS¥SfS^ TW w WMi —^_ v --Tt CUJCVttg coic « t r' : «'— FUMJNGO - Thursday-Friday •» indirect threat. : - Congress should provide an- olher S100. million to equip uhe new Army with the most mrxic-rn material, including D-.--A helicopters, armored person.-.e! carrfsrs and howitzers. 3. McN'amara hs? h-e-;n instnjci- cd to expand '-Rapidiy awi substantially" the ability r.f iHc- armed forces to v.-aee "non'nuciesr v.'ar. carry on parsmiiitar;.- operations, anti wage • "sub-sxisting funds, without r.f.v appropriaifons. : 4. The Army is developing p'ans to make po'ssiblr- ihe s-*if! mcve- menf of a major portion of its . hc-?t trained resetre forces. When completed, i-.vo divisions and '.hei; __ r . _ forces, or SS.O-yj men.' could be readv for emergency o&erati"ns nn three 'xveeks notice: t r .vo more : ^'visions on five u^.-eks notice. a;Kl six additional divisions in !-i5sj than • eisht weeks. i "In short, these ne*v plans wj;s allo-.v us lo aimost double ihe corn- hat power of the Army in Jess than two months, compared to 'he nearly nine months heretofore- required." Ke-nnedy ?a:d. 5. To enhance "the alresdv formidable ability" 1 of the Msrme Corps to respond to brush fire wars. Congress >houid S60 million to increase Marirw Cops stenj-t.h lo '390.0W men. I', is now 6. "Our whole :nteJ!isence effort must be reviewed, and its f-oordi- nation with other eicmenis c<f r>o!- icy assured." The prcpo?-«?d stf-p-up in Arrsc-ri- i can space activities was perhaps even more sweepina. The President said: "\"O'A- is ihe lima io take Sorrier strides—time for a great new American enterprise—time for this nation to tafee a clearly leading role in space | achievement.'' Kennedy said the nation has all the talents and resources neces-, /sary but never has mobilized-! them, never has specified its Jong- ' grange goals on ah urgent time , j \ schedule, or managed its tfforus ; so as to meet the goals. : While recogntztns that the Soviets have a head start vUJi their, rocket engines and car; be,; expectr-d to score impressive successes for some ?irne to come. . Kennedy said the United States;' ; nevertheless must make ne-ac ef- ; forts—and make them "in full H .view of the world." ^ The President declared this;; .-country should commit itself tojj I achieving the soal "before fhlsji I decade is out. of landing a man; ;6n the moon and returning him ; safely to earth." 'i "In a very real sense, it «i"H \ not be one man going to the. moon —it will be an entire natioa. For all of us must work to put him there," Kennedy By GARTH JONESi_ .Al'STIX f.AP)—House members were expected today to take an- '.•thi-r crack at the S329 million Senate - approved tax package which the House rejected last House members of a compromise committee l.barna.s hee.n un- abis- !o agrt-c- on the Senate measure said today there., likely will 'be a motion io re-consider the previous decision reject in? the Sena;v iax hiil. Rep. M union Murray of Harlingen said he and his four House tax conferee colleagues would report to the House their inability So asret-. but they would not offi- c-ially ask to he relieved of their compromise assignment yet. '•When that report is made you em assume that a motion to reconsider last week's vote will he in order." Mvrr^y". sa»!. "PiTs-.jn- j ally I think ft j. up jo the House to decide v.he'.'itr ji. -.vants fc veto this bill -or--to k-t tho. governor : veto it. J dvn't hf-iivve thr- s+z-rsatp • is changing i!? position." | Murray added ih^t >hou]'! i]v ; HoiiKe .refti'e u> take am>th'-r VOK- : on ItK- ^t-naie - n.-'/vn!i.? (o!; that is heavy v,ji!. >T!J<-.S i;^:-.--;. '.hjt ' WOltld be ;:.';other irislr;!<:?i<>c 'hr-t his comni!!!<.-e <<r ariot'st-r conff-r- ' f-nce <-on>m:tt-'f- L"J:>.'U fjk- 1 back i in hopes of chansons: iho S-.>nau-"? position. Tliern v/as no ind:cs?:k'n of - whether the Hou^t- rr«-'v<.- on the = tax hill wi!l come br-fore i! lake? i up a loni? calt-ndsr "-{ !»••.<•;.•! bsM.-. 5!on<lav inidnisbt is ihr- -r,<\ o: , but todaj was ihe da;, of d'/tision. Lone Star Steel tails idek Workers DALLAS :.? — Lone Star Stee! Co. says it plans to call b3*?k more than SiTO employes from la/-, off this week. Thc big East Texas steel mill will move to increase production in three major depart- .-ncnts. A fourth open -hearth furnace '-r.cnt-on the line Monday, and the '.No. 1 electri-weld pipe mill wiSI be stepped up May 28. Call-backs the pipe mill ami roiiing mills, and sn the fi.n- ishin.2 department, inspection de- partme-nt and production planning tiepartments. also affected by the JiK-rcrast'd operation. Okay School Bonds MCALLEX fAP)—Vo;pr= have- approved a S2.-5 million school bond issue, l.;S3 to K2. Funds will be used io build a i,i<?h school. California is the United Slates" biggest producer of barley 57 million bushels in DON'T BE A RUBBER STAMP. THINK FOR YOURSELF VOTE FOR JOHN TOWER FOR U.S. SENATOR (Puid ~by Lulhrr V/i KENS-TV Chann«{ 6 CBS 6:00 P. JVL Thurjday N:ght WOAI-TV Chann*i 4 NBC READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS . ' Every Graduate's MOTHER DESERVES A Corsage—S*« ADAMS ihf Flowe ' Mon DELICATESSEN ITEMS TO TAKE HOME FRIDAY & SATURDAY. ONLY Prices Effective Friday & Saturday, May 26 & 27 Pure Lard 2 lbv for 33c " Folger's Coffee lb . 69c Beans chucV v/agon 2 fo , 25c Northern Towels phg . 2 ru}ls 39c Luncheon Meat BAR-B-Q . ~ POTATO SALAD TACOS .-; ' CHILI \VITH BEANS HOT TAMALES, Ready to Eal lb. 69c !b. 29c ea. lOc pt. 25c doz. 55c tibby'i SKeed Pineapple No. 1 fiat cc No. 303 con r-d Cr-:0-r Slyk —"o. 303 tan , OI . 39c Tomatoss 0 :_ or Folger's instant Coffee 17c Corn „ *«*.»!•» Flour 5now Cu , 9n Spinach 13 _ 2 for 29c Eggs ,,_;,, Herfri<m FAB Reg. Size 27C © MEATS @ U.S. GOOD GRADE U.S.D.A. INSPECTED MEATS! Round Steak !b 79c Chuck Roast tfa 52c Bologna A!1 ,,„, !b 42c : 1 49c i J3 ,. r 39c 3"Z 39c , b . bog 49c do , 39c Potatoes 5 *,. 25c PRODUCE 0.5. No. ) Calif. 'Colif., Iceberg Lettuce :Torh< head 9ci Pone hero Mr»*"Jcon : Sausage Teros . p!r 9 . 59c : WATCH FOR THE OPENING OF TAG'S NO. 2 513 N. Warn Becauj* we ore mpplied by VCIMBELt, Q ne of the lorgett grocery distributors in Texas^ we benefit from . quantity buying . . . enabling us to meet any competition. COMET RICE 2-ib. box 45c Ihit Plait Creamy Peanut Butter Jell-o AI!Ftovo , t Pinto Beans ^ 69c bog 49c WAXTEX Wax Paper 19c BLUE PLATE Grape Jam 59c 2-lb. jor FOOD STORE 609 PECAN St . 2—Whfrlybircl.s t—News 6—News 8:15 6—Douglas Edwards 4—Comment 6:25 4—Almanac Newsreel 6:30 2—Depiuy Dawg •=—Outlaws 6—Spores Spectaculr.r 7:00 P. M."^ KQNQ-TV Cftannal 2 A»C 9:00 P. i\l. -Groucho ,'Si:o-,v. . -CBS Rr-Boris -Ti-e Brothrs-s -Mjnluinl 10:00 1*. M. — -Nc-H Sired -Dea("ine (C) 2—-Donna . 7:30 2—Real McCoys 6—Zene Grey" Tijeatre 4—Case of DangeroiLS Robl:i 8:fM> P. I\T. 2—My Three Sons •5—Bachelor Father E—Gunilinser 6:30 2—The Cn'touchabJes ^3—Tenne.ssse Ernie C 4 10:20 i— ' \Vc-ather bv Damson 'J0:h Century -f "Return of "GetotH-r 10:30 4— Mi'-':'- McGraw •-Drj'fl Joiirnr-y 1 ?:f)l) P. :M. 6- t- •J—Midnlsht Nc-'.v.i {C} Denotes Color Program DEL RIO TELEVISION CABLE CORP. Two Convenient HoofcrUp Plans . PERMANENT .. RENTAL — CALL TODAY — 312 Pecan PR 5-3568 SEE — • COMEDY • DRAMA • SPORTS . WESTERNS « NEWS Friday Daytime — G:00 A. M 4—Cominfnta! 7:00 A. M. 2—Animal Kingdom 4—Tod ay 7:10 6—News 7:15 2—Exercises 6—Burns A: Allen 7-30 2—Enrly News 7:45 6—Little Hascals 8:00 A. M. 2—Trouble With Father fi:15 8—Captain Kangaroo 8:30 2—Our Miss Brocks ——— 9:00 A. M. 2—Early Show "Slattery's Hiirric.Tr.e" •1—Say When ... 6—1 Love Lucy 9:30 C—Video Village 4—Play Your Hunch 10:00 A. M. 4—Price Is Ri?ht (C) 6—Double Exposure 10:30 4—Concentration — 6—Surprise Package 11:00 A. M. — : 2—GaJe Storm • o—Jxjve of Life • 4—Truth or Conseq. 11:30 *—It Could Be You (C) 6—Search For Tomorrow 2—I<ove That Bob '11:45 6—Guiding Light 11:55 4—News ——- 12:00 Noon 4—Movfetime • 2—Camouflage 2: SO 3:15 3:30 4:30 5:30 5:45 •:- A., rhi- vv.^no Turns 2- -?\ut!':bcr Plf-as^ 1:00 F'. M. - __ 1 — Arx.'Eif Pacr-s 4— .T:iD M;:rr;iv 0— F..r,- 1 1 if F-if.-N •3 — Ix)r«'t:ri Yuiins; ThiMlre 2— M::!) rvr,:n Cochise 6 — Hotihf 1 ! J ijrty — 2:00 P. M. _ 2— Day In Court 4— Youna Dr. Malone G— Thc Millionaire 2— Seven Keys 6— The Verdict Is Yours •4 — Prom Those Roots --' .3:00 P. M. - _ 2—Qiippu For a Day 4— Make -Room For DacHy 0 — Brighter Day 6— Secret Storm" C— Ktlqp of Night 2— \Vlio Do You Trust 4— Here's Hollywood — 4:00 P. M. _ 4— Family MovlctlTie "Barnary Pirate" . 2 — American Bandstand G-- Life of Riley 6— Popeye the Sailor 2— Br-st of Hollywood "War of the .Wildcats" -— SMin i*. M. ; - _ . 4^HiRhway Patrol 4—Mr. Magoo Cartoons 6— Kartoon Karnival 4— HuntJey-BrSnkley Renort . . ,. ' Network Pfogromt Subject to Chang* Without Noffc*

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