The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 4, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1892
Page 1
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•«L VOJL XIY-NO 70 "' ' V • MiRSH^LL, MIG.H,, FRIDAY NOVEftBfcfc* ,1892 P1HCK T\\f CENTS' POWDER Absolutely Pure. > ' * oream oC tartar baking j<ow«4er ' all iji riff.. ' Ltifast U, S* Government FooU'Rb- qort. ROYAL BAKINQ PQWDER 00 ' ' 106 Wall.Street, N,;Y.- $50O REWARD! We will pay Uie abore rewar&for any ea*e <* Llrer Oomplalnf. Dyapepala, $lok Headaobe',.I li UlceaUoa, CooaUoallou or OpuUrenesi we caa' aot.oare wltti Weat'a Tellable Liver P1U» " when, the directions are Btrlotlr oonlplled wiiti. They are purely Vegetable and never fail to give aauataotlon. oiit»r ooatcd, Large boxes containing JBO ptlU. a cent*/ Beware o* conuter- (Uta ana Imitation*. Tne genuine mauHfeoturetl nJTHK JOHS 0. WEST COMHANT, Cpjci IH For Bale by L, 0. Hydd, Ma**nal). Mleh. IAMS' CASE CLOSED. 'AH the Testimony in and '» Lawyers ^Talking. * HOW THE £Btt$T£WA8 STBUNG UP - *- . * ..,..' °WiVaesfeir 1 '8wpar That Me Heated on Bit Feet and Swallowed Tobacco to Make Him Sick— Military ofoleere Con.lder the Ptinlnhniciit Mltd— Article* of Wat Not In For** During: "Emergencies "— Tlie I'lalntlff Take* the Stand Again ' ami In Spine I>*h!aU, .5,, .„ PITTS BURG, Nov. . 4. —If t fcstl mdn y' any value .the witnesses in the lams yesterday (ikt not,,, leave much of . ^a complaint standing, so far. as the charge of cruelty is concerned. The first witness* was Charles Hatfteld, hospital nurse for the Tenth .regiment. He saw lanjs strung up. .The hegUf bjajitdifctootiwaa-ou the ground., A Uaaranteed CUre foe File* of what jlegree—External, Internal, Blind or itching, Chronic. Recent, or HeredlWrf—This remedy n>* positively never been knowu'lo fall. 5 1.00 a box, 0 hfucea for. ftfi.W; »ent by nail pn»- d on receipt of price. A written Uuarantes poaltireiy given to each purchaser vf 6 -ooxef* when purcnased at one Uwe, to roland tke $S.OO paid If appeared. tiusranfepj.Mned by A. O. Aide, Marthal). Mich. Call for *amplc. Health is Weaith. BRAIN . MWT, a (Cttaraateed tpftcUlo lor Hy8teria,.&izzi neu, ConvuUipn*. .pita, rTJervoua Neortfgia, y|(^|riy t ^ft* yfjftpy^qy yrrtatrattftn^fiftTiflp^ by the UM aloohol or tobaocof 'Wafcefulneas, Mental Be- (ireMiOB, 8of tenln? of the Brain resulting in in- •viitT and leading- to. 34 Uery, decay, and death, PremfttnreOld Age, 8arrene»a, LOM of power la , , either eojt, Invoiontary Loaaea and Spermator- rhoeaoiiaf^d by over-exertion of the, brain* eeli abase ov«r.ini}iilgence, fach.boz contain* one moot* '1 treatment. fl.OO » box, or-»lx; hoxec for $5 ", sent by mall prepaid on rac^tjt of prior* W OUARAHTEE SIX BOXES . To cure a ay C*MI. With each order received bj us (or aix *K>xe«, accounted with $5.00, we wf the i>tiroba»er oar writtea .gjnaraiitee to»re he money it£hQ treatment doee not ettoc aeon. Guarantee* Isaoedoaly by A. 0. Hyde 'DrnggUt and «ole Agent Marshall, Mich. • DB; HEBBA'S VIOLA CfiEA Frecklw, , Molet, Bl»ckbe«d«, Tan, anijl . re-. to its «rtgt produciwg a aud healthy com* n. Superior to all Xaoe •dear Then lams would change and rest, on tha balls of his feet. His arms did not appear to be very straight and' 1 the cord was not nut. lams asked for a-chew Of tobatco, which he swallowed. Witness said: "Jams, yoii should not have taken that tobacco," and lainS said: "1 did it for a purpose." He said this while he was still strong up. About five minutes later lama was cut dow#. He then: said: "D—a the doctors; will fool fhem> He tuen took a drink of >ew from a canteen. \ •• , ' '.-:-. Furtfcer Similar Teatliuonr.' Witness said fu'rther: "Monday^fter he «vaa tied up I saw him in" Homestea^ and asked him how he f$lt. He said he was all right. 1 asked him howiii^thumbs were; and he^said: 'They are all right.'" Hatfield said lams told him that ji« would have been all right if he had not .swallowed the tobacco. Edward Dougherty, of the the Tenth regiment, testified that ie saw lama after he was drummed out of camp, aud tamo bad said that, he wan all right, but he would get even with Streator. William Berry Hill, not a member of the guard, saw Jam* while he was strung up. Cams stood on the balls uf hU feet, and part of the time had one heel ou the ground. After he wait cut down lams tolil aim -he felt all right! and that hi« thn were all right. Cou»lrt«red tbe Fiiul«liiu.*iit Mild. 'General C, ]., Fiuhugh was" sworn and reviewed his war "experiences. He would call the conduct of Private Jams insnbor- dinatioo or .mutiny and tha punishment inflicted on him "mild ;for the qffense."_l'u-. der such conditions it was usual for an officer to act on his own Judgment without regard to the regulations or articles of war.- The >latter did not refer to emergencies. In emergencies the officer was pie Sole, * 1 -' absolute judge o| the punishment, belieyfitl that if tlie' officer wanted to ^e^.ttn-cxauipl,^ if* in the face of the enemy and his command was in danger, he could inflict any punishment he might think fit witliotit/jourt-tuartial. General WUey-^rgoalled} would designate (he offense "jnntinous ii^oleuc*." Tbe pnn- ishmeutwas not unreasonable. Oncroes- examinajtjoii witness said anjifttcerjiasfeite- thortty to inf)ict summary puuiahmttitt "There are cases,'' 1>» aajtt, "wnep mutiny i» imminent an officer might b« justified in cutting a nwui down with bis saber," Colonel Norman M. Smith, when sworn, said he would consider the offense charged to {ants—under the conditions existing— mutiny, emphatically mutiny, Tbe ptm- ishmeBt meted out be considered mild. He believed thd officer, had thtrightto inflict sumtoary punishmeat. \Vltne»s said when the army i« in the face of the enemy the ruleaand regulations of' fch« army and the articles of war are tbrown aaide. Major J. F. Dennistou and others gave iimilar, testimony, aufl the defense rested. . ' '" IAMS ON THE STAtiD AGAIN, |n gjtpqlt at i. Greene's Drug store. Ladiei art to _ iMif P"J Ivaf eTac«bs, who d» minor ppint«. Mr. Buchahau then asked ^ht* pottrt to discharge the jury a* to Dr. 3rjmm t A d^DU««5o» aro«e «vey ihe matter. Jutige J>ortVr «*did- "Where an en^ teu man or ofttrer acts Under tue justnlC' tions of superior dffi«*rs he_ fs _|i,yotecttHl unless he uses-malice. The evidence does not tndk'atfr that there was ai»y malfc^ ou the part of l)t UrSmm. go far a* he iq concatne)! it .appeal-* tuihe _coutt ^hat it k A question lo h^ determined whether, he acted under the inMruction* n(* Inn ors or not." Seilator !HobbinSj <!(/tj4iseI^For.' Colonel' A* . Hawkins, .then reyueste,,! tiie c« the'-. Jury hi behalf of his client, claiming.! hiit Colonel Hawkii<.s «"««• in : T3o mariner subject' to the 'cii^vrgK. <»f assault antf battery )>eyond "that; he Imil ivp^rted' 'thjt.fact of the"pnnishirient «£ Private lains toljjs (Hawkins*) superior officer. Atr. Bit- Chauftn then, siibmltedifhe Ixjintf, on behalf of Dr/Xfrinnn, -claiming hi« exwi^ptioni from guiln«n account of lli*< hayji(ig>HCie?i Oiily/4tpon orders rei-eived^from his superiors, in.mnk. . V (•cneral instruction* Braden offered v jjhe general, covering the whole <*ahe and all of thede^- fe.udaiits. Mr 1 . Bradeu-cln'imcul thnt no evidence had been offered that the oJllcefS of the.natlonal guard " w ere actnateij. by malice, ill will, or revenge, and "that the punishment w%» inflicted upon'Private W. L. lams for no other purpose than thatNof maintaining good onWr and military dls-, ciplln? in their command, thea ou duty. Counsel for both allies then held a brief consultation as to the arguments, Tl^e FfOte'ctitloi'i \Vanl8 to Talk. Counsel for the defense offer? d to submit the case without agnment, lint Judge Por- tw said the prosecution was not bcfiuid to agree to that. Attorney lam's w«id (hat the counsel "fortlnrCDonnonwealth preferrecj to .adtirrsit rlie-jury. The court then allotted .each side an 1 hour and a half. Mr. Brail : dock then spoke to the jury from i to near- Ik5 o'clock, when courlTadjournetf fbr the' - '"• x ^ReAT TAMMANY MEETING. That U«UtipUHtl-at*« tlie Kfllvieuoy Xjcw Yoaix.lS'ov. 4.— Tauunany last night gave another demonstration- of its cfticiency as a political organixatiou by holding out* of the Kit-ateat meeting ever hehl in' this rfty. Tvminiauy.nutl was crowileil to the .doors, wlille from Third n\-riine. up Fourteenth street aud .acrasH I' niou square a 4ozeu itaiuJjH. were erected anil the JUeMiai J(?u% iu—T»»» ' , Aefctwg Iiutfuotioiu. '"*• .' .The prosecution then' commenced their evidence in rebuttal Ex-Privatelaifls.the prosecutor, was recalled- He dented, that- he assisted in taking tbe rope* from his thumbs when be was cut down. Ho also denied that- he bad tajten a canteen from his cwt after being, cat down, or that he m,ade any^ remark about being sorry b* bad taken the tobacco. H» did not swallow the tobacco. It nu<y !« well to atate that in Ms original examination laoos told ,th# story of hjju^»iu&« and punishment without material modification f^om the way it vaa told in these dispatches *t the time. In brief that was that, lama upon hearing of tbe attempt to assassinateUMck called Out "Th«» Chfew. foj^^HlScit,^. ^*«««am" .or sijPttUar worfi, and tbat «*up _^ task he bad refused to retract the word» or ejpresi regret for ttiem. . The teftdmony closed witih . . t . "hi order to insure a nmltitude the comiaity>«i ot thirty ordered ev#ry. other Democratic meeting in the city, 'scheduled for last night, "abandoned. an4 tjiose who would have attended^ saut ineetings were ordered -to tljejAJir meetiujj.' And they camp, " <'he» anil Kln-\y»rk» A«l £ll*. * nmnjrhfttl tl»« speakers wer«J.*J: G'Donohiii', Senator KUstis, Henjitor Carlisle; Hon. W. n! J. Ilitm.uf <ieorgi«; iT.'lJ. Warner, and A. X. Allen, of this c,tty,' Gittside, thf streets wf>reabla/e- with lire- works and full of eiUbH.<r«j.tii- partisans. At ten .sttind* )»pe;ikei-s .di^coai>e<l the is- *gtuerally it wa the-(iothuin Democracy, ..At the hall meet* ing a letter- was re»d from Senator liormau •which was largely dotted to the fha)^s that the Republican"^ were n«tkingnnii;iiity effort-tctbuy the- presidency. ' hrtll th« •»leh. Xor. to" the being a igrvss the Miuneiip/dis nominations, under , a.usr»iccs of the- Business Men's Republican 'Hub.'*The hall was decorated American flags and banners of-the different oj-gHiiizatirtnt* stood around the hall, which showed that almost every line of trade was represented. The principal speaker MfJutfllaw lieid_ and Jhe was followed Tiy Stewart »,,. Xov, 4.—The iJemocrats ol Chicago turned out in force -at tlie Auditorium lns»t night vd gave, a right' roja •r-ecegtiou tfi Oevdaud's associate cm the naHowal ticket o£ tbVt- party. Half an tour after the doors had been opened the vast interior,, seat* and stanfliug room alike, were ftUecl, to,overflowing. Bte,veu son addressed the audience on the issues of tbe day. While, speaking he meiitioi James ^4- lllajnt's. nauie and it was received wjth <ipj)lau8e, whwi he said ho was glad Blttine dad more flieuds here t haa-h had at Mini\"H]»oli». Wet 910,000 on the Election. J. Thompson, "president of'tlie Suiito Jocktjrclub, Gloucester, K J., placed a check for *U»,OOU i&,t,be Lauds'- QJ William M. Singerlyus a l»t ouChsve land'* electiott against» like «mount that Magistrates Dnj-h»ta and Xhearn will put '"- " Kti -- x, HealthfuljAgrfleable, Cleansing, Ghapped-Honda, WoundB, Burns, _Biwnovw wad Prevent* BaaOniff. AMERICAN ISltY SOW. feat for General -Household Us0. JUNE 12, 189?. Hut Tie Creek... Op... AtV.I tz.* T 10 10 It 8 37 Jaclfjou. IMS. . * 60 . 'J 4ft .1 o» \ pa a M * *»i * x* , 3 4S » 47, -S $> . 4 ao' i» 4.1, . « 45 11 ,5i[ » ||. lit, p. IM.jtt 10 7>•!! «-«»•• (? •»;•.-!•. 01 S %U 4-43- fc W»J T !• 35' WJMT. V<-rrott. L Mull 'tX.l'JtjL.*lt*.S\*y>* >J»" i».-oj. a. m. 'k* . K 51 ' • m ' r « :»» ?..4«» U ;lst H H« ii 111 IK I" . .. lejiib Ci'i"l «r, {•Uio»7o. •ftir«i?0,Ar |t 43 -on ii yu 7 35 331 .» IT J.l* i 45 i W !?»!'*? S i'0 v 4j !»•»' ...: y.m. D go , 4 t» IS 4 a j* 4T. *S »» aai. TRUSSES A fall assortineut of v * i' x % "Fu^ -best kiBdsr at,reasonable rates^ Truses fitted witliout charge for fitting at SN^SBrug Sto 252 West Stat* MARSHALL, I loiutceit and fpztuft;. ppo»tnmtic Uoivcrtlty Buildin t , 'm t jrour»,ir-v aitKJsh.^ M EK WAHVJKb -Salary and expeaae*. >ar* mauoot place . <fr »oU». lace . Apply uuw Only grower* <fr tin uo t^i A»>fcrloan and CanaaJa*,.. •<> s our ttpeolalty. ^ BMOWN BHOJs.CO. - H, A, TILLOTSON / JUSTICE 0£ THE PEACE AND. . -,.:•# CONVEYANCER, . ^ All busiaew attended to prouaptlf ,' and carelully. Has a safe to kf*j>jud* -.^ meat dookf t aid other- ill

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