The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 3, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1892
Page 4
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, in use until 10 p. m '' Whiifej ones latntJ otily J^-^ mbiith,'$50 jfer annum. - btto***i'ir.o9.. curry :i Jutl .HJle Sitvp iltnicy '' and sTi'ops ht Uraco Bfwi,. ofihTs ft'vr JOH»' work one lamp'-is used hyt he-seme persap . -x additibiiftl ;i'ainjps.Vi<ill, bo i or-S^iTer, an- » laoipS wilt be jjlat'cfl'-I'd' position ,, free of charge t:» the user flther than above. All night lamps or other special •sretyit'e nt ' ' Yfltes. -^~"^.T --------- ;•-.. ' '•-• .':-'•• '•'•• AU damage to the IniiiJ or wi'riny by (lie u«ct mtist be p|id for JQ^:hiui. '-.-•' Th>:u»er ' Jp ,tto case be allowed to ;i§#ddl^ With brViilndVei either iatilpvor \vir-' . intf efcd if atiy thaiigft in position qr replae-, nJei>t ia.deiired by t'lVe cousnirer it will be dou* : &jr the city nf^tfest. ' : ;' ' '• . : ,• • Incandescent lighting, light* re-atiy fgr ;u»eatull liutes dufiqsr darkness. Meter ruteH 6-l.G of 'otou t'*»fit iVr hjiiir p«r' IK oanifu power lamp for '•'f No trteter plrtCttil in Servian w'fiori' jos Hitht* nt'v in use. For alt where iiwfceM -are .i)<ft ( u rates; -'Stores «tj(i,b)iiiiiefn plHcesl'SO per month per li> ^andre 'pwsyur, for:any n»Bibt;r Of iam'ps,- whether o t nttd offices, etc., .'j.'i cents per IB candle power lump per month, wli re four or-lew I kin pi ate isetf;" "\\rhire .mure than four ]aoip« are Vu place lor thu 'same perron in the same locality i'5 .cents, per •tenth per lamp (or each additional lump •T»r four. • ' . ,* , Redttotioh of ten per eout b«3 made whore annual contracts for, residence light- .i»f, without maters, are made.'' All lamps of additional candle power-at proportionate rates. * All'ipecial service tnuut be specially con- traoted for. All bills payable on or before the lOUy of each month and a penalty" of ter, per cq will be addend tOfJbilla not paid when due. No Virinfl will be allowed to bo doue«*x- oept under th'e direction of the city and . Where lighting contract* are made. Ail incandescent, lamp renew uls.must be wade by the consumer at his own expense, bat the city will nntil further notice supply lamp* at cost. Ordinary .-open claat wiring done during the installation of the:plant at $1.2i per lainp, pot including lamps and sockets All Subsequent wiring will be done solelj liuder the direction of the commissioners'« . tiO8t. ' • ' " All. wiring will Ue o^one under tlic lutes) ruled of the Michigan Insurance Bureau. All applications for incaiuie^i-ent will be 1 accepted in the order of (he :t-j'p tion and tu the i>en)uU3 applj ing IV 1 ' the 500 lamps to he placed in posiiioii and. u tn« lamps and sookets wi)l ,btf furnished free •f charge, all other lamps or sockets at cost. The above lighting rate* are baaed on HU eatiinatfrof the^cost of operation of th'e piaii.t t.»d vrhA« they are no* much lower than r^r the feme quality and quantity of light furnished in other places, should it be found possible to make a reduction iu price, the rates w}ll be lowered and ail contracts now •aide will be entitled to the benefit of auj_ / reduction hereafter made, froui and aftei the date of the reduction. Application must be made to the •r either of the commissioiiero. Chidrcri. Cry for Fitdfer's ' i i-d ,!l7' I, nioii -i-honl n.M.1 he .it. io HH u!) onttM line; cliiiuntj idnip t must be simple;, "when it is iiptjs|,inpte' * hot good. Simple, Beautiful^ worids 'raean tnuch,Haut to see "The ue.\l \M-vi» woik »'i stove Leave ortier^nl tho i ,. . ( t ^ (JhiWreri Cry .for Pitcher^ Castori.|, In order to make room for nvw Klouk will Bull wall papef ut cost, t\)\VB-,r,r,, ^ ^ Tho,iuost \v(?mlcrf'ul, medicine thnt-Khiiye ever inet ^Jtlri.ft^felifliiUJcr.lai era uiiil pianjluna, Remedy, .lu: colic it gives '".siioe'dy' reliefs (j.n Jiutit"iil«r trips-I have found it indUpunsablc. 1'ut in; alkali vva^tei: it impni^a.a' pleasant taste and prevents the painful diarrlupa which alkali water produces. .1 -could jufi feel snfti without it "In my .house. .J. F. Smith, Foil Ai.ier- store. N. I). For sale n|| il'nrg y wits-tuck, we gave her Castoria, \\1ieii sbe was a CUUJ, she crioJ for Custoria. . When sho liecaurt- Miss, sUu clung to C-ustorlu. \V1ieo sio Ivad jUhiJJreu, slit ^are theiu (Jasturij will impress the truth more forcibly. All metal, \ tough and seahiless, and made in three pieces phiy»V it iji absolutely safe and unbreakable. Like Aladdin's •of old, it is indeed a "wonderful lamp," for its htar- •velbus light is- purer and brighter than gas light, softer than electric light and mpre,ch'eerful than either* ' I took for this stamp—THB ROCHESTER, if thejampdealerhasn'ithe eennlno Rochei>ter,nnd tbe-style you want, scndto'us for our new Ulustrated catalogue, land we will sena you a lamp safely by cxpress~yonr choice of over 2,000 |varieties frotn the Largest to,mp Store tn the World. *• ROC^IBSTfiB LAMP.CO., 4^1park; Place, Neitf !To*k City. "The Rochester' The. Original - 'A'l '1 HP 1 Eagle*ppera House No good thing should be outlan ed bicuust, here and there a graceless '•person treati It basely. It is juat aa uocesoarj to admmxgtei Inngoranta to the aged and feeble aa it is tu strengthen a dwelling that ia bejinyiiHtf to decay. Not only may life be gieatly i>rc>- longed by artificial support, but the declining years of those near and deac to us be I rendered more comfortable; .and '.age re/,, lieved otmapy-of its .usual poms and pcnal- t tijsa b^A"judicioususe ,o.f"^ft^J, Ruby" Fort Winejeae-h-^.ottle ia gdaTaateed by tlte uu r dersigned : to be absolutely pufe and over • fire years old at bottling ojr money for it will be refunded. Quar^bottles' pints, 60 cents; never sold in bulk. .Bee that JOB"get "Royal Ruby." For safe'by M. Bj j?«welL; Bo|tle,d by Royal Wine Up., Chicag««- '*''" '• - 4 '" ' Fresh outers at Cunntnghaai's. Tk*i l>H(.-k'.vlic;«j,.,an»( iiii kiTiiis of custom gri»tltu<: limn; :il ('.'A. ('ht-shi-rV uiill'. ]OO I'ouiuls ICii'e'i'fi'tiu l^liitii \\ who by Merrill'-. Yt i-.t H tlriilllj 01 I'rive'.. 001 !))•> ot jft (In- piiu' is r>ijt tho quality i- Uip^ Uy.'WviH It \\iil font fort* t,|jniiii; It you il/in't of >our u^ighlior* \\ ill, vx-^, 11 M ~r~ * ***""" it onlj 'Hour T>y for ut Juixly IIP incil it «i iu? IARJERS Second Season fn°America., after- a tobr ofS+x Years'around the world. a Kv^ryvVhoro, in the old world mid tho iH'wniHfir puthctic uiul touching «hive songs of i-lit! -south li.iyo 'been hounl with. jJcligljt by crowtlti?! aud.iciii'i^ ' '.,'fh'«! iiulv opportunity .1" tn-nr .Iliciii tfti> ju:ir in ^Jarshall. Reserved S.e\ts, "50 Cents, MI'B WlJH 0|'t'!i i.l on- Monthly. OH.' i rcii uiicliT r,' yi-.-irv •,','. Suit'- of IVric! Vi'il (• t'l'Ut- s di nj> ,sinrn 00 YOU WAKi COLD Crlpplu Cruet is oot a health rtt-urt It d n Wialth nrfort (Juilu a ditTiteiicel i> LI.H nlloii ueur Pike's ~l?enk in CulffniTlo,\JJolU briaht, >allow gold isfopudut grubs roaf# uud lu Iho. ruck formation. Keliablo-c^tM,i:ta claim tins id toilay ihu rn h^i ^WUIp ID CuloradO, Agnays avero^u Sl(iO {H r tt)D, u,ud bu\u run as liigh as $5,00ii Ot|k.buu- died paoplu u day arc now rn&U'iiiJ to J <ouioni, chief towa ol thu di' " " TUe chtt^e of a uftur! 1 QU can£».t' 1 |li<«pqu!cl»'yTIod erimforluWy tttkJn« tlit '-uiita'Ki route. Ouljr Jffia »ttli nil ctttMJga of tjil?'Iroin' CbiCu,ji>, J»aust" (JitJ apj Oilier }Wlu(,i|iHl iitu-tt (o tlurUti4iit, utuiN^t rail rt><i4 HtalKnr, with dftjly rfbligi-s f " l i- h,Hi ftiid turv'ict?, DR HEBRA.'b Remove* Freckle' Liver'- Mala.* _ •sunburn tunt Tjii, it&rcfs-tho 'ski-it 114.1 freMuuas, ••ler.r uiud ii -. , . i ..i»r loi-inmre /JK,':TISMBB; U !^HUH* S>njjiKrnt10r.H-ii-ul i*'.rt'i ; 'iJy imnnless. At all • ' imi::i-(l lofSO la. Send for Circulai,, -lm;.Vr !nr«np»r«ble n • VSCLA IsK'N SOAP '< •'t"'i. .-.; .'inu-sHv;. Prtoe 2Sf Cii,)». • ' : "- w,. BrrTWgR & vO.. TOLEDO. 0.0 THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE! A Happy, Fruitful EVERY MAN KNOW the O R A N I> t RUTH 8; the Plain Facts; the Old .Secret a and the New Discoveries of Medical Science &a applied to Married Xife. shouli* write for our »ou«lerful little book* called "A TREATISOB FOR MEN <ONLY." To any earnest man we will nail one copy T.ntirely Frfe, in plain sealed ".A refaife Troin the qiincka." - )*remtiut. CEO. E; OILMAN, " Mwhigim P4-H( u( cr Atf t fcjuitH 1-e llwitt Jactos & Tjme taftl« taking eflect hojit Trains I 18H4 BAST. -.-.whoand ^liav*»l" a»otropbla? inoS* «1t "o & bUioua utito of tho ay a torn »uoh EJB Ditanoaa, Hi-nnoa, Drowsi.DiaB, Diah»4a ojtat cati»g, Pala in tho Side. .Vc. WbiJb thulrmooti j. _^^^.,.,_ ^.- j toajb663shown lacurlBg _ * Orgpuzed or the p^^pose of obtaining and distributing information of every tind 0 the mereautile world and geaerat public, iaformaboo rfclating to qrediu. piicejs, yalat* of real estate aud different localities! ad a thousand and one other matt« r » frooi all parts ol the United' JStotef^ud territories, f rfruished at noia- . Uul cost, reliable and strictly p,ml»us. . Apply to • , p, CDWHIWPJPA.M, Sole 1 h»ve all the *easo»'a ice bills *i»&d" oat pad would be plea&ed to have up call and. settle. "' i , J- F. HVf]c andJegulatu tUe bi.\k'tla. r; -, I , %-,i»iL« -i aMtcmIUere,»ndUu>2« i-v i^ "15 Jid ^oss little jjUteTalB.- ,7 .-i-ih-.t t!i?^- TsaU not tie wU- * ',". ir\ l?nt nff^ra'^ljil^lc l&p&A . tn» Tory small and •iua-.ij; ivro nllBia»keiulo8e. i.'Vio Ei-d-uj not gripe OF $.<>;£&, Tolwdo EstpruBS , % ti. ar- «D * ^, Cincinnati Exprbsu...,...,...; 8 u j, m > <f ..'I, M,ail and Uspreuis ,,r> 64 d ja " jf!. Local Kru.iiihj. ................ .,.S r jO p.«r. . ., , '*dWrebs« RIE MEDICAL CD., BUFFALO, N. Y, , *. ' " ^ " *-- j « Ryucnd&dfoftC ^* biipnort and 1\ ij* ledturea of CufAit Viniut, Tbe JACKSON FAVORITE , '„ 0,0,0, WAIST ^U) ls»iuob'Wornl)y'' fi nM> r i bear arl^uroni g inu -nt fiiMv Hi. l-(]IIUlt( .. , —While, ^f_onct Corset Co it. bti t, pi»st t».iW, f JACKSOft, i ; Mich lean. 5i o. fti,JH.»il anfl, Expruw..;... j.;*.....'.,.. lu BU » w- "i a, Clnoiunait'« B.'c, Kipte**... ... f mti'w- *• 81. iCsjireaB — ....!.'....".i-.i^. -1233 » D " SB, Local FrulgUt : . 7. . ; ti J7 »'n Alltrains daily c^cvjil Sunday. • ' - plwctconnoctioiis are wftda at loiudo tftad i all roads diverging . - • teith wltfi, tht, U 11. « I., end at'AUegajt.witl> tie G v & W, M for" tiNuitl Kaplds, Masiegon na<l 4!! pouits norlh- V, B. ttlUKK. Uun, •' ' »>H. Bpl •C. 6, MI^E.Ast,,'Marshall. ery if t ardy varieties ou* .M>uti'iaHy , • aKOWNBROS. Nnrserytuen, CO. JUSTICE OF'THEP^ACE . All Dusineas attended to promptly and caretully . lia? a ,sa£e to keep jucig meutdocketund other valuable papers M ORTALFOit JJAtE-^Tui« rW'of harfloa^ eliup, • An ,-ftojfV doue , 10 order Leaveor4er«at AJiir*. / > GEO.,ALEy. fijli "fiie pi best clfarge for fitting ffa 2§2 West, ^tate NUBSHALl, MICH; You caii always tod best Cigars at Drug istore; CaUaipwitry them. itoiwe 811 Mulberry atreet. 'si. JOHN Kfc&UUW, \ ill, Miclj J AULEH'S PARISIAN Face Bleach OQtAHI-lN'E. TACB MA<5SAC R CK '.-A U •TREC3CLB FAi.TF. CU' VMUJ U t for All . . ^ i]lu*tnued*iiulji;ii<r. 1-ull line qfu«o ha i du»j» »" . AI-1.KM. . . olcl»ic ulij le,, ill. Send ) i. t frj. i. K. W. -.. , y*Ml» 4> r We '- oli Ut

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