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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
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Thursday, May 25, 1961
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9 »«. Mte T«* Cm* PI 50531 *•!• NEWS-HERALD I3rd YEAH DEL RIO, TEXAS, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 25, 1961 NUMBER 5S SP To Start Moving Line This Summer Re-!ocaticn of the Southern Pacific Railroad's tracks in the area to be inundated by waters of Amistad Dam may get underway wiihin two months, Loyd Hamilton, project engineer for the International Boundary and Water Commission, said at his headquarters office here today. "The IBWC is pushing to get the relocation underway," Hamilton said, "and it is possible we can have that work si a; tod within two months. That's what weYe hoping for. 7 ' The re-location plan has been* : — approved by the coasmission at) El Paso and by ihc railroad. H is part of the genera! rc-lo-| cation prpsran;. v.hsch includes!. Highway' !Xf-in the area, and will j be financed as a par; of the pro]-' ect. j The decision or; xviiat route the ; re-!oeaiLon of Highway SO will i take has imi bec-n marie. .Survey \vork on th.v proposed route has been sent to the Tc.vas, High'wav Department and ComniLssion for icview in Austin. Around Town 8y IMA JO FLEETWOOD Construction- e< Jhe , 5305,000 access road to the damsite, designated Spur 3-S9. has been authorized by the Highway Department and \viil begm as soon as possible. C. -S".' I'arsons. district engineer, has announced. Congress authorized ihe ST9 million international Amistad Dam last summer and hss appropriated So million to start the project U H. Hfcwitt'of El Paso. U. S. member 01" iht? inlcrnational Boundary and Water Commission, asked Congress earlier this year to provide f i5,i?r-,eOQ for construction \vork on the Rio Grande. Hewitt said most of'this amount will go to- complete preiiminary plans for the big dam astride the itio Grande, the second such un- imdcrtaking by the United States and Mexico. Scouters Airlift Planned JIMMIE N. GRAHAM, SON OF Dr. -and Mrs. R. N. Graham of Del Rio. received a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering at commencement exercises . for the University of Oklahoma at Norman May 22 in 3Lemorial Stadium. There were 1,728 candidates for degrees. . a * ^ a ; CAPTAIN JAMES RICHARD. : Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Brown of Del Rio, is a candidate /or two degrees at Oklahoma Slate University at the commence, mem May 28 in Stillwater, Okla• hom'a. He'll take the bachelpr; jof science and the master of sci-- I ence degree in electrical enfiin-; : eering and he's one of the 1,905 ' candidates for graduation. • j ... , o S • c « . • • ' '• ] KINNEY COUNTY'S FOURTH : annual ram and billic sale is ^planned for May 31 at 1 p.m. at ; the livestock barn in Brackutt- ; villc. Inspection is planned for? J9 a.m. May 31 with Lem Jones; : as the auctioneer. Two hundred ! and fifty fiambouillet, Columbia ' C rois and Suffolk rams and 50 ; Angora billies are to be offered hy- ' outstanding breeders of Kinney • I County and adjoining counties.. ; JFK Asks Funds For Bold Goals Kennedy \S an Felipe High's\ " '° Withdraws! c • T • L J Put Man Marshals Exerclses Tonig/lf | On Moon . w "^"• «»»"^*»«* , Commencement exercises for the key to :.he school to Ramiroj San_ Felipe High School's senior; Ramon, president of the Junior WASHINGTON {AP>—President , Gen Robert F Kennedy today class will be held at 8 o'clock ±o : I Class. ; Kennedy called on Congress today withdrew the major portion of the i night with Oscar Laurel, district f I to beef up the military* strengthen force of US marshals sent into i attorney from Laredo, as the prm-' The seniors will sing their fare -: foreign aid, attack unemployment jcipa! speaker. 1 i well song before the recessional. , an d pump 37 billion to ^"billion To meet an extraordinary cbai- He said these included the con- Alabama last week to help halt. . . , -....,-.-. , . ._ ,--—,- -• violence surrounding the "Free-; 1' nc program is planned for San t... Graduates include Gerardo H. into rocketing a man to the moon ( dom Riders.' -Felipe Memorial Stadium; in the Pcna . Gregono Garcia Jr.. CesirJ ' event of rain, the exercises \*i!i Joel Rodriguez, Roberto Esca-, ' As of this morning, there were be held in the auditorium of San nl '*' a * Sergio Rodriguez, Frank . 666 imported federal officers at i Felipe Hi«h School _ "•; Fuentes;' Roselio Musquiz, Mario! ne .">' summoned the Ma\v.ell Air Force Base outside i Music will be provided bv the c - Moreno. Jesus Solo. Lucila P.; anri tUle " a t«on to undertake "a of Montiomerj i San Felipe High School Band di- D ' 3Z - Euni <* D - Castillo, SenaidV; °^ 3t fpo / un , e adventure" on be r Penned, ~,n .h ,"•, i', inn , ' rccted by .Raul Machado. and the Rodriguez, Dora Luz Cuellar, Ro-1 ha f ° f ^^ everywhere. Kenned* » a ia that .*,! but 100 of processional wiu be p HUil salio R. Gailegos, Livia Elia Pa- i And his was an extraordinary these woula be returned to their circumstance . redes. Homero A. Martinez, Felix ; message—a second report on the home posts during the day. ; Jos e Angel A'itela will-offer the : ?>Iartinez Jr ~ .-Venancio. de la: State of the Union, for delivery' Kennedv -caid "a number of fac- ideation and Superintendent J.; Garza Jr - ; Juventino S. Castillo,; in person before a joint Senate- tors influenced this decision" i B - Pcna wil1 welcome those at -i Alfredo Rodriguez, Hope BarrerJ,i House session, almost on the eve tending. ; Alicia M. Ramirez and Liiis Adal-jof the President's departure for -^Frances C Fuentes will offer' ber '°. Meza. [momentous conferences abroad. telecast the Alabama Slate Police, and • Bless America. 5 billion 1 Fuentes. Elvira-S. Saiazar, Leticia [ nt : w appropriations now to get on. 'the assurances we have re-i Heriberto E. Cordero will de-!Zapata. Rosa Carmen Pena. Dn-p v ' tn his programs plus a recog- ceived from the Alabama delega- \ Ijver the valedictory address and!lores K. Arredondo. Gloria Gua-1 mtion from Congress and the PLEASANT various daughter Riffe, son of MSgt. and Mrs. Michael Pat-lick, enjoy a taken in Ihe last few days." i board of trustees. j Cervantes. Alfonso Ozuna, Blan- returning him safely to the refreshing dip at-Lauglllin Air Force Base. * ; _. ' | In Beeping with tradition of the'dina Cardeuas. Keynaldo Raul earth," a project some'experts be• (News-Herald Photo)' ^ ne 'eg- 1 s «ion referred to the i school, Amadeo Vitela, president ! Lara. ' Gtorii Talamantez. Peg b y Hev e may require 9 or 10 years Loma Alta Area Gets Good Rains to) : g sction referred io the i school, Amadeo Vitela, president ! Lara. ' Gtorii Talamantez. Pegfey Heve may require i _2_ 5 order obtained from the U.S. Dss--jof the Senior Class; will deliver I Jo Davis and Ricardo U. Jimenez, the-President said: Strict. CourT in Montgomery enjoin-'.' — -—.'.. -.-— ^—- -' . .. ... ..'. — :— ——— ' ; Let- it be clear- 1 sing the Ku Ktux Klan and others! | from interfering with interstate i [travel through Alabama. j ; i I Kennedy said that with the dis- ; j persal of the-major portion of.the : j imported marshals. Deputy Airy, j ; Gen. Byron White, who has been < Varied Program Set M ° re - Plans for the I JAMES E. RJGGS AND HIS ison. Jimmy, were through Del • Rio recently" en route back , to : their home in El Paso after a .' business trip to Brownsville, their An airborne caravan will leave formcr nome . ln Dc) Rio lncy Del Rio Friday morning taking vis j, ed j amca - parents, Deputy 10 Del Rm Scotitcrs U. the Phil-, v s AIarsna || w . K. Riggs and ;.-iont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. _<\| rs Rjgrr s The De! Rio airlift will be pait ' ' "',..'. of the Cone ho Valley Council'.,.; Mlss AG NES HANNA A FOR- j,ccond annnsl "Ph.iUrcck; to the ]licr rcsl ,j cnt of De , .".m, writes '-ast ranch near Raton. N.M. Th;; from Uoiuolan( | i California, her pro-ram or-mated in the Concho brolhcr . in .i aw ancl s j sU: r.'.Mr. and \aJI«yC.Kir.cU last year, is the Mrs j E G of Lubbock urst oi its kind m Scouting, John visjtcd hcr in Hoinoland> £ished Pearson, district Scout executiv, said -this morning. The adult Scourers will enjoy =» proyram of fishing, horseback riding, campins and sightseoin-j. They will return after breakfast Sunday. T!ic Del Rioans will fly in five ;>lant'5. Dr. George Herrmann will pilot his ship with. Major Lloyd Strot and Eimer Fawecti as pa5- scngcrs. Sg\ J. M. .Newport will have Airman Fiiit Class Allc.n Alderman- as his passenger. Lvster B'-umlev will fly Ben , . . . Bonnet, Dallas Johnson and Frank - fcr ^f c a " d v ^ rec accompanied' Xcwton whiU John L. Dodson Jr. ^ Mrs. Allan - h.- Smith a Pros- Hill have Sam Walk and Sam >vter,an Bishop Paul Galloway Swenson as his passengers. of San Antonw was the Presid-. .'Noble ' Tavlor's passengers will :'J n B • "«hop of the session. While- bo Lcs Santiers. Dr. \V. P. Mere- ln San Antonio the Del Rio worn-. Jith Jr.. an-J John Pearson. f en learned from Miss Josephine. A plane from Eagle Pass flown i Fornian thal her parents, former l:y Swannie D. Kiigore with p Bl residents here, have moved from: Tallcy. Conway Pickard and A!- : Starlight- Village to Allandale vin Herring as passengers will! Nur s' n 'S Homc at 2105 Cu!lc>n Ave "'i t?ke other Rio Grande District ! nue ln Austin. Miss Forman, who i Scouters on the "Philireck." ! is employed in San Antonio, said; The planci will land at Cruces "•• hcr Parents arc pleased with.the; Hard rains measuring up to four ter in the courthouse and in the' """ ' inches feil in the Loma Alta ranc;!i-;basements of the First Baptist : PrinrOCC Mnmnrot iiig area early this morning before; Church and the General Tele-: 1 ' III *' C33 IllUiyUICI Del Rio was dampened with .07' phone'Buiiding .~ 'r of an inch of moisture in a thun-; Another tornado funnel ap tXD6CTS ticrstorm. ._ ; pe arcd briefly near Fieldton, 12 r Loms Alti had l.S inches. Billy«" mites northeast of Littlefield, but ; Force base, will return to wash-| mc cling of-the Texas Sheep andUast. jington before the end of the day. ;Ooat Raisers' Association dire^-i Miss Woo! f thbrnc b planned for the break- who is JIiss Je£n 1 i • -IT. t^w- -.- .,"*" *-J— ' •• V^Vli *! 1JV» .^ HI. 13O ** Clifl tors in Del Rio June 16 and 17j S i mm on5, 'and Miss Mohair, -who were laid by local directors meet- j jS .. Sunda CM ^ arc M? r er t M, Charles Schreiher j attend the meetings. JII of KerrvUte TS&GRA pres.-, A Mexican band will plav for and I Tom Wallace, the secn>- j the-breakfast and sombreros will itary'of the organization. ; be distributed as favors. LONDON (AP)—Princess Mar-i L. S. (Bit) Terry, chairman of? The general session for the.or- - Hoycc reported at his place, with it broke -up before touching garet is cxpectins her first babyp»c local committee planning t few hail stones mixed with 'the; ground. There were other reports in the fall. Kensington Pa'ace an- j meeting that-is expected to bring j iganization is to be held June 17 'a.m. in the Court House with i about 300 io Del Rio, conferred ] , iwith the ofrcers and with Sirs. > Jlrectors sald - ^ifth in line I \Villie B. Whitehead, chairman for i i the. women's portion of the meet-; .amdrops. _ . - of twisters sighted northwest of nounced tonisht. Uam starifo shortly after m.d- • Lubbwk. near Cotton Center and' night • arid about 2 o'clock this 'Abernathy. ~ ' '' - l ~ nG child «il[ .-Corning, began a hard fall that Rains up to an inch and a half of succession to the throne. brought 4.3 to the,Lloyd. Carter : accompanlcd . lhe t u rbulcnl ^. : p]n Mar , arct and Amhftnv -•••«.- i ranch and S'.-j to Lyster Bmmlcy _ r . . ; rrm«.tss ^lar^aiei ana Antnonj j . ; Boyce repo-icd. . : pa r • - ; Armstrong-Jones, then a society! Committee meetings will " hs "i W. R. (Lee):'Whiteliead- h-a-i . ,^, ,'" j cvcmn y tilre ? ? j photographer, became engaged in'hcldon the-afternoon of June 16 j 3V.. inches on his ranch and the £ 'Ijl" ' u° P Jl°,,- ? Ul - , /^Kjiseo and were married a little Ut 2 o'clock and at 4 o'clock wi.h i fit' * IuU contemplated, local Costs of Living at Mojave Lake and went to Las Vegas before returning to Quail Valley Country Club in California. They lished in the Colorado lliver for two weeks before returning home. - ' - - - : 4 ^ C- £ THREE DEL RIO METHOD- ists were in San Antonio for the Southwest Texas . annuril conference of the Methodist Church, the KGrd session. Mrs. -A. Madison Mrs. Irma Stanley and Miss Clyde Holman attended the con- Fawcett headquarters ranch got clouds south of Victoria but only' one of these touched tho ground, i over a year ago. an mc.i o moisture • h swirlcd voung cotlon p ] an t s and; Ma l- J ohn Griffin, press secre- '• school inch", «Hic;"Sfe week. B o1 ^ . ^ *» (^ j " ^ air - i l ff. lo i % ro >- 1 ^ohL ?* i other two inches on his ranch and And f 11 ' 1 . -""ofhcr tornado was j - Pr ' ncess ** rs * rel .. and - her hus ' i to L. D. Whitehcad had Ui. Boyce reported hlph over AusUn ahoutiband arc .deligbte' The Bode ranch h-vi b:3 ° V- m - Wednesday but it broke . j the meetings to be held in the! WASHLN r GTOX 'J>, — Living cosis 'library annex of Del Rio High hvere unchanged in April for the ! second straight month and govern.! ment experts foresee continued =;mal! f*><> reported. ; Terry said. i "AH of the of Ol ^«- >rice Stabil5l >- un ' ; ' , or Julv. :nornina. rap'c'ma from three 'm ra rigefi over the area from t^c four feet, carrying run-off froin rnidrij.e yulf to "Waco. Wichita the hard rains in the area. Traf- ^»s, Lubbock and the Rig Bend He on Highway 277 was not af- Loifntry. -, • 1H lt>ClC(1 - SoiUh of San Antonio, Plcasan- ] day in a -barrack .at Chick Sands! Dually attracts TJicrrcIl Ro.<e was reported '•» ton had 1'--• inches .of ram. Up to; Air Force Base. Air Force offi- 1 than .the g-ner; Il2ve rece j Vl fi two -inches of ra.n - inches of rain and some hai!; rials have announced * elsewhere i -ca'l - ..... --_... f~.. ,.,_=_.. =.. .. ,.- - .,......-_.._... ; Kaisers' Association and those in- i terested in the industry are in- ivited to attend." Terry said. RUISLEIP (AP:—Reuben Wa'.k-1 Del Rio is a< popular, meeting ; er Jr. was found hanged We'dne-*-[place for the organization and more members neral session, held fell around Alpine, in the Big Bend ; Walked. 37, lifted his homo ; hers said. committee men 1 i The Bureau of Labor Statistics ;'aid-today increases in used-ear •s. health insurance premiums some other items in April ; were offset by price cuts in gaso: 'ine. women's clothing, mortgages and new cars. The BLS consumer price indpx held steady last month at 127.5. This means it cost 512.75 to buy a typical mixed bag of goods that at the headquarters ranch. O. R. Aitizer. who ranches "i Country, Alpine got only 137 of an; town as Del Rio. He was marrie'J Hamilton Lane- e&st of Del Rio. inch of rain. ^ n d had two children. ! their had three-tenths of an inch of Ranchmen welcomed 'the rains.: Air Force officials said- dea?h | morning of June 17 from 7 «O; iain this morning. Hail a half to three quarter inch- f was due to an accident or wrs|S:-i5 a.m. on the patio at the Ros-: ' : would, have cost 510 in H947--S3. The current index level is at a A breakfast for members and record hi h f - re h d , ' eir wives is planned for the r p m hpr suicide. airport near Raton. East Texas Wreck Claims Four Lives j home, which is new. and are an-| I xious to have Del Rioans who i may be visiting in. Austin to call ion them. ' • .. I FRITZ AND BILLIE GOTT- • ; wa'id leave today for Waco to at- j - '. lend the commencement exercises; LIVINGSTON, Tex. (AP)—Four at Baylor University, where their, persons were killed in the colli-: son and dauglucr-in-lnw will be sion of a station wagon and a se-' graduated. Jimmy is a candidate don Wednesday night on U.S. 59: for a' bachelor of science degree, about 20 miles north of here, I majoring in physics; Bonnie is a The victims %vcre Mr. and • Mrs. j'candidate for a bachelor of bust- Aaron Haygood of Genoa. Tex.; >ness admininlratimi degree. .lirn- nnd Mr. and Sirs. 'Richard War-] my has "accepted the offer of Bay- rendorf of Humble. Warrendorf | lor Universily to remain as an as- died early today in .1 hospital. i sistant, instructing laboratory Highway Patrolmen -said ' the j classes, and he'll finish his work Warrendorfs were en route to ion His master's degree. He'll're- About an inch of fell at es in diameter fell in Amanllo. Juno. R. W. Hodge reported, and ; ;——— Virsil • Cauthorn had 1.2 inches ic 'he same arf.a. H. L." M'j'yneax fore-casts the possibility of a few widely scat-. tered thundcrshowcrs tonight. His : records at the Weather Bureau show the .07 precipitation this i liiorning raised the month's rsin- fall to .49 of an inch. Normal for' May is 2.-57 inches, leaving a d-;- ' ficiency of 1.98 thus far _th:s' month. ' . ; , Thunderstb.-ms moved eastward ODESSA (AP) — Gus Marion Fort Worth to help a sagging in- across the state Wednesday night Raymcr, 19, publisher of an oil surance firm, while tornadoes skipped over the : industry magazine, was arrested Burton Ellis. 37. J. C. Mount, I well" Hotel. A Latin-American - cember. Robert J. Myers, deputy commissioner of labor statistics, sa'd April prices were 1 per cent above Odessa Magazine Publisher -»..'•' , '-••'.., . ••' . _ • •' • . : ' -. Nabbed for Printing Money {those-for a, year earlier. He sa;d ; this was the narrowest gap in that -comparison in nearly two years. Bids for New Banks At Uvalde, Eagle Pass j Before Board Today : AUSTIN (AP)—Applications for Estate banks at Eagle Pass, Uvalde Robert Keller, a lawyer, who land Farmers Branch were heard died in a 1956 plane crash, also j today by the State. Banking Board. is named as a co-conspirator but j Texas Panhandle and South Tex-: W e d n e s d a y night on federal 35, and Harold Ainsworth Jr., 36, not as a defendant in the bogus-i-QPI RIO WEATHER as. .N T p injuries or damage was •; charges stemming from a check i all of Fort Worth, were indicted j bill case, ! rvlv> T.y-vnitr\ mnortPfl j scheme that cost seven banks j on charges of conspiring to coun-! Raymer, who publishes the Drill j DEL RIO AND VICrN'ITi': Part- Thunderstorms extended early I ?SS2,029. . j lerfeit and in the day from Central Oklahoma ; Raymer was arrested by Secret; money. receive counterfeit j Bit .Magazine here, is charged 'with conspiracy to make counter- Hope. Ark., to attend graduation exercises in which their son was to take part. They recently moved to Humble from Hope. ceive a salary and have his tuition paid for his work as an assistant. AROUND TOWN >•«• T Ffjuthward along a line from Wich-; Service and city police on a seale<l i. Ellis surrendered Wednesday in ' feit Federal Reserve notes. He its Falls to Abilene and San An-1 indictment returned by : the fed j Fort Worth and posted, $1.000 [was' taken'to Pecos for arraigh- gclo, i era! grand jury-at Fort Worth.- bonldj^.: . "'••':, -v : -1 mrni Koff»r*«: fh*» fcdpra! fnmmis- •'• One twister hit the ground west! of Bu!a, 1G miles southwest c d west; Officers said Raymer is accused}) Mount : and Ainsworth appeared }sioner there. of Lit- jot printing ovpx $500,000 worth oCibefore>U.S. Coramissioner R. C. ; rln ^talking '/to dncwj tlcficld. It moved to the northwest, j counfcrfeili -$100 and $20 biUs;;/in.. r VaiVOnira •. Motxiayi Both made'. totiching ground stveral more i his 'Odessa -printin * times but w»s in the air when- it passed,.over UtttefieW. Uttldieid's resideots took sbd- mon«y is, alleged used to back up good th«: River Oalu State g.'" ; plant.;-frThe|ft\,l>(ii8 bood.' •. : ' :-•;>'. •',- ;'" '•'Sii^* to have btea . : - 'Ainsworth; ab-eady- under S2,*» jood momy. k> i bbwi, WM :re)e*Md •:,«• •»: H,»» t'itn ntnlr•''•!'IriiijuiilnBii liiBBt "7 ' slking '/to J newsmen : here, Raymer siid that U»e biils were ^s^y ^priaiinjfc^He'/iiid; thati be printed : " •oBte'Caif-;'• the bill*; under tta^eati to to family bat did >«* Iy cloudy this aifternopn. tonigiil and Friday with possibly a fe* widely scattered thundershower.>, mainly tonight; little change i:> temperature. Maximum temperh- ture yesterday,; X;.. minimum '^£, Maximum teoiperature ayear »g->, M; miniaiiiM 73: Mji«im»iB. tcin : Let it be clear; that I am asking the Congress and the country to accept a firm commitment to a new course of action—a course which will last for many years and jcarry very heavy costs—an estimated S7-S9 billion additional over the next five, years. ' If we were to go only half-H'ay, or reduce our sights in the face of difficulty, it would be Jbetter not to go at all." Kennedy said the nation faces an ''extraordinary challenge to protect the jeopardized freedom of the world." "It is a contest of -will and purpose as well as force : and violence —a battle for minds and souls as well as lives and territory," Kennedy said in describing Communist efforts to seize and exploit the newly emerging nations. "And in that contest, we cannot stand aside." ".;. . This nation was barn of revolution and raised in freedom. And we do not intend to leave an open road to despotism:'! The message called for a sweeping . reorganization of : _ military combat power, an increase in the Marine Corps, and a build-up of the land and air weapons needed for brush fire wars and paramilt Sary .(guerrilla) operations. The President committed the nation to take "a clearly leading role in space achievement"—a blunt notice to the Soviet Union that this country intends to make a contest of the ra'ce to the mooa and planets. "For while we cannot guaran- tee'that we shall one day be first, we can guarantee thatrany failure to-share this effort will make us last," the President said. '•Space is open to us hove; and pur eagerness to 'share its meaning is not governed by the efforts of others. : ' •.''•""We go into'-v space because whatever : mankind must undertake, free men must fully share." Kennedy asked S679 million of new funds for space-exploration, including $531 million' for tbe moon project.. 7 He asked $535 .million of i foreisn aid funds, shared about il equally between .military.'.and eco- r nomic assistance.. 1 ." The. economic portion, 'SZ50 ;mil- 'ion. would go into a presidential contingency fund. • he. said, to be' used or.ty upon'. the President's finding .that a sudden and ^extraordinary drain on';.-.the .''regular."':., funds made necc-ssary the use of;' this emergency .rescirye; - - '.••-.-:, The need for such funds, he ' has been "illustrated;,-by recent events in. Southeast Asia' rtf- erence jj ; to : {he. -Communist^ r drive; into Laos and boring' '

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