Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 24, 1961 · Page 6
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 6

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1961
Page 6
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JMfel MO (T«xm) M€WS-He«Alb, WMrMMloy, May 24, 1961 »•••••• i .. ' . • Joint Chiefs in Hot Water Over Cuban Invasion Failure . -. By JAMES MARLOW AM*ci*4*d . Pm% News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's top military planners, have been blasted since the Cuban invasion disaster. This writer has been told re- NEWS BRIEFS FROM MEXICO liably that President Kennedy is!was, in viexv of the invasion fail- burned up at them and. also at hire, what went wrong? Allen Dulles, head of the Central; This is the CIA's explanation: [that the invasion had-to be sus- Intelligence Agency (CIA). It will be ho surprise if he re-! laincd to give - thc Cuban moves Dulles and shakes up the { mne to rcs P° ntl b >' an uprising, chiefs. But there is reluctance in!**" 1 " wasn>t sus t ained - Why not? the Defense Department from lhe< Tiiat ' s a part of lhc stor - v which top down to sec the chiefs get!* 135 "" 1 hcen revealed at all yet. clobbered—for this reason. I These were some 01 thc reasons Defense Secretary-' Robert Mc-i bohind lhc Whitc Housc dt ' cision Xamara himself approved the dc- ; to ?0 anca(l Wllh (nc invasion: cision (o let Ilic invasion be marie What follows is the story of 1. ll was thought this was the last time the American govern' mcnt could assume Castro could . . , • j , ,- , till. i.s. t,i.'«ii.* I*:*^UUHJ V^CIMIU IUUUI what happened, made timely once . ho ovcnhrown bv anvthing short more because of what occurred,,, riir _ .„„=•_ ill, ° nlfnn American intervention. 2. Continuation of the Caslro re- MEXICAN CITIZENSHIP . MEXICO CITY {AP)—Ai soccer star Carlos Lara has taken r man L i. ciri nitzer, chairman out Mexican citizenship. j, hc Joint chiefs, testified •••' i" Scnaicc commiilcc behind c, vs «,. Lstin Amcrican COlintrics . STUDENTS' FATES FEARED i doors. Sen. Alben Gore, /cnnes-; x Thcre was somc pliz , lcn , on , Torch Murder Trial Reaches Final Arguments HOUSTON (AP) — Final ar«u- mcnts are due today in the murder trial of Leslie Douglas Ashley and Carolyn Ann Lima, Houston couple accused of the gun-torch slaying of a real estate dealer. The state and the defense rested their cases Tuesday after Disl, Atty. Frank Briscoe called a surprise witness to testify Ashley invited him to go to New York: City the day before the slaying. The Tones, 46. was covered with gasoline and set afire in a Houston Ashley, 2.1, a female lor, and Miss Lima, 18, Del Rip Navy Airman Bails Out Over Crete Leon Humphreys of Del Rio was the service paper, Stars and Bay, Crete, the newspaper re- 6,000 MUp Dnrft Scheduled During July WASHINGTON (AP)—The DC- fense Department has asked that G.OOG men be inducted into the Army during July. The draft request was the first shire April When 1,500 men were called up. one of the three Sixth Fleet air- Stripes, reported earlier , this ported men who parachuted to safety; month. j ^ when their A3D Skywarrior air- ! Lt. (}g) Jerry G. Knutson of • Thc Skywarribr. the craft Crete ing flight. Leon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sid- MORE PRIESTS NEEDED ! LA PAZ. Bolivia «vV- : Roman * I Catholic Archbishop Antezana y crashed on the Island of Sanford, Florida, was the pilot largest carrier-based jet bomber, i Ro j as savs Bolivia needs at least during a' routine night train- and Ensign Charles R. Bone of was csc °r tcd *° Crc '° h >' tx ™, 4,000 mo're priests in order to . , Memphis, Tenn., was the bbnv - A4D Skyhawk aircraft, the small- -j atlequa , cl> . f,,|fiH ij, e mission of ney Humphreys, 706 Avenue Q, [flight. hardier and navigator on the carrier based jet bombers, j , he cluirc ,, ; The country has a? hydraulic failure kept toc> baul 600 prjcsts couple was arrested in New Yorki' s an aviation structural mcchan-i Unable to make a radio con- anding gcar an(i fla P s from rc " ; ~*-~i~£——_: City 20 days, after the death o fj ic lllirc3 class - ! trolled landing approach, the p j. l '^acting, officials 'said, causing i Y^v^^^r^^^w^^v-^N^^-^^vvNn' Fred A. Tones. 1 Ri *dio fai ' u re started the inci-' lot followed another plane back an unusually il ' sh raic of fuc! \jjf I *+ - v ' ' • shot six times dcnt whilc tnc P |anc Avas operat- to the carrier but control dif- consumption, exhausting the fuel soline and set t ln & £rom lne aircraft carrier ficulty .and a hydraulic failure bcforc a safc Iailtlin 8 COI|U! be ditch Feb. g. j Franklin D. Roosevelt in the cast- white attempting to land forced madc le impersona'; crn Mediterranean, an account in him to divert to a field at Souda Humphrey ian of - l - oimmia " on (tf me <-^ lrn rt> - they shot Tones in self defence I before o lmC 1S 3 tlan " or to lhe L ' mtctl ! during a struggle at a sex parlv' eU-wt» ? la ' CS '" i!S re!:iiions wil!l nthpr '" I'is office. They said his bod'v | •cnnes- i H tinT . Aincncan COlintrics - , was burned because the couple ! *. tibt*_^ • i 1^-,.-^ \t_--ac- er\»-*tst nt ittln i^isint . * ' n 0056 p *• I fOf 5016 ,. ^^ ^^ ^^ * ^* . MEXICO CITY (AP)—Fears for « sce Democrat, said the chiefs had " ahlVlt x " vha , !o , !(J the fate of Cuban students Alberto } "blundered incredibly" a n d ' Multer and Manuel Salvat. arrest- f should be thrown .out. A milder ed. by thc Fidel Caslro regime. I reunion ca mc from Sen. Stylos were expressed by the Directorio i Bnd ? os > Xcw Hampshire ttepub- Revolucionario Esiudiantil dc Cu-j cnn - ba Sunday night. _ i ' He sa ' ;i u ' s a - n AmtTu-an habit . . . . jto look-for gnats when things- so '\vrnng. Those lal:inu part i<\ the decision on thc invasion to overthrow F"idcl Castro were Kennedy. Vc- N'aniara. Lenmit/er, Dulles, snd was burned because the couple I DALLAS '^— Thc govcrnmcnl is.sor said maintenance has been \i'a *; coaTn/l . i f,t r^*.i n ^ * »i/» .^.rn: __ • ___ * _ «• _ I ___ -*» i'ilh ) was scared. i; !offering a S1.6 million installa-'excellent. s and Bone bailed out shortly before the plane crash and landed within 100 yards Of each _othcr. The pilot stayed • with the plane lonsj enough to guide il to an uninhabited area of the island, then parachuted tt> safety. He^ ,- ,,„. , . ''' CIS 1 T1 'C surprise witness, Richard hion not far from Falcon reservoir' T ho ",Vai' nn win -i i, , [landed on a highway. ; tney duin t ,nya«lc smec they Ramirez, said Ashley invited him on the Rio Grande for sale at auc-! «i on Jul ,9 a i -' -*** 0 ™ f, 1 T" ! Within lwo hours the rcsitlonls ' IK-CO in iraminQ for a year. J on a , rip lo Ncw York and , h . tion _ ; ,?.„,. . at - ".P- m - al lhc Za ' of Crete had united the three air;pats County courthouse. I men apt! except for minor scratch-- WARNS AGAINST REDS PUEBLA. Mex. (AP)—A Joral letter was read Sunday in all churches of this traditionally Roman Catholic state in which Dr. Octaviano Marquez Toriz, archbishop of Pucbla. alerted the ... Mexican people against commu- ! sf1PClal assistant on sc-cunty. , nism. Comm'ini«l-inspired student riots erupted in Puebla early in iig Titan Moves - I . corgc Bundy. .xt-nncdy-s (ing in on all sessions. These men had numerous mcft- ings. went into a!) phases of thc May. Its cenuiries-old university { - ; invasion exhaustively. of Red sympathizers. J -The letter said the Roman Catholic Church "cannot remain silent" in the presence of the Com- thc possibility of failure. They not i only studied yards of maps endlessly but even went into thc prob lem of invading • on various beaches. Ashley and Miss Lima testified James K. Winsor of the they spent some time before the Services Administration said „«Claying with a man (hey knew only ; \ antes in warning systems made as r;obt>rt and indicated he could lhe instaihiion obsolete bcforc it pn»- { . the slayins was not pro- found much use meditated if he could be located.; The station contains -12 acres, a Rainirc/ said he was thc Rob- ; !argc administrative building and crt they knew. MI<W Lima, who : 23 three-bedroom residences Win. <-^v\\"^P\f v\ •> • s vc - a no cr "f>tion when Rami-• _.-. A nRAlU Ha (APJjro?/ name was called as a wit- _ . ., oTT^an^Ml? Sis^-hlm 0 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^*'™* Shot tO thr giant ocean-spanninp a 5tep closer to combat- ; ?, ff U ,' S ; ^ an ' J " Car lho son rc " lai »^ ^ Souiia liay u» as- ° ^^ " ^ f' ° - . _ Status m Test Generally speaking. reaojno.-'s. The ?S-foot rockci. biggest in the U.S.. arsenal, streaker! to a Raniirez « Kamirez " nS .' KASTLAND (AP)-Businessman T' "^ ^"^ T" g ; *l? U [, 5 °' W3S f ° und s the truth, shot to death Monday. A note to ATMOSPHERE TENSE -GUADALAJARA, Mex. .{AP)—'. An atmosphere of uneasiness and ," fear prevailed in this' city as uni- * e versitv students Drenarcd to ct?le- i r ° • -- - - . brate" today with a'mass demon-- ! *? Ul _ P ™ Cnl __™_ d stration. niahi. covering the distance in 30 ; miniues at peak, speed of more L ihsn 17 (>00 miles an hour. ' j Within a few weeks. Air Force ) iroops are expected to launch a j Titan from Vandenberg Air Force ' Rase. Caiif. If the test is success- j thousanas fl)! the De f cnse Department prob- j ablv -ivjii announce the United ] ,, . . , .. . States has a second operational i i group thougnt the oads were in lnlrrcol?tim . nla! rangc ba[!istk j Thc < favor of the invaders. Why- mfes i Jc . j They thought only one-third of munist attempts to control Latin .™»»* h ^"-"«' 1} thc d « j ' ^*'~M™*r\**«~ Tuesdn^ Nn^wUhout 5 " Sale m ° lto ^ ^ J America " - SIon 8 ° anead wltn the invasion . •. - - i-"° «nnoui ", .: " ««,«-•_ ; was unanimous among ail those | mentioned. . They made this decision knou- ig only about .1.200 men would be i'adine force and that Cas- ;his widow was on tbe body. SPECIALS FOR THURSDAYS! Cream Puffs Classified Ad« Brln«r Results SEEGER'S BAKERY Next Door to Benii's , ( rc 3«.«» tons of Sov,et-b!oc ;of meji under arms. Nevertheless; the White Hou^e Always a phone it ftand in' i hornc tfiafs Tttepbonr-Planned * * * « JAP ACTORS PRAISED MEXICO CITY (AP> — "How! easy it is to 'direct when you are j working v,iih a great actor," says i I$mael Rodriguez who is prodac- ' ing a film starring Japanese star Toshiro Mtfune. Mifune, Rodriguez and others are making "Ani•»s Trujano." , ''• ' • .» B • BASPA KILLS TWO MEXICO CITY fAP>—The pop ttUr hot-wcsther drink called ras- pi—crushed ice with orange, lime, cherry or other juices—killed two persons in nearby Tlanepantla Sunday and poisoned several others. Doctors said paint had acci- AnrtaUy been us«d as flavoring. PRESIDENT IN TIJUANA ^TIJUANA/ Mex. (AP) — Presi- dea< Adolfd. Lopez Mateos m*de • peace call to the worW Monday BigM. "The onlv -hum»n chance fcr wvrtd ctMKortt" lies in respect- iV" ftee rteht Jor autonomy and nil faUraiiMtiMi of all UK pso- «tf UMP wwrW. he .sakf. SAY FIDEL INTERVENES MEXICO CITY (AP) newspaper Ultimas Noticias in an' ' n £ v • 1 " ?ougni ? m . y onc - lmrn os - The- Alias has been operational, tditorial todav said that Fidel. Jne Cuban ponulation was foyal v or 20 months- and about two! Castro is intervening' in Mexican ^Castro and that tne other two- doz ,, n of ihe missi i es are on (hc | affairs. It listed riots and disturb- r{n!r ^- once ' he invasion began. • a!crt Qn pac!s jn California . w ,- b . I ances it said were paid for and, would rtse U P aga^st him. min2 and x chrS cka " i agiUted fay the Cuban embassy .] In retrospect it seems mcredi A lotal of n Allas and 12 Tilan i ;•••-..- ....-• iblc the decision for the invasion ;- sol)8drons _. C3fh avera «i n g 10 i ^GATHER HOLDS KEY jwas primarily based on the as-. mi5?i!es _ - ls p)3nnf , d by - 1965" The! . MEXICO CfTY <AP)—The N a .| sumption there would be an up- : , nhja , Tl]an c V j,, a dron will he at! tional Confederation of Small - ristn S, an uprising which never : Ixnvrv Air Force Ba<=e Colo I Farmers ssid today the fate of | took P lace - The assumption had , ; | .Mexico's 1961 agriculture output!^ 0 ^ based on '"formation about SIT-UP RECORD I will depend on weather during the j the Cuban people. FT. SILL, Okla.—Pvt. Sidney ! next few weeks. A long drought ! Du !'es' CIA . which would t>e re- H. Robinson of Atametla, Calif., i has been felt over most of Mexico, i sponslbl ? for '"f^rmafion on the ; claims a world record for thc J » T • « | mood of thc Cuban people, says '. mosi sit-ups in succession. He i BRITISH LOAN FUNDS !' ts '"formation was perfect. If it .says he has performed 7.500. j - MATAMOROS. Mex. (AP)—Jose I — — } de Saro. manager of the Central} Bank, said a $50 'million British 1 loan will be signed this month to [ finance a new port project for this j border city. i ANTI-RED DRIVE ON l r .MEXICO CIT\' {AP)—A Roman Galholic campaign against com- | inunism . continued today with a j warning that individuals "must riot [ Depend" on" the government and i church alone to combat the Red threat. - j FRIGHTENED TO DEATH \ MEXICO CITY {AP}—A youn? | girl apparently was frightened to j death- Monday by a planned plane J flight to Tampito. Doctors said i Alicia Rodrfguez died in thc plane i "from emotion causes" as it start- | ed to take off here. '• SIX SUSPECTS HELD 1 .S\X LUIS POTOSI. Mex. (AP)! —Six persons arrested Sunday as j suspects ^n th^-killine of an oppo- ! sition candidate were ordered re- j leased Monday by Gov. Francisco i Martinez de la Veha. j 'Jesos Acosta Montano. coordi- ! hator for independent candidate I Salvador Martint-z. was shot to j death in a gun fi«ht with political ; opponents. ~ j Police said Acosta Montano and 1 several supporters were attacked j by about 12 supporters of the of-} ficial government party'(PRI). OF - ; Pharmacy During lhe .sixteenth century 1 lived Fiiraceisus: a Swiss physician, who haci received train in>-; in both medicine and client-< istry . . . Paracelsus .believed and taught independent, think-; in« add thai kuowletlcc -should' be gained from experience . . He stunulateri nien- to Uiink and- denounced the alchemists an:.said Hint chemistry should'-be! usi-ii toward ihc- mailing of mfcl- seine a;:a siot sold . . . Tiiroasjh" h.m a nuinl.vr of new drug were iiUKn'i'.iccd f-'.ich as calo-, r:i>*l a;id Mj:'ur, als; U;c iise of -inl confounds werr- ad- !'i;i2 trse ISi.": ci-iu:iry u • was noted :h:;; most o:"' the ni!!l:ma:us v^_-:«:- imrmmr- to sin.'sllfsox . - Kd^vsnti .lenp.or. ;ut Eiiyi^sh ]?hv; : seia:i was impressed by this fact and bc>aan study!!:•; thc s:liia ! .ion . . H ; ; noiited that fix-tiiic-isiJV" - Tl'.e !y,:lV:-:naicis .oevelope<i 'c-cr.t-s . osi .their fingers •similar ;o !j:c sores the- c'ov.s 'had on their uriders V!J?P. the^ load coxvpox - - By cxperinient- .i:ia. Jetiner Jiuiid. thai artifi- 'Cial inu'ocitJc'Jon o! cowpox into [the hi'mau Kkin proaueeri an. !il!>muni!y ;o sniailiwx. Caideron's Pharmacy . R3S South — PII 5-C2S5 '. ' i. FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY, MAY 25, 26. 27, 29, 1961 LARD HORMEL PURE MB. PKG. 16 TOBI SAVIN GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATE! FR5E GIFT V/RAPP1NG Lustre Creme Spray Set . .. only 99c 1 Bottle of Jergen's Lotion and 1 Rol-On Deodorant both for 59c 1 Rapid Shave and 1 After Shave Lotion both for 8lc All Chrome Latern complete with batteries only SI.49 Double Picture Frame complete with glass, size 8x10 SI.79 Gerb«r's or Heinr Baby Food 3,.., 29c \V!iitc FLOUR 25 Ib. Print Bag . SI.98 Chapman or Mummies. EGGS Grade A Large O/.. 4">c EGGS Chapman I'ngraded Red Cln. D?.. :*,7c PINTO BEANS New Crop 5 Ib bag -19c Carnation MILK 2 large cans 20c 2 small can ._._ 15c Q & Q .VERMICELLI ___ 3 boxes for 25c Hi-C Drink Orange Grape. Grapefruit or PINEAPPLE 12-oz. can lOc costs so little to add a phone It's no fun to gel caught way out in left field when the phone rings indoors. An extra phone can save you thousands of steps . . . *t little extra expense. Choose your new extension phone from new decorator colors designed to match your summer furniture. Phone our Business Office and order yours today. GENERAL TELEPHONED A.«A*«!^.*.' • f ,a»*.._^.A 1— J— — ~.'-J- —a T 1 ~f -.—.£.-—.—. — C^jfta^K^A . , '—i- ^ '• . KOOL AID all flavors SODA WATER, Mission Fritos. Potatoes Ch>p> or PORK SKINS __. — G for 2f>c cans for 25c G for ^ Premium SAL'ihXE CRACKERS NORTHERN NAPKINS -- 1 Ib. box 27c .. box 12c Butter Krust, Rainbp, or Sunbeam BREAD.,_ :.. __;. large Joaf FRESH PRODUCE FIRM Cabbage 2c California Avocados lOc California No. 1 Potatoes 10 39c FRENSH TEN 7 DER CORN ea. 5c RIPE BANANAS or RED APPLES Ib lOc LARGE CRISPY CELERY lie LETTUCE, California Firm ca. lOc Bread Patio largo loaf 20c CATSUP, Stockton, ___ __ 12-oz. bottle Gandy's ~ MELLORINE all flavors __ »/, eallon 49c ' — O Maryland Club or Maxwell House COFFEE 1-lh. can 65c 2 Ib. can __._ . S1.25 Northern Colored Tissue 2, 0 15c KiinlicU's PORK & BEANS ____ __ No. 303 can lOc Renown Cut GREEN BEANS No. 303 can 2 for 2;lc BISCUITS. Gladiola Dittlinjrcr SCRATCH FEED ._ _» 1 cans for 29c __ ._ 25 Ib, bag f)8c Amapola FLOU-R 2:> Ih. Print Bag - SI.4!) Amigos Corn Tortillas 6c CAKE MIX Gladiola . ^___ box 27c MASA IIARINA Quackcrs 5 Ib bag C5c Del Monte. Pear. Peach. Apricot. NECTARS 12-oz. can 2 for 27c Red or Blue Label KARO SYRUP _. Pt. Bottle 25c Fab Woshing Powder reg. box 29c Snowdrift—3-Ib. can Shortening 69c Silver Wash Board „ 98c Rath or Swift Premium Luncheon Meat i 2-oz. con 39c While House nr SHOW Oitccn FLOUR 25 Ib Print Bag _: S1.7D Uoyal Crcm-n, Coca Cola, Dr. Tcnp.jr or I'ensi Cola SODA WATER G bottles ctn. 32c Deposit, EXTRA SPECIAL! 1.79 PLASTIC 50 FT. GARDEN HOSE METAL LAWN - *^f\ SPRINKLER ... ea. 79C MEAT SPECIALS FRESH GROUND Beef 43c FRESH DRESSED F R Y E R S -Whofe, ib. 25c Cut UD, Ib. 23c Juicy nnil Tender CHUCK ROAST TENDER BARBECUE RIBS .BARBECUE BRISKET _. _ JUICY ROUND STEAK .'.' Decker's Tall Korji SLICED BACCN ______ RATH BACC5N E.XDS BEEF TRIPE FULL CREA.M CHEESE RATH LUNCHEON.MEAT Top for Ib. "-I3c Ib. 39c . .__ Ib. 3:>c Ib. 73c Ib. 4!>c .- _._ Ib. 25c Ib. lie ib. 47c Ib. 3!>c HENS DRESSED fb. 24c BROS SUPER MARKET Av«rt 4 Los Vflcm Sfretts Free BEER Lono Star, Pearl, IJusch Bavarian. Falstaff

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