The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 9, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 9, 1897
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*" I The Daily Chronide. EIGHTEENTH YEAR. MARSHALL, MICHIGAN, MONDAY, AVOUST 9, 189?. PRICE, TWO GENTS. IT ^lP WW BlFfcilHW •strength Hhn fowl All . .foitits-Iiqi, _ GaneVas £aatiljo r PHm» Minister of Spain, Falls at th» Feet ot Hte Wife. Wm& TIE VBIt JKS I&PK LOTS, tit* La*t thought for His Country He Dtes wit>/ r Long LWC Spaiaf on His Lifp's. • of ImmWn*»«-ty JWftrras* ejimmtm to ROYAL the cheap POWPT-T; Co., ttew York. The Suuilfhu* Slutts • dUc of n«BiJ k iJlH«rtratK{l patn jihlofc of m'e*n jmg«» in tefofeh^O $6 South tht* reading matter iti -fftw^h -was by nn OKI hn'sift^ftc South Ditkotn lady—Mrs. Stella HtMtK-r Arnold —who hftis. areauifuf, of the 8un«biutf Stfl,»f for 'joars. A topy •»iU IKS. i waited to . theraddress of any farmer «n» farmer'* wife, If sent at cfocp to Hnrrj M'rcjer, Miobifnm r!tti»wn#OT Agen , Clwiuro, M>l«nukoe «V St. •.PntfVKMl*»y, 7 For: -tii'ct, W., Detroit Other «e«i«t Jth«>lt- Spain, Santa Aug 9~"SroWor f&qtUlo. the primp- minister ot ivas asJQs^ttuitetV ypsrtfrdav at Asmdft liy nn an<irihwt Thr fitt'1 tluff sliojK two tlf which struck thp jncmier iti the th.e' other in tlu* The \voiJnj1fil nuvn 'tN. UlH'OTl- H. A. Snj^i- hah fi»1 in » lino lot of fruit of all !H.n<U And started a wftgnn which will matte tiijrt over tbf eity dai ly. A is he will ffi>t ipNO)!*' to go over strcpj <lail> he wm- ^ oa-il arid one du> and north ;m«l South the affords « ill hi- h.itidli-d and nr-M-es 'l>c in kf**i>ii>K vutli tV" turn-. You can liavo him will r««iilj.rh bj lt<a\ in^c orders — at the '(tort'. x, \ Tn It w»W (/ ,,1/Wv 1 ''inert n Whorean uiv' wife, MAry Eton. The assassin narrowl# at- the, baticls tjf the waftpra and stttetfdantft who niShed forward DP- and ctvU guards Immediately him He was very r pale. trembled Vlofeftlly and evidently ft>are<J that He vfoulrt he killpd on the spot .HP xvlll first ftrr<riBi.«1 before 'the local The que«|t ref5^nt aR«t all t» Of tllP oftbinet \^111 retttrn her* today. m»j(^»ty ha-* intrusted tht> preaf- t of Che reiinetl to CJeriwaV Asscar- . mlntetM* <(f war, and the tw stfrti'mo^a trr 3£ea*wnrt>U» t ejtcttetwpnt and in* prevail amonfc all classsea Ail iBembera ot the dlplomailc corps tiAVf expressed thcfp sympathy with gmvernment ' M^ny senators; aflii.' gcrreratdt , tv'hlle txruessSng thelt gi-lef *»<J JhdigrnAtior,' have offered to rpade* to the go\pinit!<*wt ali \hf* aa- StSlanee in their power "' " " 1ft» »*«# «t Patl't, Paris, AUK- ».— The Spanisli embassy a dJ«»aft«h' from S»t»l-t«A Alter ±h?«e t r *5H'l«* I(l!«-np»«. Manjstique, Mtrh,, Aug. ».~Th? fur- f>f the Weaton Fflrnace company, ,of thi? oily, waa started Saturday mom- fnx aftpf being Idlf nearly/ three yeart. Th*> plant J» onfc •«? the largest and bent furnaces in the upper petiin<nila, Milwaukee. Aug. 9— •'the mounted I contest frhtoh took ptaee at tne» park Saturday ^$ tiart of th^e «f the Scotch, pictijc, be- tiSreen Mis** Gordon and TroopM" resulted i'n a Stirring Events he had rto accomtJH^s: that, evpn if Is reason to b<>l'itfve it an anarcjilsl tt Jsf-Ttithowt any poktioal ^ataift- and that Madrid is auttf tran- <tuil. A* A special perfoirmanfo givprj yesterday afternoon at thjsr' theatre D<* la JUftiblJftup for the.'ftpnefit of the Bf»anls?h refugees Jn/I'atis, Tarrida .Marnwl. the »i«uilim anarohiftt, ivho was formerly Uhprwonotl in Montjuich fortress at Bdre^lona," delivered a violent 8pi5( eh v ill the c ourar» of whtrh he that a<*nor Canovas d-1 Castillo W kijifd It N rs portpd that he will be arropted A STATUS OF CE^GUE^BASE BAUt. ftmhrt Yrantt I.lii?' t* (hat the GrSthd 'Erunk <rff their war tg fAlo because that line was a road, fho w-ftDd 'IPruwk annownces that tbfi boydott has not iujltrrea it in any way, and that it has swuVed. all the business it ean handlp, anfl its full share of- traffi^, r the actten -ef- the are «t hand. Y«0u wltl ^ant tft* very litest news— the moat Accurate reports to b* Then you want the Detroit News* It contacts all the news of MiehtK«tt, the United States *tid the World, all up to date. hrta ouVany just irauwahd (irov No\\>- th«;ref(irt» ;\} XorIt|ildiHS N t'o harbo account a,s\ will Or jtiij- Dated May ' •<.>i: unt h<»r "on 'my jio debts of her ^ L._: i.. ^: ':. hours and f. .at 3 o'clock yt's- t o r (i f\ y afUr- noan. His wife w ft<< hiij^ a "hot t .distance away -whclrr he fell-. Castillo passed awiiy vnth tin fry of •"1,1/np llvt- Spaing, \vhlih WPJC the last .words upon UiK^Him, iV*ntii A^ut-da is noted for iW baths Th< place is IK>- twwn Wtutf K« > l'a < Ulfin. tln» simmiT r*"*!- di*ni.o -tff the SpaijHh i'nirt. and Vlt- th«» catxtal of tin 1 tinulnre of about thirty t»nKir» -«»utb i»f T^O- Thi. prtinifi \\<'f)t flu-to last' to t.»kv a thn WftUV i-wurs> of thf baihR, after \vh(f4! Iu j>jtj*« t^d to rf'tm'n to San Seh i^Utrif t<T mi?ft Statf.-s Mlnisft>-r \Vni.dford whtut rt'- «;|JK<» «»«* to Sixth. A_ue it— The notable j>olut iti thu JfviiKW liaoe bail situation Is thsJ'.u'tJft.U Atmun's Ohi<afto colt« hava gailfuwd up to the sixth place. but the nmnclo tH-Uveen the Windy jinA titjftfeor £«y r/uti is mlehty narrow Following Is the Ktandiiig of the tlubs up to date: *Pla\ ed Won Lost P. C. ready, and suit for <}ver 11.0^4,^ will foe filed. .wHhtef a day" or 'tw» nga,ii)9t th« d-infetorsuaf the-d«twiot ifl»tik»i»toi} bahlt,- char^lpf , thent with misconduct in their official capattty A* tHreetora etnd swkljtig to holrt them Itable to ored- ttor<* for the full aroownt at m&de In the bank, twa dividends* retidy paid thereoij. T>>e- »uit will brought by a ntimtaet of depositor? May r>9 B')Mon ., 87 CJmlnnaU x ^ ^. ..St BultiinoK- ...^^..>i Philadelphia 60 01 45 43' ,.87 40 41 37 SI 27 29 43 4S 47 -.47 ,48. 54 68' e»d 651 .614 .511 .473 .472 ,'460 .44<! 435 3fi5 -2PI CHth? AOR. 8,— in, health TOort»Uty depent^rn upon tin? OfTiciat? of the Aveathw •f>rtrtau"h< > re r *r* now Conducting a 'rHref«l Invastitratjon Into this Intei-esting aupstlon, atid It is that In the near future tiny he il^le to fseme warnlpg notlvea of the approach of disea**? or crime waves!. What if Not Miracles?- : The great Fotrf-C Refined^ i»doing work wherever introduced as nearly rniraCufett as it ever falls to the tot/tof arfy to do (I -will es. 26m it a I4V4W for any one interested to write the persons whose names appear below oV anyone whose name rnay^ appear ' / among these testimonials.) MV aim Is to oonilncB Ifae public of «| sincerity and of the true meriis of Ihls te BENEFACTORS Of THE RACK. Office o^"KwonSB*nTwi*»/' C'S .. . By'.Taws M- ,Hiigli{ji!>^fnBfdi»n <>f said Henry IJxp^** 1 . Bftt-woen S<M'«j rhuf and l«a good up|>i>rtuni>y to ej farmint; lands it> ^<>uth Dakctn. o:ih on< 4a>N ride from Chiwvjtw. ItoUuUUil crop* of whoat, corn, .l>ari' y and-' !lix reward i till r of the »oti. Vi- a *t»« k V country. South Dale* >tn Usuio nfr Hiw w.ortd. Firs daiWfiuni lands with 'u<?j\,rby uiarket* — eau now be bough! K>r fi a»d upu.anlH, p< r nc r< , <tr tp iuvotit,. Fur fnrUii r tiarticulnM writo U II. lit'ajfoitl (»Mt-rnl Ohu-t^o, Miit«<u)l. way,»Okl t'olo^y The <is^as<shi. was Jrnnu'd'Jatt'ly 1 remi'd..' His Is a^N^Aiioilian- atitl rh«' name of' .k.ut jt is? -i^neved that''an astuiiwd.'nj»rw :ind that hH u'd.1 name- is SlichH' \n«iuo CJolH. The rmmk'ter doiiar*-* that ht> killed St-nor < H ano\af "in sift uwtili^hrn^nt of a just vtrfBWinee," and that th deed is a va&t . aii4U<hi8t <on- ts> havi> arrived th«. f tht; lalce MvuuiM>tM. , fttout; thu UncVot wnukt'e A Ht. -I'.iul HftU«.»> ct| chariniug locaMu* H<(i< for eutumor iu.if!ieB, Bttirlj uil'ol svlueli an- ou or near^ftkut which have uot hotj «ut, . TtiOne K'wjrtjh ranga tiety from .the "full tims* Itir duiner" to th* Jlaanel afairt c*»rt^m« Jor eiery moat. Auiwa the list arti uamt* t'nnihar to inan> #( our rpjjidfro BH «;he j« rftytjoij, of. r nf the V points of iut<ifr«t »re",*itliiii a wiiurt' M far Brooklyn .. Washington ......S <.* I on is M FulIuvMng- .are the- latt'St , League scores: .At «'IJr.4oHiyn- : -^\Jashingt<)n ,-I, Brortklyn •"»; at Cincinrinti '-Uoulsville <), .Cincinnati 5; at St. Louli?--PUt»hurp 5 ; St./LouU 7; (si'cond g.tme) I'lttsliurK •Ji.- ftt.. Louin S; at Phllaclfclphla—New York II,- T>hilfi.d<-lijjtiia I; at Qhietigg-? Cleveland 8. Chicago !*; at 'Huston—Bal* timore 2, Boston .4,. (Sunday) At Cln- < Innati—lvom«ivlH(" 8, CiniinnaU i. at ,Chk:agO;^-0U'V«land 6;'i'Chica'K^' 7; ' • Western League: At ColiiinbusT-Mln- , 4^ Colunilnis 3, at Dftroit— CIt> 15, L>et(»>t 1»; (second Kunsat, City 7, Detroit 4; at Grand Jrlapids™St. I'au) 13, Grand Rapids 7: at'Indianapfills—Milwaukee- 1, Indianapolis 7,i (hiic^nii game) Milwaukee .1. IridiantHK'Hs 9. (Sunday) There is more catarrh u\ th'8 section, of the x country than all other tjjsea-te* wit together, and until the last few yoarA wa« mfc posed t» bo »nonrabte. For ft great many years doctors pronounced it* local disease, and nrcBcriVd looal remedies, and by constantly failing to c;nre with local treatment, •pronounced it indurabie. Scieupe has proven catarrh to be a conAt)tutioYial di»- eftse, And therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh 'Cure, triannfac- tored by f. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, HI the Only cowstitutiottal cure on tho niar- ket.° It i« taken internally in doees frop 10 dropo to a teasbbonful. '•', It act* directly on the blood- and "thiicoua aurfaces of the system,. They offer one hundred doUara for any ease it fail* to cure. Send for circular* and testimonials. ' Address, ••/ J?. J..-CHENEY & CO.,..Tpledo r O.. Sold,by dru^KiHts.-TSo,' /:V-. IlsH's Family pill*j are the ' ' 12.-99. 1 believe Kfliy duty tb write ybu t tine in regard to the beneficial snoot of Phelp»' "Four O Remedy," so far a» I Am personally lioii- Msrnad. A week »RO (as* Thursday, I w»8 takon with a severe attack of Jttgrippo ana 4o ft short U/n« became no hoarse-1 ooulttfiet sfttak Abvvo » »hl8per x The night provioun I had CouKbcd nearly tfteentirc night; Jhrtt befbr* ntirlnK I took' i teuspootitul.tind altjpt theentirn iilpntBaswMtly w B»ei I did Iu my I IIB, not couching oiwt. I w^« mtireiy relieved before taking on* bottln. Phblp*' Joueh, Cold »i»a Croup C«re should to in evfctjr' louflehoW In tho land. I vend you thin wholly •nsolloited by anyone, for you are benefactors ol/ the race to giving it the antidote (or some of tb« worst *fllloUous to which it is heir. ./ * MIRACLE. / iKunsnt City, KanRas^ l)eo. 2*; 1 *B1 LMt Friday, Dec. 19, ray attending physician itated unletM I was better .by ntornlnK he could to nothing for rty relief That night I com- nencedtiking PhelpW'KourC" reraoay, stopped ill other modicioes. The first dow ittopped my •,ough: slept ami, rested well; a fow nsore dosp» cmpvfcd all florcnM'f ftoro rty lunge; the second Uy 1 was up, the third day I was out on tbfl -oroh and to-<lay was up town purcbasins holiday M,HS Jsinn* BASSBT, / gton Ave. and Summit St. 1.1-, at Detiuft— Kansah li; at Ajrarui |lai>!<K--}>fr Paul 17, Oian'd S, «-,*><*nu sanncj £t i'aul 15, 18 AssotiattoFV At Quiiwy— 3. Quint. y 2, at Burlington - Uu- 3, Burlington a. tft St Jost>plv— Chaniborkin'B Colic, Cholera, and arrhoea rtiin.ody> always aJltorUa relief. For Bale at Greene's drug: It only |akca ton days by naiaj? Clifford's Tobacco pure to entirely rid a person of the desire to use tobajftco in miy form. It IB. gunHVoteed-tci'do .BO or. the money & refunded. Oall and enquire al)out it atHyde's dfug store*. If the Baby iti Cuttlnif Teeth '"Be stire «ind UBB that old and well tried remedy, W(.rfl. Winalow's-Soothing Syrup for children teething. It soothes child,. Bottons the gums, allays all cures wind colic and ia the best for'diarrhoea, twenty-five eemta a bottle. , CROUP CUREP." One dowi 'of Ph»los' Coiigh, Cold and Croup lute, euve my child instant rcll«f When attaokeu with the croup'. , .'.'....•.-.' .' W. E..MOOBB. of Moore pros., Grocers. • > Arkansas 0>ty, Kansas w H R ^K UNBROKEN- REST A\ NIGHT. J. B. Ht'UH«, Manacer, OfiUce CMtrtwfcilAl Prinuntf Co., W S*mth Clark St. Chicapo, W^v. S4, .,, I/wish t6 Iw&ir.' testimony ,to,tt« gntat efficacy of jour "Four C" rumedy iu throw tune ailmt'nu. and tune ailmt'nu. An a rule 1 ttcal of the merits of proprietary medicines, but have to confess that a t*>t or your "Pout C" "U Cnnvin<Mng that at least one ready made K-mcdj .iS;Wo*thyof use. •' My children nil take i^Uh out the least ob]<*ction, Trum tildt-dt to youngcK' and it is ^artiouliirly notlccn^e thnt Doneftt tt, ulriiost lmn»¥<liate. A' single UOPH will chi'Ck Hkmt oouRbs in their IweiuniiiR; it gives an um mily " '•broken rest at .night. In rtiy family "Four C* Is dimply indispensable and qualifiedly. \ Yours, X . Is dimply indispensable and I reoommnnd it un- edly. \ Yours, J. II. ITUUKCJ. ACUTe\LARYNGITlS ^_« Chicago,' Sept. 25, '65 For years bank each tvint«r I.huve Buffered. with acute LnrytiKiti.1. Last winter was so bad. I cotijd not leave my ronni for two weeks or «fgx& above a whinper I tried avcry known ooueh - - - - ' no relief, then in desperation 1 v»s Induced to to.try Pholp't "FourU" The flret doss relieved my ooagb, giving m* the flrst night'x real fot week* Half th<< bottl? curfd me I liayi' never been without this wonderful rvmcdy «incc. It i»' on ditfcrent from othi-rllkBriniedieBaa molastic* front vinegar of sugar from mtnd. MBS. JOJIEl'II K OlHiUB. 6313 Madluon Ava. IT tS A MIRACLE. / x / Conductor Eckard, the Railroad -Correnpon- dent of the Neodasha KftnsBS Ulster, ba^thi* tfl 8»y of "Four.C." . "Pheips i< havti>|!'»'wo«- derfui »»1« of. hi» CouRb lind Oold ^ehwdy. Wo personally know it i* J'unt ,\yhat ltds re^k>N«nt', ed to be. "-3*00 much CUB ,»( U-suid in it» praise. It 1* a mlr*ol«. // NOTICE TO DRUOdllSTS AND Ti^e/PL JC. CONTRACT.—Druggists are authorized in ALL CASBS to REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Phelp&'Cough, C<M and Croup Cure) fail* to give satisfaction in erqup > Bronchms^sthma t LaJSnppe,Cough!i and Colds, no matterhdw Jo^ig standing, or deep seated, in fact I guarantee mall manner of Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-All,but to gi-ve unbounded satisfaction. Give it a tnaFon the above conditions.* I take all chances. R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, Proo, For sale by W. T. BRAKE. at at At St Jo«t>i»h »; At ' at Dea Moines 3. Dctliuque the Chicago, Milwaukee £ St. t'a,ul Kait way. "ipSTaWo ecftii slaiiip 'laJTSisStoy-' -(.^W catioii D ij»'' giviTij; ft 4e«ccijptLoti -at trie ' pn BCtpal rfcnartfl, afl<l * h«tof auD.'iW/c r hotelf ttiiO boardiog'buwWMif «u<J rat*» for boutd to Oeo JH Heiffuwi, General 'Ajfeut. Chicmgp, ^iL t ' Ksflnmlii tor se«n of thv 1 »n a (SuspUiuHs manner. r«iialn« of getioi Panovifs will be feel* today has ft«»iH t attend the qu^u i«gt-nt » vB«snor h»t« HUMPHflEYS WITCH HAZEL OIL JWB Piles or of 4U( t n ' Moat o? the ha.\<- bwv r, t-a at -wrt that ha* thrown at dlspoaal of ths gov- 33urn*s & Scalds. Bruised, 4 Sor^s, Tumors. Salt Chapped Fever 3Lips & Tettes-s. \Vlial Jt Wtut fur- List Vpur 1HU7— T'uljlsj 4 Washington, Aug 9 - Pie&ton. the dirattur of ti^ «»iut, eatlmfrtea th«* gold of Uie world for l»W to have ?ii05,00(J,«00. ujl.vvjuth l»»e UnFtcd ton*i(t)ut*'d uv^r ^.dflu.fiOU. 'Tot 1897 it Ui twHttVifd tht world's Notice |>Ml no Why Pay , Others ?5e for a grajjite dish pan wlu-n we will aell you the lw«t grade fur 55$. We &r« »lw«y» tbe«hean«?t i» pricft • - - Bitoa, Sotlt*. CaM ait Barnes* for Diana's Chase, inuwooe Mf *85.«QO.««6 over 1^»6. Preaton s»ys. "A.» an tedieatlou -srttist b^rtiasie ,in th* »«t|d's gold iiroduct few IWt the' the pr'»to»ct *>t Africa, ttussiay and Canada. f<J.t f these Stfttea British . 1? J»87 Fired. , Pi Busto* by •* «|iepial trufti J« Later, oW J«s*w«A« that i/ie wir«4 t^tr A.ou.<luSea>. e to the uidow Tlic htaUh uf f»*-noi Cauu- \a^ha^i iiuerovtsd gr«;aU^ u£ 'late "He UusB 'leading a vtsrj* . Ar die ten $13 • Don't pay il.5<) for, ftrf rteiser when will sell you a 4 qfc Arctic for 11.30 ta* wy »«ek in the year «:rf^n door ''wire vlojh n you cap get the "Black any 8B.000.OW 0ritial} India... ' At tbt nuJtutut ul tile Uon he w*» wuUiiJi; ia ;be who 'f htct thf worH'ij^i Qat pioduct wiil cua- tluue tu iaci;»ise fur & number ot yearn lu conve, -says Pivalon, is aeif. 6.0 l>y- n«w and taiyr^v^ ai for exiiactinfe \.M gold lw the ore* it us beifeved that by tfe« cU**>& uf ti»e pn*jSM*et century the £1)14 IWOfJlift Will of Insects. .Sues, as. ^^?^ so., tu * »» wiw«» «. WA* to join hi MI fur iuuch, the- a.t>&ii8^fi. wiiu ha.*i this ApiM-jurimce of ae or^uary visitt/r, approat-'hed and nred ui bin) point Ijiauk, o»c buili't faas- bsiiind wndfer the -left BhoBlcfer. aud',thrf othsr Hyo lofigiiig to thtt fe^. He ft-U instttBtly %iw3 anly recoygfied" coe^ciow*. euiJUgh to siifttk a (cw words. mudii'al nicB »ad hi» wife wt-re is i.kt"ir atttentictia to the but his., wounds, unhappily. •were morUtX ftod ht dattJ in two hours, j, "—•••' • •• -- -• J - -•-•---'-•••' jujijjj Skin and bltod dit-e»uwi t ca iwug all *orta of dire ditsiwtera to faumau bappi<t««a wre j easily -JUM! qaickty cured by Burdock Blood Bitter*. ^-- _ • _• • "i aJwaju taownunmd Pr. Fowler's Kit. of Wild Str»wtwry in c^«b of Bumtuw aooujlaint* a«d h»»e tievtr known it to fail. uany use aay »«koje." €, A. O. ,, A H«mAfk*b1t> of la 18&J, wb.e6 1 swrvod my cpuutry private iu Oowpaiiy A, ItfTth Peuosylva- nia Voluutoers; I cohtiat)ted dirouic di- arrhpea. It lias givea me a gnat dea! of trouble «ver aiuce, I have tried » dozen (litfurwit JiitMiicinea a«d tttsvtsral prouai- ueiit doetora without any prtmiineat jr«- Not long ago & frittud aenfc w.e bottle of Chabiberiaiii's Colic a,od after that I bought lud took -4 Si> bottkv; and uow I can say I am entirely cured 1 ca«Bot be thankful enough to you for this gr*tat retuwiy, and recout uifiuidT it U> rtil wutftiruiif v&tejr&t)& If lit doubt write we- Yours gratefully, AJlentown, Pa. at GreeWe dra^storo chicken feed. Boat mid ; unites henti lay uud grow, at 0. A. Uhtittlier's oiill. C'bwra *»d tables to rent • «f. W. GAS STOVES! Large Reduction, in Prices on All . - ftooking Apparatus. <3tes Epn^ea $J,0.00,.$13-.00 ; $15.00 and $16.oo , Eioiaing" Stiovee $1. to $5. according to si»9 /, rt . THE WELSSACH INCANDESCENT - GAS - LIGHT Reduced in Price After Oct. 1st, '96, Prom. 82.25 to »2,OO each. v * *.* t e iuolfltji^ flutod jahade ij>»A f'h'UVJsyr—" -^ 25 cents exfra Ic^ dpwe And shuda. than - v power of Jjgltt, Given L> twice tlifi light af a 6ft gas Iwmer with | Many of the beat lighted atone* ia MarshaH s«36 thwae lighta,, Welebach Lights Always Give Satisfaction. both ae to UgbjfcWl uonaamixtioa of gas. K early 3W) aoid i during the past yenr. TIB , Oct Isti '$6. uanrco. JOB PRINTING at Chronicle office.

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