The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 7, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 7, 1897
Page 4
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\ citm>»>et»ft\i»»gr Pleasant, Safe, ft ^ Reliable DR. LANE'S Ilr is ntwayfl gratifying l!o receive testimonials for Chart) hfcrlftln's (Jolie Oholera and Dimrhwft remedy, ami when the endorsement is f roitt a physician it is especially so. "Thorp 5s no satisfactory or effective remedy thnti ChnrftberlftinV Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy," writes ftiCR ft. R0!»ey, pfijfliciftn afcfl" pharnmciafi. of O1ft«y, Mo,: awl a« h# has UBprl th* remedy in his own family and soltt it in his dlrug store for six years, he shuttld certainly kifow. For sale at Greene's sfa>m ^ f0 W MY0US Df SPEPSfA, THEY HAVE : , <a. . _ The M«mb««ysf Our miasiotvWow in B0I.L PTTfS OFF COMPOUND to ttttftt •»»•>«"«"> Js more fpnomoft rit *d0re Wftlwmnml OoUfl«Rne*t*i|»»»« H »B^ hot Itooid* Whether t« .1 Jin In * Wltwr Rtifnre th« Wlnt I»l«w***r l»n»p«lrs of J*» London, Atfg 7.-The British government has Informed the Ametican »l- rwtaHie Njoh»naj9<»«»n that it Will prcrt.- ably r"ply tu the pioposals of tlT> cornea behalf, at ^'f r - United in Octote*f. The commissioner^ .* blame an* Sf>fcitt« roroft < «.«"j"»«--- •*-"— -I — - — • ; Mm real scat of the niisdhicf i» P i«ht of ; thfe fltoma^ 19 tho orann to be pepttc« often do uol htfvo _ftny whatsit m tho Btamfccti, nor Ner»Qflfl.jjgj«|)^»** t<w< t ltee ' 1 „«• SSmiSrwiiMJOh *» «« >»»*»X other orgao-.iiMfttnlieawM *b« «wart " ' trj-egulW* in others thq -, tw^Wed witf. loss of ftesh ftod wi>»q<smHulation of heart bufn. lir. A. W, Sfinrper i* tntC writes, is follow Kola Compound Cures Dyspepsia and all tltv o£ i\ Kola Compound CHITS Sick pid Jbivpr and Kbla. Compound Cures Constipation. Is a-J3rnin and Nerve Tonic ami Blood Purifier. Kol Compound is the poer_of othor medicines. . ^"" "A ' to w» «a»«e pu few How re«6t'iintf the i^e* and e mudic^O, Stuart* Drt|*P»» Tab- lot... I hav« been a suffering from nervous ,oi«iaf< r the Iwt fonr io»» patent ii diM without any been waiting - » ^tth. tin- cabinet.; deatriW to tou**' tfte ftXRft poattloj* EnglwttA be/ort ttons *OHn *tt» f to tfic' tts they xrere future ' s»rr»ng« Michael Jft of whloh -thfl obmuwiwUor xpreaged a foar, that The' Brtt 19ft J ifftv*«rtnT>ent \vsti not yet i>J a pMttfort ti> t<-ply to the jWnpuBalp of the*"fenvoss of, JShe OflH^l Statist and th on tbe <|u«snoft •CiilltiW W IwlHM* •» **"f . v* • " -rr- 1 —jp-i—'—*T—TRU ^cit^^nfitnAA tfftV0 tDTJIPOTftry T?lJJ0* uJ-lWl* fiJ" effects of the medicine wore off. I ««*nB- utfrdHhis to my Kodentary habits, beitiR ft aj^%A!KStf 10 n«»M5 n"'- /"— --r all these obstacle la &*h ( «leep better, ,« every wey.v v The above u Lotonofcy, bu^Kbased on ttc ^ • -— . for I said; -e* the ift which It Has «Rht hcforp thettngihm rnlnlatry by the n?j>r«-si>tttatKfts trf th« twt* coun- trip/ that ilwv«ie ^r««K>»aIs should fxa.m!JK«l arid fonsMmnJ: wul this inoctsa mlift b* B(imfwhat pi<>« longed, ovvitls to thi- ti»nt« n«re^iarUy In^commuAlfattng; with the ,t ftrt- \l Kola[ Compound nuP»v>e i , di*eft«e except eanoer of_ a»o«nneh. oure (tour stowisch, go*, ' appetite, flceplcwsneAj burn. con»tjpation and Send for «lui ble disease* by "ffl "drMs^^se" tull «Ued pftokaV at 60 » Notfvo. the exohtKidt r atlda that he Cannot ....-j 1 <vtlh_iertatntT hmV lotuc these com- jmuniwitluns will .take, but he hop>B 1th» <ablo«'t wilt fte ready to meft lh<; 'envoys. again ear\y-,ln October. 'Out 1 Comu»l*»loiii I*'H<n«iful. While this postponement of KnglamVg decision dwlavrt the work\the American envoys do not consider it tllBoouraglnff. On the coritKiry, they think Ureat iiritftln's Interest in the qu"*t1<m j»ntl- fleS them in expecting that the ^Indian mints will he opened They n believe, thnt "The Times in opfloatng^ the reopening of tha Indian mints does not repfeseiU the govicrriment, but ntther the city financial clrrtes. xvhieh are oppoBnd"V o an> chdnfte. " Tbe rer«rt made to Ae government .from the,mint 18 understood! to be favorable- t<v ^tlv'ef. The headfjnua of the • cornmissionerB will rema paw For sal<- b,T >V. Perftons sendiog in a fir»» alarm arc r<\ quoted t,o Btaj nea^t the alarm box until tho department arm e»w>aa to gjvo information as to tho exact location of th"e Cures t Baokach^. w«l Kiil-'tfVe. ^ B/MART^, Ohwt " '" ^ For Sale or R«nt t;he«i>, "*\ Tho Mtmtsforoer> honiratead on Mijr- fihall .u'enue; also eonio choice lots' on Marshall Itvenuo (M»d LibeVtj_ etreot. Kola G/empouhd • remedy- pntent yet hfirmleaa- It tones and vitalizes tbe brain, tnnseleB, h^irt find stomach. »in brief rt^nvejiating and building 'np the entire BJ-SJ- teni, enriching ^the bloxwl and imparting to tjje whol« .btxly the , freshne-sj* vigor of youth. and Kola Compound i« composed <yf life giving, building, Herbal and -Extracts, awl Vi y.»tnble coirt.uns to tin- tutioa, consti- |<^a Compound [s-vWlorsed by j»^,i»y.^tai- Montgomer^s addition. Inquire of ' GKO. yllciS U*. ' *jiJl*iii**PM3JV* | i' | ' ? v »» *»> **7*»tc.*i»» iw Londun tintll Ortoher. Senator Wo/- \eotl Jnay visit Austria ifi the mfantlrm-, ftrid pave the %vay r n r T*eff"* i ^*' i "ns «.*ith AupU'ian g\jvernmeist \ IJrltUti I.ul.or Favor* Silver. The ^inumsHlonera do not wish to Jh nther povteinments until J2riu- attitude is ReUled, as hejr pjr- tklpiition la tin- movement, If SIH'UI ^d 1 , Will Jfld in tMV^isUntJ <"thiT«» After r« - «eivlng the Kn&Msh. r»>j.ily tile eorawiin- s\<m will go to A^uatrlji, Urtmany and . L. Blankenhor n SOUTH What A Maii fan »»» With °8l*000. Ae can buy W) acred of tfood lantl for $l,(*H). Pay J44JO down; balance ib three due m A, 4, ami Jjvearft at " JHT . . $.100 and 10 «ood C)..wi« for $3W. Tre milk B«d batter (roirt the fow<* will pay all farm aad family expenses. The ?ae,re»fte ' and wool will payoff the .. In that. iiMt-r. ,,,', sw retary of the\C4j^o"peratlvc spin- ..ers. yf-sierday forwarded to Lord Salisbury a petition repre^tttittg 350 lal>or orpraiiiza-tlnns In all theVidustrins, urging T!jrat Britain to ro^opec'ate with other nave mm* r»ts \t\ thh movement now on f"«l to seeurc a stifle par »x- chaimt- for K(.M and silver. \ CUxwH u Ilitf Hllv«T Mln«-(ix HtiH KaHe Oity, Aug. 7 ~A sp^f ial to The Herald fi rvm Park City, "SupcrinU nilent < 'ham'jei s,. tHE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, Will sell strictly pure Wright & kawther Oh. raw, 30c, boiled, 32c. per gal. Lead at $5.5O per hundred IDS. Varnishes, Hard Oil, Calsom 0 -~ * Black Board Slating, \ Bemoving, etc. Scientific American I Aoenoy fnr - ( «AVEAT«, I TRADE Wt#RK9, i DESIGN PATEMT8, f .' We abstain ft-dm using * inferior ueut Miy»u*i»U3 nod Hc-ioa- tidktriu "v , -> , ^ Otter BBiedies May Beliete . due. *Iu tiv* yew* ho will have a fim« fill prtW rwr Hnti w'ell utoeked. For dewrrj). live Viata and prices address K. P. Hunter. iiiM/uurati.jfl Agent IOT youth Dakota.'.35 IVarboru atrc«t, Chicago, Uk On a Thousand for One (Trade Mark.) /•'ACCIDENT ^fCKJJTS; T«! INTER STATE Comply d Niw Tc2k th tittlu and I>aly minos, ytsU-iday i\- cel\fti A tolfgram from NVW Vorh t ' ilo'wti Imth- mliies at awin»j t«> th& In silv^i If you are any d«ra»f emeiut of the gives TESEE MONTHS', insurance for $l. <» W«M?M>», , Livftjr or , or ' Of' Dr» I^ane> pound. It will "• ' you, Fjripe 60 >er bottle. ' Hon* cu*. a fuot . ) l^y and « '4bi« raw, < rtrwrt ^/llOfWl^f 7- ^T r r*hC\gV»»««* Br ar«» two of the la-iK<'St bllver inlne«i lit ihe «tati. rfixi giv*- emfikiymt-'nt toabuitt 700 in«. t n The Ont&fio niluc *» oni 1 of th f - t?n-ui<"it jnodutfis in the country. h*a hetn In a< tivt- otwratioli foi twenty yeuia, anrl has pa!4 al'uut' t^nrtt^i) !*unl a half million duliais In A\\ ide-tulh It Is flaiine<l Ihttt tlu 4 s«> miribs* runijot ™»e w(»U protlt HI the present to A Itialities of* mtxe4 paints, being able to mix oXf own colors from pure lead and other substapces. SHOP COPYRICHT a, «tO.' For Infonnutlnti anrl trt-n Ifmii.ll««>k writoto MUiNM * tU. ».! J(K'»AI>WA». ?-'g» Y-1K1C. Olrtrst tmrvnir fur WKWUH? panmtaln Anwrlpa. J.v<?rr )i"Ot>'i'i«< 1 txiuf »»v IHJ<» t^mslit bvtoru tliu jHifiUt Iff a notice given frto otvliarifo Jn U»« ** ljirKi«tdfri>tnllnnof any , . Ml'NV W lurkCliy. IC DDIIU'O vtrn BU^IIKR Lt DllUN OThlH rwrtCTy bel -'•- 1^. _'* __«• _ j*ift_ d . di^-t-^. - THE BEST THAT TOBACM ^AN PRODUCE. "BEN-HUR" CIGARS A cool sweet satisfying smoke, that leaves/a grateful remembera^ce.. ' ' Sold by all dealers lOt^iftraigUt and ^5 for 3."ic. VAILLJfi «JF W .^Tv i It W»B 4:i.O font* Ye»l<-ril«y. of (ouiing ton. tb.p ii|j«, *4t*mi>Qat« : INOKESOLU Kola May bo obtained s office It w\mld »ih(er. ',If wvftld "How In Afcg 1 - Aineiloan ailvt-r dulliun, ai- TJmrmlay'^ inatket i>rlte of ", <; <vr(ts>." >airt l'f*s* of tin; -mint yesterday, thw s^jnjrjie«rcittj latio In offler. to *r i to a soli} dciHar at this mtt to. efejjlain 8!% tine grains added tht *iraiyui. «uu •» n»i j«»i;. iiirti»»«»«*v*"*««/'v^^^ — BED. MOEBS &^CO., ^Wroit being to tho / CUR . Ci«!nlt07i;Einftry/ r«qalres 1*0 of diet.' Cure «>ed la 1 to 8 ull plalpp mall, »1. ly by/ A. O. HYDE. ,_„ J. Hmull plaU>pa«k« .Ite. by mall, -Hl.OO - • o*ly • LADIES G3Y OR. FELIX LE BRUN'S Steel | Pennyroyal Treatment is thd .riatimi t«d nnlj KHENOH ittfn ipjtl roliatiKi curw on tb» lonr- kut, fnrct. $1U), wwiL .Oeuniile tw»U! ulll>b-> A. O, HYDE. 58 <•«»«« an ouij&s, it i* my »* that wl|.hjfl^^ix mouths bUv+r jcp\ fail t«t *0 cent* au /xunce. Tft*ri% to *:< 4<:for it auy wht*e. China isj^of Japan is -o^t ot Ijugiijg. and v i_jSLEL_i. »aiB (HILJDIU:N RexTable^ aresold ufs,der a posiuve guara}rfe« ta f wre s of refund the money, and wp4tand by our guarantee. CUKjes all Ne)fl«His Disease*, IiplKHcnee, Varfc4»ej^o9t Vitality in. * old or young, Nightly EroUalaoa ami Wasting Piseases, and all effects oi self- f HAT THE IPAC^SIMILE -OP- A genuine'n*rve tortte. Sh*M(r? unraedi- at« Ihiprbwment. ITie grandest remedy *£ rtio&jrn time's. Don't l>uy imifca|ions. $<tt ttlsJ^ TABU^TS. Price 50 cent^ar «x pacl^es (^ full treatment for $2.50^ by >nail, wt^plain pacltage, op receipt oi ptipe. ., by A O. any vvhtXt-. China Is^ttut liuy* •^*fi. ttjwjt of Ijuaiiieaiit. and] _ i to ^ flu v 3*jnund^for it IfiT r to- a.ny extent. «ven |or uafe }• Ea&li* Jilocli, vornet State ab4 Eagle streets, who will be pleased*to furnwli ftoy- oufii with <4iter»i#*«? ttesti- monials. etc,, regarding wonderful, remedy. Dr. tane beeu engaged in the active practioe of awdiciue for ao years. The laat 26 devoted largely to the fc-tudy, tieatuitut awd care of chronic di&esaes, tuxd diseas^rf of the nervous system—in both and leuiale. (Jousulta- aod advice at .o At! tr*U)» run mipulw nlowtr t O W. HUtKJLSS, Gwi. f»»». y«u A, Jo«»soiii, Krtigiit Aj^ettt. . CTS- OiwowT Tl2N« A tin* w»ucJ» is SO loe*i titoa. Ttou; t*Ui« t*kiug ^rttoct Jeljr i, l»ut tftt fanillstf wid Jia»d SB 19 * nUt^lnrium \ oytput of gvM is «t^adns Ing. I think tbat th,e world'^ for tfeie ft«ar will to Tbe United States will tuatriUuiU; tf^wtt tv the aupr^- I bage my r\ rt - t au iif ti etiinid wurid'i uutj,>Vt tbe fact that the supply bad nu'l off in any country B«re tom<~* Kloiidykt now with still furtbej- <yJ4itions to tt>0 gold supp»y ot the world Tbe extent of the Klondyke's output in (Jci>i't«diub' laryiHy upoa _ t'urly PJ*tWl>urg, N. Y , Aug. 7,— aad v»*ty left Bluff Fumt tu Attend ttiv mid-auinint:),' of tlXK Vermont F»sh and GWKIVS . t«a miles of fettffe. ?ba wre$ident was b|r a»,4 Governor Grout, o* Vermont- vTb>ir« w«lr« no to ttis party 5Pbe SJ^MW** 3t»- chartered tw th« trip. Tbe president leturiirid (o Hot«ji about 7 p. m. sf jContains neither hiae nor Hw^rat Apofecf ReinpdyTor Consiipa- tioiv, Sour StoaBch.Diarrhoea VVbnns .Coiwulsbfts ,Fe«rish- of IS OK THE WRAPPER r ' OI 1 MEBY OF Hfirjoua lebilily. la* NERVE AND BRAIN TREATMfNT fHE ORiCINAL^ *tt 3 i HERS IMITATIOMS, ls Ck .Jd«.niuf.- 1P &sti J *« Written «-»»»««•». t>£(iUtljtir^->!/rf(eulii onJj, to (HIM VVott% Uettlory, t 'Jiiatr.-.iijii, Wakofulu4>»«. 1-ite, U>bt«>eMw U[iU£*- k of n»t oyift V i i> 111 <> liosi s eat balk. D»a*t 4ottia» .1 anytJuajj *!B* "» ^" S le!l 6r PW 11 " 4 *' ttia rt lii "ittstaa gcotJ 1 ' »ai "*>H s.a»v«r «vta-jr p«r- -jtiof ervuiiuiiiw, H ul trrura. or Exi.esi,iT*» « r Liuiixu wliu:h Itwia to MU=UI>, Co ..rtauit* uua Dferth- • At store «r b* '««ee or reruud tuouey, dw«W'*J?f^ t ' IS*. eoulftiaioK five 4w» trwitiuanti,»"»«', PP* asfcrm-noina, ;$ e«nti <Jie «««Bple ««» *W *° At »tx»ta urti> uiflit. '• Label £«tr»

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