The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 3, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1892
Page 1
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. VOkXiY-NQGl MARSHAXL, Mickv THURSDAY NOVEMBER 3, 1802 Absolutely Pure.. •. . A en am. of tartar l/a^uig Jfurhestof ajl tn Ipavouin^ Latest U. S* Govprnrndni F&od Re• AL BAKING fOWpBtt CO , v 1QU AVall Street, .JT. $500 REWARD! We-wilf payiufc above reward for anj"ca?e o Uvtir ComplainvDyspapsfa, Sink H«»<J»qlja, 111 (tlgeitlon, Constlbulon'or CoatlToneBii we cau not cure .'with West'* Vegetable Liver Pllla when tbo directions are stilctly compile'] wiib. They are purely VegBtahte and never fall to fflve »atMfoptioh,. Sugar 1 crtitted,. t,arga box*» coni tatning SO ,1»11T8. 25 oent». Bewaris o» .counter- f^^lSS? iMttauofls. TUg tt«iuuinfe manufaoXured 6* THEJOBNC. WEST IJOMPANY, CIUM 111. For «alc by A. O. Uyrte,' iMw^bail, MKili. A Oiiaraute»it''urn for IMIux of jvblit kta-d or Icitree —Estdriiul, Internal. Blind ur Bleeilins. Ituilog) i.'bfaalc, Hooeai oc Herortlfciry. 'fbl* remedy UHS positively uvvt>r bueu known to full. $1. in «, jl box, 0.boxes (or S5.00; aen't by mall prc- . pitid on riiealpi of priue. A wrttieu (iuaran'op pouttive'y tfjveu to eacb parcbi»»ur of If boxe^, .when purchased at one (line, to relucd the $S.TW t paid If not cured, (iuaraniua issued by '• A. O. Avite, MrtMball. Mlcb. OuH for HeaM is'Wealth Us;, K.O. WEST'S NKBVB AND JIBNT, a guaranteed Bpectflo ioc Uyateria, DU?i .nous. dQ6n,vulijlDus, Fits, Nervouu' Neuralgia, Headche, Neryoiw proatratiun cause(l by the ua<: »lcohol o« tpbauco, \Vftkeftilfle>w, Mental JJe- tresfiiou. Softening of the $fata,r£«ultlnelii In- Miuitr and leadiBK to Miafry, decay, and dBWh, PrtnmuroOld A*go, Bartenea.!, Loss oi pow«r fn altharee*. Inrolnntary Losse* and Sperwutor- •rhuea caused by over-exertion of the brain, eelf <ibufo pyerJaoulgsgaoe. ^JEaob box contains ou« moDtb * treatpiei)5. (l.QO n box, or. six boxes tor $5j«), aept by waU prepaid ott receipt of price W/ GUARANTEE SIX BOXES foeuf i ycttse. Wl^acftch order received by »|irforv^ 'oxes, accouulcfl Milb gS.QO, ^e v»il apud Uii,. I'.irohaser oar Written guarantee to re fund the iboneyU Uie treatment does not effee acure. O^r*ptees.U»uedo»lyby A. O. Hyde v aaq gotekgegt Ittareball. Slich, / HAVE you CHILDREN \ . TO ' . FOR - USEFTONliSS? . r _ . v.' u, 'if BO, ^ud tiioa t^the—«— A tkoro'u'gU, icliable and ^wjjreBbfVe in»HtulI6n. Hundreds of young men and women received K. B. 0, To farmer* ciSurse of pracJl«j^ uiutruo ahM be please4 to bave you caU aJ tUe CoUege and tulle over the mutter, pr,,address for KJKUG'S BUSINESS bOLLKGE, « Bft'tle Cr«ek, Micb. THAT BfiOOCH CASE A Trial that Is Interesting Lon* , - v . • don Society. PRICE tWO 'CKNTS Won in ISSVSud wore It on every pOslFbTe _ . , occasion. Mrs. often stayed at ttit/ T5EAOOUSEJ) WOMAN ON THE STAND ^omeafthe witness and saw the brooeh ^_ frequently. The-witness never saw Mrs Leader wear any sltnilat Uroncji. ^^VHeh IsaWthe brooch in t>ibd!n*s'shop;" said Mrs. Smyth, "I was no upset that I cannot remember now what I said therf. i may hare accused Mj» l^derof •' - do so now, anyhow." ./ Slip Milken it SlroiiK ('use In HrrOunFa- xorntid -Is Cnrrotint-uted by Good Wlt- npM«n~ -T-lu- A.Tiisor JJejrln* Her Story— An Attfur Railway A re I ilcnt Wlilrli Deimiitsfi-afc* tliu S<i|icrhirfty of Anier- IVMH « «.u< ln.*--Tlio,<« af British Make o - \ \, N'nv, 8.—The tj-ial of the suit ;fordanmgpH fnr : slander, hrought by Mrs, Leader asjainW Mi>| Sm.vth, Ifasbcen begun Uoth latliet are wives of nrmy officers. The plaintiff had been'aecuMed of etealfiiif and pawnlncc ?t diatnoni belongiti^ to the defendant and husband ifiimediat^ly brought, suit for Zander. The iinmediprt/ cause of the sUifc ,a h,-ttcr fiour'.Mr*."* Smyth^.ih slip 'by inipHcattou ,c1iarge« that on ^cpt. 22 Mr*. -Li-alle/'stple the broach. At Trtmcr^stage of the case* >Irs. Smyth' al- teretl the date of the alleged robbery, an/ parently after/ finding that Mrs. Xieadei' bad offered lier br<>och' to Mr. Btokes'ihe day before the d^e sh^ originally tlxed. The persoH^j -wlionj the alleged' stolen brooch was^wld ww it jeweler nahied Dib- "rtin, .and he wtis the first witnes?/ '.':'-.•'' . HtroiiK I'ohil for Mrs. I^uiler. Mr. nilxlin told kt length abouttite visits of Mrs. Leader and Mr». Smyr.h, .,When the brooch WHS* handed to Dlbdin be «ald that It appeared to lie the one Mrs, Leader had sold, but Iu£often saw inauy others like it. On litfiref-t examination Dibdin said he had 'wtn the puliV notice to pawnbrokers iftifgard taMi-s. Smyth's brooch. This notice* bad a picture of-the brooch printed on it. .Mr..' .Justice D.j»y examined the pjctuw anijrthen saiil: "This makes the brooch l.os)r havw ewht point* to the star, while tlitvW Mrs. Smyth; ^IjjJMiwl In the sb<jp had six." "That is ju^t-the point f make.".-Maid. Mrs. Leader's counsel.. Tliu I'liJtiitiU' nn tli« staiul. ^Il-s. LeailtT te-stitied that she bad.knoWti •Mix .Smyth for eight years, mid that Ca j- taiti Ifj-c-ncli gave her a -brooch whilu fel:e •was in t'rtirn wich lu-r hufsband. This was* the one she oiAil in Air. Oihdin. ^he had the case yet, and;, it was producei}. This was the .sj-ibstanceof. plaiuti'ff's!.;t*8tfnir);iiy. Sir 12dward Clarke thwn began thfcn»v examinatioij. For r two Jiours she underwent the ordeal "at v the hands of one of the most skillful crossi-examiners in England, and *he often .scored the distinguished lawyer. Khe produced a titter in coutt when m-'R£noiu>e to a-quest ion a,s to whether Mr'.. Smyth ha«l not on st-v^ral oeca^ions'i loanC([f her the brnoi-h wljU-h was the catide df all U$e tumble, hhn it-j)lied: U S1»»loaned me a 'i«tht« 7ied£lace once, not a diamond one." * . Shenmned five pay-bons, who, site sajd, knew that Captain Trench had presented her with A bnxwh, Hbe assfrted? tpai .she was acquainted with Captain*Trench.pre- vious lo September, Ifc91,,ana\sue g%ta the det4Hs> gf,their n>ee"tjngstOiget(ier «Mm their wrrespondeuce. IWr*. leader also asserted that Mrs, $myth had teld hVr that' {jhe Jiad lost ht^ brooch at Bt&ver, Lieutenant l>j«Jer, afiae f soldierIy-}OQking young officer, -was next called as 4 -Vituess, ' He CQI-=- roborated his wife a*» to all points of her testimony. He wid'^hat he had not thought it odd that she' sshould receive a present from Captain Trench'. IJeuteuant leader stood croiv*«xamiui«ion without Pinching, aud materially 1 strengtliened his, orated the stat&ment of Mrs. tead"er in re"t tfar4 to her visit t» hiailiop, Th& cJqserl W»e case f^r the plaintiff : Testimony of »lr». Smytlu - Mr«f. Smyth then took ttoesfand. She , ft* \ you part <, . . e J«stifl«d thatjshe bottghf the brooch in attea- Uon in 188, aud wol ur. SharpBteen's UVe and Asthmutio Balaam. ^NMlXO JltTAM rtVttA**. .1^^^,.. Will ( with ^--/t— - T. •-—- • wiitJK • bStbi^ in "tokhesB, or caO tfn~ youft drnmjUr for Hi- «h*,.*».^.- i, a V en( Jer Gift went - when doctors fail in Mem Croup, Inflauimatinu rf4ws' LunK I'eret and Ityphoi Pneu , also quickly relfevespa • cures Croup, Soarlat . Fefer. W ooping tough, Sore Throat, Burns,, 1 8 v Id* n*d jlnuiar affltctiom, 35 and GO OIMI»» or 'by ain/i? D« U. SBARpatteKN, , MidhitrtUi AME«IGAN c«MU-g«. Hexbert Kobiiihon, a • soldier who v^at -ta-Jjieutenant Leader in Egypt* "tebtin^l t^at he ha4 cleaned the btgoeh Jn. -%ypt-, Mrs. NeUje ^orten^f wife of Caf>tajn a Porteus, of, the JBriti^h .army; testified that Mra. Leade^Jlent her the brooch soou after her return to Cairo. The brooch le^t toJie-V w^s, witness said, sdenftcal with the broocU. produced in court. She had al&o seen" tshe brooch 4n Mes. Leader's room, M^s AJUJS Scott said taat she had seen the bcooch 'Ui Mrs. L.ead- fer/spos^esaon whe»>she rtturniid to Cairo aad Mts. Leader tojd heis it had beea pee- sent«}d v u> her by Captain Tmicb. I'Uiuy Up itti livlUeaoe'. Miss Maud Thompson, • a si»t,er of the plaintiff, Identified the .brooch, in court as one-which Mrs. Leader had&hown her when she returned to Egypt Louisa 1 Bruu, a servant, aad Emily Page, a servant, testified that thuv had^ mien the b-ropch inMrw, Leader's possBsbiou inuuths before MKS. Smyth had lost the brooch. Solomon Ja- VarneU'* SecurlUe* Auctlvueil OXT. NJBwYOKK.,Nay. 8.—A nv.niber of we»t- .^•^^wn^r»£^^H»7^ r ^^ Stewart'FameU, have been sold .at public ttttctiojgu ,ihe brooch fieonj * de^igu, which wasTnot registered, aod had made twelve brooches. ~' ' HrltUU 11*11'' LoxbOx, Nov. :);-/There wad,..a terrible railway accident liear Thh'sk, Yorkshire; yesterday. by jchich 'ten^persons were killed and abofo. thirty- tnoj-edr .less in- jiW'fly An e/press''at full speed collided with a freight train loaded with iron. So solid was/the freight train that the express locflinot/ve rebounded*,, falling in a Held. QUtsMe of ttie natural horror felt at such au occurrence'the chief interest that American* will bare il? the disaster is embraced ^fi the ftct that it ,-most conclusively dem- 'otistrated the superiority of American railway coaches. - . The Pullman Stood ' the Shook.. Of the nine ordinary carriages, some ahead $1 the Pullman sleeper and others behind it, all were smashed to pieces, while the Pullman, though racked and 'twisted, withstood the shock in a manner marvelous to English ey<3s, "None of th4 numerous occupant* fy>f the .Pullman was seriously hurt, the majority escaping .with a bad shaking.up. The carriages between the locoinotive and the Pullman «ir crashed? together and fell in a .shapeless heap. Th> PullmaiV reared up and felf over upon the "locomotive. The coals from the furnace of the locomotive set tire tovthe gas with *,bieh the train h3d been Ifghtwdr- The flaiiws spread slowly; but slirely, noor^ Kanized attempt being made to check them. The York fire brigad'e arrived'on the spot four hours after the collision. Salw ]!!• \VUa Ri>a«t«4l to Detftli. A passenger named, Mackenzie wept raving fi-a/.y while witnessing the flames slow- Iv riwMins his wife to death. He made 'frantic efforts to throw himself into burn ing pile and die with-her, but. was caiiicd by his fellow paxstMigern who, like himself, were unable' to render any nssistanfce to the unfortunate people caught in the blasting wreck. Many denunciations o« the apathy of the railway -officials were heard. The first help to arrive from Think,, a distance of only two and* half miles, arrived two hours after the disaster, and evenltheium efficient appliance swere furnished for clearing the wreck away or caring for the dead and injured. " Th* Poor J'Vllow jyjw \Voru Out. The switchman, who was fonud asleep in his box after tlie collision, wept bitterly a* lie related his story, • Hp admitted hH'w. sponsibility for the. failure to display the proper signals, but said~jtwa>. hupos»ibje for him to keep awake, a* hi- had been nursing his. sick f'hild hy day and working nights for Mjiiu' Jinie bocfe. The child died Tuesday,. TV father askwi Uie'lwai ageut' for two da^«' leave of absence, but it W4*} refnsetl, though, he tirotestfla his inability to perform his duties. It ^'"Jd «eta«n there4iore, that the agent, wa^ eulpallle'in not taking precautions to nave a coiupeti'iit signal man on duty, * 4 v > <Ji't I.tM Is thie tiaineof.» litJe iiookjust received, telling all about No-tp. bdc, the wonderful, harmless guaranteed. our* . for chewing, smoking, cigarette habit or snuit^llppinx, Ko-to-bae is the ojily guaranteed tobacco hibit cure in rhe world. Sold by druggist*. Mention thia paper, f he Stetlihg Remedy ^30^ 46rKandolph St., Chicago^or Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind., and get a ' ' .mailed freev . , . l< r.' M--en,,f£, Nolioe is hprtrby KivVrijTrat tt of the stockhol^era of Page>Bros\ •gf Co. will he^hold ftt Hie offlc«. of con>pany, at Marshall; Monday. 'Nov. 9th,l893. at 0 a. m, for the .election of tlire-otora an« for such ot¥«r as may ••• d •••JB; I MARVIN Cast iron plant bracjcet*. Iflic«nt8!it" Morrill.'fl. KIRKS DUSKY Scored Mrs. Ut-ttcoti. , Nov. «.'-Tbe" tribunal of the Seine yesterday dismissed thp aujt brought byili-u, IJeacon against her hnsbajid for divorce on the ground of alleged cruelty. The presiding judge'severely- scored' MH, Deacon for bringkjg4he suit oibsueh frivolous gmuiyis, whih? she heroelf was under gcavfl charges, and the, cOulit ordered; that the eldest, of Uie children; now in a cou\i;ut should be given up to Mr. Deacon. Both Mr. and Mrs. Deacon were in coyrt and Mia. Uf'iwuii was. deeply affected. ' l'wcijty-fl»e 1'euple Killed. '" "'"" Kov. a.— A panic occurred in the church »f v the villa^ ttf Yinagora,in Hungary, ypcm the i-aiaing of a faji»e al^irui that the tower -was collaps?ing. Jn the j»ad btrugglo to «e^ out' twenty-five persons were trampled to death. tf* p, Nov. 8.~D»\idfioodinan,5ljjRU vr. in meu'a . street, jjonfes&ed judgment "to the ,-lnaericau ^Truat and Savings bank It -' fl(5,T5a friends of Mr. QooiUujin say 1-f ia perfectly solvent aa bis assts amount u> 6200.000, while hi^ liabilities do n3t exceed Healtfiful, Agreeable, Cleansing , . -• Our** . Obapp«d ^Casula, WowuU, Burns, and Daadxntf. UEBIMN TMILY sow. Best for General Household U$e : MlCRIGM f^ T1Mg TA 12, 1892,^ .. •JWc»j;o,>T.,.,. 9 CO t»Jwn»soo 8 05* .,.. 345 * Tlokoi Agt, . . Ticicw AWBt. U«r»b*,1>

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