Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 24, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1961
Page 4
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f *L V- Taylor Tells Kiwanis C Of C Highway Views 6ACtT«YAXD 25 Years Ago! m te lotil 'ionic =aid (hat Iho trntoMake 1 reitam in prtne more u'stlv but thai Hie ("liatnbni foot* u\ei n ftau' '"* e • i tt t> ' Hit* additional investment wiit he • jw;tii take AiiiiiiBil uhtti Mu 'irtuinpd became j( nffci^ pieatcr) uij=h«Bv I «tt'lhi« ! in.>ii sihti'iit- 'Mliailion (« lntui«t« aitd opens' !ni')l>i litaun^ mi iplueaui'h of HIP \\p\\ suit? of the lair to IP ' Ihe Or! Hut Kn\nit i t HI! \< Ihl 'ill S.R1M ShHl Oil ih vt-\=i t)f tht- pmittitri the I'hnml hraim^ i mi=«n>n in hflv-" 1 now (Vn mem xi t'i*> Jt«chwi»\ Un fa=;t l»o, pj iomnh«e»i The district }vn pwiM 1 the lakf a< ,-an psHin BI U»-\i>e tht jsrvsfnt "i'r UP pointed nut thai HIP Ml EKvprninrnt will pav Ihe amount loi aims U<o hi»hwa% If (he *falp >' " 'i' havi 1 !o msi-e \i|i the >'if sui «. rvtHl "vo'A and •I" 1 -ik. The woot market soared to si ncM' high Wodnesdaj morn ins* When the sale of the K, K. Knwtctl f month clip of 'HUH*) i !<> Duwam Hughe* nf S. Kntofv at IU cotils a WHS announced by (3eo F o Neill, manage! of Ihe n«?l Kin \\oul and Mohaii Company * "• » » C B "Pntrti*' Wsmllnw. PIPK- idenl of the Producers Ww>l & t omp-im, announced Iho of cH,<WJ pound" of 12 wool al W- trnt>s ( Iho pioviouj? lueh, tu > D sinXos \YcdtH"i{l,u mom im; Hils»r\-• 15. Ooran has returned rd ilip C<»!!fer-l anuis College of Senate Candidates Criss-Cross State By THI ASSOCIATED PR11S ')hc two camlklitU's for Urn U.S. .Senate ha unnoted nw'iiy at each other nM,iin Wednesday as they cuss eroded the hlale, JJemocititlc - .Sen William A, IMaklcy hore down m South Tuxas on \»i (.home iluit a Heinihlican couldn't help Hie .stale, John 'letter assailed |thp netnoeisitle Adminis| trillion and claimod ho was run Letters to th&Ediior told a uilly TueMliiy ni^ht: ^£^< l !?S^VS2J^.'? tt »^tt Editor, • I have,born wak-hlng Bill Blak' wouldn't do « thing." He called for an economic blockndc mound Uulin nnd pie* vution of the Monroe lloclrinc. Of (ho proposed Cuban bulldoz especially' his US Backs Move to Add Nations to Laos Talks GENEVA (AP) — The United States today supported a Thai proposal to ackl lruk>ne.sia and Mnlava lo the East West confer- that exchange he said We should novcr have nllowotl om-M'lvi's to be blackmailed like thnt," i nin^ ahead of the inlciim scnntoi* | Al Houston, Mix II. D (Frankie) Ran<totph k',tdci of the Texas Pemomttic htiernls, said she won't vote for cither candidate in iSalurdaj's election for Vice t're-sl. j dent l,\mloi> .Idhnson'd uncxpitod f. . •,' , _. t . . ;""•',",.,„„„, »,,o „„.; * Ilc .Ju*ee Children ' .nut Eichmann Charged With Murder of Ci< -< of ( 'inniiif'V< ; *" . Hi" n > to WEATHER 1NPQRM AVION U'J iVn=n«Htnu ,>f t , n., >| nr;* S' i ((iftiiMrr 01 (i"vr>lir i'f ' lipped T ti -< i !" TI Vv. n,K> ) r ti,i Kjh»' \i ' « i t !j _l,\ -n i. ',-,,, •> i ^ n-l.t «iv > ' i i n-> , . U, ".•HI. » ,11 :.',!_ t ^ i> i 'i? '» ' ' 'I , 11 1 lip- <;,-v- -l 1 .« •' ,.1 H " i-i'f "TV mii.,;-,. j ;\. v*,^^ < » i c " {• K . ! rjm ut ri cv -'' ' " '">V • i >! IM.,'!-.. !( l^ri>,-, , 3 I ''.i?" "(•". •> » i*h i Ki"-p> . hat-"! 1 t"flifirf (i 1 '?,'''t« 5 !'?!! \xp-= 'i iri^)!>U«! ?>• p n->« i t t-'Ii"-; !ii II ?hr f |i K Pi rii-ii Mt* U.<\ M Uxium 3H\t t^C iHuol«ir««. Molds and 1 n .! ( Hr?V> o! K ittKri Knn»,t \t*«^d <tt IV! Uio 'ino«ila\ with Mr nui Ah r M 7:dvi i', \ft Sihi rfii'fifi'h ,npfc Del ;ri v^ ^^j, i HiftT^ from t"n;n T \ niv.1 of U,Uilun«on )- \t».uv»i. n l)ri Km a<- r>.( ,\f !,<-; dan_h'<M- ^h s J,.-)M ji-!i,M,i and Mi-v An P- -t J i" V, Wet Concels Due to Segregotion \ * > \ ^ v* rr* <>i< i ^ t-T>'i]T»s ft'- <• ' V*- \'k ! , Ktvhler and *\\o T"' o 1V>»- «*\ ot 1 .jPrtvtp arc \tsnmo in l>rl Kd> j^ gi-oviv v Publisher-lditor Dies h!,;-!^ r snd i t^asrtfc «« iC^ilpv » sh; ITS lie <iMr* iii>i*vc vhow •f '-^ nil > U.-is <i\ J'l^ .va lls.nrl iS of i^p 3 j JKHISM.KM i AIM — Adolf Son m.ikkVx lla.u.s County J f f. 1 ""?"" WJ , S p! . un '« 0t! lo<tnv .oamr^nyi mnn,uoi Pu-vhn SVer ' „/ i kit •'«• ""' " ' l " hi!dron ! trm ,'i said ^l^s Uandolph "is l ' l <l askiiib.' people, to .forget complete j The Uraeh piO'.ocunou pie>ent h and to ifirune Pciit\ loyjiltv fit document-. hU^ins .1 tr.ul /rom whuh '-he lu-- stio«.vod for MI (he fa minis \illav,*'* in r?i-<-ho*'o msin \^-ai, ^ '\aki.i So IJwhm «nn •• <*^ni m |h^ Tower's II oust o n eainpaign Merlin oTito < i tne ucx; i\x> nnnapri Kob<nt Du-ivtieet said The evidence irii'M \\o\\ <^' t >ch Ihcie i> no rmfvuon of paiU p.uitoi-. killed Keinh.ud liindnch K<vsU\ 1,1 t'lis tieellrn 'locau-o the \.T?I <-ee iu(\ poiice chiei npithei c-in.ha.ito is otficia5l\ « nesi "Lidice on hme ! !'M % -sno tvnMncc cf ,) uoliiica! p.uiv" Iu>\\ the \.TI^ in tvpn>al rarcd U!.i!>kn ifirinnt to US ^id Ihe town, plowed it over and •tJ doM'lopinc Tevas n.Uiir.t) re (rsn--}>orled tLe p<tf>uLt(t«n t<i voaiiis vai«j .1 KepuMicjn seiuloi doalh e unps. frwn Trvas wouldn't, .help the On«-> do-rum em iiunvc-' Kich vlii ' 11 maim was m Pi ictie ot ibe time niak'oy addrcsyeil some SOO ( Oestapo t'!es tiise^ed fh?i SS ci-orrmc v«pjvj'ci»- at ^ Houston J u'icc cmldivn orphaned b\ the- b' %!n 1 'tirins SIIH<K \verf se - H to 1 o«Hr loW the.v th^i he \\ould tip Sox on ef them ^v^^Te ilescniicii a.s iwr r*}XMi ol U-.c- Connall> ' *fu toi C.cim,»ni7aJmn" at. 1 i!'oy \snrndwent !. «iiin« I S parttci woro scalterod "through C»ormanv fcrrrd-'to U>r Sotvste rt'snhitio'n in fi i \am<lun «t'hr.u! a true K NY , z- niw* U'fit iv bofnro Con Polish murder milis. grr-sv .now, put' thnv by 5 Hcpuli- The most t-Mlnv ii'o C1^'V. a letter from SS 1.1. Col. Her: pr< sxs^sl to vuc pid So Com offn e m P»rl,n amusument btntcittenfs gcnrcd 'for getting voles from the citizens of Del once on Lao= anlieipalini.. Hio- "Uili Dlaklpy is, goins to got j they would swell QIC pressure for our L.iughliii Air Force Base to'ii «ound plan to pacify and de- romain in Del Hio." j militarize the Southeast Asian Most of m arc aware of the) l.llsoness of political promises and! pliilform^ of late by moiolyl watching the present admtnistia-1 (ion. Certainly a lot ol state.nt>mb •sbiied durins the presidential cam- 1 paii-n were strictly for vote ap ' pual Wo aix> just now finding out !'i>w Ridhhk we were . ^>w, another Do.ituCiBt, Bill . , bisjjms with these wild i. How is a man that veer* , to the coiu,or\aU\e aide, of his. party going to «ct Lau^hlm AFB back with a liberal admintslra turn m, power'' How is a man Eotim to ^ret our bai-c to remnm lu*rv w 1'en his <.emorit\ in his o«n party m the S«?mte rank* third fiom the bottom* How is •'ill Blaklev etimg lo do tms mai \ehnis feat when r,\ndun Johnson .iiui Mr H.i>l)uin tan I d-> it \nd how can the voting pub 1'c he taken in i>j ahx'ird sivc Dei Kioans much credit for seoirg thro'idh hi<- "nile. The Ame-riran delegation in a statement said enlarging the conference as Thailand proposed Tucsda\ would be in line with ITS poiicv favoring the widest possible consultation by countries in areas where problems occur. U S do!e?.Ufs were reported to fe*>I thai Burma, Cambodia and Thailand—Southeast Asian countries alr?aci\ at the conference— a $11 on? desire for a Lio* The Amen- Iwlu'vcti ^!,^|pva and Indo would 3ild to the pressure his pro nenlrshU bloc could on the Communists I'S dcleeaiion was re- toward another Tliai pro po>«' to ad*l Indonesia and Mala\a to the !nt«-r!nf.onal Cont-ol fo'nn'T-sir" lor Lir>« vow made vin .M I'idia Canada .ind Poland. The V S •.iasenient ^aid an> en ,!arge!5>.«»nt of the. com mission ' o r>'i\i uavf :o '»p decided in con ^sil'ation with nresent members frltlv <--ans ne>ia "'•'' exert The 1 hone people will re.thze thai 'M tin- ta'k i>- tor \otes> onh. Th'- Jiian can't jxissihly bring us what *'.e s savins that l<c x\i!l -f olecJcd. And. 1 hope people v\iH vt»ie for John Tower . . . \}w only ihiii^ he is prom smii i* 10 >tr,ve Jo give pur country back to the people and on! of Ihe government 1 - Smcrerely. ^r> Will F nepubbcan i Raff Engineer Finds He Has Busy Wife \IF\1CO CITY , \PJ-A railwiy on^mctT 3(,*e- A'da n-i dec:de<i he ", ch' ::« v vi", jnvcsii^ate what hvs vxt'c An'elu, 53 nu j v ith her sp^ro ">nie during his fre<jtient ;r'r^ womnn rrx nc <-- a >ct\ c sTfair wnh a of the ICC both as to the tag** *|»d the nee<l." _ The conference 'was expected^ to take up a message todty »»m the truce eommtssion concerning the ceas«-fire the commission is supposed to te watching. — — '— r \ Sweet water Man Sentenced to Die In Electric Choir ./ i 3 * * i LAWTON, Okla. lAPV-Sllflby U.eon Doggetl has been sentenced llo death in Oklahoma's electrk | chair by a Superior Court Jury t here which com icted him tu**- dav night of murdering Lswtwi golf professional Jimmy Lanman. Dogpett. 23, of Sweeiwater, Te\ , sat impassively while tlie verdict was read bv the II man , and one woman jury that had de- T ' liberated 3 1 :: hours He is the second person con- \icsed of shooting 10 death the 21 \ ear old solf pro la-t -August. Ronald I<ockwood. 19, Altoona. Pa, was con\icted earlier-by - a mr\ «hirh =et his pum<bment at life imprisonment. Pogffeu's attornej said the verdict wonid be appealed. Mr and Mr* I\an Lanman. parents of the \ictim. v.ere In the courtroom when the jury returned it~ \erdict The defendant s parents, 3»!r and Mrs. W E DoggtU, did DCJ hear the \erdict read althoueh tbey had \u!i:e;>£ed: earher tr'sl proceeding 1 : Doggetl if the youngest of 10 chilcirec. Dosset! and Lockwood were arrested in Pennsylvsnia shortly after tno - slaving Lsnman's car. Ads Brinjr Res-.iTts REAI1 THE rij us? ( >,KHvios s\i,eu^»l " and victv on I 'ho X'ni'evl Siaies should wit "nnlii ' c c!» on sirt ?o ihf Cuban reb Tne nns»x er-'- is" s DR. ANDRtS fORTALiS DR. J. H. KlY K««n— Mon. riuv Contact l»ni The fiSS t 1 PK Say !i With ADAMS' FLOWERS WANTED t006 IADI*TO«5 TO CLEANED AMD tCFA DEL RIO RADIATOR 150 W. SERVICE Ko! Ht S-M1S O I ^ ' • v. M^/ '.""^ 3^v"'1 !;*lp^ ;s S?«Sr ^^' "^"rf^'^^r '/^i • :fe&££l- r i^~''~-£?ril:"'l ^5 -1 s/^T V/.' •f.-r vi-f:">-y^:-P . ( -^/- i j^^:-! |-~.-.--t*.^""-| f-; -'-Cj .I^I^B^t^iJs^ Rffl^^ "" ""*" 4 ^ --— . . ^---' - --; —^ ..- AV-? Vjx_; »A=N ! I ...- c:g^£>=i- -cr-£ j ] s^s? 5 'MSS£, ! I -i r^ ; "" / OH, TVRN *^ : ^-s <3*&z'-' ^ri\. rr^_. ~G&%.\ f •> r^^ ^"' l- -r-T^. ^yfi-^ ! " : P ^ ^-< 'Mi - | !i! " ;; '• i - >—-,."..,. e^ffispss^^rS ;^i^^i:«£ : d IT^n ^^P^\M'*^T ^£.~=C\ •! : '^1 WK m/im ."'i-. 7 CAr-J ijMfJS "HAT. 'SOT Wi-lcsJE ASfc YOU h-...-,. t?io(Nsr©.'uv£? & : f M^t a<3: V 7H'!PA«jr.£t DREADS..'?' : BSFO' ^iOCtMCCS'^EM MAN 'A^'

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