The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 7, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 7, 1897
Page 3
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fffE BA»f,V CHRONICLE: 1897, SEE THE DTHP - - OP - CALIFORNIA --FRUITS 3S1I, If Oft F. CJHOWN nml SI AR8KAT.1/VI T,FAT50«0 TARJ/F SBPPT/V fabVKK PINE APPLES to to/ 215 LHiUi>U.i?lfti BREVITIES. „ . ,; >. ^ round to thoea who ami "AH tfaings wait.*" Don't baUik' on pr&verbs AU Chinas oiWfte round as fo thfiee^wlnnHPot them jttet Jialf way. 'Mrs. if. t<\ Garwood fe home from TUo LaBeW lesortera are haying tiroes tlitJlejtavg;^-—~~ —-Service at the Presbyterian chureK-X-o- niorrow uinrhtlftr,. „ i time of the annual whonl fl on <tpacp< ^ A part} of Marshall ladies picnicked at Lydftilake. today; E. C. Nichols, of Baltic Creek, was in this city this iifternoon. Mra. NT. C}. B«isv« and children arc hnnie from a visit itt Detroit, n Patronize the ice erenm porial at Mrs. John Woman's tins etehing. ThoSaloiagnndi i;5ub will go to Gull lake for a fpw de\/ae\l" month. Mrs. Maud JfaK 1 "'" °f Kalaraazoo, is 1 her ifctrcntH.vMr. and Mrs. A. ••-*,„ Ward's funeral \Hil b$ held at the. house Sundaj afternoon at two o'clQCk. Marriage liwntr issued: Rrtwst C. .flatuptoa and Cora M. Olds, both of AthcDH- A party of ladies wont' to Cere<n l o on their wheeln last menirijt The trip was a mostdelightful one. Many Marshall jwople will attend the M. 13, cnrnp meeting near Albion tomorrow, providing the weather will' Those of our reac&'rH vvlioar<j of ;i poet-. jcal turn of mind'are . rei.mnded- that •' '*8i>ooiM9t»diltull«rJiyittes with "Klondike." . The Di T. &• M. .rUHruad runs an excur-' 8km to jSia^tkra. l-'alls August' I'l. . Tin: fare from thia eity will be $5.00 fa/ tli< trip. Married, in Marshall, TtmctfcU)., Au IS, HO?: by Rev' G«-o, Y, Huntins,'. IJoyoo <>f H.ittle ty&jU, and Mws Suaan D. Hink^, ..f th« taritf bill id /tC-tpujngible fur it) entitled to eon ropifafttunteouB, Liters h< Ipt4 us all. a f-irta _n in wht.u Hidttiuble and what Su«ar h Binet) th<K Liriit wh went inti»" ould irtdii itc that pr* y the bujj-tr ti«st, jf D unaiu toftn to lit) m uiifi or two placet*'and thvu undoubted!} v.kip ped, a* the officers wXn unable to loeate itftn. ' ' X ,.,. ,, , , s , Utu«tgo Ketwd • f> fn Hi.*(th Anieriai th(?>' hav$ a kind of tttxni tlirtt won't ,\>urn." "That's no yuoijs wlmi tW woiid, ujiotU HI this .vM'.ahi. i ia icu- that w^Mi't melt." Judfja Keiley ' * of $be j«£tic tiiifr a wan &$> dollar^ for s* ear ing in hie'court room >w4frda\ sw»d out> lt?t ,lrin:i off on Bromine of doing bettor 19 the. r the .Christian of the United Brotherhood, fiter. <' ''the Ljome a; Saiuau, Which?" , . ' -'Albion KMjfiier. Work on tfae IJicyfle Win-fr iy Marshall, Thw iitaited nit»A6i( at if*, dispw**!. Only a saiall p*ri of tb*, sabecription n^e has been pd^i, TUt*o half <l»>e anj days* works are due DOW, toy, the coia- mjttetf says. • . iU* to the free -City Euginwr ltoejer v «Jtli »»««, th y«si»rday to nuj- v «j> a !«» f« r the ttf the Oetrujt, Toledo 4 (lojroierly tht^ Cimaoaati, Jack- to Detroit. Sir. Ko«w* .Tfpoitotbat a»d wnstr^tfad with the speed potxdbk. Duudx-e w y| bt» the jiuitrtiou pornt hetweau Detroit, To- lwk» aad ttits "went, ffie line b^i^~^ the point wht) tht old iijue ebttra ou to th^ Am»i 4rik>r road, ao<i will proceed to Detroit. It wJl W au eas> one pile*? Doau'* wiU \ntwjf you ift*tw>t wiiu/ and nt ihe^Baptrst chttreh Mrs, t'hwtbe Merrill and Russell Mer r\ll returned hoiw last ftvcnitiff. Mrs. C. T. Diekfty earns up from Gnl lake yesterday nnd retnrned twdfly,, Mrs, D, ftubbaril is home from a trip to CbJengo and othjnr western pointed Gh«rl(*» Ktl^erton has rfltwrn^d froro a week's o«ting at Podnpk and vicinity. Mrs. W, M. Hovi^ and little son, o Grand Rapids, an^ guests at Thomas Mr. and Mrs. H. P, During have re rned from abroad and are now friendi at Jftshtefcunift, 111. Ice ciPfeard soeiSl tJiiTo^Bnihg at .?ol)ff Wf 88W3fi1t f Fora 7 to TO o'dock. A char4ga.of tan T3ent» will b» «»ade»- Mr." and JM^-s-. &rt>Wt Dicikoy ant; if Clhieasfo* ferrivoftt^ulfl y and will oxseupy the " infq«a uS Jhat tbe^ wiM nof build a at l^tm lake this to the oontrdiry Kliphorisft who left fpr Creek ynste,rda}' has no ^ f»ir .y Vtdies, and it is rutuorwi that tftpjK no parbicnlar MSB t V The Laming Journal la giving amount of fre4 advertising^ lt^ is 1<» bo hoped JSJjr. t Tftwtt6 fully- appreciated tho ' - ^ One of tho fad* of the? waw«» is to !iave a hilt baud and tio \b> match, tins is on straw hats, and the material te ra^ The colors are bright and the figure usually a piSid, Thw Epworth League devotifinal raefit- g will be held Sunday eienihg at lltifc Topic, "TheThrajerri ata!V>liusandT>re." T, W. J. JJlopd. A cordial invitA- tion is extended fo all. One of the. employer) of the hottjl nt LaBelle resort, Gull Take, waft unfortunate enough U» break her wrist. The cottagers one even-in}; this^week (jave •onee-rt for her benefit. The reeoipl«f were in the neighborhood of S1U. One ofjh? best^modioal authoHtiei on athletiOTsays amitury'rup^ji the bicv- •le IB a foolish thing under the best twn- ditions, while a double uttntury riui is 'absolutely .suicidal." '/n\\\ there are" {Mine who ure alwajt/ready to destroy r whole stock «/vitality on « fo()li«h feat\ Hi,veet jjwwv/iH rid a houst* of flies. If y^ou do not wliexe it. d.irkt^a room, except-at a .^rfiijl^wint, atufr/^lace «i Inine.h >f s\veot^M}as in ':the ligh't place.' Then an. hour trH> dead .around XP rather fho. sUirpetliyjlies. '.Phe >r sjeeoie to have a petMHiar attra,ction ror rtie.13, and they will giitb/ir on tho blosaou«s,:when th«».-peifutue intoxu-atus The Statesman devotes conaiderablii >f itw Bpacti toJLhn Ghronu le this week* In regard to the Manhattan Aiuugataeut e it has hedged eonsulerablj. LaHt week it ro.isted the men-hants and tln> people for pationuui^ theahow.nou it «ay» thi> scheme was a fraud on . the jiivsrehante, and roasts the Chronicle be> cause it took side« with the lucn'hahts tnd p^ipiw. One gien-hrmt informs us that the company H\ed up to their «x>n- tu the letter. It was understood -hat a j^rtsiiter part of the hou«,e *as to red, nthefwurf 1 how eouW the n^-ni»\ esfn'MBt-s ma thev onl> ret> eent iffeMiket from tho merchants* The fathnau' ru<ty fitltv^ilbeett afakt^, but f the uicrcjiants and people -.wTe tKitiri Bed tho Statesman had no oeeufe-kua to roatrt theni b(**sa.u»« the printing vvatt u\5^ luuu jit that oHiee. • Moat of the money thai wiia taken in was left here, a*»d i*ur >rary wlioilld not .bey did M * UAlhEl K*te JBxe«r»i«»w» From nil Wtut railtitada the to attend ,' shows at Battlt) < &. ^Al trip made a vory low round trip rate for the occasion and ai» aspired in advaat* of a ^uJibi^ m pia*». The ahows hi\vu aiwuvs jfce \'t4ry largest antl <»f all bitjst cireua. pwfortiiaftCtt ayd fu|fii» thau any otiie ni the wo*H- Tims is no exception Amupg th« new 70 horses {^jrforiuuig in ufl« a d«g who pLi>b footi>all with such him a wool** pag« perforutaaou, a pjig that a«tU4ll> taiius *o you tan ^w^ujgwiulii ify wordfi bettter.. tliau a parrot'^ ail. the ciiauipioa rid»jrs» of the world, a great c-lephiiut(j, a. big aerial a^ts, mciudiug the pretty tittle girl who JB ahot from an ' through, spimie and 100 itber feature* toq oaiutjrous to a tho iuenaji*ritj tdiit, ou exhibitiou without t'Atra i;li5irge, wfll be seuii Mies JSwiug, tile ttiileat person in th« jiittivi* of Mi**>uri amdoser eight iii^h, aud Grt>a,t Fetor, the the world,' wko ^'fhat Hherm«n tlae any kind friend mailed Secretar Shorman a eop> of (he Marshall States man of tho date of A ugnst 6, IS97? If w th« jffwid HCftehiry mtiRt hijyo frxprriftMr- e<3 a spn<*atinn of relief after perusing tho editorial headed "ThatShprnifin T. ter", for of course there is not a doubt hi» inind now bat tlt?i4 he ia fully viudi oated from ^he char^'o of not haviniar written that imKh>fitlkodi of docunipjit regarding tho seal fishing question. However that may IIP, tho public, that is tile reading public, is not, fully convinced, notwithstanding that Brother Gregg fojt thy> nocossitj of devoting n column and aTialf of his valuable" space f'othfc tuatttfer. 'TJia Statea- fnms's allegation that ^ Worw wrong ma-king tho assertion tlmt ex F^teJ wrote the lotte and thst we obtained our infftrMMitfoB fn»fti the papers is abam-d, fo a degreo, ttifa Ufti- eftg(^pat»^s p,<»&}iBhed the^aefcwofe only as kttiattftr of ftwws, Btit also H^H'd« tfie affair the^eubjeet tif nunwxrouB^jtorif The Rertjrd% London rort-eBpondetit of July SO^also -cefers to, Ihp Tho lettw was wr,i$«n by • he salfett, fojr_ ;erifl!»n % e eignatut e '*' ' '" YorkTri- to'tiie i nrr*^n\ ' nui-"i ,t PI* V . \li( ii HP H ft c iM^m, ii ni'in of-*.ter following -Mot v of (1 ris (|a?etta up- «H*>4a4>lo- SitouliawtM»««l each contained a»i editorial (?) i nosir alike aa two peas. TS^o former p*per 'glvef< th<5 public to that they vyere esitraetw fronj toti eorreepondone*!. If So, then should have Vwten plaj>d under heading, had tho editors of those them to appear in the! Aaa ijiatter nf fact the f! fi-r'red to wat went from the offkit of tiational republican t^jni^uittoe and wasr probably written before the true ciiaractyr of the S-heniidn letter was made pubhr. */ Tho Statesman j/U« UH tho-"extracte" were published fevw> weeks agt>, ,lnd that it hat* IwtJrtnt some paine to i^et tho eubro facts |n t'ho case together, inelu<l- a copy of the original letter and ftlhe'r interesting matter pertaining to the ease,. They appeared one week a#o yes- terdaj.and we fear-that the time haw altogether too .short for Brother Oregg to carry on « very ev tended Washington eorrespondf nee. Tho article ae- in courtesy from the fa.ct that \vrrTTetTHTtirTttyrr-''-\Htiactn" day <nf their publication, "when there would bo noofiportunitj for a reply foranother week." Tho Statesman slionld grateful' to ua, for giving it amplt; time to."get the 'entire facts'', together! It is alwayfi a good' plan not .to allqw intense partisansliip to (jet the better of sound judgment. N . ; A young lady was hoard re-marking to a red haired penttonja.n of this city that he needn't think ho was the • whole garden just because bis hair was a little ^•radish" and his nose a "turnip.'/ run. over by a lumber wagon. l>ui toot eitffoct to live. Was terribly bluatod. My fnehUn hathwl me with Dr. Ttiounw' fcelwtnc Oil, Bnd 'I wan cured. \1ht have jjreat faith ia'I'hointis' Eolpctnb'Oil."- Mr-. VVwi. F. Babc«J»ik, Murvcll, Jaciacm Co , FOIU'K W. T. Brake's stock ofNVall Papers. J,(K)(t roils, all grades of paiwg, wdl bu sold regardless of c«jst. This wtobk must elpsed^ out nt once. These priciikvjj ill >vts it: ' ' v \11 whjttes blanks>V papers '{(-per roll, [lord^r to iiiatch • *, . • lo per yd AH(k*i)aper» - .- . „ 4c per ioll A117e " , ,,„... , 5f " " i Oc " «* 1 . To " *• We " AltUSr-" I baud border^ . Buy jour papie? ;i and •<<; por yd the stock PioJ'atria, a KKj vigiut for ftc; genuine uijltsas fatampod I'm Pai«a. coal, swtfet and? lastujg 1 aookie. Moeba jfciCo.. I am prepared to do r«»«V shaian Leave ordniv at A Watson still sells the fani JDS C)zauoa Mom»tato Jav^ it IK the finest coffee known. ic Fran $1.39 "t pay flJMi tat ft {««9H)ir wl»en »« w filer 11 you a 4 qt. Arctic lor %\3ft any day in iht* wuck or any -wodt m 4(te lino .of btfUs, latoat stylea mad lowi#t price* at ilulett & iV 'groins, -vvhkh besrnn t" in.-.Fe to iSwh an evicnt tlmt t wast ilurme'l Ti ^pie-Ul <(»'wn jnv Hpr 1 * to my feet. ,tnd f was blwtud from tny waf«t ifown, 10 badlj Hint 1 could not p«H my pants o^Qr' raj l<?m t wnd I Jiacl to open ray shfKrs fully tw o iwthes before I r/>ul<l^et Hit-ill on Even my fare became -piifu'il tip, and njv wljolo »yi?tefft w emed affpetyxi t <oflld hardly <lm^ WVM If uj^tn'm to itulock Hiy nie^ft, Iccmsitl^Hl n |>li^»4if'iim, rtltc of the tjffifTTff tbij'jCftV. lie Pn,ld the iilro. _ t$«f f aefinaed t«b&^tting *tK>fl£^/t«r^«'d by a fri&sd to try S KSyjcy-raifl, and J fliiafJy i-on L After tliertrM wceici t'ornmenrwi ... „—' A-changfi, and felt inueh better. 111ti9 was mcoiiTjiglnEf, and 1^ c(inHmte(l ll^feir us**. tto«^k fivelioXCftin ii^l, wfrtuhp happy reSiilt that I •wnsj^qmpleMy cured 1 lifvve never hnartt of any mediHno ^ liBiti, surtr«t proaoy^cjt'd and rmY ivnd yet not affecf 'the uystein mml Irattrft to &m^l» a issxl COT .„ , feel better now" than I cfer did After the • - ' F«Sf Silk, by all dealers-^ pricp. G'l ceaf« per hf«s. Mailed by Foster Milhura < 'o' JBuffalo, N. Y., sole, agents for the IT H Remember the name, JDoak'i, and take ni other. \ \ Stew Kettles. ip qtlfrSTVtte or iron stew kettles for 4.V. x Warranted. O'Lfcvwv Granite Fruit Kettles. \ We sell you tho lie^tt gratiite T'res^rv- in« kottle for 40<i. GEORGE INGERSOLL, GENERAL llavinz had •• .eighteen ynimt i"Xpcrieri<)»! as Jtidca of Probate will trive epecin.) attmitlnu to l>nctlcc in'Probate CoartA* ' «• Fnrtlon having butint-fts In proiial,.' ronrta mny find it ti» th*ir interest t,v> f-onnnH liim.'- N WILLS, Deeds/Mortgages and 'Other Legal Papers Carefully Drawn. Titles to Weal jKMttt<*,Kxsuni$e<i; . • ' . •••:,.::, i- Will fttteiut to the pureluwo and 8i^«> nf rnal estate, jmymont of UxO«,-<ito. .. UJHIIH .on' ruaJ a J»0()4 UHP of l,lf« aud Lint OFFICE at ItESIUENC'K, Corner M»iiaion and 'Uraod Sts. Marshall, Mk*h. COME TO THE SALE AND SEE THE BARGAINS! iJjy Monday^ AttRtistJH mul Atic«flt tKwillclos out onr eattro sfaok of At Half Price. s Pftltotns ii (t'tbfe.BftH 8ft tfq«*tt-Mi>ns&' WINTI3K U?5 ., Yesfas ft^jd Pants, worth We a piece |f>r 2i5e, This la certfthily the gi'calesi liar^ain ever offered in this city. \ « . • •> • 26 yards Standard Sheeting for $1.O0 .00 Bed Quilts . > - foj\ ,69 : 1.25 " <c - -, ' •- lor , ,99 K60 " u - '- lor 1.29* ^/ ,60 Ladies'Umbrellas r ~ for 1.00 " '• for 1.5O " " - for rf *h -- ^w v Ladies' MnsliB Uftdtji'wear Gnnaetits^- Corset -Of Gowns and jSkirts at very low prices. ' v fi would bn iffilxrasiplp to give pricps cm avwryttung, !>irt you that we "m*»xti Imslnesas and tUat prices will be ftKirfle IfTTnut ycm on nil goods, . • Ta,ble\|jinens, Napkin^, CJrusbes,. JLace Curtains Mattings, Carpets, Black and Colored Staple and Fancy $ress Goods, Ladies' Hosiery Til all prices — Jj«nvis Hennsdorf s fast black. The goodrf will bo Sf>ld t iring this sule chVnper than anybody-4liv** will ever HOC thrill again. JB are .compulled \to make tliie' sale in ort^r to make royin for fr store is HQ very small and> ur Stock of Fall and Wint/ Capes and Cloaks <%** it will take Hp all "the room Wt- carry the W. B. CORSET^ftlwoya n«<feot fittiiig. CookBlock \ P^/TlAYES« Whielli \vill arrive n'ett vrtek, is we ha\ e. JOB at Chronicle office. TO KE ROOM For 9*fr fall stock, which is now ar- h we wiE sell < * WEEK ^BEGINNING Ji^i^«J^Bfc«^U^ JHUBl ^MB^. ^P'^P' ^^ • ^Jl ' " JL JUBu ^M»^^^H| ^P IRJP^ „ i >^. » - 'W -r "• ' CJ55P" k i '"*'' *"- - T ' . ' jyi^i^p^feokS,™ Boys', Youths 1 , Ladies', 11^ il Jt-Jf—»->x' , ""V^ /, , and Children's drtasiu^for tati and . For sale by Mba K. E- M- J. GUiBtt Bankrupt 8f»e his advertise Just wimt you uetni for. yu Bully X)ay, at J. Cuuninghan's. ^^^_^^_ ^^ F |\ /• ^^ -. . - ' •PWW- j^ |^ • ^*^HL l*^j^^^ tf^mm f^ t TAN SHQES and Ladies' Black =and Tan ' . ^m. W ^F Mm JLP V Eegardless of Cost. All other Shoes at Greatly Reduced Prioes dur- r .ing this Sale.

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