The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 24, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 24, 1893
Page 3
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THB^ft&tLY the world's" farf at Geo. find War- '93, ^^^ igan bailding. BREVITIES. iirs.'G. At the Presbyterian Church In*, Jarte 23—4, £»rjf« And lance—Well ,-WrltUn Essay* and <jf»tlon»—Present** of Albion, is at | tlon ,,, oi p i om8 g by Sapt. Lewis Townaend's. Ret. J. M; GetcfaeU bus removed •> • . . .. .... tfee. #rejBbTtefiala church #as last scene iC bf the w . . his new house on bia farm In l-r« doBia * Allen ( Loomlfli,bl Rush York City, Joy's, r The is a guest at of Mrs. H. ^ Y CM***i& *HW OX*W«*** V» «i«-^»w---—; W ^ .;.-,.. annual commencement e'xercifl^|.bt-"th,e. Marshall high school. - The person's having the floral decorations "of that edifice in charge have every reason to congratulate themselves that >their efforts were% success in every particular. 3V .stage large enough to accommodate the class as well as the pithestra bad this was one mass of Notlcn ftelaf t,*« to tow*. The 'ordinance relative to pasturing cows in* tbe street will be strictly en forced- No cattle will be allowed to be pastured-in aoy street, whe^er they are tied of not, and all cattle found at large in the street, whether tied of oth erwise, will be taken care of. No ex. ception will'be made to this rule for anyone. PtetEttHoWg, ••'•• ••••;.,•?;-' City' Marshal. poiatpes at-Cunninghnro'a. Reduction Sal* of '"" "I'llfi * HjQWOnU Jn*PiMfcmv '»¥ !••' WUUMVW ** _ i^aiiw* gr Veligious service at.the jail next Sunday b toonV9 nnte'r mingled with droopina •«t 3:80 p.--tt. •<-."• I wild flag foliage, which last predomi Harper*fl magazine for July has beenj nate d to a great extent. The class received. The table of contents is an inviting one. H.«E. Carle, of Gaird^Mich , is visiting *i« cousin, A. D. Mtlhan, of the "Mr. Townsend, of Coldwater, an ap plicantfo* the position of superintend ent of schools, Is in this city today. K. O. •'•£ A. • excursion to Gull lake : Sunday. Train I6>?es Marshall at 7:08 ,»; m; and returmftglea^rYorkvllle at 736 p. m. Fare for the round trip 78 cents. "The Rimbow Land" will be the thought of sermon tomorrow morning at 10:So'at Grace cjiurch, UniVersalSst. Evening at TJJO a discourse upon "A Better fomorrbw.^ The Detroit papers say that Vindex Arnold dropped dead after eating bis, color?, pale blue and white, were conspicuously draped from the top of the large organ to the atnge. The effect of ttie whole was charming and called forth many compliments from the an* dience. „ The TSiusio was furnished by the Battle Creek orchestra, and although the au diencn was, not overwhelmingly enthu Viasticin their'applause, each number not breakfast! Mr. Arnpld had been very aiok for a short lime'aud his death was unexpected by those .acquainted i his condition. A young man working ut the Arms stock farm.leU from a ladder this afternoon and it was thought at tirat that he •was seriously injured. An examination showed was only bruised nd will get along all right. The Free Press correspondent should be more particular with names when communications. ,Tbat pa of the high school com- by two of the TameTof ^e < «rad.uates being mis 9 ttesrnan b ives a report of the aod an alleged of the class. O»«WM«»'_f?*-_T-"'-- ~ r» r , rendered by this popular organisation was thoroughly appreciated. , ' kev. E. W.Bank'ln ottered a prayer appropriate to the occasion, after which William Robert Wood stepped forward and delivered the opening oration, tak. ing for his subject "James G. Blame. 1 ' He gave a biographical flltetch of the great statesman, touching inost effect' iveiy upon the most prominent events in his history, and clpSed with an appro priate tribute to his memory. Mr. Wood's delivery was above criticism, and his listeners were impressed with the though! that neither pains nor time had been spared by him J.o make this, the closing scene of his schooldays, a success. MartbA Adams Gardamer has already To close^but my Stock 6* pianis i now offer the eritire lot at about the cost of grow ing them. 60CpanBies at 26 cents per dozen; 600 Eng- benas, 80 cents per dozen; 100 7B cent* per dozen. The above are in bud and bloom and ready to produce ate immediate effect intho garden. .„, • 100 asters; ID cents per dozen; 100 petunias, 10 cents per dozen; 200 phlox 10 cents par-dozen.; 280'celery, 10 cents per dozen; 100 egg plants, 20 cents per dozen; 100 pep pers, 16 cents. t <• '•" Miscellaneous potted plants, a large as- ortment including roses, fuchsias, bege nias. etc, 26 per cent off. Call, at Geo. Coleman's uton on State street or at 69 E. Green street. ,, . CLIFTON B, EAWLINSON. Good summer wootrat $1,75 per at" C»t. Grant's* 1 __ || ^.. | . .... „ ,_ -^r-iV.!--—j>— f— For the accottiinddaiiqjS of people Ifv 5ng in the vvest @nd A. Watson 'fiH'sell Keuchje's bread and cakes fresh, at 10 o'clock every mornjng. 'ffr. _. - -- • -—* ---^ • •' • • •- Someof the Gr£|jid Army boys may bo in terested in the following from Alex. B-. J'ope, A* D.5 C*njCpmmander Dept. Tenn> and Gas <iHp ^ays: "We have had. an epi- detnic of whoring cough here (Stewart, .Tenn.,) andCKamberlain's Cough Remedy has }>cen the only medicine 'that has done, any gbod." There-is ho danger fr6m.jphoop. ing cough when this renaedy is freely given. It completely controls the disease. 50 <*ent bottles for sale al 'Greene's drug street. , the Flip Has some nioo Frames.for Cabinets and other sizes, just received, t'oll and see them. . . . Fine stationery at?the bazar storo.i A complete, assortment always on ' ~~ J If you are lingering from fevers, lagrippe, catarrh, consumptionj cough or bronchial 4roubles, aathnm, heatt nervousness, sleeplertfiness, dyspepsia,, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or •scaly skin, constipation or piles/Jall on Dr. Sharpstcen for his vegolablo cure. ASfew Certain Cure for JPllew. We dot Intend to endorse any except arti- of genuine merit; we therefore, take,. •. __im»^^^Mia»^rT».i ii -~ ~-•" * I W10B W*. KWM******* •*•**• »wj .. — ™_— ,• , , For Sale-* Agency Detroit Evening I pleasure in recommending to sufferers-f rom, News. Good, thing'for right party. Piles in any form/a prompt and immanent Enquire of F. S. DEDPL. |cure. The following letters speak far them. i Mrs. Wary C,. Tyler, of Hejipner; vru., Hon. W. V. Lucaa, e.X-State Auditor of ^ Qne pkg O f ^ aint dPiIe Cure en- lowa, says: "I have uied'Ohamberlain a t ; re i y wred me of p^i fipm vhioh I have Cough Remedy in my family and have ijd ^^^ , D ' r yg^g, B nd I hape never haU the hesitationln saying it IB an excolbjnt ranedy. 1^. htert , etur n;«f them since. I believe all that is claimed for. #,, persons 1.. ^ f . B /' O i3Ji eili Rock Bluffs, Neb., says- I afflicted by a cough or cold will find it a ^ pk6 ; 0 f pyramid;Pile> Cure entirely re- Wend.'-' There is no danser from whooping _ de iraceof ltc huig piles. loan, cough when this remedy is freely given. 2» and 60 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. The .py r|llft ^ pii e Cure is a new, certain, forto of Piles. It is attained local pf eminence as a musician-, therefor It was befitting that she should choose "Music" as her subject upon this interesting occason. She illustrated that music is the most prominent of all the arts and also that its influence for good upon-the human, mind is superior to anything else. She gave bri^ sketches of the liyes of some of tuts prominent masters* d wetting panicU' upon the difiteulties under r»nted. Do you know where to find it? Lynn will show you: Also the be»t standard ead in white or in colors, sold at a roar alously low pirice to reduce stock on aturday, June 17,1803 This day only. Come and see. No. 58 North Eacle St. which they labored and ifiu9|ralin^ that a nue " education is only attained after _„. frienas would feUI JJ"Ja^r r ^nmSiitioaii s'tudy, properly four bi them as they appear' - ----^ « J __=-_,—..——»o fl and the other two only ear faint resemblances. Would Gaus tremble* young man on the street as he heard a cpnversation regardina: eomnjftucement • The » only ted a over- K the whole *4|fwV*V"* 4I*1O» «^M«|.**t«*»»iw» T- — — r—r-i-T * pleasing , and tfie applause received by her was spontaneous and prolonged. 'Sidney Beach Tremble discoursed opon '*ireland and Home fiule." He set forth the wrongs of Ireland under [the oppression of Eniiland in appropri eompeucemeoi. ««»^^- orowd4rembled with fear at the shock r ftte and forcible language, andelnborat v • . _ .. «._l n ..n <a nH I ~. iirfrii:^^^. C* /Alntflot^-kna'a oflEnrt they received from tbe awful pun and the perpetrator moved on for fear of be ing mobbed, An exchange says: Jackson clergymen will oot bury the dead on Sunday hereafter unlesa under ('peculiarly ag eravated cireutaetancea." Those who depart thi¥tife will please take, notice, if they live in the central city or vicimty »Q«t have conte,pipiaLod aaviut their friends andt relatives the sacrifice of a Chafes on babies, sore t nipples and in ! flammatton of the breast instantly; re [ heved with Lavcndar Ointment. The new Lavette safety mailing envelopes at Smith's studio w upon William E. Gladstone's efjorta in behalf of a people who have fough for centuries to attain a footing amon the nations of the, world. Mr. Tremble delivered his oration in a self poBsessed and painstaking mannner, and the many pompli'dients _he received were not misplaced. It "waa singularly appropriate that Miss Grace Bnrgdorf should have cbos en for her .commencement essay the subiect ' : The-A3i:ad^nna", for jn gazing Kepublican; One of the] upbn hgr last evening she, herself, waa •=S^Ss»ted»EaarfM55 Kite lucre is held. This, In ercetebwedardats. Ho one not gift- Wr" "w^ i . We Have an immense line of Jersey Suits we wilt close out immediately. We had the option to buy tHese at a very low price or return" wen\, we cduld not resist the temptation, so purchased, and now we give our Customers the oppoywiiiiy ^douLwtee! We can now lor the first «*-*^ a neat Jersey Suit. Age 4 to 8 at ^ ^ - . -- ' A toe Jersey suit Jancy trimmed, 4 to 8 at - - • " " " " An elegant Jersey suit, fancy tiim- med, 4 to 8 at ^$2.25. 3.00; for a great .deal of trouble num. 1 H, at'thf other »f U^J^WIJ^V"* *«* m~**~ - -" -T- - -^ e4 wlta tare ability, could hav« bundled this delicate subjeet; to the entire A Beauty, fline fancy trWmed - 4.00 The toest Jersey s^jnad^ elaborate \ t .-..-, ly triinmed, worth $7.00, our price now ^ Cl Mew fine Kilt suits 3* to 5, away down. Wf will close Aeiiiatthi|'^rice as wejtiave, other goods w«,will advertise ajnd close oul Shanahan. t , *«wi»lPw;^'?* w ^f*»rj | r^T. * '; «n&taMiag WU«t 'J»nkers». wosia ', ^ ; ^^Rutt^fw? r** m I , * * t--r i * . »il would. fc "''A iu?' l*ff "'' "^ :4- r --, • -- ^?>^ ^

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