The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 7, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 7, 1897
Page 2
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AUGUST t, mi. THE DAILY CHRONICLE, i Uu» Matshnlt, Mich., po«ifoft!f« far transportation tlirorigh th« mails ftt >lass rate*. . • . IKKAit* OK »UB-JOtt>rTlON: P. O. t life 1 tfws oflfi<56 t l«lblioftti6B, 164 feast State street, J. M. M08l£s<. Publisher. ZINC POISONING ' Never can ooctir tifiere. Granite, or T*orcel kettles are used forstewicff. Call BROW, feyeryhody smokes Diana's Chase For salt? by \V. A. Bornps. Ve have all the latest things in .the way of job type. Now is thft time to get p piano. See JiHetlaad. ** Jut if you want.the beet ftour> jQttre wheat flour, cfaek corn ft Wieal a eisndstty, w mill ). A, Chester's roil!. F<»r ' Preparatory ttCgoing wtet Sept. 1 1 wish _ to gt*H all ov7f boiiiMfald good* at t>rh »<« enle< Those, wishing to btty pleas* 1 c&H Frida} of Rhtwrday, Aug. 0 a<od .7, ' MRS: -H \ SBitotJf f t^ • First door \tr-8fcofProsbyterian cfiurrh* nsept l, w*y, tli» Brto or rorriOf* tsi»n« / will he fli«i«jlvcii Iiy mij|iml oons«it AH per ' —• ~ having "Wht^at receipt? of (taim^ fit (toy ro will t>K*8t*Bl,tlxepi SPfnt pajracit beforL- <Int«> All blilsi duo uc hut p«M Sfept. t, - «7, irtn'ix-lrtt fo^ fotjeetlon ^ OTIH (!. ,1. H. aboat«tyle f talk about iH But gcon the sty Irate wedding invi- , party pftrda, inilivichrftt ftftr«1s we re putting out?- They're pxye. style Ckiri*tyoo newd A trlflti of t'Hnlfns in the bove lines just about now. We latest Rcriyt type. Buy your statiunery, at tJje Chronicle ,.„ of Shttrthniitl. , No shading. No ptmttkm. You ran earujt tp 15 dftje. It <*ost8° with book. S15. Inquire at this office. , A. te. H \KRiiSTON, 'Teacher. Faj Your THXPS. I will bo at the office of the Horndon •hotel daring business hours until further notice, for'thi v purpose of receiving city taxes whu'h are now d'ue. Save the ex- j^tra folleotiim fee by paviu^ now. ' City treasurer. and see the, best two burner- gaso- lino stove in the market. IViais, 83.SO. BOSLEY'S. CEMKNT WALKS Hutlt by John Iieuts<'lil<>r, John Reutechlcr ia prepared to take .'•' .;. . contracts for building cement'walk's. He .is also agent for the cement, which is the best in th« world. Mr, feentsuhler • •' . has had neven years'experience in cement ..'", '•'-'• .. business in the old country/' Price for walks. lJJ«. por;Bqu(ir« foot; and 25(? per .ira'eal ftx>t for ckirbiugX Work wurrante'J • for threo years. ' " ' There is Danger In th« old fashioned tin stew-ing , Bu> a Granite Iron. Absolutely 'safo. -Sold • for 38 and 45f;'iit ' / O'Li ut<' BROS. for'fias or «, any si'/t,*, at Seven Dollars Buys aljt'onard cslea.nabjw refrigerator ^li fi i <i fuiuily ofsii{ or Cordettti has come to stay, S', K. OHO.N r r v. ies eaihnt; at 103 N. Madisorf street will tlnd Bdnjething to netnefit^ra w«Jl ft* interest them. , x ^ Any time ^ou waiit 5V granite difah paw « " tht-y w»H be the same prtee as B tin \.'^ V . CIGAR \ Xtitli tt V. Flag tora I-al.el, «i» i»u-rit. A tlkut >ou know jvhtui vow 0et a B. Ti»e> a,r«mado lt»> Ev. T. M, yl tliis city. HOUSE PAINTING, FAPE8UANfil«6, FRESCO, BRAINING, GILDING, SIGN WRITING *"d SHOW CARDS Of Evory DesenpUoa. • PICTURE FRAMING x loall the Latest styW. For- %aite i u Crayou, Wat • •. : Ctti^w or OU to Order. OLD FRAMES RE GILDED, AC. STKliET, •Gilt Pirs and Cyclone W* again annonnee that \ve one of the doubtfnl r)as^ of on> panic*. \Vf represent; Six of thft compmiie'sof tiir* ivorlrt, hjuing of thirty Pit million flollarn far of poliej holetors,* tho old mUHon, Tho beat best; j$^ t bo clicap-- j?r&hte«1. "ATT IHS8B8 y 1 paixl bj D.C!utat»inghafti;a»pnt. Notice. ' steamei 1 Iris wilt make regular rips ovny Hnnd«\ eonunencirig at I p. 10 cent« round trip C'oldspring is opeti to the public. . Company"T>. Walt/es for piano. lOle- gant Hit paife i-ornpoaition, Pri("<« I^k-, to . Any time yo^waflt a igrouile ffish py wilt JK> felip eanic pfiee »a a tJn i ' You tniifet have a kottlo of some lund r jr canninfj fruit. This is tU'o one; auy c*> % • i U<JHl.K\'fl. Have, you ( fn<nl > Moebs' Pfo Palia garsf Worth TOc, sold for TH-. d Pro Kitrid. " A <*ool, evvi^ct, ko. Gtd. Moebn i< Co., in'. :«, Detroit. Soltl by W. A*. BtarntW Cordatto. " S. E. Tap Your Own Shoes, Full lino of half soles, leather, c arks, etc. fur m*Ti<lin}f>yonr owft Ifllf ^ Kemember "The R<>jal_!. ham thf goncj for;, Hor, Majesty fcigar. Box radc a specialty. x Tofta-irMaj Any wduian w u fixjl that will * cr a red hot cook ntovc tint- vhen she can get one of our '2 tvstoves for $.'{;;*)() or a tltr r for $5,00. positively no dapper with ya : •'•.'•: B0BL»EY'S. Attefitlon M^idanK) Cerard, -,>ui6 Qf^iontal . 'c iiilist, will givo. free treat- i(;ut at her nxiuiH, Irtf Madison f>.t. ono oor nortli-of .State street for-oiitt -week; vkili be pleaned to tue«*t <ill thai are nUirested in th« trwatineivt of tho skin, >s r?if <U1 kindn removed. Nice, Iiir^e, home grn\vn |ioUiU>ea re tMved duilj at . Porcelain Kettles. *» i You ruUht h.'u «* <i kettlf* of some kind r uanitiii^ fruit. This is tho ope; anj \ ., Btwivv's. at A limited amount of cobble btone ow- tied u*Ar Klwtrii' Li^ht plant. I'ric* iTi *vj>tt* pt v r yard. Unquiroof 0. NO.NFMXN, Street Coniiinttee, , Mich. "The Ladles' Library Association will tay half prie« for tbe follow jng magu- >n«s Lor 1896i,, Eclectic, Century, Harper's, St. Nicholas-, Cngmopolitan. wdl take PI>J>I|H vn the e LtwUfwocw! at the Jiiurdf ugt flour for whuat^. E the Yorltvilltt juiUimj wini{*any's of thu bt«st br»t»df} and o* reafly for Jejly, it. All orders Nurtli MaralmU avo., or b> -A high grade, state technical School. r'riu.-ttc«l work? |iIvftiV4 l syt(tara. Su»»^ *fr courses. £»i v«* d^rtwtt of B, B,, fcj, ^ and Ph, D. LiatjordttMies, sli«jp8,1*nll etc , well «qmppod. For «a»tai^^ne« ad M- K, Wadeworth, • OR, LOUIS 8. JOY Will ijive ui a<Hitj»u to gea«rat 8p0ojai fttt»iu>((m iq diseaaw* of ey «s ear. Fitt?>ig of «'»***" aei (fsp^cial dip^tiua ou «V.M, e*r, noaa nod Uirpat from Cbicaga Bohr clinic.) / ACCIDEMT TICKETS. The Inter-State C4»u«lity Company of New York Givei SIX MONTHS' 81 T 000 for S1.00 To Mien or Women between 1» *c«t iiU yt aw of imc, against nccldcut- «l dix*»i» M-btlb tiding within » it*lt*'»y ow, mud BrJdiM, TrolUy or ilablc ciu, SicdB ?tt*0ibotti w Siuttta Kerry baM, $l«J^fl« fctxwtttjd wiUs tit. luuuhwiau IJ«pttrt lucnt of tbe *UMi Q| S«w i'ork tor- the •' FOB SfALE BY • . / C. G INGERSOLL F or Th« Hewrdon hotel, twrffstorep, a lot with t>ryn and orchard. ' Terms . _^ BRfWv EXECUTORS, / Marshall, Mich. Mrs. Margie Kltts wouH liko :o do ntihe honip of htr mother, Mr.s. 'Valbridge, 61 Itanovor gtreet'. Call at the hoiyo of &, S. "2*2 West Stfito ptrfrt-tmd be will repair f 8liee# at <*t»efs All wark l^ft fflt Wataoti'8 grpcety wtora wil! refeive at' ujwanieed tt> cttroin ten.dajs. No BO pay, i ' A, •$,;HT ,"•'-." " FloiirT At WdtaonVi yprt can fti»l the arid Hoiwf dwir by>the 100 Ib.itt jonr » haeeflki light noiftht of Srt or 3HlbH»; also Album pat<"tttf tbe beat riojir made •ry if. " • , ^_iri?te ffiili ^*!?^^_ \Ve self you,(h>*-be«t« prnserr- iK Settle fl)o. x Gat work doijeftt, tb& Chrdni- We recently purchased a Bankrupt Stock of Pianos and Organs. It will pay you to call and examine them and get prices. You will save over 60 per cent. They are all new and high gr&de* a&<i &ay& always sold froin $360 to $450, Oo*&e and se^wtart they will «cpst you now, ' ./-N •* / Organs for $£0, $30 and $50. Sewing Machines from $1S .tftr."$88:——r-^^^-^ ^ -' ' . C1LLCTT. WANTS,FOUND ETC. « Twenty cftntis a vrcelt fb* 8«ct> notice not « 8'WfBft nva HntMi Ko etonftt* loss tjian twonty (MSfitR. t7"OR SAJUK—SI* ««w)ns machines, two Wheel- 1* er A Wilson, on* Binder, tme Ooraentlc one w«i<l, dno Howe, P, rtANlffTO, 48 WnrtilftRton fttrtet. March*!) TS WANTBO—For M*r*Jmll fttnl tl»H at corner 6f Green aireet and ffl«, * MRS. I, M BROWS. L i^BTt ~—cnr ot^r? rtLi'bbt TusrtuR-y cT^faHjR,-w ehlM'« golrt bar pin. Wilt finder pleaao reims OST— A pin* f*t> with lac* edge, between Ac Methodist church, »ir4 chvwrfc. Pleft A rewarfl ottered, , court honee Mid Methodist church, Owen St chvwrfc. Pleftsfe I*«T» *y roorhlg* at Ohrontelfl owoft Ij'OR SAI-E -B«*tAn*»nt dofbagoerl r 1 Frtr partieuhfW eoqalra of •W*!!? Or, 'A goad boy todoetoros.. Apply tor Block-. i*o«r«, fltat flo»r. Street. W A »p - ef*l sireat in AtawbiiH wjd^ At J, C. 0PIH-JJ A' Co'g. Call on theiu,be- forf > nu buy ^ i-ookcr. they have all dS and prices to siiit th6 time at tho new Hat^h block. Come in, Attention. John Cuxzinshns roceivrcl through H. L. Pny A Son a car of the "Horcules"- !>rami of German Portland cecuent, find s prt»piurod to put dowh thn best walks tnd, gutirantup it tuptaml withanj Tint-nt on the market. Cjolone Insnranrr. We now announce to the inflating |>«h- ie that our TPCf nt bushjero trip to Ohj •.jfr()reHnlU>d in perfecting arrangenientfJ with western managers of many of ihc •MiTinj} f'^ire Ins-Hranct'Co.'s of thi« eorfti- r> : H!KO Uritmh companies, for,th' traus- iction.of fire' and. uyclonu 'insurance oji jroader principles and Jnore favonible than, hit'her^o'. granted, any • mtfc lent agent iii this lo<;ality. AVitU 25 years experitjiiue in this lino of business, nd now aided by . nearly ifCi2,0<xr,0<)0 of 8st<t,s for the protection t>f' policy hold- •rn we an* preimrod.-to tratiHai't business m larger ficalc.'d than •• oveh ' " r!x»flS£st. .iroiupllv hetthnl und paid b> renident •went, ut 1>. Cunninj<hat)j'8 Innuranoe 3nreau,-8l Slate street. p,J»>y;Viv I » > . £j& V-ii :)i v V'5i v£ .:;*v^ ,, L » '- 1 Tom ourtama would wiekeu the ho;vrt of eonadeutiotja housekeepor. Fortunately Bitch a Btataof atfairs in not nocfea- . We H«deftakt;-to-thoroug;lt!ywa and iruu any hu-o curtain, no matter how delimit*, entrusted t6 our ttiro aud to re turn if as whole und sound 4s when 1XJ us. 'Aaybody-ean hiutider a sock or a bandkerch s 'H"f'*4t takt^i tyrt to up*' a law curtain iu the %vay they ar« dt)«a at the Ht eum Ljiumlr j , Blocks Jas, $ ai4fifl..tft.rcux . L, i» Ua..s>, U. It. ihf AVie ttrtttiKud* ot «Kptrt«w» to ii* to C«r leavo Stuv (ilnciii%ltiie. f >rt Li»Mii).o'*vatu of liw tU,u old where this ru<i itutu kifed, (OUKbt (Ujil iljud. to lli« |iuu> lielihix'. gruutl M.eopr), cuoi wmlhcf Jtwily. )niB». v ' One wwti' wuU luetiW nu fl". , Friitu Sttrui* g!6, t^vi loldoris uU: write -lutiu Hc» -t;uiii>u, lout Huud.jli'ij »u^*f, U* iroii. auy li- T. K itgont., or t«. W. ItruWL tii. juliU it, Hwk* TUu.t tie be»i tio* from to ';ripplfi 'Creek, owu iu t Writ* or cail to^»X< for lo«W( full panic olai*. E. SomerviU*. O«aar«J Ai Three Opinions: "Tfie Is a model CHICAOO newspaper m every sense fj&rrisburg \Pa.) Call. "'There is no paper published in America that so nearfy approaches the true journalistic ideat as The CHICAOO RECORD."Prom "Newspaperdom" (New York). » " \ *'/ have come t6-the firm conclusion, after a long test and after a wide c.or> paffsoii , withihc journals of many cities and countries, that The -CHICAGO RECORD comes as near being the ideal daily journal as we are for some tinje likely to find <on these mortqt shores." —Prof. J. T. h'at field it The Evanston (III.) Index." - , Sold by newsdealers 'everywhere and subscriptions, received bij a// postmasters. Address THE CHICAGO RECORD. 181 Madison-st. "BECOME A REAL WOMAN" T P SHEPHERD flt'tuM th» frtrm.tlnr, n* nnrriiot h»t>ita. nuvi-lon ' «• ••• *J I I U. • I I •— I I fc* * Keeps none but tbe BEST MEATS To be lmd. 6tH>da ilelivored - to all jwrj.8 of the city but uo peddhng done. Everything n«ftt Hud clean. Yop can alwayw gwt a clean cut at SHEPHERDS'. the fornjation of <iort«ot true woiuanhO(Xi. ThU i* the ftitn oC . .. AKELEY INSTITUTE... Ornnd lUven; Jlfnh. tun (.uit. Mlchlffun.) ; buOiJInttx. A" menis. licaRuinhjftI t- |.t-t-lnl car*'of hiMlcin iitiir*. Mu»l.v Art. full jnrnntmtkpn, cxtnluinii BKV. iMUib E. WILIiDlttltS, i «.«, HKk. * 1 RANKLIN HOUSE Cor. Bates and Lamed Sts., DETROIT, MICH. Only a Btoc k from WnuMlw»)r4 I J Educate 1 oledo, Detroit ^ Mackiiiac BSfOS«iy/T«E "SQO." ' ', o ' Detroit and Cleveland Couoecting mtb Hftrttest Ti^ia* »; Cl fijr «tl poiuu BaM. Souui sad 2 Hew Steel Passenger Steamer* Butit for our ITp , a. COLLI *nd Typewrtiug, no ti^altii without purebtood „„_ no pur* Woo4 INE witboutpurekW- wao a Dr. y«tw' A*p«r*gu* *U» Ue/95 the kidneys d«pn>ve» Kl»«unjiu$>j»j. Cumt and «tb« ois- its pi.oduced )jy imfiuic, uJutxi. »1 00 pti bottle alt diuggiiU, or by cxpios prep^i4 upon tex rt of p«ce Send, tei *-pdg^ tuufiplifet. "A New Palt oi K.ldiwys,v irtt t jr atiul To be b#4 of . . M, B. POWELL, Druosi*t«, MABSUALL. MICH I ^iHl^C WyowAiailer |L<Ct.Vl I Wd hasn't it. »ead we wifct SEND v«u The * LONO, SHORT and riEDlUH LEN<1T« TUB mOUGlM CORSET CO., , Y'orfcJ TOP position OMI be Incmtiro sud w^t It* m«ilc p6«ii«ncnf. A 1iS» m»<m wndtf oOlwr or Itigb Haas tenclifrprclxsred. No ^tpetfWffW- Bec *e Wtll ««»'! « «*porlOten<!p6t to <jSv* Ifi«trH6tfttO 6-1I& in fb« theory of tbe aud the correct n e<h0d ef JsoUcftatlfijt, have iH-ouafctf iinweKf to n» i Addrrts?. irtth *ef W, Li, Affci»«, (ietwirsl tA^ent, goulb- Michigan. Mid fJorf.hcra Irniianit, roinns 1, £ and ft,, K&!mn»zoo. With. W ANTEW-UPHUJHT ge"M<;nfei» or rlfole, «i»»»bll»b« ,KiicU*f) ftelf addritatm,! stampiHl IHimlJrtWB; Company, tfejif. It . AND . FAITHfrTl. o travi4 for rq*i)o»- Mu:))le:*n. Mwithly »f'«t, The I O8T-SatordaJ'-fcftcrMOtm at tfie tnill post), i fcr "ftBtt^s*^ OTtf'WirtrrttffiBirtstr-wnir gota— ^»r«BS OTrf'WircfrTltnT»irf5B~wnir gora ,,«v..-, Finder atea«t! l«»v« with Maorlcx- Jan DotlH, Srst door Soiilti Of Ijr, Sn.iley's an<t r»- celve r<*"*-~* * l^H SAMS— Th^BhOuaw stod t»6t known iw. the " Widow JofansoBTrtaoc tK>Hh-w««i corner <»f Mansion RiisJ Mttlfx-rry ^trcsitj. Will be gold -mib. 0 Por trtin* find pRrtianlarp en . L. fifty. IJOR'RKMT -Brick bonne on Bigr%tf«et, t»- l iwepn Slntp »nd ^Mansion strict.' ^pply to Clinton T. Oontt. » /, 1 t 1IKST—T«'J)PB anilThaij* for pftrtlos. Enquire of VaiiZnnt, the (fXt>rcsa)n»n. t,KT-Oi) good this office. Ku<JuIr«> »t W ANBKU—P^veral upright )t.du«trtous p*r- _^*»«t»4n Mlclifgd" SBH|R(P auciiti','or man i _ , for H-cpocwWe holisfl. ttntnt poKltJimfl. fcncipi'B 'reference.- Ail- 'J ho Dominion Coniii»by, Dept. '-, KENI-Tablrn and <• hairs Enquire of J. W. L< ; »ter, tbe popular ox rTP»01.8'lERl?J0 4 BKPA1H1NO, * J c*nlDg, • Rcqueviti by. pofttal car Jii attended to. Call ««juib door. W AST KO --Severrt trnatw<»rthy p«ntli»mi'n or lHdle»^roJtr»vel ijo SJlehlifan for vautit- iishea, -reliftbtB 'Ireruts. Salifry -|v8») aod ei- pwuetrn. . 8t««uly pOBftf&ni, Kaelooy wrfereuca »ua «elf »ddr<?ftn.-fl iitsmped *nT«)op«: Tbe JDo- ininioir' Uorop»u>, Tbinl Floor^XJidBba Bjdg. . IH. . •-.•-.' .:. •^•^^._ __ A GENTS WAlSTED^-Kor war In Cuba, bcnor Qucvnda, Cuban rppruneDtatlve at W»philiKtori. KtulorSed by Cybau patriots. In tremondoiis itemaml. . A . Uonnuzft for «ceata. Only SI •"»'• Hig book, I>IK toiucifBcloni". Kvury- body waifta tlio only einlorHpil, reliable, book. Oulflts frc»;, Cjpdl.clveiJ. Kreigh't paid. Drop all irach Hl-d mako $300 « mgnet. with War in 'Cuba A d«h:«K ita+y. THE NATION \ L BOOK CONCEKN, 3S5MSS OcjnrlMJrn St., Gbicago. Fast Trains To Bay View Via] G. R. &J. A ' BurutuerJHchedule isjuow in effix-t. Ff«t tiny train No. 7 Ifjuves KaJa- otapl* 12 -^t» p,. u>., and Qrand, Btipld^aSO p. j«,, arf iviw ? f raviswa -City 7.fW p Hi.a^toekey 7;55 p. m. Bay ttew H.-OS^. nt.tusd Hutbor . DO. This Behwlule coiuiug froiii ^thet Hnfeo. for foldwra Juritl further iuforiua- CLL.'LUUK.WOOp v EVIVO VlTAUT¥. THE GREAT FRENCH produces (tic above results ia jo f*AY5. It act* powerfully and quidOy. Cures wften «S e«M»S £ajTvYout»fi men aad old men will recove ?«uihful vigor iby i»s»j^ KEVIVO. It Hid iurely re^toies from effects of ieltia^use Of e»ce» ais<l io(ti!>cre(iona Lost Masho^d, Lost Viwlit^ kupoumcy. Nightly EBIUSSWWS. Power 'el ertt>« sex, Failu>£ M««>ory, >is.i!U»es. Insuuuiiiv. Nenrousaess, .wluch lintits jfte bwiiudy, busineai. or tqArnoge. It out only W«s by Waftmg at tbe seat of dis*^se, hut is a Great Nerve Tofli|^ad nMklkdUer tad restores toth vit^ty and, -,ueog»h to tba and nurvs>«tt system, t»i0gJ»g •ha ptak gj»w to p«le cb«*» w.d restoring Oii tre «f youth. U wards off %HM«tty and C*»- «un>ff«faia. Accept mg WBViyo, no other. packet. By mat), f MW £«r wrapper, ur *ix>r $a-ot>, with a pMtttv* package- Fortr««ckcui*r»dd«!ss 1«>VA1. MEWCiN? '4$, CHICAGO, H4,

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