The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 7, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 7, 1897
Page 1
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The EHWTEKNTH YEAR, " *<_' Chronicle. PRFCB, TWO OENT8. ILLINOIS MINERS. ____ <"___ _ * State 'Convention Agrees JUpon a Scale ForUoal POWDER Absolutely Pure. - add its faltb fulness. AID*WnffiE& tHfi SAME; ttcre. Itnttner to Tfauto M«> tVIll I>n Alt /JwitelUr* Will »n<i Raid a, Ills.v~*Ati$r state converiUon adopted the Wilniingtnn commoii to the adulteration brands. • KOVAU B vKfNo POWOKB Qo., New York. la the title of a. g< ncrotmly phlpfc ofViVe'en pn^* m refpFouw io South Dukotii, the rentlitiK ii'ntter in which wa« written by nn vnttuwift'-iu' SoMth 1")al«ot» Indy-rMrt. Stt<ll<i Htwuu-r Arnold— *h»>i«* bc>ea a reiMth'ut of tho Sunshine Slate Cor over I0>onrt). A ropy will !*! uuu<ed t<j thcaddresHof any f«nm»r «>r fnrmtr'^ wife. "tf sent at onw to ILirr> M»jceer, Michigan I'ftpoenrfer Aj??n , OuenK". Milwjiulteo A St. Fnu r rttiltvay 7 1 <T- ^frrct, VV., Detroit Mk-h. ___ J>,_-. -,„__. — x H. A. Snvilor has put in ,v tint 1 ' lot of fruit of all. knxK and sUrU'd a w:i(;on which -will ludkr tn]^ OM-rtTif cit> dni- ly. Ass ho Willivui IK" al>l<- to" go over " street »lnil> hf will «o cast and on« tl.i.y ami north and Bouth <hfi next. NotbihVlmt the beet t>i« .market affonh wilioo h.tndlcd and price's will he in-kot'pini,' with Ihc tuuiw. You cun ljav<> tii Hi-call regularly .ijy-iwiftn^rord***- 'at tin; store/ ; "' .' ° ' • , s To H'Aow 'it Mii'ji-'f ''•••itc'fr'it: ' '' ,... s '•,< Whereas niy wife. Mnry Flughor*,- hsis. :\,.Jeft ' my dt'd, iKiaril ;md repideiuic without iiny juwt twist* and ^in-fvocution. ' . ' Now thero^orc ul| pe^ons arc- licrt-uy forbidden to hi.irhor.-or 4riist hof.on.niy "v'iiccoft'ut ils 1 will x i>uj'- ..'iVii" debts of hvr 45 <SJhra J . - LafeaUe, 6g% cents, G3ftr(^ CMf / l»l tents Wri* d?»t*. BttiomtnAttm, serpml cents --and s^ cvntr P<ma*id Cantan sub- tlml«'0jn¥f, 30 cents: waehlne niBtrierp, -$2 SO J«»r d*y, machinf helpt-rp, $2 15 SprfngfleUl .dls j trie*. 40 f( v nts artnn. <\ 4tifJ A roafl south of KprtpgflrfA. 35 e*ws Pana, furni 4 *ins supplies. 30 cents. Ranvlllc ami •Grape Cnekj 40 rents. rffU^vjiie dis- trt< t, 45 OPhts BufiUrriTi, Ob c<>nt<i, Coal Valley, SS f-entfl rllkluHt and' W»u lock, 53 etnta. Miu-liirM* Miming lit, ItPl|<>vlll«'. rtvincs— Shooting, ana titubating, 25 «-»'Tits; nmptnn*» , 4 cents. Taylnrville machine loaders arid ihmttois. 20 <'< rits. rjiai'hin* 1 ' tuiincrs, 4'^ rents. Athens ma- mhierss — tunnfts, 1.1 d-tnt-* per foot; shttotinR, Hailing nnd tim- JS c«>pts Af*-ump<ic)H, 4 Otrnrd machine niiriefc»-- ! Kli<>oHng ' tlinbcrlng. 4". 1\3: tnat hlno runners, Mow t quit machine mint jftrtk* 1 *nti4ttdn tftio ftuffc uijtht remain" praotirally unrhahgfrt The iru- gl^a fPJVttW*? Oak IJtU roiro hnv*- not y<M shown 'ftp, Afl to ftp ^»e Armlt min*>s. At Sttmiy Crepfe, only ntfrfi ar*- at vvork. 1 The ramp I* tJTf »f»(i' lt»p tnen art Ko}n« to the Ptufh Crp*.k t-ftnu> becftufp' the!*. Jt & ^ trfwJeft at Satitfy- C!r«*. The <vpp«riSf «M- Hftftdlt Cl^eR Ifi f<ni>r two pit oatp atirt the tnltt* 1 la absoitttffjv At Bum rpwpJjf <9g!lHT nl^S wftu Thursday (Url Mot go Into th<» stewJay rfB*rnin§. "tl^ of <?u-> f^^pany Ift-expfaH^ttort say it Ife the c««(oTiT of thf •fetien to lAy oft .Tohn Shcpeck. Jr,J»a« been trap pointed deputy stam^> ot>Ilf>ctor at Wrern Bay, Wft ^ He bold t^f posHton nndrr thp late adtnlnistratlop. The Missouri : state board of". tiwfr htfs made a ratie flC offer Sa the M vala«rtlop tit railroad «telegrapn property -in the state Miss Clara FMnn, ftgea 16, }a ft *af Her 'B^t^f e^n t»&fk<*t^liurg nnff bt-th, Wirt county, ,W. Va., making trips bptwceft « Jt i« «tlmatet3 that M* in by th will r^a^tf ' near}* olHef, ii'ft "ftMne vS-hQ }«ttrfteyp(t for 'tTfe pUf|WJSe At nr •Edm{krft-'Ev»TPtt -Hal*, ftrlbckPd up R, I.. ^Jl, _ ° . ttmrnmnrimnirin^^ The Evening News,! ft NEWSPAPER tQUlCfllttll PEOPIt la« taty T^ner/ ftt' bats'In,ihe , e fcftiaens' <*. A otia'ai pgxadc the »av to t»ny"W '• • 0iit ." . By Ja ' Ih'lwi't'ii S<'<'»t Tiuu- and Id a good «nij'i(irtuiWty-to CD<4*nrp-about fanning lamlw in South x l>i»kota. only OIH- days rido f Ji'fri ()hicnyo. -^truotilul crop* of wheat, corn, burli/jr ami iiitr rutv-ar'il /tty? " till t' at' the »oiL .Xi .u .at<Ji'k.;jijttd. diiiry country S<yath l)(»K','tii -'Uw's H.1 Firs- elnsa fknn laiuif with . can now be tiouatit iur f rimi'$10,' §!"_', arid upwards, IM"" nun.', uiiiJjtfiJOB thn• tituV t« i merit, Ftu" fijtiis^r I'itrttJCTJIarn.write t<> H their, own supplie". $t omts poi ton, flK> •llffTcnt woik^ra tci'ttjljust their v>art of the total. 8 »le r»r the I,it<'hn>rd No. T r 35 tetiH N" 1 to It <t n<lits(.n<4 <;f u No, Iand2 MJrM'hine-woik ] %>a«HH|j;w and-'timbering; 2& : fe-nts\a.ll oth- pr mat hlne jvqrk to- lit- aiJvanet'd \n-pro- Iio'rtion.' St-alf c( day work for the\ntire stuttc: Track layers, $2.2S; timbem{en, JiiT.;. (lrly»'t;;v *i'.00; cagcri, $2.00: ji->r.»-, $J.OO: laborers-, insldf, $2.00; ors.' top, -$l.fiO; dumpers, $2.00; car box car nh<iv«?lers, $i^85. All to W advanced fr<;rn itf'lccS <-?x-' thls'su'spoixfton In proportion to tin- adv.ant 1 ft in ruining rales. l*ric««- A'r«* for itliie VV-Hvlw V«*ir< Tli'' 1 mlii^t-'s' also dc.maiul the rlfrht to oinplf'j' 'a check- .welghjnari, -»ah'd:' pay sc-wfriiiimthly. ?< AM Jth*r miners nut vnun'ieratjirftu adjust t>rieKS ai:cord=- art" y.fHtly will N*. mado • winter. W. Va., of nHntrs wa<* held at HAndlejt' tot delegatf-H rfep- retpnting Kwnawha and N«w Klv«>r tnfnt?S. 'Hip rPtcCft wetp not «)i repr>- sontea. there being onlx c<gfht#en men present jat thp meelinR, They passed drmandinft the ph<"<rt ton and 50 oen* 1 * pev ton,for dtjrsi'W, Thf.v (Ifpldwl t'n uuft work at ()n<,'p and ronialn Idle till Jhplr demand 1 -v.eif met. Then Is not much trnpx>l<an<:v attached to the action of- this mo-f tln«?v aa -<^«v<»ral nj^etiujJt^ °J- tfstfi Jtlnd have recfntly l>c>en held fR hoth Kacawlia and New f*B'onfl, aiwl "imflar rfr^'iiutlo^is but th«> nn;n in, the mines ha vppt<r ly di>rtf sardwl the r^qtutions pa^ed in these mpvttns" and k^pt on fit Hvork< By Monday next it nil! bi? known how far hto miners w il n-Bpotifl to UK- calUto quit Work. The O'IIIK That H«itd tT(> tht* Train. T«?rro Haute, Ind , Aug l^>-li dtvelnp/ that the "inarching mlneia'vvho tra'n ai Klnora and deuiandpd he taken to LlttlH'fi \v/re not of the rpfc- tHar m.uoblng \tAt\X Th< Klnora crowd was headed ny .1>iseph P1ik<tt a '"'oxoy- He ahnonK thf> miner's Whci^the train "was hoarded/the men at T^Itttf's wfie al- rejidy out. TUi<* Plnora crowd, flndinif .•lhat~.thXrailroad cojnpany' were.'dett-r- ftr' not to; move' the tratn," \?f t it -in and returned to their not yet 4ttlt« gro^?rtd of MR newrahjm Nevvn has reafhed Hoattle At the death ^tat Aprlt trf C*ha*»les A. Bladk; stone, fjwirs* Bt>toh««r flgnd At. V" Ma- went <o Alaska In to, death In way ' YHB OBTROIt-EVfJNlNO NpWS h*« *V*r IjpOO ««ecMil c«rrie»J>ond«Bt» vfh<f mt» t. „ ever «tt the ilWtH fW items o* rif*« Which toilRhr«irt«re«t S*«t« r«^«r*« > ft ytiu *oirtd have «ll «tt e*B«r«! new* of the day, try It for « BI«B*|I. $1.25 for 3 rnonftis (PY MAIL). „ Two cents i copy. Ten cents a week (OCUVCBBO,?. M/OHIQA'N. ffli Evening News, Detroit |; Tlwrc58Hroir»caWirtb m"tW« Action of tho country thiflj'nn oth?r disease* fu* t*r- ffethot, «n* »ht>l the last fetf^-earft wn>« sup poxed to lx> ii«surable, Ft«r.a great mauy yenrn dodtots protiouwSsd rt a local A«e«t, ri <tld 111 ., i'h 1'aiUHai) It!. 'JJIIJiin- ilf \\t-»COU!jlD,Xorth- Mii'lurfatj. MtnutHntn, Iowa im} South ^U>inr the hue** of tiw ChidagD, !dil- &, Si , . lAml Hui! >> a> , arc forstvnuver houie*, li«ii(i> nil of which are , x ou ur uear luk'»^jii* ritM wit.' ; i'l«)W ropi>i-t» riety frwuiHl>e "full divwo for dinner" to th« iiaimt-1 cmr-t (.•ontiiDn- fur etvry meal. Amuug the list ^re UHUU •> launhar to many of <>ur r,ozid*-rs a»Nihe (tcrfuctuut of and n« fiurn- iiii-r an' /' Minert, fit-nr <Jm-. 'i'liiiiior. /VuiinK the,day fJov«>rnor Tanner vla- Iti'vl thf convTivtk>ri' a !tr.'i- tn.adt>-- an- ad<Tri> ; *: Htj said(h(- wou-ld <.'»••< :..{>erate :fcn any ..mannvr t6 -hrlhic ithoiit a ?t-llleni!nt of I'Xl.-stlnfj iiiini.viMie.% tiUt did rtj'it 'tlilnk il lay In''lh«.-jii(Wi-i'. .of C'ontfr«>.8rmfcri,-senators-, "ahd-<lu- tie nr^ft! th«. iwt-ii. tor'ud'H/t a s<:ah- and "wjijniit it to.the ow-ner.i.and ht''proKjls^d. intuit 1 t'si'iy nit'<t(^ in hi-* jMiw«r t<, tu- Juie^ht- < |it-rut« is to adopt th«- --oalc A 1'ftr^vlut'Kin f<i sui'l'Iy .farmers vviih' co'al f< r th-li' 'HJT'lShfliK vta«'\»ttd duun ON V A Si A. )AW Hen )A »'r>«t*arlii|; to Xavklo a Mlf*«<-C'H»iti|># , Aug 7 — yht t.uiitiuet. county and •ft»niral has been I a ilwo egnt t,tamp for a oopy iiribcipat roioftB, s«id a l<»( of auwau-r and W&fdiojg houMya 1 , aud ratea for H. A^eut, Cbivtttfo 111. jn ft <}< flftlu v l vVsteraai'^aiitl a jiiui'-atilj lit n.urti^ >\f9t whuK-, afjaii will l>t- As (strike at 4. <.anip r l/ljj mwVv i».Ui The op- "oamnionwt'Srl" tour euwfWitut^d the liiana «iai(h through tht \vhoie tcf- tnin<-s( &iv Ix-in until Clcailltlil <;^*unty i .Camps wHl'tte left at oath <.f the Airuit mines ae Caiwn^hurlf, at other pint:*; that rimy HUMPHREYS' ' W>>. CO.. » U * U» TOBan Hi.. 14PHEZY3 1 HOMXQPATBUfl | SPECIFIC Ro.i tht 1 leavir, The leadws estirncilw that With Hill rf-inaj« behind in the. ;aiupi k ly in th* nu>vtito«irit, A niUnary eodi .«• thu governaient of the jirnjy vpi. the movMin«nt i. '-HHtfe- •of a syisteaa he wiH b*- atile kMfjXcverytbiiie; quiet T and 'the men ti^e^tiknj;, numb«rlng Jfailtn« to cur^.'wrtn loeal tresttneat, prono'unced it loourttblc;. Sojcnto has K>rovctt eataifrh to bo 'B dOtlBtiiutioBftV dis- Omw, and therefore requires* eorotitutional treattnont. lI»H'8 i t'»tarrh cure, iBsnnfnc turfed by'P. .1, Chontsy £Co. f Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market, It is taken internally in doses from 10 drop^o a teaapodnful. Ife«ct« 'directly on the blood and mucou» aurfaceB'of tve syo- tetn. They offer onp hundred dollars for any cade it fails to cure. Send for. circulars and tcatimoniftlo. _Addrww, _ F, JT. CHBNEY & CO., Toledo, f). by druggiate, 7&C. B FatDily pillw are the boat, if- WhatTfNol Miracle^ fi^ireat Fpur-C Rem4dyisdoinje«?0« WherevjSr inteoduceaas h«ariy mifaculOnS as ft ever falls to the K* of any IromAft agency to do (I will es ^em u a- favar fot any one interested *Vtl*xit$ the persons whose names appear -belOw or anyone ' whose name may appear among /hese testimonials.) lic of BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE. Office of "KnHM-iuHH* TIMKB,"} .T Oeo. I2/98. H ifty dv»ty Co writfl y<to \ line In reRnCdi to thf beneficial Cftootol PhelpB' "Four C Remedy," so faf a» I am personal lycon- A wpftk ago last Tb»tsd»y, I w*» tiiktol» Ji'ot » .Klnjtlp "Nljjirr'" N**tl Apply. AUgtnta. Auis. t- — Not content \vlth v-lnntnK. thieljr polu't that no have, work in .the Fulton kind whit'ft p*-oi>l<? ar<> now strikers hayv "demanded that- no shall .-be', frnploywl at all <>.x.- c«>pt uremen and Bcnib ! women. Tl>*> has nt aRrtj«(J to th'is yet. E^AT PHjLApEtPHIA/ A. \\. Sliic* M»et of tin- Mon Philadplphin. \u^; ' 7.— The opftnlng race iiu'et of the t*ii;htefinth anuai meet of the.Lt-Bgu«* of Awierit'an .Whtelmoh wa« h<;id Saturday \t \Cillow. OruvtV p«rk. (vurtf ?f> . nrJiles *rOQi. .this forft 1G,0()1>>r.* 1 iVt aw "the most 'ssful in th^e history of tion in al t«rn.)-tiji( e k enthusiasha and good Several . >«tat« ' WoiiKds 'were'' wrjaahc'd.antt- Arthur «>ardln«;i - , >he Chi' f a of Urt'aki»»(S H^rnlHoJi's- wold's tjr'oni' mtlp pafed HP E" In low-eriiiK th^- ta&( iiille made t> "Johrny" J<ihnt-V\i) at'Chktigo last year by four-fifths f-f •• n .«*«?ond. • . Oarvtlti^r rrosatd the lirip UK»-^i flayh and the urn* WH? caught ^autifulVv.-Ht- n*v*r waned- until th^ nn(i«h»xn«dp In l'H9 J-5 r tlit» wjate r«-«,i^V^ «f 1:45 3-5, by f^irl KI*<JI\ 4 _~ In thf s< hedult-d rac-<-# t|if honors among thf nrrifVfcslonala vr«?r-e Von l»y R J,' I^owghfradr of Sarnia, <f^hfc., who crossed .the tHi"- a wlntwr SB, thriw trluU, ,two firia^H at ' flllal. ,J« one of thr«f -t}«al^ the mfi** J*rolei38io«^l, he liruH* the state, coiaiiC-uUun i^i^iU uf i.^.^-O, U IriK tlu- dJtttum-t- In 2 03 3-5. He ' tht- or^-f|Uar!er inHf chamnlons-hi^ tn JS sec-ends AmBRgf'ibw «fmst«M^» h"oi»r« rnore tv-feoto' dlvid&d wiiit ^ Johr}4*ft. KrKK. and Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera .and. Di- arrhoea remedy always affords'prompt relief. For sale at Greene'a drug store. It only takes ten days by using Gif- ford'n Tobacco cure'to entirely rid a person of the desire to use tobacco*'in »n^ form. Jt is Kuaranteed ( io do BO. or the money i« refunded. Call and enquire, about it aijHyde's drug store. "-.* —— '—~ — ! —' r—. 4' If th* Baby is Cutting T»>eth Be sure and use that old and well tried remedy, Mrs. Winslow'p Soothing Syrup for children" te^hing. It eobth<»- the child, softens! th^ gunja, allays/all pairi. cures wind coljc and is thV-iwat remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-jms ccnta a bottle. with » »o»«-w attiicfc of 1ft gtippe ana ta,»»hon Ume bocamo So boar^o I couw not speak ftbow ft wbtaper. The nieht prt-vlous J bnd orju«hea icttrly tfce entirp uiKht . ui»t b«for> retiring; I took t tett»pootiful,an(lslp|)ttlieentir« night MHWGCtly u evw 1 did In my lite, notitouRblWooofc I>«* sntireiy telirvi>a before taklns one botlld. Phelpo' Oougb, Cold/and Croup Cure should be io c*wry jbgsehold in tho land. I aend you tbM wbolly insolioiwit by anyone, (or you »tb benefactors of> tbaraoe in (jiving It thn antidote for 4otne of the (font »fDioUoo» to which (t l» hair. Very Truly Y^SJV ^T C J NBWMTT, Editor. Notice M.J.Qi: ment. tt'a pi J alwasjKreoqmaiend Dr. FoWlfer's Ext., of Wil(L.»Strawberry in caaw'ol. Bummer coufphiiDt* BUI} halve nevqrjt'uowii U fej 0«'' 1'ou-^rnay t|»e my raine." 0, A.' We*t, t>. • Kansas CM, K»Bsa«, Deo. 84, 'M tartPrldii*. Dec. W, toy utendiag physlctan itatwl unliisiB I wiwb«lt«r by morning be could Jo notbine for my relief. That night I com- noticed laklntppttelp** "pourCJ- rempdy, stopped ill othor med>cini>8. Tbe first dose stopped my lough: 'slept/and r«*twl, well; a few more douea •(•moved »11 soreuesa from my lungs; the saCond lay I -wag up; th« thlril day I was out on the •oroh atid to-duy w.a's purcbaslnR lioliday iooctv. ' Miss .IZHKII HAOTET, _..- •WashinKtoo Ave. and Summit St. CROUP CURED. One doiw of Pbelpa' CoijRh. Cold and Crovlp 0"rv, e»vc ray child mutant relief when attacked »Hh'tt»e cfoup. ,-•'''-. 'M- E.'Mooaa, of Moore pros/rGrobers. ••.. . , Arkansas City, K»n»a?. UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. J, 8. Hinmo. MAnagffi i Office Comra*rtl»i PfmtinR Co., V 166 Suuth Chirk St. ) . Nov 24, 'M B. R. Phelbs, Esq., City, DltA» Sijt-,— I wlwh.-to- bear .testimony tottw great ftfflcnoy of y'oui ""ffour 0" romtdy in throat ftftd luiig ftllmunts. AF a- rule I bav« beets »kep tical of the meriw of proprietary medicint"!, but have to eottfca 1 ! that a »n?t of your "FourC" b convincing that at least OIIB r«lwly.*niHtc: romedj i« worthy of use. My children all take It w4tb out the least objection, .from oldest to younitest and it 'in partioulatly noticeable that beneflt h almost immediate; . - A slnizle dost" will chect, to si most cou«lis in their hftinn'iiip; it give B an un< rest at nli?ht. ID my fftraily "Four C' ' " iJispaHBablr- and i recommend it urt- ly» , - Yours, J. B. Hound. * ACUTE LARYNGITIS. Chicast,, Sept. 25, '85 For years bank each winter I have with *outB- LarynRitls. Lac't wittier. w»» m< I I mould not lonvtt my mom fortwo weeks or am above a. whisper. I tried wv^ry known cifugl) preparation from cou£h ilrnpt: upaml dovyft with DO relief, then"lii $v*ttgr<ttien I was iofiu&xl la to' try Pholp's "f'ourC." Tlietlrist do>* relieved my cougb, giving' me tbo first nichl'9 n«t fo! Weeks Haft th« bottle cured-inny I have tifve^ been without this wonderful r'muG&y tslnce, Itia as different from other..likererjerfeuiea as molasses tram vinegar or auger from $4nil. ..„,.. GttCBB. 5313 Madlsdff Ave. X . IT.IS AyMIRACtC. •€tondue*or Ecitard^-the ^I^ilroiul idont of tns N^oda^pa Kans»n Itepii--.. _. ..... 'to aay of'''Roor>C.'* '':phclps l«r.h(i:*ii>B a won . dorful «»!« of JIls Coujth unct Ojria-Rpmwly: Wr perijoiw.lly-KB 01l ''' fr ^ $ u ^ represented to oe. foo much can ~* be i-fttd in its praise. !t is a .n^lf ftcle. V . .. •;... NOTICE Ttt DRUQQ1STS AND THE PL JC. ggists are authorizedln ALL CASES to RUFUNTO THE Pow- PRICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Cbugh, Cold and Croup Cure} fails to give satisfaction in Group i BronchijM^sthmaiLaGrippe,Coughs and Colas, no matter how long standing, or deepyseated, in fact I guarantee in all marmprof Bronchial or Lung trouble,not as/a Cure-AH.but to give uiibounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the aiove conduions." I take all chances. fl, B, fHEU'S,!^ ' ' -' ---" -^- — w . T. DRAKE. : ' •; •:"- > for a granite dishpari wht>n ti $«|tde ,for D5c, ways the cheaps* in price. O'L^AHY BltOS, . Cat! at Barju?fi' for Diana's'Chaae. Large Reduction in Prices on All Cooking Apparatus. Gas Ranges Sl&QO, $"13.00. $15.00 and $10.oo Boiling Stoves $1. to $5. according Tv—** Wilt- lh«* lynched; by a »n0b, Jl«> if *»t J< to ( marry hi« vH;t*in \H* is www in^ail here ' *hi*s»wo uf IFltttt law« . wt>ikt-r» and the of Woi-^ers!' •«) »cal& for Thfr only- * ot « Don't p»> tl^iO for a fre«z*r 'wbeq, we. will sell'you *'* qt. Arctic W t w«»ak or ^oy waste m DON'T BUY , \ », HCfre^n <door yod «s*a ^ tb* "Black Bnana- Kugt-iJt lent*.! from tounti > alten4»(t wjw tlw A. JtfMUirlMM»le Cm-* of Clirftalc . of Ohio, to swrt- Jouia Ui*., lir. At Oferiiijf, iiijirchlag with the »trilter8 to their syKjpatby.. J>*t»9 spoke tut tliive hours, Md at- tbt- to address'/ h*i wti* sa«it»»t overwhelmed by the great number o< jf*yple wi»t» ia- sastfd »h£kut# ha*d)» wltfe WIB. During bis 's'misc-h at tbf Fittstiur^; bight t>eb» referred- to i|iju,octipr« in that it p?ph^it«a hiiii (ftetta) tt» the coal ^aluas to Wt»t Vir. : . 'I hold ibie iojunction ' and 'the judge wbo iasu^d tt ip siugretue w at ,^_.,-, y«sfterdja.y afternyoa aud is at hi» desk In thfc n-tu-te dtiiartnitnt tu.iay CJba«J"«*j> Ciujftin lyst «U tmf Uit linger of nia left baiid Q{ co(>^Qir -on vvooi iJo:n»ht-tl with B, Fawier. whu dUtad aj; kauga- retwaly ' ut spelter Ifl the (Juit- td 8 jafeaj'Ttor the tlrw six mwths of was i4,7l3 \hoj't U'H.-, of wtifch ' ./" In ItitS&i, wJit«i I jj/orvpd my eouotry as * iu Company A. 167 tti Peujiaylva- VolunteerB, { eowtra^teii cbrotjic di- arrijoea. It ii*a gi van UAB ^ great deal of troiiBiw t»yer ipu2«. I Wv^ tried a tlitfeisut, medicine* aed aeV<.'r»l neut doctbra without any pruuiiueot relief. Not lob« <njo a friead ae/at me u Ba.uipii3_ b^^4i»\^f Chwuberlaw'e Cofo €holera aad Di^trrhowt remedy, and alter that I bought ^uwi took a 5U cent bottle; iuid now I caa' -^*y I am eutir^ly curfed. I cacuut be tha^kfjrl wiough to for this remedaad reeoaa- Skin and blood OJBtijiac*, «a oiatf ail SO|t« " of dire dwaatew U» v 4»uuiiiB hftpiJuuw* *ra I •*-<M.ili' aitd u.uioUy ourt4 by Jgu^duvi flitw 4} ; Btttaw. •-.•-•• %• ' '' - I •'- ' •/ V - . mtsud it to ali antf^riug vcfeiuut, if m doubt write xyv. You» grateftui • ' - MENBY STfcUN-BJKKt^^, . AUeutowu, at Gr<*»iiei'e drug store . . . „. t ,i;-.- — "' ' i. •";•• ,'" ,. '««*««». tftblw to rent for p»rtiee ••"'• - j. w. WELSBAOH INCANDESCENT - GAS - LIGHT i, i , « "• ^Reduced in Price 'Alter Oct. 1st, » From 82.25 to S2,OO eafeh ^~— " "•^iri^mch^p^thrterj^wfe^ 5 Beats extra for daaw.aiid protecttug aliatfe. Artifleid Unfit y*tl«v*«t»dL AbwIuUty Steady. Vw-y BHIIUnt than v —*^V-^» •***• h power o| light twice the l|ght of a 6ft open gtk» burneir with ,& the gaa., ^ igkfced storeis iu &teao*»H o»a tht«e Hghte. Wel^bach Lights Always Give Savisfactien* aa to light aii<l consumption of j^»& Nearly BOO Bolt! in MarabaH during w»e past; . Uct let, THE MARSHALL LIGHT CO. JOB W^ff ^^ " wBBaflllBBRk',^B^P||Bo|pS^lliB^IR • j^BWW^^fflBWiP^

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