The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 1, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1892
Page 3
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toe*! Meteorological Report taken by * J- JJf*^i. - . ' i _ JaT.1. ~» nmnnjtV «»T«IHT H, <ttqre. rat*. . —*** SO 04n. "R HSfcfc&t, 48, lowest, 44. ' V By registering, ifcoMnmuptcr for the * The editor \a in Chicago today. \ Wm. B,8iU, 6f Jilk&art, Ind., ia ifyg* friends itt this city. ' Miss-Anna Bucfc entertained a Halloween. pacfylnsreveTtlti^. ' -^ J. I<ower, of Burlington, has pur "chased "of C^'Wrffiogpr.a. hU grocery. stock. Enough stone wall has UcM?n laid at the water power to trfako.a wall JOJ^ft high, 1ft. Uhick^iud 3,000ft lonp.V '•The Knapp senior* organized a lieiu peraace Reading Reading circle witlx H • raetnbers. Tho, tlrst book in ih~" Richard Eddy, , • • • Battle CreeH Moon: DrrR.Rl.SpcM-, of 'this cltyi atul-Dr. Smith, of Marshal), >ft today for St. Paul, MiunpsrUn, wjiere they go to learn n-n&w process -ol titling teeth w Jthout pain, these "having secured the -right >0f for their respective cities. all Our item last night, saying^ that UJB- horao and buggy "stolen froui Decker lasjt Friday was found \\\ Crock w»« •» mistake, l'4»e.-riK frigid i>y Sheriff Prentice in where it had been' h'iU&ed- street and had evidently stood then uigb(. Voters will notice. thai' tlfi> candidate for prosecuting itttornoy i*Mt blank on the peoples' lif.kct, sy thuy *ill be obliged to choose beiwvrn the demo* cratie nominee anid the cau^idftte.p.u th.ri republican ticket. This fact slrpuld be' kept in yjew by all 'intending' tRe pgoplea' ijcket. " ' •' To, the Fiske Jubilee Singers. I he- Eui": Ffa"nk lladlclitf walked befo/o Justice 'I'lllotSon tlm morn and |n irVfnlift ofJ$.lUf) hail Wag coniniltt cd tn jnil * <«» _3t « '£'* ~X * The Postal* ,1'jwgraphjftonipail}' Will ii/lV-e htt Ju^lrnrWu.t4ji"' Htt^ttperft house on election night. All th$ di^patchea sfoiug OK'? th<j line both deniotratielphd republican will be received and read. •Arthur Lewis antUUtdip Joy will -be the operators • o" I I 5 Miirto Spiccti entertained her young liidy ffitrndfat JvrlplloWeen ljv«t night Tlve weather* WAS prop fyr ghost rtalks and tlii?,e"arly b#k of the rvening p_assed' rjuicWj. /About rrino o'clock th,if girls b<-g«u \W\v ghost d.anoe and blindfolded were/Ted into tin 1 s'pacious. -parlors where tvy> grate llres alcohwl lights "hed A ghostly pallor r aH, .After chanting (If^r mystic inoantation3 winch elided with ''wbistlo my Uddie, tind 1 fio'me to thee," the girls wens stnrtled bj n prompt 'Compliance with their r^ucit HHndfolrfs were .qiitekty tortroff and .arrivnged lu a row 1 aer6s9 nvw end of the parlor they upheld a dw.QU tall lifjiircs cl'ad in White. Tbc boys who. hatl protended a trip to Alb>6n~would furnish them their Ual- ecn sport had, -with the aid ot Mrs. r» and"Mi$s Lulu, feecretly ginned admission lo4lu>'hotwe. Aitnr unmask' ing iho boys' were .treated to jr umrah lyulloiy roust, aud ~diU>Ung. unit exeur- sibiis to the haiuitctl .uttiia) and music ji'nd ghost sloriois Whiied uway th« houis >efc4'e <-nc1uuitod hour VVuh hour* ihuy their, v )U-s,' siuwess and a tiwwtlu'nrt wuro tortuneh found in tho ettke. aypreuiation »1 I lib gay ud paired, the company uric o'clock thi-ii inoi n \ x •' nut «>iru HIM i io'i know \oiir i'ii'fiion ticket ask ja • . -N ; that duos -kiit-iw. Dp iu>t be of jour ig.iu^tnc^r for .simu? ol Iho wisu I ami h* 1 '*! -ineri Wi v lu "It you how t a i* Un-.y i of O«rniany sftW:; "ttt> tifut" think it.weakness ia me that I weep/is I'Usten loyonrsougs for they touch my vsry «onl." The company is comtios^d of 1 ten vocalists and'a pianist and their • programs consist of soog* sung by the former slaves of Ap)er.'wr, varied by. soloa, quartettes, glees, «tc., at Mjtir 'shall.Thursday evening, Nov. 3, Ther« ^ppeur* to be a rui,stuken nn ^>res?icin_exJ3|ing .that all- are-.v to're>register in this c'tiy. The tion can do no harm, a*»» »11 »lioulfl ^e'e "• lor themselves that th.t:y .a>»./pro wrly registered. If 'you Kstve not n\ove(J „ from OUJB ward to-another, or it you • """have uot changed- residences in the -- ward so as to beoajue a resideut of un~ ', other precipct t it i» not uecesbary, for you to register. Hosyever, it will do at) citiziu harin- to look ia" at thts bo4-rd ,of registramjn and ss&fcfv himaeJfthat he Is all right ft-he wishen to v^te'p The switchmen of the (x>u,ntry ure , preparing a oaouster strike for next ftlaj^ expecUpg to*"Vripple the World 1 * Fair -• business of ihe"railroads and force tU'eiu to concede to the demands of the em- ploye-. "The Buffalo strike, \»utl[ tixe ones whicu have occurred ^y s Secretary of tho iSalo^ Switcbuften's UUJQU, "are bat prtju tea to the great etiiku of 1893. ' It^will K' a strike the 'like of whieb has never bsea seeiv-tffttl .will, ^tend s\\ 'over-the.Country. TJje r.ttilv<»uilts will] be Biaking enormous pvolits. 'llie pect pie would not want the World's ]*»5r jDJursd, and .a clamor would ari?e which would force tbe roadi ty ji satlle- inent. The plans are all awde for ^ general uprising and the demand's this fall are to test the attitude of the rail- yqads towards us.". The Buflalq switch" -Ta^a are biding tbe^r' time uutiliite^t >»priug, wheuthey will takepa^rt iua strike which will extend from, $ie Ali to the: Pafiiftc, *?4 *roi» the great »uw lo s-iahr-p. their kiHJw,-Pinitil ho lias ib'ii or 'has Luin 'i VVIl'J who l.nrt made oi^ -k ia, N'h. t-l'c ne UV 1 '- aflMly of Jose know man it to know citiiiiutjr'ivr t<io iuunli utten iiiu; th:it ail. i>I tiiiirr to M;uiip Uu'ir liitllot.s. f 'I'll A llilllixi i, I lj<*t that Ju iitternoi/u lor Ai) la, luU' .v\ Hfrru \\fit.) vv^i *.?<*£,, We have:the? agency for the sale of dl^QAKS made i^om these popular i£0o&s>iand ( w^ \wfi& i ** J r V*W' jC**^ « ^P4 - -, sell tfteni 1 at> yery ow prices /to get/thdm introduced here: ; , Every garineni -j^ar- rantid 8i;Y. ft. LEPlPER. I w know that I am a little far to t 4 , „ - - • > the East end but as our city is grow- iflg we must a spread out, we all cannot do businesb in the center, but it will pay you if in want of any /"**** ' * * , ' ' Hardware to—give^iae a call. I haVe two carloads of Acorn Cooking & Heating Stoves tor pick from. Over One Million of these stoves now in use. Everybody is wvited tp call at Vn*y Salesroom and in- ' *.•'*...• spect my new Jine of goods. ' JOHN WHALEN; East State Street, BLOCK. to HejmeVw, him, mua^bu.uu tutin-l in iiui(,:.. It is vxpfecte'd that Hoi), -J.X'i eliurd, of lunia, «vlU U^Ufift and after »ludg« aftfruooi|.t' J at if lor eveuiug. Mineiy uf , <if (ii'and vvif}' j >t-d>;e, in di tiiu at to utikjild Jwll 4.oni<£h(.^ AUCION OF r HARNESS MAKERS' in u.ulc ojijtu 6f and eeaj>e<i, o( Ui« entujj s makers' tools, V l.»Ui Ot Nov. lUii at u\>li;ck v p on >akea to tfeftf ulf . The uprising w|U be StQfw, uttifl.'. 11. I 1 oliult »«ll nt Ladder ih public ;tui;tli»ii uwd tabiubed mentj togellibr wiili th« tools ut trude, ervrybody-4iud bay yourself i icli AdiUHjistratur \ Common Council. , ltt council Out, 31, .y, Eollcaltecf. noil Absent^ ld. Davia. Minutes of last meeting read and appi'f)Ved Coir a new sidewalk on north side of Grccn'fflreet/TOro<Tc'tfer?Q,n to HjinqUt'on. Kefewad tP*i&BWfllk oorajnlttee. v ^ Street committee ask for further tunu on /which ta report t«n sewer ot^JEas,^ S^tate , , Relegation of Chrtrie* tticketta from \\ul\qrmelUise. .Presented and accepted. 1 Aid. Dcaifc: ' • * MUVJCU, That ttic matter «f hide- \\alMa petitioned for oil the. east «ide ol Mulberry, street and west side of ( Syoftmore street be taken from the table. > cafrjed. l — — - : - >— : B^ Aid. Dean: UESOUTEP, That ntjvv walks be prdufed Imilt on the west aide of Sycamore street between Green and Hanover, also on (he east side, of Mulberry aftefit between State and (.iieen statea and itAt recorder norj^t _par. tSesto b^Ud atonee. The major appointed Chad. jli^jitan-fur-the balance qf the year TI niotioti the aikjioijitmcnt was Confirmed. Tpe recorder w'as ihstrueted io draw «>r- er for Tboiiia^ S T J^eww for §3t} for clean- ug State h^reet th^ past season, alei) to have Hrds ^rjuteU fun placing on houses where, outajfious ditte&aw) eiisf. > Tiia ruU>d weWsaaptsiided and following lls aUowedi Z. .1., Blakesiee, work cm iv^s fa cemetery, $ld.7&; (,^ias. J, Eteyer tihlt^tuue, $1,80; John Minus*, wak *trjb>:- rs, $ii.0tj: Gcu. H, WafeOii, atutie erpssiUirifj 14; l f letc)x(r Campbell, -cobble sjtoae, $6.7o: Frani V»iry| work in engine Jiouse ? $1.50; £. Sliumwny^wotU ibengin* house. $9.43; Ptia». J. Preyer,' pdjice serviec, $1; .Uoiij'.o lowell, police serricej $l;.HauiiUpn & Ddtj, utubcr for engina house, ^ni*.3J> r <n^r > shal'» ime roll^ $37.0$. followmi; were alluwed fur electric' igbt ptent; PWh i*. S. Jo>, "surveyor, ~f *.T5; Rrtftjnanr, j.u pl«p|f, *41.10; Reuben tracts the for rn.-aud, frui^i liud me olbce uvery ti:jy in the oiu four to .>ix>p. lo dht uip national." -JDoja't d&uci,u| ' ' at Cunningham, resident agent of fh<8ai*,Fire I^svirauce cooipany of Hwrtlord, Jbae received the followwug »etic» of tfce result ol the Milwaukee ftre; "Lawt'^ighil' fire iwyolves seveu- teeu jgoUdei. -asgijreKatis swm, 147,650 totally destroyed. As «oo» tys the cllwaw »« adjustipd tbf y wi!i V» ' Bewwe gl "&m> J«*b,ns; > ' «xcei't, 'MUudiirV-< JUKI .Saturdays. person noi"w»*'hi«K to c-biue to the jiend poAaruud 1 .'will ,of busiuetia or re'si pljice will #0 to E! Cau' 5 ce.nt3.ut Mcf rill's, for i\' carry u lull . s,, A. d & 'By Aid: Egeler; WBEVC^J*, the *ulk8 U> the bridge on, Monroe wii Locust streeta are 1 uilt to the bridge, therefore be It re^ohed that the Vralfc be co«npleted *cr,oas t^B bridge wdh « plank walk same as the walks on ctwh sid«» o* bridg^ with tho sftringere'tojajr thrtrso-as not tp exceed a «8«*f-i#ur inches and the same walk not to be less than 3ft. v, ide on bridge. aesoluljipn adpytcd. ' . v • By Alcl, Ifider: *-, . , : . WHEKEAS, The west side "of Eice Creek bridge on Marsnall avenue ia from 8 to 1% cue* lower Mian the street, which makes it moat of the winter eeaswn, being U/ w^lk in the mud, therefore be it resolved ttfot a plank walk be built 04 t % he west side of said bridge if i. wide aad 4m. high, .the 'same' es one. 1 on Monroe staceel ....T.^ w / '• , Resolution-'adopted. B/JUd, Pewia; Ba^otvBDt, That'tibft-salarys of fire department be allowed f?oni May 1st, 1«»2, to Nor Seaolwtioji adopted. . ' By Al«. l>,ean, ' RB80i.vai>, ?^at joar&httl be instructed to fix "ffllctroArTiorthTudie)of Qttm atroet be tweet* Eajtle and Jefferion to the'best, of lu» Adopted. McKinpey, clraymj,', 25 cents; H- Krotzer, :^'i<jgi-35-Pft | >t^;.Vtp'j, H.. Ale^p.4py t Ignjbjppt. >2p^5; time roll°of plant, J41.50. On tftOUoa council, adjourned until Thurs- iV, Xo>. 10,1892. —9 ' T H. g. gISjffER. ^eoord^r. . J.S.WHUE&CO (joods from-the empires of JapAQ, '""Uma, Iudta v Turkey and Persia. Sea our show windows Select your before-the stock ia br6keu. tpenal. 10 bar* 25 cents; Old country, 6 tiar* 25 cents; Queen Auiie, 6 bars 35 cent^, Cuticur». 2J. uentf; 4711, 3 catt'H, 30<ceat8; white castile, 10 cent8; brow,»J cold cream awl glycerine, 10 u. S. WHITE & CO. ft I Aft MONTH $ 1UU Good, ll -*'

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