The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 31, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1892
Page 4
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\_ THiTDAjLY InsidVor outside are lamp*, 2,000,, Candlepower each, in tm until 1Q p. in. nCnndard one la,mp only* i<* ^"od, §5 month, $60 per: annum, One lamp 19 used by the sarae person in the "same locality the adthtionaf'lumps wilt be charged for Rt $4 pcFfHtfnth of $40 per an- utim. ,'",.These lamps will'be placed in position free of charge to"the uaerjother than abo\o. *. All night lamps or Other Bpepinl scrvifc*; At gpwjUljrates.- 1 "* " ' AlLdapage'io the lamp or wiring by the uset m'utt ba pavtf lot-by hiiii ( Tfi* user will^in BO case b« allowed .to iaaddle with or-temote either Tamp or-Wiring and it any change in position dr inent is desired by tha consumer it wUl be don* by the city at tuBandescent lighting, light* lead} for —use at alt times during durkuenB. __' ifeter rates G-tG of one cent j>«r 1(1 candle-power lamp fo\ t-ittKM .residences. No meter pineal tu StSr\ iot> A» hare 1« iw t b«u five H(Jhl8 a»i in use. For ail oidmaiy ser~ »»c» where meters are <aiot uied ^fallowing rates: Stores and business plates 50 per month pei IS candle' pjww for aay numbei of la.nips, whether onf* <»i more. Residence? andotiiatfl, *fi',,'Bi> ccui-. i 10 candle power .lamp per mouth, uh toufQxjeaa lamps ar«, (awl,. \Vtii-re ' than four lamps are in place- £m thu person id the sainv lo6alTt^ '& i i e«tiJ • per , mentb per lamp for each additional lamp •T« four, ' Reduction of ten per eout will bo /iniido where annual contract* for residence iag, without Mieters, All lamps of additional oandltf power at proportionate rates'. " \ '/, 1? A11 special Bertie* must be specially' < tractedfor.' . \ • ,All bilhi payable on or before t&e 10th of eaoh month and a penalty of tec pet cent will k« added to bills not paid when d,^ No wiring will be allowed to be doneNfcx t under the direction of tfee city ab< wkertt lighting contracts aro made. All intandescent lamp renew ala nau^t be wade by the cqnsup^e.r r <at bia own expense but the city will until further notice supply lamps at coat. ... . ,: •. Ordinary open oleat wirim-p will be'.tloia during the-ioBtallation.of; the plant at $1,2 per lamp, not including lamps and sockets All subsequent wfripg will be done suleli uuder the' diVection of the Golninisaioucr^ u t or *si A choiea\h>t f>f nji best ailUKjnlir)s/ Jt H^.>1 works from WilHip soM VPH i Sehot nwj sT.tml-i 'avo liraco I5fps em'ry tl tutVhnr-'oi by lHuiuj5o\j(Hjr act.- Bro*. * x New styles of atPorrcts Poti't fail to see the Ooods' ' uii fnt, \tniii]'t\ rtnd Ultth il to C, ( (•in I l s i \ (> I. \ THE «ED FLAG 2 Stores 2 Stores. SEE TH^ RED FI.AC • ! , ..... . . . * ^* 1* Belieyitig." v f •* Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.' II 1 '111 t it'll! I V - . Jf ,, , ,| H -^ J'it_U Uhwi'.«»», tin fts, V siHH'|,)i .* liO'\ li.ii fji! !TH-< ( (V ('l I) ^ttl i-t bi !\M i M.4» L Il1i»,l 'Cij tt)l|l -M H ni'tt \\ Co!, Work \iu stove hint VVl'.l bf iil"t)uU)l' d 10 lili u T l wr<!us ?or iig, st«vo ul tljo Ikoii Mp. CWIdrerr Gry for Pitcher's Castorig. In order ito^uiikn rpom'ftu' n.ovy- wTN sell wall;i>«pt:f id east. Po> The iripst Wondcfful-iiiedicini:' thal.I ' •ever met with is t'lmmbefhuri-'a Colic, Choi- era s!i<}. Dinrrivuua-'.Hciheily.' In cases/of 'colic it gives .."speedy Kjli'uf. On hunffng trtpij havie.fpijntl it rndispensabh'r' J'at in IJjali. wntcr^it Huimrtii a pleasant 'taste and .pXeventH'-tlit'- • djarrhum whieh alkali .waV' proiluc'ca. I ity.M nut. fuel safe, without iKju niy houso. ' ; vl. F.'Hiiiith, Eort Aber. 1). Fur Falj- ra I oost. • % • . AU /wifiiiy will bfe done tnnirV Iliu -littt 1 .' rules </i the Miifhig&iiIusuriVK'u Uuiuau. . . All .applications for tacuudes.ctrnF light!r. wdt be accepted in the order of ihi- uppliGi • .tion and to the'persons apfciy'ini; fur the Iir5 500 laipps'to be placed inpds'itioii andKta 1 . tk« farnps and sockets will be furnianod free •f charge, all other,lamp^ or sockets uteo.->t,, The abofw lighting rat^-. are based on an ' ertintatoof the oost of operation of the plant trd whije they <tre now much loner tMo lor the,same 'quality and quantity pf light Wlien-.Baby WAS shji, wo gavo her CttSboria. \\tan she was .a ChpL .she criW fOr Castoria: Whan she become Mlss^be clung to Cftstoriu. Wbea sbo haJ Children, t And a "good tamp be Simple; "when it is not simple it is not good. Sitftplt % JBeauttfut, Good— these |words hiean much, but tosfee "The Rochester" will impress the truth more fcfrcibly.- AU metal, , tough andfieamless, and made in three pieces only, it_M? &$ktepvaje&t& unbreakable. Like Ataddin'* of old, it is indeed a *« wonderful lamp/' for its marvelous light is purer and brighter than gaslight, -w softerjhan electtic light ahd mor? cheerful thao cither. wil 1 BOCHESTEtt CO., 4* Park The Original •• Oera House Second Season in America. 'after a lay; of Six Years around the borld.'* Kyerjwhens, in the old world and the uv.vyUheir patiju-tic a^jf touching slaive of this swutli hflve'been hea^l with it fay oi'tyw.dte.d audiences. only. upportunUy tu hear thftn 1 furnished in other places, should it • foanble to rnaTca a reduction in price, the ratw will tie lowered aad all'contracts ao\\ wade will be entitled to th6, benefit t Qf an> reduction hereafter njada, Crom and tba date of the reduction, " Application must be' rnud& to the rt< - »r either of the cOWiiai3svt"(t?ra. No good thinjf uhoulJ be-outi,i.v>ul hern andtbero ugiaeele.-^D f^ersou ueati it basel)'. .Itisjuet adm.ctMc-;ir> to iidniwittcf lawgoraflWto tho aged and f-eeblc us it is to strengthen n dwelling thai i» itejimiisiy iu .",, decay^ JJot only qiuy Ufc- b*ir«rHtly., -prolonged by. artificial supportj but liiu tiediu- iaj; years of:.thoati nutr aa-d^dedi" lu ua bu ujor» uiapy of i uud uyt and' pc-iia!- usual ., of *'Sojuii Hub)" I'o bottled guaranteed by . dwraigned to be; absolutely fife i'«are, o!4 jtt bOltiing,«r money' paid » tefundedj /' UXV 1 ii wilt <r>\( McvnH.% b,y of Jle tut l n n.' .lJi4« of It <•<• iii^vMt <nil it l U^ uMtu-c ft* p»?«v u ou iiy 1-, tin- ^uin ^ it wiii ( (j)it- iu Ii inily bar U VDU tli'Ul in c>! it s^nie HUMPHREYS Vr. Hmuphrei,*' fept-eiJU-n art; wloiitiflcally upJ c»tvtully prep«£cd llrm^Jk-a, used for Jrtim.ln pr(\ate pftUHk-e anil fur over tilrty: -jcuri* bjt tliti people with fUtJre « Eti^r.v tingle Qpe^Ulu a BSBctel cure fr>r W'? 4 11 *" 6 * nwnesl. <They cure without drusfgluK.PHrgjus; or reductotv the oiul ur« lii-Tucf aud dvctl ttiu buv ereltfu Bcuiedieg of thy KmrlA. ' ^ » f . ^ J,— Fever*! Cuiigc-j,tloii£,ltiilataHmtlon3.. ,35 .. 3— Tjeethiuej t'ullc, Crying, Wukt'fulnesa .' 4-rfiiorrliea, of-eBildren or Adult*.... -i. CoWs, Erc^elutJs ...... ....... , Toothaclia. Faueacbe. u, biek iteaduthe, \^rtlgo.. . For 8a}e b-y M. Powe^, Bottled b/*o>al Wiue Cp,, .Ch "' ''" Fresh ojsters at Cunuiugiiaui'.-,. Comuierclal Organized or the purpxjse ol obtaiu- in« and dUtnouUug inforiuatiou of every Mpd, tot the mercantile world nctl general public, iflfor maUou relatina to oredlw, pi iocs, vuluct of real estate aud naerobsindise in diSereni localities, ad l a tbousaiafl and one other all parts Tol the United territories, f uruiahed at nom- oott. reliible and strict)j private, ^WJ??r 1-4 n^»u>»>-m»f Sole Ast 4 D. oot or Ppiuful Periods .. 12~W|iHea, Too Profuse Periods..., .. l,3-€roup> LaryusHls, Bo^ri^nesg .25 14—Salt Kbeilui, 'Erysii^laa. ErupUbua.. .25 15—BhcamatiaiUi liLeimiatlo Palua .! MWttBhnfWClitHs, Pcv?r and A^ue 19^-CatarrlJ, Influenza, Cold In Uie Seatf. -iBBCouufe.... Diseases ...,..: s lability i .-l.OO 30-Urlnury Weaknewi, ^cttlag Bed.. .5 HPaif II KEYS' WITfJI HAZEL Reserved Seats, 50 Cents i .<jriiiir:il "ndmissioii jio 01-11 1*. ,n-u utitler 13 .ytiars ^i5 cents. tssiUi of- ffsi;rv : ed se^ta - ryvtu-s <luiji s'^f" »m , Oc-t DO YOU WAN) GOLa Oflppltt t'rTiik la not % lieafMi resort It Is a wi,.UtU rrcort Quito a dltTertince! L0u«lion Meur Piiee' 1 ». Psafe m C.olOrudo. OalO—bright, yellow gold Is fouud at eraas raot> uud in lii« rocl^ifoirmKUOu - Beiiable uXpurts cluiifi Uu» is-tetJny tho rlihosl 'cijitup la Colorado Aesaya/areruge ^100 per te«, and huve ruu as bigli af 85.0l)j, '" '-••'- dred people &. day are now rWhing to chloli tows <3J tin, dii ' 'tllB cIlBUuf Of H after' \ ou 11 ii gel tln*t* cjuitkly and coiuj-wiobly b> thkli i; ilia isJuiti.J'n rouff On'y Hub Witli uo Keraovwi .Frst'j Livor - MJ Sunburn St.. . . itores i'he-'SLiii nal ftesliTii •'lear ."'aiid 4 prepftratlfnjs pvr.'i'fU?.. u« druijKist-,(iri/irii.v't i..irS&-tH. S* BK!N 80AP '.«* -i''n»ij •'"^ r ^J'vm-".'-f^^'^^ . \ CO.. T0LEOO> THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE! A Happy, Fruitful Facts: vuc UM> oecm« and the New Diacov* . ,. cries of Medical Science a* applied -to Married l<ife> afcould writw for our wonderful, little book. called "A TBBjVTiyB FOR M-EIf ONLY.'* To any earnest man we will mat) one copy Entirely Fre«, ia plain sealed cover. "A refuge from tb« quacks,*' Addrew r RIE MEDICAL CO,, BUFFALO) N. Y, fl>rt, buppott and: £^a« Furm, and comliines thii bent/eutUftMOt ' ii^ Z , •» JACKSON FAVORITE »a WAIST fully made, WwrflJittvl E«it.4lU> ans fi 25 witl't j hi i,al Licito to {.''UinMntut, U'iirt«tj'» ^ rule aad QEO/E. n^-i.-. r^ Lorset to • .1. M&! i unt i. so rs-»» , ' A, ftill assoi'imet^ oi' . a4 Mdll ~,' i A U. t'. . GoM,3tiyack. Genuine BWJ k«dit?CC. 7,OU) rt dlers Hell it. Samplrt S PEC I FIOS. Ii ; Kfilil^i 'S?^ ^mAi*rw 'o.V'.'Ui . &!.._ ffis. ka ftpj**:»'w !• H c IK ffi* w t thdt i . . €{JI-g. SSVfg 6£- EFA«OiA8T^!?€{JI-6. SSVfg .Ujt i',vni p;<. ^:i\ c t. • <- *.**-^.-1. «w- »* V". . V4.»Y ^* W J«JfiUTI 'tt i*)»C't'-' lit.O CiliCUiTH ^]-ti\ 't.i tuilils dfvejTf^tij; Triton ,'i. aut! w; tu-aio go od<Hwue<.t4oij MI ;i ja eifb wall '£U( ; « H.. & 1., and «it 4]l*giw will :b.t !, A U . ii (or Urwi;? Kfti-idss W-wkfiT" aji«i.»U F.'B. litqjjifv «., >fV--» \ ' expenscB. -for ly HOW; Qjily growers sizes, at Truses fitted witiiout charge tor fitting s& : Drug gtore H. A/nUOTSON \ , JUSTICE QF THE PEACE AND , CONVEYANCER. All business attended to promptly and careJulJv. lla-s a safe to keep judg went docket iiud other valuable papers in • • .. - ' pf Piles, JEjctcrnit,.Internal, 3il dinw cr itching, \ve \viJ3 FACKA6E H|£ to Face Blea ioe bills bave those 2B2 We^t Sxete MARSHALL, MICH, You ci«i always e best Cigars ^t * store, Oall

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