The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 31, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1892
Page 2
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«!/ " t'HE DAILY CHE()N 1CLHVOOTOBBR 3.1 . 1892. -^ v ; : "~ ' '"" Ol^-j^d It is beyond our expectations and the many wh ; d have oalled and ^emfer^ced the op portunity to purchase, at the prides quo/ted will long " «*•* B i" 1 "* ' THIS SALE v 6ver all 6thers. ^ if you have not called, coirne in the ibices and we tee you can not leaxre the \ « the .V3,.. Have ne^er belorei been of- anyMothier in Mich. . v ' • ' • •••.<-. < a>s^ We sire now placing before the ti^ a ycmr lUrougli l». 41 ..»* 1ft Dally, delkrereitj "iQ'cciXw pet weeh Snbmlptlone reieUed. »t the office, ••' w »«pn 151 State street. . '*>« • J.M. JBQBSli, Pnblijinjr, SjV-- iOr,, Mlcb. ' ber this irno banlpupt stock of old goods, but are Gleaii, Fresh Goods, Come to the Mg store which has a Clothier, large ptpcfc at«How prices for all. • ; ' • • __ ••*'"': .\._ '• ^_ .' ; ., : " .mi,,,, ..- _,? i n n J^he largest stock lUnfthe lowest prices IIUIII HYDE'S Drugstore School. A State School (»£» Mining Engtnocrmg, practice} ' instruction -in I'rol. H^l^. (,'roiil^'s .-jcljijcjl iar «lmu'- ij, titiportrrie.ut, inW physical culture •aste'rnoyn .tijd uvtuiiuij;, NoV.' V 4, ami ereaficr be huld ou r'wday ni^h't 1*1' each \vcek. UliUUrea's cl^si- fcCl practice 4 to Oj general <1 juicing ,"> lo Tuition: tischools $'J 4 "• , I . the that the to, ,-,uy (o. wj^uu{t'to'ju ! n CHEAPER GAS FOR UCHT; neering, Shop^practice, Chemistry, As- ^Winfii™ .Cii«.^_ Djr&SMUg, , L ^ , Mettailurgy, ,; Survey ing, Mining, Mineralogy, *Pcto- gyapby, Geoloifi, etc, ' H»a suiunter seht»wl& in S'ujry*ying, .Shppiptactice. ; <uid Field ,C»e- olqgjr> LaitfprstiQrieBV^feppa and Stamp "Mill well equipped. Tuitipnftee. For catalogue apply to the Director. -lioughton, Michigan (> ?41 the privUei>;(« aud botu school uud acholurs schyol a«liuia- ^ OF GAS The 0as Gompaiay apotmcea the!foUowing iredue- tion in prices'of Gas for UGHKaiG where^re^ Gaa is used ALSO fpr COOKING or HEATING, to ' si6U at 9:15, ptT ( slm-U wot a<*k ra 50 c'.'lit.s. we; effect on and 1 . to pay •-* in uiu.H.', i>ul v;uol«;, pan. or u<iv:*M.*t'ii until you may 'be as-,; lat 1892;. - U. L. oGASSTOVfl Jar all Xfeiu eouaumod wuora * : GAS RANGE ^ * t j *> * ' !7n« «*11 .-K^.-t Anv.^nwvkad «irliai«a /^ /^^% \Jf I M/5 /It 1 LI C i 8tocUbi»ld«r»' '. police js'bereby giveu tljat if of It* stockboWeca o| Page ^Jros'. Bug gy Co', -will te lield at.ihtT plfice ot. tb* Chijriren._Cr|f for Pitcher's Bastona. A ^ ^-rrilr ii «yw m. \ on , pan with i, at 9 A. iu-, fur ^bn vl«ytiun of tiirectore apd fcv 8ucl»"*btliiJr l.»u!siuc$s ' -before the by W.t.j •'- -B, B. PAGE, Bec'y du5 C. J, CROWN, , 1892. iptice. the uuderaignfid hereby Bgree ik# one \rith not to deliver n^Jk part liar iu- OB' your ^Irug^sv Jor LavonUfe^ Oiu lieni , ._al3gJu,^p>ett5era :; V that Ju't-3 whttu doctors tail in Meoc Orvuu, luttaujmalion ysf the Hug Fwer'aud 'Hyphel, Ppeu , stlso quickly reiieve3».a *• tJurtstf Uryup, SfiSvrtef Fever; - VV* oopiijg Cough,,tiore '^hroat, Bur^g.' S >lds a'^d or by L>K li. ! mm. w- tbe form. 'of a* large sized aitho- graph, in eight .colors, with, key w SWUA, be had by sending yo,ur 'address twenty c@oUi9 postage *>Uuups to Hea&tfd, G. ?, >.., CALL FOR IT Every oite tkit wears Pantaloons should have JT. It oply , costs 10 for it at ^^ T and u*.<(J and & wrtof^efsttian 1080 cubic foet ' E at n 'for Oaa used for' LIGHTINO OSLX. remain. uiiuUaiigod auJ^aro *a follows: Less than 106ft cubic. ft." in oae'inanth, $2 QO-per lOOO'cubie ft,', 5000 cubitt'ft. an4 bss^hap JlO,000 ouBfo^? lypnth $i »0 p«r 10,000 or ove.r, I month 1^1 feOlier'fOOO- cubufft^ . -All th<3 abovB rates we bii)>ject ta a di^ooottt of 10 oU per 1000 cuWjc.ft- wUeo tt»» bill is paid in o~ b^fora the 10tU ol- tU0 JMonttt aoxt folloiyiug. ' • _ .,.Tits libovs) spoeial.ratea are made to induce connumar<j. to uao g»a for cpokin j ftB4 it«»tiag well ' ' Experience Prooyes Tto ADVANTAGE ' in Stove ^liea^er Fuel, Safety, Cleanliness, «®-Over 175 GAS STOVS8 now in use in iARSHAtt^i SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIKTUHE8. A dieooupt of JIO per cent w%J» m*da from regular price* ou all bifin for *ia Fi»'.^re» er • ica de piping oraerea and cow pitted from ( " • ( Sept M1892, to Aprfl 1st 1893. MARSHAL!. L10H r JUSTICE Of THE PEACE.

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