The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 6, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 6, 1897
Page 3
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I)An,V CHRONICLE: AUGUST 6, 1807. .SEE THE TOUR CALIFORNIA FRUITS FKKSII, HOMF, O Berries njul THIS WBEK WASHINGTON MARKET 8T»£VltfES. iff'e troubled ftfe ntont. ifa Joyaftro \>t will W* not 4,r«i% vv-itb. ibe doleful To dimhki each'ptcu«<uro and rowt . paojr, t - . pluek every Hang. The Houston had a picnic at Miss r»ertio Keili-v in spundin^her va cation in Marshall. , The weather for lower Michigan-fair , tonight and Safu D/, arid Mrs, HopkitiR left ycetenlay \ fot a*feit ir) New \*>rk «iat< \Tentidkets weie.-old at thIB "Station for Xfiagatit Falls Wednesday. B>r\ri ArikHtioirt,' editor rtf the Homer in (his (ity ttnlav, Mrs. P.NKibblet returned this afternoon from a\iMt id Bat tie Creek. \ * / Miss Marguerite t'ol^ell returns to her home in.(rrnnH x Ha'pHla tojuomw-.— 01 Misses Mamie. UenJw aud Margaret O'Neil, of Kalamn/ixi, umvftsttimr'at Mrc. E. Eyan's. * • / \\ Mrs. H. C. bees. f ^ AJle£Kri; x was the? gneat of Miss .Icntiio Fnilknt\, of thi» cil\ yeaterdav Spend a da<\«<) the bluffs<->f lakf ipah, Aug. tltitbNiuth thf round'trip, $}.7~>\ _ ^Kxpenun'iYts now 4i> pr-otrreis seem to confirm tin* th-eor> tftal baldness if' of \ microbiufi origin. NMTB. M. \ WilUrd, of \raml Rapids aiuTMrs. Will Hart, of fJuKu^v «!*• tin gWBlsxrf Mrs. \\ . II Arthui. - Mis lv\P. L\nn and children left for Indiawift'liV tins inorniiK! , \\lu-ie thi\ MIHS Carrie Efe. !< i, who han. IHHM) in * attendance on a M)*^ hiotliei in B«Vy"Cit'5 fur nev:oral we« kn n'Hjnu-d home t«dav. MIH. (! purge Pi)»«•>]I UHVO <i pink tea at the Hov.ll last evening in Hjonor of MIR; Knnk and lu-r bruit* maidsj- , i They .tie all t/ninr to thoeVpurBion to St. Joseph and 1!» nton Ifarbyr Thurwlaj , Aug. 3fith l \iail, C \i,\t and Ka>i»."i Albion TvfttuRtript ' L, K'. Ktewait Ujfv in Duck iitko OUT Buijdaj.'' L. K Miuat tftixe hem rithi r if imp bj M<»n<laj morning. A «l>orun of forti. \i'H<>-. nniiev the di- rdctiou x>f (»(in0' \\ i!M/;.'arf dulling r«»r the piiibiif inei tyii: of tfu f«iand to b^o h< Id hen* .Vu-^ust lil. Don't furg^i tbtrin- cr^mi i giu»n at .John \Visi man',-, u idig froiti 7 nnfil, lit oVluek, A cordial t is cutt-rnimi to 4!} • Ktuvif*)it'B Lectui lion (rf AUH Arltor, hu«s wt-nn d Ur. i sen, a,-* tin-f''^ tile jittraf'tloiw for "'n«>tt Bejtotvn. f\e uill he paid $!!,t)li(>. * Mias Carkitta Cw-k uttirmd from i viisit i« Athrtw yisttmiaj, K she wilt spend jfitt rotmurwlur &f tor gets lo The Iron Motantam <aff t-tu» followiug; "If ytjuuieiB a twiry to get rieb iJosbiWy y all » HI go b there' peg Itajja JVukfati a ~ ~ ~ ~' -Dr. C, F. Friend for Sew York. of A lltf the are jut * to bo»kr4 of Hwik-'b pr«*Jw feeat at » next . et«m..-ji of wort- - Another of tbe the Mtcbigao evi npuncwl for Batt bg Kalamiudo at ehajl about y-iO, tk» tridm will «<tji\* IX-troit at I i». in, A ronaa tup fS^ Will be uiada frwtu fl.75 frotu thiB cit> Tlw tu-kHt. wdi be go«4 to reitiru • u .iil regular trajtu, Aug. 14 »«4 15, except -tite North " Detroit j^. Leav* gue, "itctiiug ptltd? will briiitf you iij8tiM»t cure- Oiftt it from yuur dealer. Granite fruit Settles, We attit'-yoii the butit grauiiu i&K kwttlti fur iw. s vta{ Winnie Miller is vifiiting iij T>p troit. J. «T. Morse, of Knffttna?on, was in town todaj. rtniben Court left last night for Now York city. Ooorge Millar returned from this nftotnton, Sfi89 Florence Hftrpw left totlay for a visit with friends at Edmoro, Them Cox has been engaged to he school In tlw Confey dif?trict the coming fall, Ellsworth GrwBninn, eon of CSr^enman, of Marshall township, this morninity of diphihorin, md Diohlwfeieh yielded m& biishete Ut Jtttlpiov'ei- SO tnteheln to the at»fo. son of .TtilJMs BtigJefiiSSi. of this dry, has t<f llolbroolc, A rizona, jn fl k Clrtra Evptt^t and Miss Marj Event, wlw havft I«»en visittng »t C, .\, O.Ki'dairier'B left for their home in Oshkosh. Wis,, thfe liiorninR, G 1{, Haskell, eapvrink'ndent of t D. T'. & M. rjulifsul, and J. W. Whit- inoro. tnniter mec-hanie 6f iM 1>. A- E*. N.. were in this city tpilay. J Ketnembci' that a plate of ic-n cream and eah# and also the pleaftur* of listen ie had (it .Tohrt Wipetnsin's all for 10 cents, tetnorrow fvening. Tho services at tho Christian church L tt Huudsiy evening will be under the .ion oLJtht* temperance committee of fheiUnited Brotherhood. Ret. e> MfHnj noldn will gix o an addresa on 'The Home or Salmul, tthioh.f"' 1 E\eryb*)dj inVited tothe great Mncna jfp excursion to St. ,Jo«eph ^rrd Bentot Harbor Thurnda.v, \t^. 20. .Train loaves M. O. depot fi-45 n, nfi' Grand Military psfrade, boat ridr«», band eon- certs. Faro Si.75 round trip, children half fare. Reports to the state board of health show that rheumatism, neuralgia, dia- rrhoea, bronchitis and tonmlttiH, in th( order named caused the most sickliest in Mic'bJparr during the pant • week. Consurirption waft reported at l5>t at 3D; diphtheria at 2lj. at 15: tjphojd fevpr at H» and ' " ' at IS. Gov. I'lngpee has ri-coj,UHl nn^ to attend the goldeiv \\oddhif,' Hondrik (.!." Wedding of Mr! and Mr«s Heti- MTeTituerphiu/ci), and thu wod- Jennie Mi< hui"rshin/en, <)Wic latter finiplc-. and Mi. IJiilthnhk This impiirtAnt triple event will bo celebrated at OMTIW!, Al- •«aa county, nevt^Mondav 'Miss Josephiiu- lvKr'h"um-. wtio h the dnk« dJntj of been stopping noon" for BattU at, up bj in the eitv, who KhphouHi (irijt clasti* work, "havin s hotel. It is hopid ittronuofi by the >f the city ,uid b We much rej»rtt to < •uih of Mr. Robert Wai c-urred at 1 '.ft tcKla>, after ity five dajis duratiui ono of t) ur prouiin^nt busiof«» men rind highly mapeeted b> all \vlu> kiit»« hifu, and the s>mpathy of (ho cjfHirec^ny. «»urat> w ojtieitdftd to thogo \*hu are called U|H»n Ui oiouri) hie In^H, NO ar for the f urierftl ha\« ,is j«* UI>OIT. ' 'M. B. l>eTdiVWKne receii'ed a letter frorrl Darius JBiekford tu^ay wntton at '*' tie«to that^fi-fc, waa hot well en route ar\d tuko to her b«d thu fece- ond day after their arrival. Kh^ waa Kg *ritb,,a nuaiignj*nt.tum<« of i, »hd an operation hi order to prolong her hf& 8ht> very well- but ib still IB I, HTld It If, ?oui- of the letter would imU-ati* ilui-alwai The (if«ii><3 frui&i rflad *d «it?t<nlfj fur its formal op^mtg «f IHJW SJagaru bridge. The c daje a^d th« o/btf&((> ataff of the rdijrojfcii -j^ili fuan^g« R. tf,> k^ve ttjur Jrt«md>j ^iw«4 <*« eu.jfu.vrta by datioujg iiuv|Bioua the faUa of Jfew Yeri, th^e a graad acali*, with all kiuds of luu<T»i. la iwJdaLiou to tiu^n very large exhibit of atit^uab will b« uJitt^vla <>f a)l kiuda and from, ali tba wt)t|d. The (iraud Trunk u> rm^uidpy excarwojis to he city dwriog tfa^ j^etebratiwB and wiJJ give a low r&te BO »s to Imug at> lartjs a of visitu>s as poasibj^x, Tfeey wdl also induce ytkerlfpadstcj ruw tor 'the .time. •••' - ' \ was rut ov#r by * u» live, W . a bathed niig with DR. TtiouJii» £cltv,-trifc piJ, Au4 I wane email. W,u 'hav>» t faith in T^maa' Ecleotnc Oil!" Mt,- . . F. jiaU:ot'k, Koi-vtli, Javk^uw t'u., 01IITI Ezra T. Bryan ^w lx>rn in Co , N Y., ,Tnne 8th, 1817,»ti«»d Jnh 1897, in Hhelby.Oeearmro.'Mieh. "Came to Mu^higaJi with hia family in 1S37 and located in jyiaron#o There wer« two hfothers and three j»ietpl-R only onn re maming, Mrs. Ira'Mprdook, who *»»Side easf of $hflr«il> r la 1840 he married MifwHAfrwb* M. Mnnn, who dttnl in 1872, In 1874 he was married to Mrs, Matilda SewiHe, »hr» »«f w*» -feint. , . IK ehddrott of the first family, four sorw and two daughters, two only , are li\ ing. Mrs. An*?on b. Viwprranri, 6"f and Mrs. Lowi» KiHaroj of , th* ohwla- Natliro had done much sessing »gian^. frame and he wae \vell fltte<lto llbles Ineident; to pioneer life '6^ in accumulating a large property. JB«fc r^*sreofl came nnd. tbe.sfotk of a " time wa« scattered. Nothing he jiiti-uggfcd on. His Kenwoi jMPofHpted him to n<>l)lp a< ts. He fur ntiahea the meanc by -whtich two wets enabled to fleenrt* a c'tlipee tion. Hfl gave a lafR* 1 , fi "*( r !y>f the pur rnofiey that a widoweo^jece. nngbt a htit£p. Such act»'js6»>pf4 the <\A~ of every nBHLth*q!i8£ pers^ii Nottung of th^ phaww*«*itfwa iat»> t^ ^rtdfe^-Hip Qf Air. Bryntt; h(> wfts nodi^sem hlnr; hlf abhored sh'amr OT that ]w>mtivo fliold ho>was not easily turned aeidJ-tr htacourw. W^ were always impressed lirith his rugprivl qualities and \vhen tho intelligence of hihsudden death bv" patal- ySis reactK»d n$ f we lifepned i\ totht* fftll of> fjio old bur sturdy oak in tho (>uh>t of thp 1f?»rc»st. Aauin we aie n n^ matter where we nre. "n.ort hraml eyjit h, east afld west, meet together (u We dofiire to thaitk the friemls and neighbors 1 and K. O. T. M, who manifested their kindbw? during the Sickness asd dpath of \vtfe and mother. „ HKMZV 0. Bi'K>s. Mm EI.WN M . i«'i (ton. For > Prepamtory togulntt wrsfHept.! I wihh to pell al! our honwhold ^oodnatpnvato sale, Tho^c \visbmff to buy 1 please rail Friday or Saturday, Ausr ti and 7. Mrw. U^tiiiitoui First door west of P-rcabj tcnati church." FORCE'S W. T. Drake's stock of Wall Papers, 5,000 rolls, all grades of papery will be sold regatdlps'i of cost Thi^ stock f»e closm out at once. The* prices will ra*»vo it' All white8 j li[ank £ !, .">c pjy«MH ;ic per roll. Bnrder t<rmatch . 1c per \d \110e papers Ic per roll All tOc .'" Oc," All l.V " Jt<- •' 1 Imnj iHirdcj 3 and lo.i> Buy j»jur ptvi>er while t^ie stock ia'ita, "Totl^ I am prepared to do ladies' and i hil- dren's shauip'H'in^* at their honjef-, L«»\«* (irdern at Clark'n jtwrljtr simp, or itt05 iMfflt (tiv.en street. '^ ;, W. Cnuik in still stilt* Hje-faip »UH U^atua t>oUe«M>r Mountain Jtun, (t Is the finest flavored c<jffet» known. 1m Qt. Arctic Freezers. $1.30 Don't pay $1 .">0 for a freezer when \vt» will fe-lf you ;» titr: \rctii-' for $1.30 ai^ daj r iri the week or ao> «'eek in the yt»ar. v ,J. dilllitt annoutimfl rfwleof JH<: at Bankrupt prices. Si»o hia ment. There is Danger otd fnahioned' tin a_ Granite Iron, Ab«olntt4y< for JJW and 45c. at Call at t f Diana'w Chase> for j/ati or es, any size» at Doll Buys a l^eooard cbanwWe' enough for*a faintly of w* < " * ertte has o*my» U Cordutte. aft l«i N, Madisott at,reet *" tbeiu. Built Afly tiiue >ou wnut will bu tht; swiue ' . 1 -— — Julm is p«ijjared to Contractd for buikUoy (,e>iuv&t walks. is also ege^t fc^? tl«s eeuoeat, which id the beet in fhttyorld. Mr K^utochlijr had bttveo years puj^rioaw butjbli% in , tUe old iwautry. Price for . l'2c per square foot and 2&.- per foot for earbiug. Work warranted For three years." • ' '' : . . ' .. . . ' Common la council .Inly 2«, 18i)7. Mayoi Giant piesirting. Piesetit full board Mm of last rejptlar meetins read and . Petition of R IV Fletclw iskjnn fora tilodmin on F,a«it fat« street of snfflciflnt oapBcity to murty off the snrfac? water wn<? presented and on th«» motion of Aid. tlreeafieldVfeff'rred lo the street committee "itli pbwer'fo ^ ~ Pptitt«n<j of Parmelia Mann and>Gea to construct cement sidewalks dinanro No. H7 W<M |jirps<»jit-pd and referred to Hie «idewATB: commit feeo. B<i6ttof <ie^i. Al«y to construct <5e- motit sidewalks «ndcr ordinance No. 37 WRS pm^nteiV ftftrf Ort 1he motion of Aid ISreonrlfild wiw «*rcopU>d and of dered placed on fil<*. * '' Hy Aid, Arhtm- JteiolyerJ^ that the rpcordor be a«- tfiifttztxl W draxf aflvif cler for $1W For flremonsl review, tha|, t)eing the amount appropi iuted for that Hill of Efiw. Awsthi was N the finance ootntolttep. x TJie followintf'bilta wore allovtfvfe . t'ommerdal <>it*T», tl ?<>: IT.""" " $.50? W. T. Qiiij;" !<t; W. flnswer, Siaa"i: (' Phela JT. Pheljw, SI; J. Wood, &i/J»J H. . , . . . ««S W, J. tiray, «»; A. J. Robinson, ^Vil A. rhaddock, 91. Mi Sam Hailey, #Vj7; fhBJS, P*y«f, 11/57; ^?. Miuribttte, *2.23^ , , 11/57; ^?. , . Tleo. Jloelt7cI»«J; A. WiJSop, *l; Bk-kett & French, S5.JW; Geo. C'haddock, *l2o(li' H. H,.Wftt^on, S'ja; O, McMiUeto, §18,18, »)— tJ»MWstjW7 ^liMJH; niaishdl's time rotL 10 qi. granite o)!- Iron «t<?w kettles for c. Warrabtod. O'L».v»i BROS. Pay I will 1>« at thft pffico of the Hemdon hotel ilurin^ liUsiueBB hours until farther nntict*. f«r iljo purpose of rowivitwj city &\xes which are now due. Kavp the •extra Collection fee bj paying now. Cordotlo. City troasuror. S E. ^ Pro PatrJa, best ."<c ci^ar in tho world, AiTords a soothing smoke with delightful aroma. Geo. Moelis i^ Co., n ern, Delroit. For Pale by W. A. COMC TO THE SALE AND SEE THE BARGAINS! Comtneucim? jtfmiday, AiijKWf^tl and **n<hng Mowlny, ' Oth, W vrill rlofcp out ont pntire fitbrk of ERIK At Half Price. , . grwtteut bargain ever offej-pd l in this «ity, \ , - *s*> y»ra^ &T5aaKjft: \ JHM Bed Qtfttts « « $1.0O lor .69 - for .99 -•_ for. °1.29 - for 47 for ,85 —.. -JtisKn Underwear Oanaents- Oorsdr COVPT^, (lotms and ^-kirfe at very Jov prices. ft wotffd bt< W|>oHflibJr« |^> give pricos <Jn 0^erything. but -we- Assure you that M c mefin s}b»lue»S miil ttefc prices will l» made to suit yo« .on nil goods. \ - \ Table Linens, Napkin?, Crashes, Lace Curtaitm Mattings, Carpets, Black and Colored Staple and Fancy Dress Gobds, Ladies' Hosiery hnoof l>elte, latcrt and lowest f»icow, at & Son's. Kuh-I S . \ Cno shoe drossinj; for tan and black shoes. For nUlwdiy Misa K. E, Billiniju. Sole agent, Delia Burgees, PORCELAIN KETTLES. Yoy must have a kettle of sumo kin(| for canning fruit. This IB the one:' an> si/e. Firat ('laaa job work at lowjpru-oa done at this otticfe. GEORGE INGERSOLL, GENERAL had elphteLii yoarg *«xpt'rl«uofl: »a l'roli»t« will give «p«n-UI nitanUbn to iii I'rorntte.C.oflrt*. f ar tii« h&vioff bUHiDitas in probate oourt* inlj Bntt Ir ui tbnlr li.tortut to 'wittulf (i)m > WILLS, Deeds, Mortgages and , h , pthef Legal .Carefully Drawn, Ti«k-.s to Iteal Wjil attend to of on Agont for a sood line of Ufa »q.jj l«iif l»ary nomjmnluii. 0FFI€Kut OESIDEKOK, Corner Wwialon ^od Urnnd 8ts. , U. S. CIGAR V. 3H uifo <»n honor, Jkf . . They w«ottbi8oi tliem and show your pm~ b E -Y^ *" T 1 - In all prices -Lewis Hermsdoj-Fs fast black. TJio goods vfill IIP during UHH s/iln cheaper than any hoc'y alho will over HPO thoni We arc comjx'lled to mfllto tliis uulo in order to rnako room for new goods. Our store is so v?ry email and > Our Stock (k Fall and^Winter \ Capes And Cloaks \Vliioh wilfarrivo next <veek, is so\larf»o it will take up till the room wo lm\ <. /* i \ • ' We carry tln^. R CORSETS, always pot feet 'fitting. Xx CookBloxik. ' P\ HAYES. THK E ON KACII , was what he fnnud hiinsolf to he \\errtto the. exquisite tUting, liiludHomo «mt« of are conjinissitinfKl to a'wurdrolw of well-mm ouj for th» iadie«, or atayVt home. J. Jl BE SHANE, M EKCH A NlK VA ILOK Old J*«st Ofliee Building. arrayed in our ;»ad« and Wh«n Vre a man out with clothing, look, \ Get YnniN OB PRINTING UUI lUUlat Chronicle 'office.' J!_^ Joist what you need fpr \ oo Bally X>uy, at J. Cunninghan's HOU9Cf AINTlW 1 rAPERHMGIN6, ; FRESCO, Of GRAINING, mjom. - \ $1^*1 WRITINI SHOW CARDS PICTURE FRAMING Lateet styiwa. Portrait* \n Crayou, Water U 1 - x * - ^-^ *•«••• ti OLD FRAMES RE GILDED, AC. Olit Furuituie Ke-Ftui»lu;a ftttjr Style, ut LANCSTAFPS, J •^•'r i '"'% We!rec0Btl7 purchased a Bankrupt Stock of Pianos aiid Organs^ wiit pay yoti to call and examine and get prices. 3?0u will sre ^ver 80^ per ce^fe<^They are new and Wg>/grade, and have always soljjxfrom $860 ta $450. Come an4 see what they will cost youtiow. Organs for $^ $80 and 850, Sewing Machines from $18 to $25. m.

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